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NFF Considers Amuneke, Salisu Options For Rohr’s Assistant Role

NFF Considers Amuneke, Salisu Options For Rohr’s Assistant Role

Sequel to the recent uninspiring performance of the Super Eagles that led to the home and away draws with their Sierra Leonean counterparts in the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, the leadership of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are set to take measures to check the slide.

Consequently, the NFF is tinkering with the idea of contracting either Emmanuel Amuneke or Salisu Yusuf to assist Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr, adding to Joseph Yobo’s assistant capacity.

“Having seen the technical report from the coach and taken into consideration the observations from the meeting with the sports minister, we shall open talks with either Emmanuel Amuneke or Salisu Yusuf to support Rohr,” an official of the NFF told Completesports.com

“We have to look at the possibility of getting either of the two experienced coaches to join the technical crew. We shall contact them first to know if they are interested in joining the team and if they are, we will discuss terms with them and pick the one who fits into our plans. The Super Eagles will also get a psychologist, physical trainer and video analyst as part of the backroom staff.

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“The decisions to boost the Super Eagles technically stems from the way the team collapsed after leading Sierra Leone 4-0 after 30 minutes, only for the game to end 4-4 and the return leg ended goalless. We hope the additions to the technical crew will help the team greatly,” our source stated.

Amuneke is presently the director of African Academies of an Egyptian top division club , Misr Lel Makkasa, while Salisu Yusuf who was Rohr’s former assistant until he was suspended over bribery allegations before he was relieved of the job last year, is presently the Chief Coach of Rangers International Football Club of Enugu.

Amuneke rejected the NFF Technical Director job offer, a role that Austine Eguavoen has taken up.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • daniel 7 months ago

    Amunike my brother dont go, NFF will rubbish you and dump you, you cant please Nigeria people. make them carry fibidi Geodge or Mutiu Adepkoju but no to sanusi, his a hungry coach

  • Tancosports 7 months ago

    So NFF has admitted that Mr Fashionista Yobo does not have the capacity to be SE assistant coach. Lol. Personally I will prefer yussuf not Amunike.

    • Dr Drey 7 months ago

      Hahahahaha….you think the dont know their boy is incompetent and unfit for the position of SE asst coach before….LMAO…? They know why they shoved him there and they know the hatchet job he is there to do for them, and the boy is already delivering within months of joining the team. Forget all the 100 caps and ‘he has played to the highest level under many coaches and hence is qualified to be a coach’ nonsense….they themselves know the truth. Usually the assistant coach is often given the mandate of also leading the U23s and CHAN teams immediately they are appointed. I have dared Pinnick many times to name Yobo as the coach of the U23s and CHAN teams….unless he will do that today. LMAO

    • Edoguy 7 months ago

      Totally wrong. Yobo is learning the ropes. Besides, Rohr has his assistant and analysts behind him.

      Rohr still selects players and trust me, I do not trust him with that job. His choices are poor. For example, I want to see who he drops in the GK position when all 4 nigerian GKs are fit, then I can tell you if coach Rohr knows what he is doing. He has a certain preference for Germans as a fall back

      • Edoman 7 months ago

        Happy-thanks-giving to all Nigerians everywhere. Pandemics have restricted movements this years to a very large extent. May almighty God bless you all.

  • Omaskels 7 months ago

    What is yobo still doing there if u wanna add one of these men to d technical crew? Yobo is inept n shouldn’t be there at d first place.. yobo, plus another assistant, physical trainer, psychologist,video analyst..so do u mean we DNT av all these at d technical crew before??? Na wa oo..Den wat r d technical crew made up of if those important role are lacking.?? Anyway d crew too much oo..na tax payers money dem take dey pay dem oo..yobo should be replaced not adding someone to assist dem. May God help NFF with sense. Up eagles

  • Same salisu Yusuf who was suspended for fraud shouldn’t be tinkered to be nearer to the SE at all. Will the new assistant coach level be bigger than Yobo’s? If no Amunike should not accept the offer.

  • Oakfield 7 months ago

    Yobo’s incompetence and ineptness are so glaring that even a blind man can see them but those who think they know better think it is cool and yet they have the audacity and the moral justification to question rohr’s capabilities. If yobo was that good, would there have been any need to start looking for more assistants for rohr??? Why not sack yobo who is grossly incompetent for the job nd look for a better assistant (either amunike or somebody else but not salisu) to curb unnecessary wastage of scarce resources? What would be the role of yobo if another assistant is employed? Would he be turned to a ball boy or be just there occupying space???? If this happens, how many people are we going to have occupying the same position and be on payroll for the same position??? I Dare would not look in this direction nd speak grammar. Odegbami would not either bcs he (yobo) is boy and is the product of their evil scheme against a man who means well for us but for the greed and wickedness of our people. The truth has finally come out yet again. Yobo is inept and incompetent for the job and should be relieved of his duties asap while a professional that knows his onus is drafted in. Shame on odegbami, akporobie, ayegbeni and all those evil ex cricket internationals that have seen white and called it black. Posterity and karma shall always be there to judge you. At times, I wonder if the nff, as big as it is, is a private or family business that has no structure. Even many privately owned businesses are more structured than the nff which is a very important arm of the sport industry in nigeria and Africa at large. Sack yobo and get rohr a better assistant, period!!!!

