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Musa Subbed On As Fatih Karagumruk Suffer Heavy Home Defeat 

Musa Subbed On As Fatih Karagumruk Suffer Heavy Home Defeat 

Super Eagles skipper Ahmed Musa was in action for Fatih Karagumruk but could not prevent them from losing 4-1 at home to Konyaspor in the Turkish Super Lig on Saturday.

Musa was introduced in the 63rd minute for Andrea Bertolacci.

It was the Nigerian international’s 14th league appearance for Fatih Karagumruk this season.

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It is now back-to-back defeats for Karagumruk who had a player sent off on 84 minutes with the score at 2-1.

They have managed two wins in their last five fixtures and now occupy eight place on 22 points in the league table.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Derrick 2 years ago

    Super eagles captain plays for Fatih Karagumruk Haha Haha. it is well o

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Was Okocha playing for Madrid when he was captain of the SE…? or was Kanu playing for Manchester Utd when he was captain…? I never knew club profiles determines who captains national teams. Every player in Real Madrid or Chelsea or Bayern must be captains of their various national teams now.

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        Okocha may not be pkaying for madrid and chelsea but he was playing competitive football and at top of his game. During his time as super eagles captain? He was playing for PSG, bolton wanderers competing at highest level, scoring goals against Arsenal, chelsea etc. What is the current form of Musa presently? Is it good enough to still be invited for the super eagles match? If the answer is yes to you and your clique then you all are enemies of super Eagles progress

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          Musa should not be anywhere near the super eagles.His time as a super eagle is long gone and if he loves his country he should just retire.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          What was Okocha’s “current form” in 2006 when we took him to the AFCON. Was he good enough in the weeks leading to 2006 AFCON…? How many matches did he play…? Why didnt you cry out then…?

          What was Kanu’s current form in 2010 when we took him to both the 2010 AFCON and World cup….? What was his impact on the team during that period till he called it quits…? How many minutes did he play in both tournaments…? Why did you complain then…?

          What was Yobo’s “current form” in 2014 when we took him to Brazil just to complete his 100 caps…..? What value did Yobo bring to the SE at the 2014 WC other than signing out with an own goal….? Did we not have the like of Ugo Ukah and Daniel Adejo on top of their games in Europe then…? “Where was your trumpet then o ye friends of Super Eagles progress”

          What was Mikel’s “current form” when he was taken to 2019 AFCON as a send forth….? What value did he bring to the team….?

          If Musa the current captain of the SE is still good enough to attract $200,000 per month and still good enough to be getting first team action at his club on weekly basis, please go and kick him out of the Super eagles camp when he is invited.

          I guess he doesnt deserve the same treatment that has been given to other SE’s captains before him simply because he is a northerner. You collective tribal hatreds know no bounds.

          • Greenturf 2 years ago

            @ Drey,but that trend must be stopped.Its not right.Because they wrongfully did it in the past should not be giving the nod or encouraged to carry on for the future.
            This practice is absolutely wrong because he’s taking the space of players like young and enterprising Amoo and so many other upcoming talents.
            Musa’s play is a far cry from what he’s known for and taking him to Cameroon is another step backwards towards our chances of success.
            I’m a Rohr fan but I’m first a super eagles fan.I must not turn a blind eyes to his wrong calls because I support him.
            There are couple more players that shouldn’t be part of our team at least for now,Onuachu definitely is just one of this players.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Greenturf. You are 25 years late already.

            An African adage says when a bad thing lasts for a season, it becomes a tradition.

            We started the tradition of sending off long-serving super eagles captains with a major tournament even when its evident they aren’t in the form we knew of them in the past. We started with taking a clubless and unfit Keshi to Tunisia 94 and later USA 94 when we had the likes of Nwanu, Babalade, Obiekwu, and even Ugbade. If not for pressure from the media, Nwannu wouldn’t have made the team then. Ugbade was dropped for no reason when we would have made history and Guinness book of world records by producing the 1st man to play in all cadres of the FIFA world cups.

