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Neville Reacts To Manchester United’s Deal For Ighalo

Neville Reacts To Manchester United’s Deal For Ighalo

Ex Manchester United captain Gary Neville says he is virtually speechless at the club’s late deal for Odion Ighalo.

It was a desperate move from United to bring the striker in, but one which might yet pay off.


United desperately needed a striker after Marcus Rashford got injured, and simply had to sign somebody.

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Ighalo has proven Premier League experience and the deal is low risk from United’s perspective.

Neville sent a message out explaining his bemusement at how the situation reached this point, while also adding he hopes the Nigerian is a big success.

“I’ve been trying to find the words to describe what I think about the Ighalo signing . I can’t …
P.S. I’m hoping the lad does brilliantly by the way,”Neville tweeted.

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  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Congratulations to you Ighalo. Go out there and do your thing again. Nigerians love you. We want the best for you.

    You may not be our favorite striker in green and white green shirt but that doesn’t mean you are not our own.

    You have nothing to prove to no one. I wish you the best. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      “you may not be our favorite striker in the green ” what do u mean??? Why is it that your posts are always garnished with negativity?

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      He may not be your favourite striker but he remains the 4th all time record scorer for Nigeria, one of two to score 5 AFCON goals in a single tournament and one of few to ever score hattricks in the green and white.

      Side talks never last,records do.

      • Tartan 3 years ago

        With how many goals and please name the top 5 Nigeria scorers.

    • you dont worth living.
      omo9ja you re disgrace to humanity.

      • Nicolsen 3 years ago

        @frank u are a bastard for that statement on OMO9ja… are you God that should decide if someone is worth living? Shame on u and the useless family that brought u up.

        Isn’t OMO9ja and everyone else entitled to their own opinion? Did he curse igalo? U should get off someone strap if you want to yarn trash.

        I don’t get how people reason…

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      You people should be careful with your words. Most of us hate the truth.

      When we are talking about real people, Ighalo is one of them. He is very humble and matured.

      However, I will advice Ighalo not to come back and play for Nigeria again. He have tried his best for his fatherland.

      He should follow Vincent Enyeama’s footsteps. 99% Nigerians will ask you Ighalo to come back and play for Nigeria but tell them enough is enough.

      Ighalo is not the kind of striker that will win the heart of Nigerians by his pattern of play. He is in the same class with Benedict Agwegbu. These two players were hard working strikers during their days in the national team of Nigeria but their styles of both couldn’t fit in.

      You people should think why Nigerians love to see Osimhen? It’s quite simple. That young man is a natural striker.

      We have many of them in Nigeria and outside the country.

      Sometimes, club form doesn’t determine that you are good enough to replicate the same form in the national team.

      Same thing with Akpeyi. Hmmm, it is a pity that our Super Eagles coaches doesn’t know the value of our African pride team.

      My advice also goes to Mr. Rohr. Don’t look at the club side or the leagues they are playing in but the qualities of the players.

      If Westerhof and Jo were looking for top club of our ex players then, nothing wouldn’t have been called Super Eagles today. That means, he should pay much attention to lower leagues such as MLS and so on.

      We should look at the quality of Adi and Alashę. Those two players has qualities but I’m pretty sure that Oga Rohr will not invite them. Adi is a natural striker that needed in his team. Some of us here may be asking that how many goals he has scored so far and if he is that good, MAN UNITED would have signed him. But everything have is own time.

      Ighalo is not the type of striker we can rely on in the Super Eagles but I’m very happy that he was fortunate to be crowned highest goal scorer at Afcon in Egypt.

      Personally, I love Ighalo so much and I wish him the very best of luck in his career.

      Saying the truth is my daily bread but I know, most of us on this forum doesn’t like it but sorry I have to face it. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaha @ Omo9ja.

        First of all, you shouldn’t be mentioning that word truth on this forum. Everyone knows that your personality, what comes out of your mouth and what you stand for are complete opposites of the truth.

        The 4th highest scorer of all time for Nigeria who scored 16 goals in 35 appearances (average of 1 goal in every 2 games) within a space of 4 years does not fit into your pattern….??? LMAO. It’s either you are high or you are an incredible lair.

        To show that you are completely clueless, you even compared him to Benedict Akwuegbu….lmao…who compares an eagle with a butterfly except someone you has an intention to tell lies…you for kuku compare am with Chukwu Ndukwe na.

        And pls, stop irritating our sensibilities with this your silly clamour for your MLS hero Fanendo ADI, he had his chance under Siasia but he couldn’t even make the Bench for the SE. Yet he want Rohr to guarantee him a starting XI shirt in the SE before he can honour a call up. Who does that crap…? He isn’t even the top scorer in MLS, yet he is giving conditions to the national team coach before he can honour a call up to the team.


        Even Dessers who is scoring for fun in mainstream Europe is BEGGING to be called up. Your fixation on Fanendo ADI of all people shows that you continual criticisms of Rohr is just parochial and rooted in your desire to have your personal gains satisfied.

        Only people who are new in CSN will be deceived by your ways. Those of us who know you from KON days know you are worse than a serpent.

  • Pablo 3 years ago

    No smoke without fire this one that everyone is having divided opinion about Ighalo.

  • Paschal 3 years ago

    Neville is surprised that Man U signed Ighalo !!! Really, perhaps they should have signed him (Neville) instead. And if he was signed he surely wont be shocked. These guys are just clowns. Keep your mouth shut Neville and watch as Ighalo takes the EPL by storm. You will be shocked a second time by his superlative performance. And as for you Omo9ja, If Neville had known you and your post, am surr he will be shocked that his mouth will tear. Its unfortunate that negativity has become your hallmark. Saying Ighalo is not our favourite striker is childish. But the best answer will just be to ignore you and ur comments. You usually entertain us so keep doing so.

  • Olusegun. B 3 years ago

    There’s a saying ” No matter what you do , No matter how you handle a matter, No matter the direction you take, you can never satisfy the world” Ighalo’s loan signings will definitely bring tongues wagging esp to negative people and q bunch of racists who feel he doesn’t belong to the big leagues . All I can say is this, Odion has a point to prove no matter what . He’s a striker who’s worked so hard on his football career and that can never be taken away from h. He may not be the best striker in the eyes of some people at least he’s shown guts throughout the years. Top scorer at both Afcon qualifier and Afcon nations cup , top scorer in Chinese league , next is adding his mark in the EPL. Do your best and keep negative critics mouth shut. Good luck Odion Jude Ighalo. Welcome back to the premiership …..

  • What are you people saying? U think omo9ja doesn’t know what his saying? Ighalo is in the league of Akwegwu, Akpala, Ujah, Chuks Ndukwe, Bright Dike and co. But the likess of Fatai Alashe and Adi will perform better that’s why Real Madrid, Bayern , Even Man Utd bid for them.

  • When will nigerians start acknowledging what they have? Ighalo will surely suprise the world.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Let us believe on our own. Ighalo is real. He don’t need to be sold to Nigerians or to Africa. The World is waiting and l am positive the whole wide World will accept him soon. Believe me.