  • “… The truth is like a smoke, it will find it way out even if it is covered.”

    As long as innocency is found in Rohr; let the truth keep unfolding…

  • KangA 7 months ago

    “…….The Super Eagles will also get a psychologist, physical trainer and video analyst….” Don’t say the nff has been operating without these vital allied professionals! 

    Unless we push wishful thinking to the rear and start doing the work, making excellence a watchword, we’re deceiving ourselves. We’ve wasted too time indulging in wishful thinking. 

    • Dr Drey 7 months ago

      Hahahahahaha…later they will say Rohr is getting what local coaches did not get. Keshi with his $36,000pm salary back then still had Amokachi and Valere Houndinou as assistants, had Robinson Okosuns at team psychologist, had Sylvanus Okpala as physical trainer. (I cant remember the name of that guy that used to be the video guy back then). Rohr had to engage personal assistants (Agali & Adelakun -scouts, trabelsi- assistant, pionetti-GK trainer) when the NFF shoved incompetent assistants on him and has been paying them from his own pockets with salry that doesnt come as at when due. We never had a psychologist and physical trainer all these while….lolz, no wonder our players struggle to maintain full physical and mental concentration for 90 mins. NFF pipo don dey tell diasef truth small small.

  • chuks haifa 7 months ago

    This doesn’t sound good. No psychologist and physical trainer in super eagles. Rohr just allowed himself to be setup for failure by NFF. It’s a pity that he even agreed to work on such conditions. I blame him too for allowing this bullshit from NFF. Yobo should be shown the door asap. He is a liability. I will even prefer Kalika or sylvanus okpala to that TV analyst Yobo.

  • Truth is gradually unfolding.Just too many pretenders in the system.Just imagine the important vacuum that was left unattended to- No psychologist,no video analyst,no physical trainer.Yet,they want to GR to win AFCON and get to the semi-final of the world cup.Sometimes i wonder if these people in authority are abreast of things done by other countries to move them forward.
    We always want fire brigade approach.

    • vacuums that were left *

    • In saner societies, heads would have roll for whoever imposed a partying Yobo as the assistant Manager of the super eagles.But hey, what do I Know?This is Nigeria were anything goes.it is where a carpenter can be appointed the heath minister and an iron bender appointed as Minister of sports and no eye brows will be raised.You need to see Yobo in the last three matches animated on the touch line like a headless chicken.

      The mathematical(whatever that means)was the one that came on this platform to do the PR for Yobo.If I have my way, he will be banished for life on talking anything that has to do with SE and enjoy his retirement quietly.

      Previous SE coaches were allowed to make choices of their assistant.Thus Westerhof had a technically astute Jo Bonfrere, Keshi had Sylvanus impala and Valerie Hondinou.Siasia had Simon Kalika, But curiously, under Rohr, the NFf chose to reserve that appointment with themselves, and boy they made a mess of it big time.From the brine taking Salisu, to the fumbling Imama and now to the partying, unqualified and incompetent Yobo and yet they want the SE to beat every team 5-0 while playing sexy football.Haba.Head coaches and assistant coaches are side kicks and trust each other completely.

    • Nice one @toni.

  • Marvelous 7 months ago

    No matter how long the night last there is always a bright morning after it. Truth is really a smoke. Where are those hypocrites who claims to be supporters of SE but serious haters of Rohr. Where is odegbami and the man with the worst miss in football history. Have they seen this post on CSN or their data is off? Are they not aware that Rohr was without a complete technical crew? In other word no assistant at all. Why was Yobo sent there, has he completed his industrial attachment. They wanted to eat their cake and have it, but it has back fired with Rohr still save and them running up and down to cover their incompetence. No coach, I repeat no coach can succeed in Nigeria with the kind of conditions and working environment given to Rohr. We should be thanking him for showing us love and pity. No coach succeeds by being a lone, just like Rohr is left alone without assistant. Both in clubs and country no coach is experiencing what Rohr is experiencing in Nigeria. That’s wickedness, wanting someone to succeed but setting structures to make him fail.

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      They have disappeared into thin air. They won’t comment or come here to spew rubbish bcs the truth is finally out. Ndi ara!