            Injured and Unfit SE captain of that time, Daniel Amokachi had to be registered as a team official for 2000 AFCON just because we wanted to do him the same honor.

            Need I remind you Okocha was taken to 2006 AFCON injured, I suppose he was in Qatar already then too. ordinarily if that wasn’t going to be his last involvement with the SE we wouldn’t have taken him along….but somehow we needed to also “send him off” as a long serving Eagle and current team captain.

            Kanu could barely stand on his 2 feet by 2010, he started only 3 league matches for Portsmouth that season. The last time he had scored or assisted for the SE was in 2007. Yet we took him to both the 2010 AFCON and WCs where he played just 88 minutes and 57 minutes respectively.

            Yobo and Mikel’s cases should still be fresh in your minds. We all knew Yobo was specifically recalled to the team for 100 CAPS. He was rock-bottom footballing wise already and the SE defense were doing way better without him. But we all know the story of how Keshi was pressured to bringing him back against his will just to give him a “more befitting’ send forth.

            In all these cases, nobody complained. It wasn’t wrong, it was befitting reward and send forth for our long serving current captains. It has gotten to Musa’s turn now….only Musa is blocking the progress of almost 7 different players……LMAOOooo…as if if Musa isnt there all 7 players would be in the SE all at once…..LMAOooo

            Employ 10 coaches between now and Qatar 2022, No coach will come into a team and dispose off the team captain just like that, especially at international level. Its a different thing if he’s injured or if he himself chooses to bow out…..but to just kick him out of the team, when he’s still playing 1st team football in a decent club in Europe…??? It will take some very mighty powers to get a fit and playing current captain and most capped player in any national team out of the team.

            I can place my bet that if Musa weren’t a Muslim northerner, there will be no hue and cry about his continual invitation.

            A typical proof of that is that we even have a Kenneth Omeruo is isnt even as useful to us still also getting invites…he’s not the team captain, he’s still stuck on 53 caps despite having been in the SE since 2013, so its not like he’s being propped for 100 caps or any milestones, he still cant break the Oyinbo wall dominance for 6 years plus now, Awaziem that came recently is already threatening the oyinbo wall dominance, but you’ll hardly hear of any complaints despite him not being a regular for Leganes in the Spanish 2nd division anymore.

            If Omeruo were to be one Kabiru Almakura from Jigawa state, ahhh……this place would have been on fire. Same way Shehu Adbulahhi’s name always cause volcanic eruptions.

            If we didnt complain then and allowed a “bad thing” last for a whole 25 years plus, then we should just accept it as a tradition and move on. Any young player that Musa is blocking should be patient or look for someone else to displace if they are capable. The same young ones Musa is blocking are the same young ones Victor Moses too is coming to block.

          • Greenturf 2 years ago

            Well I cannot speak for others, apparently,tribe got nothing to do with it for me and I believe also with most people,we the fans wants the best for our teams and any player that will derail that course should be axed.
            Omeruo when called upon has done well the reason he has zero complaints despite his redundancy at club levels.Me personally has never spoken against Shehu Abdullahi in short I’m a fan of this versatile player.
            However,I think Nigerians speak ill of a player when your performance in the national team is poor,but if you are posting a decent shift irrespective of your club outputs the fans will still have you in their good books.
            Omeruo had an above average performance against Cape Verde away which incidentally is his last shift for the super eagles so for that the fans are not bothered about his club situations,but same cannot be said of Musa who puts in a terrible shift each time he was called upon lately for the super eagles.
            This thing of honouring past captains is strange in the world I live in and I will never support anything that isn’t right.
            National team invitations should be on merit from the goalkeepers to the strikers,every spot must be deserving that’s standards and any practice otherwise embraced in the past must be stopped!
            The only thing permanent in life is change.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Greenturf, the problem is that SE and Nigerian footballers just dont you when to retire, maybe because most of them are age cheats so it will sound awkward if a 27 or 28 or 29 year old is calling it quits. Our players play till when they disappear into oblivion. Most European players retire from international football when they still have plenty in them. Imagine Vardy is still topping scoring charts yet he’d taken a bow for a while now. So also many other legends like him who will take a bow from international football and focus on their club careers till they wind it up.

