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MTN Champs Ibadan Closes Out With Unforgettable Moments: Check Out Our Top Highlights

MTN Champs Ibadan Closes Out With Unforgettable Moments: Check Out Our Top Highlights

The curtains have closed on MTN Champs Ibadan Season 2, leaving behind a series of awe-inspiring moments and triumphs that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Over five days, the event served as a testament to athleticism, unwavering determination and the hard work it takes to make it to the Olympics. While every race was exciting, here are our top five highlights:

  • Men’s 400m relay race:

MTN Champs

It was really the battle of the fastest. However, the spotlight fell on Sewekan Thovoetin, who etched his name in the records with a personal best of 47.53 seconds, narrowly edging out Ajayi Kehinde, who clocked in at 47.65 seconds.

The men’s race also witnessed Continental Team B emerging triumphant, clocking in at an impressive 41.43 seconds, with a winning quartet comprising Obashola Olaoluwa, John Caleb, Ganiyu Hassan, and Hinwa Vignimou Gaston. Hot on their heels was the Continental Team A, led by Olympian, Enoch Adegoke, Olaolu Olatunde, Jeremiah Nathaniel, and Charles Akoda, who claimed the silver medal with a time of 41.76 seconds, while the OAU Spartans secured the bronze.

  • The women’s triple jump:

MTN Champs

This category proved to be equally mesmerising with Blessing Oluwayemi emerging as the shining star of the event, with the personal best of 14.42 metres. Also, Goodnews Saturday of Anglican High School stole the show in the Cadet (U14) Girls’ category, securing a sprint double with remarkable times of 13.36 seconds in the 100m and 27.48 seconds in the 200m races. John Caleb and Mariam Jegede added to the spectacle by clinching gold in the Junior Boys’ and Junior Girls’ 200m categories.

In the High Jump U17 women’s category, Elizabeth Dare of BrightVille College rose above the competition, quite literally, soaring to new heights with a remarkable personal best of 1.44 metres after a fiercely contested battle of gravity-defying jumps.

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  • The shot put women’s category:

MTN Champs

Did you just say ‘battle of the farthest’? This category was the true test of endurance and strength, as athletes pushed themselves to the limit with each heavy throw. Also, Runo Athe of Corona Day Secondary School showcased exceptional versatility, claiming victory in both the Youth Boys’ Shot Put and Discus Throw events.

  • Men’s high jump:

MTN Champs

Last but not the least, we cannot overlook the daredevils of the men’s high jump category, whose daring dives and breathtaking stunts kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the very last jump.

Overall, MTN Champs Ibadan Season 2 delivered a spectacle unlike any other, setting new benchmarks for excellence in competition and entertainment. As winners celebrated their hard-earned victories and spectators revelled in the memories of exhilarating moments, there is no doubt that the event has cemented its place in the annals of sporting history.

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