  • Useless child.

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      Hahaha. … Mad dog. Na so u go dy follow follow me around like one useless fly like that until u meet ur Waterloo very soon. Continue inugo. Useless fly. . Ewu gambia.

  • See the way we disgrace ourselves b4 the whole world…..

    After they would come here and be using SENEGAL/ALGERIA to make example…..

    The SENEGAL & ALGERIA u pple have been using to make example, does it mean these 2 countries doesn’t have PSYCHOLOGIST, VIDEO ANALYST, PHYSICAL TRAINER???

  • People strong for this life…..

    Let us fear white men….. This pple are extraordinary….. This pple can withstand any condition provided they get what they want….

    Can a nigerian withstand this and still give result???

  • Beryl 7 months ago

    omo9ja & et al….
    Come out ooooooo.
    are u people seeing this?

  • Kingston 7 months ago

    Are you telling me that rohr, though without technical assistance, could still salvage a 56% ratio win??? Imagine what would have happened if these crucial roles were there to guide his actions? Don’t tell me rohr is not good!

  • Beryl 7 months ago

    Nigerians are just too wicked. If Super Eagle was a personal business will they be running it the way they are doing?
    I hope odegbami & co are reading this.

  • Beryl 7 months ago

    It’s time for us to create a platform on Twitter & IG so they can be seeing & reading our posts for them to know how we are feelings about every dark business they are doing with the only thing we can boast of as a country.

    Eeeh omo9ja & co don’t 4get to say something oo.

  • Jones 7 months ago

    Big shame Amaju, big shame!!!

  • Glory 7 months ago

    Odegbami and cohorts, are masterminding Rohr to fail but Jehovah God is using well meaning nigerians to frusrate these lots evil plans. THEY WILL CONTINUE TO WEAR THE PERFUME OF FAILURE EVERY WHERE THEY GO, as long as they continue to show they dont care about the joy of majority of struggling nigerians whose only source of release from pains suffered by tough economic situation is our SE. So heartbreaking that a foreigner cares more than so called locals. WHO DID THIS TO US OR WHAT IS THIS HAND ALWAYS SETTING US BACKWARD?Those positions had been vacant all these while and yet you expect positive results. ABSOLUTELY LUDACRIS

  • When you don’t have all these key people and u go on social media brandishing the coach as not too good.For him to have agreed  to work under this conditions shows is more committed than our so called leader, a foreigner for that matter. Imagine having just 3 days for training before a match that our oga’s at the top will disturb by training with them all in the name of motivating them while the same coach will be d one doing the work of physical trainer, pshycology and video analyst and they expect him to beat every team be it Brazil, Germany etc too bad.

  • When you don’t provide all these key people and u go on social media brandishing the coach as not too good.For him to have agreed  to work under this conditions shows is more committed than our so called leader, a foreigner for that matter. Imagine having just 3 days for training before a match that our oga’s at the top will disturb by training with them all in the name of motivating them while the same coach will be d one doing the work of physical trainer, pshycology and video analyst and they expect him to beat every team be it Brazil, Germany etc too bad.

  • Marvelous 7 months ago

    It is only us here the genuine supporters. Where are the hypocrites? Where are the haters of Rohr. What about Omo9ja and his cohorts? Let them come and have a say. They shouldn’t wait till Rohr draws a match. They should talk on this. Evil men.

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    Who is deceiving who between NFF and Nigerians?

    Some of us are backing NFF, coach Rohr while others are supporting their Country, Nigeria.

    Are the NFF trying to divide us? Wake up Nigerians. It is high time to sórósoke.

    It is high time to speak up.

    Who is serving the nation between the NFF and the citizens?

    If I may ask, what kind of animals NFF killed in the bush that NFF were asking Nigerians to brings trucks over to carried the meat?

    We asked you people to serve us not that we are the one to serv you NFF.

    you people knew that out of three qualities that a coach must have, Oga Rohr have one which is man management.

    Technical and tactically, Mr. Gernot Rohr is missing out in this avenue.

    Why did NFF renew his contract in the first place after the world cup?

    NFF wanted to send the gaffer to a refresher course but we kicked against that move and NFF had a rethink because I don’t think that was a good idea while we have qualified coaches as Nigerians to be in that position but we preferred outsiders to our own people. Who does that? NFF.

    NFF are wasting our money while many people out are hungry out there today? Come on men. Why are people so wicked like this?

    NFF know that Amunike already said that he is not going to be available to work with Nigeria at moment.

    you NFF are playing politics game because at the end of the day, Amunike will turns down the offer and NFF will systematically bring back Salisu Yusuf that has issues of bribery allegations into the team?

    NFF doesn’t even care about Nigeria image.

    Coach Salisu Yusuf is no no idea.