            It would have been absurd for an Ahmed Musa for Example to retire from international football after 2018 WC or 2019 AFCON (at age 24/25). Look at Onazi who is being fired from one mediocre club to another like a laborer now, its evident he is depleted, but at the ripe age of 28 when midfielders should peak, he cant announce his retirement from football. Taye Taiwo just signed for a 3rd division club in Finland…..pray tell me what football do they play in Finnish 1st division sef, not to talk of 3rd division.

            Fortunately for Ahmed Musa, as captain of the SE, there has already been a precedence….coupled with the fact that he is still playing, and not just playing, he is still playing 1st division football in Europe. I repeat, NO COACH will come in now and kick the captain out of the team. Ahmed Musa is still probably more popular and recognized and still carries a larger profile in football circles locally and internationally than any of the younger ones who y’all claimed he is blocking their progress. I want to see that national team coach that will axe the national team captain as his 1st assignment after resumption of duties, without provocation.

            The earlier we stopped living in fantasy and started understanding the working culture of the environment we find ourselves, the better. We have a long list of captains we have “rewarded” when they had next to nothing to offer, Musa will not be the first and looks like wouldn’t be the last. The best that can happen will be that like his predecessors, he wouldn’t be starting crucial games, he will be coming on from the bench, not as an impact sub but to just wind down time on a career that should have ended before now.

            As they say, it is what it is.

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Musa is just not the old Musa. This nations cup will expose alot of players that shouldn’t be in the team before the world cup play offs.

  • Chike 2 years ago

    Rohr stays, as minister muscles NFF to submission.

    December 11, 2021

    • George Domino 2 years ago

      It’s not even on csn, it’s possibly not true. Where is the link because there’s nothing of sort on vanguard.

      • Akosa Ike 2 years ago

        It is true brother. The Minister recounted how change of coaches who qualified Super Eagles on the eve of the very competition had brought bad performances and results. Rohr will be dismissed by February if Nigeria doesn’t win the cup.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    A football captain is basically selected based on their experience, seniority, and leadership qualities not by the club/league you play in sir.

    • Monkey post or whatever you call yourself… You are a big enemy to the growth of Nigeria football….

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    I hope you guys(Rohr haters) have otapiapia by the side cos General Rohr will be taking us to Afcon.. LMAO!!!

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Plus @Footballfanatic can we all let this Ekong story go? Let the guy not fall into depression please. He might be reading. Besides this is not the page for that. Thanks!

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Thank you @Chike for the update.

    And I want to thank everyone that lend his voice and said NO to the sacking of GENERAL ROHR. Can’t begin to mention names but I believe they heard us cos the voice of the people is the voice of God. It’s a victory for us. Victory for justice and fairness. I mean they have no moral justification to sack a coach who met all their conditions and even went beyond it.

    Congratulations to us once again!!!

    • Chinenye 2 years ago

      Victory for you and your fellow enemies of Nigeria progress and lost to well meaning Nigerians

      • William d conqueror 2 years ago

        @chinenye well said brother.

        • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

          @Chinenye you just relax with the well meaning Nigerian sermon. After the Afcon y’all will know those who are truely well meaning Nigerians..

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        It’s a big time loss to those of you greedy agents of destructions. Trying to take us ten step backwards. Just don’t be banging your heads on the wall cause of this news. Lmao!!

