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Nigeria Vs Egypt Live Blogging – 2023 U-20 AFCON, Group A

Nigeria Vs Egypt Live Blogging – 2023 U-20 AFCON, Group A

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of 2023 U-20 AFCON [Africa Cup of Nations] Group matchday 2 game between the Flying Eagles of Nigeria and the Young Pharaohs of Egypt at Cairo International Stadium, Egypt.

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  • Ololo 1 year ago

    Link for match pls

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    Ladan Bosso is a very dishonest man… They are just trying to sell untalented players. These boys won’t go beyond quarter finals if they make it up to that stage… The difference between us and Senegal is that they apply merit and use connections…

  • Go to you tube and search for caf tv u20 afcon live match

  • Edozien 1 year ago

    YouTube search for caf tv then afcon u20 live match

  • Basiliano080 1 year ago

    Where can one watch the match 
    Any link please guys

  • Adeniyi 1 year ago

    Are these the same players playing and winning friendlies since? I doubt. They lack coordination and cohesion..no pattern, no technique…just kick and follow! What has happened to our football for God’s sake? What is the NFF and the coaching crew doing ? What’s all these? 

    • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

      Gbam. These boys are playing kerewa kerewa football. It is very bad.

  • Onyekachifigo 1 year ago

    Watching this team is an eye sore. Corrupt home base coaches

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Ladan Bosso might have been fixing those friendlies because this players are not sensible at all. Their final passes are over hit and not timed. Nigeria fans may God help us from bad politicians to bad coaches. Let us not think Senegal will field a strong squad after qualifying, so it’s either we win this match or forget the WC.

  • Onero 1 year ago

    The NFF should wake up now and employ qualified coaches, if not the likes of Bosso Ladan have successfully killed our football. This is simply kick and follow. These boys arent talented naturally and they can’t even complete a pass.
    If they make it to quarter final, then luck and God of soccer have mercy on them.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Exactly my thoughts if care is not taken we might get used to kick and follow pattern, celebrating draws and other forms of average results like lower tier football nations. At the moment we are heading to lower tier nations if there are no changes from what we’re experiencing.

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    45mins to see whether we’ll continue with corruption or wake up!!

  • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    This ia a match between Egypt and Hausa-Fulani and not Nigeria.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Yum Yum Fc and Koko United abi una see??? 19 match unbeaten run??? Nigeria media is part of this madness because they don’t investigate anything they just collect lies. I doubt if they really won those friendlies or they just sent results for media to publish.

  • Arara Kumbie 1 year ago

    Nigeria are playing very well. At least Egypt has not scored. People must exercise patience. Nigeria will win this tournament.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      New generation kid go back to history and see how good Nigeria use to be before you come here and type nonsense. You think this Yahoo Yahoo generation understands anything good???

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    The players are playing to impress agents.

  • Very senseless bunch of players.
    This team aren’t going anywhere.
    There’s no quality whatsoever in the team.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Ladan Bosso can not change even if we make it to WC he will still fail. The NFF too is mediocre so they are not ambitious to detect failures. I’m saying this from a sincere point of view….. I hope Adams will make me proud now that he’s introduced.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Our wingers don’t know how to use the ball the only decent player in the team is the GK. Egypt is not decent enough that is why we are yet to concede as well.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Finally Goal!!!!

    • Arara Kumbie 1 year ago

      You see what a little patience can do for you, old man.

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    They’ll award Egypt a penalty. We needed to score a clean goal for it to stand if not they’d have cancelled our goal.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    They’ll add 7mins or more if care is not taken since Egypt is losing. 

  • Flying Eagles team so disgusting to watch!
    Anywhere belle face

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Thank God for the win.Goal keeper and Defender bail us when the strikers and wingers are nothing to write home about.

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    We have won. Not pretty but a win is a win. Hard fought match but we are still in dis. I predicted we would win egypt and mozambique to qualify from d group

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      Don’t think Mozambique will be an easy ride….If anything out win just gave them hope again….If the best us they’ll have 4 points and if Egypt beat Senegal they’ll have 4 points too and we won’t even be in the 3rd best loser spot…so we need atleast a draw or a win to be safe.

      • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

        Our win*** if they beat us***

      • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

        U r absolutely right but we need only a draw to scale thru but i see us winning. Nigeria has d best chance, the chances of egypt beating senegal is slim even if senegal fields dia reserve team. Similarly d chance of mozambique beating this FE team though possible, is very remote. Like i said earlier i fancy our chances of making it thru to the next round. I feel our defense is our strength and i don’t see mozambique breaching dat defense but anything is possible. The boys should stop kicking d ball aimlessly. Adams, Aminu were very guilty of dis. They should put the ball on d floor as i think they can do it but they just keep looking for d long ball to d wingers. The firwars boys should shoot more instead of dwelling on d ball and counting feet b4 shooting. All in all good game by d boys. Lots of improvement is needed but this is a huge confidence boosting win that will only energize dem to put better efforts as d tournament progresses.

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    From what I saw I must admit that our group is a group of death.. Senegal is the best team in the tournament while Egypt being the host and playing with their president in attendance will give any team a tough fight but we won..

    Our keeper was my man of the match, I don’t see nwosu claiming back his shirt in the team with the saves I saw today.. our defense is good , but the midfield and attackers are the problems.. imagine sarki who everyone was talking about before the tournament is yet to find his feet, beji is trying his best but not yet at the level I saw in the wafu b, Jude Sunday did well today and should start the next game..

    The tournament is obviously a difficult one, let see if the boys can make it to the world cup

  • tod_ 1 year ago

    let them sha qualify for the world cup..thereafter…disband the whole team plus coaching crews…nothing in this team.

  • Balablu 1 year ago

    I strongly believe that their are cabals running the day to day affairs in the glass house,how can one explain the selection process of these bunch of idiots who called themselves flying Chickens and who obviously do not know the rudiments of how to play football
    I literally changed my channel to something meaningful to watch after I had seen 45mins of disjointed display of soccer by our lads.
    It is now a known fact that any football chief that is appointed to lead the nations football Administration tends to flood the national team with their tribes men and eschews meritocracy in team selection,how can you explain a team saturated with crude players from a particular region of the country just because the national team handlers are from their.
    However the fact that they are from a particular region is not the problem,but the core ingredients of which Nigerian football is known for isn’t in this team.
    The players are so shambolic and uninspiring,I thought Egypt could have done better.
    The team needs to be disbanded ASAP

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