    You already have Aguavon around and bring him over to assist Oga Rohr. Then Yobo will learn from them.

    It shows that NFF doesn’t have anything to offer Nigeria.

    We need youth to take over Super Eagles. Plan for the future period.

    Your move now should be how to manage Oga Rohr from now till the end of the next world cup and Nigerian coaches will take over from their.

    By doing this, you can convince Amunike that he will be the next head coach of the Super Eagles after next Afcon and world cup but we wanted you to be around the team before that time.

    Nigerian coaches are technically and tactically sound but the remaining still skill they have to learn from coach Rohr is man management period.

    However, do NFF think that we don’t have anything in upstairs? Chai, how about goal keeping department?

    We need Enyeama and Ikeme or Peter Rufai and Ike Shorunmu in that department.

    Coach already failed in that position.

    So, as I said earlier, who is fooling who? NFF or the citizens?

    We have to be honest with ourselves.

    NFF are not ready yet. I won’t be surprised if they brings back coach Salisu Yusuf in the end.

    However, I can’t be on here every day but I thank God that we have good people on CSN here to get the job done more than I can.

    For this reason, kudos to you all my lovely people. No shaking. One love.

    So therefore, We are watching you vary closely NFF. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      @omoconfuse, you are such a very confused fellow. Smh.. Is it not a disgrace that the super eagles you love so much does not have a nutritionist, a competent assitant, a physical trainer? And yet, you have the audacity and shame to come and spew rubbish against a coach that has decided to work in a very unconducive and toxic environment and still churn out results. Your african gaurdiola saw it, couldn’t take it and abandoned the team. The team became an outcast that nobody wanted anything to do with them. This dude (a foreigner) came around, took up the team from the dustbin, dusted them and made them world beaters. He did all these in a very toxic environment that our own person left them to rotten. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now the truth is out, u come dy write nonsense like person wey drink vodka for dream, confusing yourself in the process.

  • you just come write this to cover your shame we know people like you are a shame accept it ok thank you. ire o. God bless Nigeria hahahahah omo9ja go and ask forgiveness and sin no more

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      @Frank, well thanks for the message. Indeed, I am a sinner. Astagfrilah. God, forgive me.

      “God forgives repentant sinners” for this reason, glory be to almighty God.

      Oga Frank, you said

      “you just come write this to cover your shame”

      My shame? Ah, akoba gafara o lol. How?

      You even ended your comment with ire o lolz.

      Naija people, hmm. I hail you wella ooo lolz.

      Well, we need to do the right thing to make our country great again. Ire o .God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Dr Drey 7 months ago

    Sports Minister Instructs NFF To Ban Scouts, Hangers-On From Super Eagles

    In a bid to restore sanity to the National team and curb the activities of illegal scouts, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has given a clear mandate to the Nigeria Football Federation to rid the National Team of agents and hangers-on.

    According to the Minister, Mr. Sunday Dare, “NFF must get rid of hangers on and individuals who do not have clear mandates and are around the National team. These are agents, scouts etc. They should operate outside the perimeter.”

    In the light of this, the NFF was also advised to set up a scientific template to benchmark the performance of the Super Eagles.

    This will curb the problem of poor performance and mediocrity in the performance of the players.

    It was also decided that henceforth, invitation of foreign based players to the National team must be based on current form and performance.

    Foreign based players performance must be properly monitored before been invited to the team

    Culled from Allnigeriasoccer.
    Truth don begin the escape small small like smoke….LMAO. The Minister is beginning to see the light. He’s beginning to see that the problem is probably not Rohr. It’s such a shame to the entire NFF that it is taking the minister to FORCE them to do what they ordinarily are supposed to do. No wonder the loudest of the so-called critics are all player sellers who have not been able to have their way and want to return the SE camp to the days of Jankara-ic operations. No team phycologists, no physical trainers, no video analysts, biokinetic statisticians, no technical department in the FA, yet the coach manages to churn out good performances (even when we lose) with the highest win ratio ever, and one bag of rice with 2 legs opens his mouth in the media to call him the ‘worst’ coach we ever had and the players “the worst players” we ever had.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      When we supported the ministers move I thought you and your team was against him. Now you have changed your tongue, na wa for you. You eh you need to change so that there will be calmness in this forum.

      Most of the bitterness in this forum comes from you. The forum will be fun once you quit certain attitude. The way you and Oakfield act is really a let down most of the time. In real life most of this things you do will make you guys enemies with people.

      Theres more to life everybody wants the best for Nigeria, nobody needs cash or anything. The love of the game brought everyone of us here. We have families and other activities of life. Nobody will come to a public space and be trading words with a stranger for years. A day will come some of us will be no more, a lot of things for change. I know some guys will still take advantage and say words of insult but it’s normal in the society of today where love has lost its significance. Nobody is ever happy receiving insults from strangers some of us have great values and honor in reality but when we come here anyone can just insult us. Some of us can even get insulted by kids who in real life can not do.