        • Chinenye 2 years ago

          Lol ain’t tribalists like you and your likes who pretends to like Rohr whereas in reality you only like him cause he invites your tribal players and other selfish interest. Hope you’d get enough anti bp drugs during the afcon proper cause your “cut and join” coach will definitely show up in his typical self( 80th mins substitutions)

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    What a joke, imagine super Eagles skipper playing as a machinery for Yeye club in Turkey, this man should be allowed to go and enjoy his wives. We truly enjoyed ur services for Nigeria is time to go Musa, pls retire from super Eagles.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Same way they celebrated Buhari winning in 2015, from sai Baba to sorry Baba, u can put a Dior on a pig, folks a pig will always remain a pig, u can’t give what u don’t ve. All Nigerians ve a dog in this fight, the flag belong to all Nigerians, we ve the right to disagree and agree, Afcon and World Cup qualifications would be ultimate decider. So folks no winners yet. Ay u be my guy regardless

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Well said, I do not understand why some would view having a different opinion i as evil. Nigerians can have questionable judgement. It is just an opinion guys, it is not that serious. Someone said I should be happy for rohr qualifying nigeria for tourneys with games to spare, this is NIGERIA WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! when did we stoop this low? Don’t get me wrong, it is an achievement ,especially when local coaches struggled in recent times but our aspirations should be higher than this. I remember at the afcon hosted by Nigeria/Ghana after we beat Senegal, one sports analyst stated how could we lose to a banana republic and that was the strongest Senegalese team. They had fadiga, aliou cisse, camara, pape bouba diop etc. That team would go on to ruffle feathers at the world cup. That was the mentality then, how did we get to celebrating tourneys with games to spare. Funny thing is, if a lot of these guys support EPL teams , they would not be satisfied with just qualifying for say champions league, they want their teams to win it! Evidently, the team’s performance leaves much to be desired, it is not out of place for there to be criticism, especially with some questionable decisions of late. I ask myself, is that we all can’t see it or it is just about being right.it is ok to be wrong, we can learn from each other’s wealth of knowledge.that is what this forum should be about, people sharing ideas and conceding if necessary. This is maturity.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    For guys who say Ekong is bad, what are your comments about this guy?


    • Patrator 2 years ago

      We all know to err is human. If a descent player commits a mistake once in a while then we know it’s not usual of him but can we say the same for someone who has always been a suspect for mistakes.

      Edouard Mendy of Chelsea made errors against Westham United and fans quite understood that it’s bizzare of Mendy, hence the reason there are less noise about it, same can’t said of Kepa.

      The point is, Ekong isn’t really convincing.

      Meanwhile, you’d see him on some days and be like wow! This guy is good. I’m hoping he get his shit in order and most importantly, he should be given real competition not the starting 11 role come rain come sun.

      Not being a ball playing central defender is even a problem to the team cux there are circumstances where the defender will be the one to unlock opponent defense with defense splitting passes

      Ekong please up your game!

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Ekong has it in him to be a decent defender. He is going thru a bad patch. Likely worn out from having to play so many matches.
        I join you in asking him to up his game. He needs to improve.

  • Garre 2 years ago

    The truth is whether Rhor remains as Super Eagles coach ,it won’t change the fact his technical ineptitude will always cause us victory when it’s matters most.His maladroitness and slowness cannot be hidden for all to see. It is only a matter of time , the truth will always come to light . I just hope he improves on his match reading,makes the right selection and changes this time . As much as you admire or love someone always tell him/her the truth regardless because it would aid in his/her growth.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    The scenarios might be different but the judgement is the same. I think this was what he was alluding to. FIFA ranking as far as I am aware only helps in being seeded for tourneys (you are free to correct me if I am wrong). Besides, we have been dropping in ranking consistently in recent times; is this not a enough evidence that the team is on a decline then I do not understand(Hence there is good reason for the criticsm). If your son who was 3rd on his report card then comes 5th and 10th, would you not be concerned and tell him he needs to buckle up? And if the said son refuses to heed and he is on a downward spiral, some parents might even withdraw financial support for him, it might be adjudged to be a waste of resources. It appears Rohr would lead them to cameroon. if true, I suggest we sheath our swords and support the team.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      So you as a parent will withdraw financial support because your child came 5th? I pity your children o, what kind of a father are you?