      See Oakfield calling someone Ewu Gambia will an adult do this? Those words can not be coming from a proper person. I am not insulting you but think about it or Drey calling someone Idi Ara. Someone should tell me where I am wrong and I am sorry.

      • Dr Drey 7 months ago

        If your jealousy and illiteracy can only interprete my comment above as a vote of support for the minister and not an indictment, then I’m sorry I owe you not
        explanations, because even if I explain till tomorrow, your comprehension problems will still work against you.
        You claim most of the bitterness in this group comes from me….. hahahahaha. Why don’t you admit it’s your jealousy that is making you and your cohorts bitter….LMAO. It’s even laughable that many of you cannot hide it anymore that you just slide in to single out my comments for insults and when I give it back to you, you become cry babies looking for people to say sorry to you to stop crying. It’s even laughable that your above comments are coming from someone who has severally prayed that I should die and severally threatened physical assault on me.
        Shove your damn advice down your throat. Pot calling kettle black. Bloody Hypocrite….!!!

      • Oakfield 7 months ago

        @chima Samuels, make I no hear my name for your mouth again. Be warned.

    • KangA 7 months ago

      ……No nutritionist, I suppose. Probably they eat junk food before matches. 

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    In fact Dr. Drey that’s quite laughable. To say Rohr is “the worst coach we ever had and the players “worst players we ever had”. Absolutely ridiculous statement. How Nigeria national team doesn’t have a team psychologist, physical trainer and video analyst all this while is beyond me. If I’m not mistaken I think all this were provided for Keshi during his reign, way before the AFCON in 2013. Yet under those conditions this coach qualified us for a WorldCup that most of them never expected us to qualify for. Qualified for an AFCON after back to back miss. All with games to spare and on the verge of qualifying for another major tournament despite not having a team psychologist, physical trainer and video analyst.

    All these are the difference between a country like Germany and Nigeria. That’s why they have 4 WorldCup titles. Of course Rohr is not a world class coach, but which coach can get this kind of results in those circumstances?? Or want that kind of job??? Even our own that understand the system ran away and abandoned the team when he realized he can never succeed in this system. You see my brother the best thing in football is Man Management and leadership. In fact in every sphere of life. That’s the  major attribute Rohr brought into the SuperEagles and the players bought into it, along with merit based selections. Why didn’t they have the balls to sack him??? Na so E easy?? Because they know that they themselves are not competent enough in terms of administration including the sports ministry. However, as far as I know I’m looking at a SuperEagles that are on the verge of glory under this coach. Hopefully we keep our house in order. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#. 

  • De Star 7 months ago

    To all the Rohr’s supporters, if you can’t learn anything good from your fellow fans like @Mr Hush please take few notes from the patriotic progressives group .

    you all claimed to be well read and highly exposed, please let it reflect in our conduct ; in the modern world , especially in the western world that we claimed are the best examples, you don’t use foul and insulting languages to anyone that is not in the position of authority, otherwise they perceive such character to be an animal and no one with such mentality would last for 3 months in any organization be it private or public in the western world , without being kicked out as animal ( some of you that had made reference to Thrump in our early this year argument, claiming 
    that American president also uses dirty languages, I predicted then , that it was an embarrassment to western culture and his public conduct was unpresidential, and I bet then that he would not be re-elected , what is the situation now ? after January 2021 he would have become ex President.

    You can insult Sports Minister Dare , NFF , president Governor, Senator, a serving coach because they are in the position of authority on trust for the collective groups of fans , clan , countrymen etc that is standard practices all over the world but anyone not in the position of authority deserves a level of respect as well as families members on his or her personal views irrespective of colour or tribe . 

    Few days ago JJ Okocha scored Oga Rohr 70% ( that is highest mark in any university examination) , no single  opposing members insulted the legend JJ on the perspective at which he viewed Rohr because as a private citizen, legend and stakeholders as well Nigerian football fan , he also deserves his personal opinion without attack or insult until he gets into position of authority like Coach , member of NFF, Minister ; at least many of us know his declaration was outrageously exaggerated , even none of Rohr’s supporters can score Oga Rohr 55% for a coach that did not only watched how African local coaches displaying technical skills at the Afcon finals but was also constantly tutored by Algeria local coach almost 5 years on the saddle , let alone his business partners NFF who had given Rohr honest advice to go and get himself retrained for failure in the two tournament he had participated in the past , but for the corruption in the glass house he was not only retained but fraudulently had his salary increased 90% ; expectedly we respected JJ Okocha view without any one insulting him particularly when he had said in the past that he will never go into football coaching as he dreaded coaching job  which indirectly means , whatever output, garbages inclusive from those that chooses to take such responsibility, he would be  more than happy to appreciate it as he can never be a successful coach himself ( so if the same Okocha now gives Father Christmas score of 70% to a coach that played last 4 games this year , lost 1 , drew 3 with the lost and 1st draw played in the best standard field in this world and the two draw against 122 ranked team , could anyone therefore in his right sense castigate JJ Okocha apart from being entitled to his personal view as a private citizen that is not in the position of authority, when he had declared he dreaded coaching job . I am sure if it were Segun Odegbami , Amunike, Finidi , Taribo, YAKUBU etc were the ones that says contrary view from their own perspective ( it would have been insulting galore as usual ) 

    Now that many who values & cherish their family’s pedigrees, choose to be silent in the loop where it is now monologues rather than being allowed called all manner of derogatory names and heaping insult on our respected families just because we are airing our views .

    Until we respect ourselves, act the standard we claimed to be ( if actually some people are not advertising what they are not in the real world) , we would loose what makes this forum to be pleasant and worth engaging one another in the loop, we should view ourselves as brothers and fans in the house , that deserves to exchange notes freely without turning the platform to primary school pupils playing ground without decorum 

    ……… reaction to NFF’s decision  in part 2 

    • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

      Oga there you go again. Tales by moonlight. Reading all the comments no body insulted anybody and I don’t see any foul language. Sometimes there are idioms used based on the heat of the moment even from the regressive progresses as well. I’m not sure you understand what I mean by ‘Idioms’. I have no idea what you mean by 70% being the highest mark in any university examination??? Lmao!! Where did you go to school??? 70% is more or less or at best a C where I studied. Which is considered above average. I thought your education is not cheap Lmao!!!  Okocha was even honest with his assessment given the condition of the team when the gaffer took over. You’re just trying to be patriotic with your fellow regressives all you’re saying is pure lies. Why are they hidden in there coven? Who is even afraid of been called names or insulted in the World Wide Web?? Lmao!! Abeg come up with other excuses. Please give us the proof where Rohr’s salary was fraudulently increased by 90% LMAO!! Is that all you got?? It seems you’ve ran out of ideas Lmao!!

      The 122 ranked team have defeated Ghana, Senegal and Algeria more than 6 times each and have only defeated Nigeria twice. That’s when we even had the best players in our history. Yet we didn’t even lose to them despite the shenanigans. Everyone have a right to their opinions. However, the fact of the matter is that how can a coach succeed without having a Psychologist, a Physical trainer and a video analyst?? In this day and age?? Are you kidding me?? Anyway they seems to have realized how incompetent they’ve been all the while all the way to the sports ministry themselves. Using SuperEagles trainings as jamborees where they can showcase their pot bellies to the world how incompetent they’ve been. Lmao!!! 

    • Mercy 7 months ago

      We all have heard you!!! But please tell us is it true that SE do not have a physical trainer, psychologist and a video analyst?

  • pompei 7 months ago

    Breeze don blow, fowl something don open yakata!
    The truth is finally coming out……
    The Regressives/Rohr haters are on a crazed rampage with their long, senseless epistles. The truth is painful to them, like raw pepper applied to an open wound! Loooool!
    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
    The Progressives have been vindicated! It is clear for all to see that although not flawless, Rohr is trying, and is not the real cause of our problems. Even without adequate staff support, look at what he has achieved!
    Hopefully, this is just the beginning. Eventually, we will rid our football of systemic corruption and incompetence!

  • Beryl 7 months ago

    How are we even sure they are going to hire them…..
    Hmmmmmmmm nawa oo..

  • This pple are very funny.

    We’re talking about the failure of our leaders in glass house, 2 pple just pop up with lengthy espistle of cock & bull story….. Who cares @Omo9ja & @De Star?

    We’re delibrating on sport minister, nff, not employing the right personnels.
    No psychologist, physical trainer, video analyst in the a whole football team & u pple are telling us how okocha gave his speech & how donal thrump would bcome ex president, who cares?

    U pple should not run away from what is on ground.

    Rohr isn’t good but he has the highest win ratio as a SE coach ever.

    Ur world best ALGERIA coach that has never won any UEFA medal in his entire career life is working under the same condition that Rohr is working in nigeria right?

    U aren’t even ashame of urself that ur country has a national team but doesn’t have a team psychologist, no physical trainer, no video analyst yet u are busy comparing urself with a country that’s serious about football.

    WATCH B4 U JUDGE; @DeStar

  • If u no get wetin to tork abeg hide ur face jooooorrrr…..

    President thrump na footballer???