      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        Notice I said some parents will do that (that’s a reality). Never said I will do that. Have we not seen instances where the father who has limited resources tells a son to learn a craft instead? You did not digest what I stated but rather chose to draw your own inference.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    The bigger problem is not even Rohr but the Federation. Look at the state of the league? Look at the state of under age teams. Look at our performance at the last u20 men’s world cup and the overage players used there. Our u23 male football team could not qualify for the olympics and same with their female counterpart. Do we have the right people handling our under age teams? How is yobo who is yet to earn his coaching badges on our technical bench? How was the decision arrived at? Was it subjected to the NFF technical committee? How do we prevent a coach from exhuming old legends back into the team? Is the Coach’s list not subjected for review by the technical committee to prevent a possible case of sabotage by a disgruntled coach? Were the techical committee all in unison on the decision to recall Ighalo?NFF presido appears to be too powerful, there has to be balance of powers for effective governance. How can the NFF president be chief scout, coach, team psychologist. The man even gave an interview where he proudly stated that he was the one who imposed musa on the coach to take him to the world cup. The coach is just playing along. I would not be surprised if this Ighalo issue originated from him. Does anyone here know the name of England’s FA president(without checking)? Administrators are known to work behind the scenes. Ours is taking pictures with players, scouting players, giving pep talks in the changing rooms and trust Nigerians, we would hail him,”He is so passionate”. It is absurd that is what it is.

    • Musa subbed again? Like these pipl are subbing our opinions o.
      What a painful expression on Rohr over and over again, we are together my brother, more painful that they are not even listening. And to add salt to injury, Sunday Dare met with the NFF authority yesterday to put fool stop. Only take heart since our concerns shall be looked into after the world cup. That’s how it is. For Musa, he needs more playing time.

      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        Some of us genuinely want the best for our country and are passionate to see our country do well in all spheres but unfortunately not every one shares that belief. Positive criticism is seen as bile,hateful and evil but yet speaks the truth. A lie may go for a 1,000 years but the truth will always catch up with it.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    @Golden Child how is the judgment the same? Is it only in the aspect of FIFA ranking that ROHR has done our football good? Disappointed that you started off badly but glad that you gave a nice conclusion.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Monkey Post, i am past blaming Rohr because i just came to the realisation that we have a bigger problem. When you think about it deeply, you have to feel for him. Being owed salary for months and yet his employers expect him to deliver. Rohr gave an interview recently where he stated that all he has control over is the team selection but we know that is not true; going by Amaju’s interview. A football coach should have more say than a team list. Even the playing pitch, he has no say! I watched a documentary on the Belgian team and how Martinez was involved in the design of their new facility, sports science et al. Our coach does not have a say on the quality of pitch. It was this same NFF that allowed our u23 team to be cash strapped such that Mikel was reportedly financing the team. ROHR might have his short comings but he is not the real problem. Imagine your employer not paying your salary for months and has the temerity to tell you to resign because your performance is not acceptable. None of us can truly claim to be motivated to give our best in such instance. Why does he even have delayed salary? I thought there is a sponsor to cater for his remuneration. People should direct their anger at the NFF, Rohr is just a scape goat. No wonder Herve Renard took to his heels when he was reportedly offered the job, he is quite vast in these terrains. The FA SHOULD NOT be the one making the decision to invite home based players to execute a friendly with Mexico. In other climes, the coach will submit his plans and his list and FA will ADMINISTER.

  • Damian 2 years ago

    It could have been the Minister puts an ice on the fact. @tayo, who is a fool then?

  • …That moment your position remains subbed, your comments drips further. @Damian

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    Tayo, Fool stop, how? Pls explain?

    • @Mercy, what kind of explanation, Mercy? Ok, Minister Dare puts a fool stop. Or if you aren’t satisfied, Wait, the fool stop will soon explain himself.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      @Banky why don’t you save your breath till next year

  • Johnson 2 years ago

    Which means the fool could have been stopped since yersta. Or are you telling me you decided to allow dj make some noise people? Ok, let’s even leave that one, the area I’m concerned about now is SE captain, Musa, who Iam challenging to improve during SE training next week plus.

  • Vincent Ituma 2 years ago

    Uh uh na, why na? That’s not fear. Allow the rookie to drop his bile, he needs to be satisfied after all but that shouldn’t deter Ahmed Musa from improving on his game. That sub thing isn’t good. Regardless, is there going to be camping/friendlies?

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    What is the current experience of Musa in terms of Afcon and world cup?? That should have been the question. Because we are not going there to play Watford vs bredford or feyenoord vs Utrecht football.. it’s gonna be real African football like Nigeria vs Egypt or world cup football like Nigeria vs Argentina. I think we can’t afford to loose somebody with two Afcon championship experience and two world cup experience.. Even the so called club football that you guys make noice about, dude has won the Russian premier league a record three times for CSK Moscow. He knows how these things work. So for the fact that he is going through tough times at club level or temporary out of form does it mean we will abandone him??? Come on guys…..

    • Monkey post I think england should recall John Terry back to the national team or they should call back Rooney of even scholes back to the national team since experience matters alot… England have recently called Gallagher of crystal palace to the three lions they even have foden Saka smith Rowe all this guys have been called up to the 3 lions… Nigeria is busy calling back retired legs from Saudi Arabia and turkey…. We have enough experience players in the SE Musa shehu ighalo they are not needed they are obviously dragging this team back….

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        @Banky England euro 2020 squad made up of basically first timers except Kane,Rashford and Pickford, did it stop them from getting ro euro finals? If you’re good, you’re good. I “hate Musa because he’s a northerner” I guess I also hate Ighalo because he’s a southerner too. Confused morons everywhere

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    On point @Golden Child

  • Ben SS 2 years ago

    So you want to sub the fool stop? I don’t like that o.

    Click on the link

  • @Mercy, in few minutes you’ll see your doubt.*fool resume* watchout!

  • Salami Aminu 2 years ago

    Just allow him, some are used to it. What I do know is, playing in the club side like Musa here, is not the same as playing in the national team. I believe whoever our Coach deems ok for selection earns our supports. It’s Nigeria first.

    • Gabriel 2 years ago

      Used to what, Salami? Don’t tell me some are used to being subbed. I really want Musa to move to EPL to rob shoulders with Willian, Dennis, Ronaldo, and those big players.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    @Banky am sure if you look at the England set up again there are some experience legs already. Like Harry Kane and Maguire who all played at 2018 world cup. And am sure they will be going to Qatar too. Couple with the fresh legs so please don’t make it sound like all are new legs.. And all Paul scholes etc you mentioned retired long time ago and they are not even active football so why call them back.. Musa has not retired. so why force him to retire? Ighalo left the team based on death threat and all that from the last outing not because he is tired or something. And if you look at the Super eagles we also have fresh legs like Ejuke, Paul Onuachu, maduka okoye etc so my brother what are we not saying???

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Well spoken @Salami Aminu

  • Raphael 2 years ago

    @Gabriel, Ronaldo’s portugal must now go through the play-offs in March if they are to qualify for the tournament. Their last game was against Serbia which they lost 2-1. It is not how good a player is at his club that determine his outputs at his national side. That still remain the mistake of some few. Musa could have been playing for Udoji United, it doesn’t stops him from being the captain.

  • Salami Aminu 2 years ago

    @Gabriel, I mean some are used to noise making. What has always been important is having your position stick. Forums are ideas trafficking, some are here to generated, cross pollinate and share while some mask it in form of devil advocates. It’s everywhere, read the lines.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    The moment when you STRIKE a nerve and the influencers on the payroll of the FA all come out and play.

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