    Okocha na lecturer???

    When did SE turn university???

    U pple say we are rohr supporter which i agree….
    Now u pple should also support ur world best nff and sport ministers to the end….
    Dont change the topic bikonu….

  • lanre 7 months ago

    nigeria is so backward not for lack of resources for greatness but because of men nd women who either subconsciously or consciously hate progress.Now people like OMO9JA whom, after a while,i just peruse HIS EPISTLES because as usual does not accord with wisdom nd few others like him;A coach took your team from no where to become AT LEAST AN AVERAGE TEAM TO RECKON WITH yet you are obsessed with calling him,albeit RECOMMENDED BY another world class coach ARSENE WENGER to the nff as dumb,incompetent,stupid et cetera………anyway i would rather have a face to face with your CHAIRMAN,the mathematical who never played outside of the shores of IBADAN(housing corporation nd shooting stars) or your VICE CHAIRMAN who if were to be a COLOMBIAN would be thankful to have ESCAPED ASSASINATIONS TWICE,first for a suspicious world cup record miss nd second for coming out 10 years after to rubbish a genuine project of reconstruction of the super eagles team.

  • De Star 7 months ago

    @UBFE , you sounds funny if you and your fellow Rohr’s supporters just getting to know now that NFF are killing football in Nigeria, are you not contradicting yourself, when NFF beams ordinary shadows of what Nigerian coaches are unfortunately made to pass through in the hands of NFF to Rohr , you shout  out loud but when it is Nigerian’s coaches you run them down as if there was no big deal ( Rohr is supposed to be a professional if , that should have asked for fundamental Human Resources to succeed on a job if he actually knows what he is doing and not been given unserved favour by  his business partners NFF) . 

    When I read previous comment that Yobo should be sacked rather than adding to Rohr assistants because of Nigerian economy , but the same Nigerian can be wasting 20 million Naira plus on Rohr’s that has only man management as only strong point with zero on technical ability which is the major strong point needed to succeed as a coach .

    NFF is nothing but BAD is an understatement but where I have differences with your Rohr’s group is selective judgement when it suits you.

    @ Ayphillydegreat, I will appreciate it if you don’t toe the wrong path of the past , if 70% is just above average in your university so be it , that cannot stands as benchmark for above average where I graduated from.

    You need to go over my comment , insulting, attacking and calling forum members names and their families is nothing but barbaric that is not only not in our culture but it is not acceptable in any civilized forum . I was referring to some of you group’s negative attitude in the forum not necessarily on this section .

    JJ Okocha made his remarks that many of us obviously knew that it was  Father Christmas mark as 70% cannot be translated as just above average as you had claimed it is in your highly rated Cambridge type University; but no one attack nor insult JJ for his personal opinion as a private citizen not in the position of football Administration or coaching crew as your group have penchants attacking , insulting any our past hero / legends who have contributed to Nigeria football of which your worshipped average coach Rohr have never  contributed 10% of joy they have brought to Nigeria nation as well as their contribution to Nigerian football just in defence of Rohr .

    Let us accept your translation of JJ Okocha verdict on Rohr to be just above average; is it average output we should be paying over 20M every month for almost 5 years with average result, I don’t think anyone can run his private business paying such huge money for average out put. 

    C output is a great achievement for Rohr considering his past immediate 3 countries he had coached, but definitely it is a failure by Nigerian standard because just bellow C is ordinary pass , that is why urgent must be taken for us not to slides further 

    • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

      “Few days ago JJ Okocha scored Oga Rohr 70% ( that is highest mark in any university examination)”. Isn’t that what you said? In the Western world where I studied I don’t know about you. 70% is at best a C which is above average, not the highest mark in any university examination. Lmao!! Considering where were coming from when Rohr took over. In fact he’s doing a phenomenal job despite not having a team Psychologist, a Physical trainer and a video analyst all this while. A C in those conditions is even a fantastic achievement considering the fact that the Nigerian standard when he took over the team was missing 3 out of 4 AFCONS. 

      • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

        You see that’s where you lose big time. A team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa is considered a minnow by Nigeria standard. For someone to take us out of that predicament despite the incompetent of the administration is quite commendable if you ask me. If you think otherwise then I have no idea what planet you emanated from. Lmao!! Even a blind Bartomeu can attest to that. Most of your regressive group we’re even happy that we draw against Sierra Leone, counting it as a loss Lmao!!  Despite the fact that we’re leading the group. You see we know people like you. Only come here to act ignorant. Majority of them have been here before. However, CSN is not kickofff or there myopic sites that people can just come here with lies. Nigerians are smart enough to understand reality. The fact remains that the system is set up for you to fail. Despite that a foreign coach came and steadied the ship when your so called African Guardiola ran away in those circumstances, and you’re calling for them to come back and take us to missing 3 out of 4 AFCONS Lmao!’ How smart are you???

  • Edoman 7 months ago

    20 million a month in Naira currency is rather much. Don’t you all agree ?. God deooo.

  • Edoguy 7 months ago

    Did someone just see Noni Madueke

    yet someone will be talking about NPFL players
    He is an AMF. Can the NFF move to cap him fast

  • Goal ⚽️ 7 months ago

    So many people here actually believe that oga Rohr had no fitness coach, video analyst and physiotherapist all this while and he was able to give us average performances.

    Hmmm! So what is jean Luc Royal a fitness coach doing with the team?

    Also Nabil Trabelsi a Video Analyst and Anozie Nnaemeka (Physiotherapist) what are they going too?

    We knew NFF are bad but Rohr as a professional needs to ask for these things before signing a contract.

    All these assistants issues have nothing to do with Rohr’s poor decision making, the most laughable one is playing onuachu as osihme replacement in a counter attacking team (he does that even when the guy is not in the original 23 man list).

    Anyways na Look we dey Look.

    • Dr Drey 7 months ago

      Hahahahaha…..some people are still living in the past…LMAO. When last did you see Nnaemeka and Jean Luc with the team….LMAO. Or you want to tell us you know more than the Sports Minister…? LMAO. Maybe the Minister is telling us lies….LMAO. Some people have forgotten that the NFF stripped Rohr of all these key members of the backroom staff after the 2018 world cup. Lolz. Trabelsi is a UEFA A licensed coach and not a professional video analyst. The fact that he stands in as one does not make him one. The fact that Rohr pays him from his pockets makes it more ridiculous. All Keshi’s assistants (including Amokachi, Okpala, Valere etc) had contracts with NFF, all Siasia’s assistants (including Kalika, Salisu etc) had separate contracts with NFF same with the belgian guy that Oliseh brought. But liars will tell us Rohr is being treated better than the local coaches and never gets owed even for a day….LMAO. NFF should go and hire competent backroom staff for the SE and pay them. There is a limit to the degree competence an coach can afford with his own salary. Rohr pays Adelakun (including his flight and accommodation for scouting missions) Pionetti, Trabelsi, Agali all from his own salary that doesn’t even come as at when due.
      The simple truth is that after taking time to look into what’s going on in the FA, conscience of the sports minister is probably beginning to tell him that some people deserve to be sacked first before even contemplating the sack of Rohr…..LMAO

  • After hiding somewhere perusing the internet to get facts just to use against an innocent foreigner that meant to do us no harm, they are now coming out one by one….
    Very soon they’ll populate this forum again….

    @Goal if Rohr refuse to invite ONUACHU ur leader(@Omo9ja) presented b4 the nigeria, this forum would not have peace….

    They would not let us hear word on this forum…. Now that he decided to invite him u turn and kick against it….. Are u sure u are still in their group?

    @Omo9ja and co would sanction you o!

    Your fellow regressive is crying for KAYODE & OLAYINKA to be invited and u are playing aloof, when Rohr extend invitation to them and they don’t play up to ur expection; i hope u would not come here and crucify Rohr?

    U pple would not allow the coach to do what he’s paid for, invite this, invite that, this one is better, that one is better…. When it back fires u quickly change ur mouth….

    Warn ur cohort now…..

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      Ahahaha. Ah, I’m still laughing sha. This is quite interesting and funny lolz.

      9ja people I dey gbadun you all o. Hmm. It is well. No comment @UBFE. It is your time,
      enjoy it wella. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja is segun odegbami

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      Chai, see another one here ahahaha. My people, you called me Mr. Amaju Pinnick before and now Mr. Sęgun Ódęgbami? Kilodeeeeee lol.

      Kai, omo9ja, I hope they won’t call you Mr. Mumuni Alao or Mr. President Buhari sooner later? Well, let’s wait and see o Lolz.

      Thank you for the accolade o Mr. Cuteprince.
      No wahala lol. One love bro. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Oakfield 7 months ago

        It’s no surprise if they call u those names or think you’re any of them bcs You exhibit all the traits of the aforementioned. Hence, they are right with their assumptions.

  • Did I not state here on this forum that Amuneke should have been drafted into the super Eagles immediately after the 2018 World cup instead of Yobo?

    The truth remains that Amuneke should have taken over from Rhor as head coach while we search for a technical adviser,

    He could be an old war horse that is battle tested and ready like the coach of Leeds United in England or even former Man_ city coach of Iheanacho and even The Leicester city coach that won the Premiership, Raneri.

    A Raneri with Amuneke, Garba and Ugbade’ would have been a great bench.
    And you know what?
    It is still doable.