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Nigeria Vs Equatorial Guinea Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Group A Match

Nigeria Vs Equatorial Guinea Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Group A  Match

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the AFCON 2023 Group A matchday one game between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Nzalang Nacional (National Thunder) of Equatorial Guinea at Alassane Quattara Stadium, Abidjan.

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  • Jide Dola 5 months ago

    First 11
    nwanbali, Zaidu, aina, ekong, ajayi, alhassan, onyeka, iwobi, Simon, victor, lookman.Good outcome guys. I think nwanbali is a better goal keeper compared to uzoho. I just watched little of his highlights

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    If its GENERAL ROAR this is already 3 points for the se even before the blast of the whistle but as it is Pajero, let me not waste my good luck let me wait till after 90 minutes…

  • Nice lineup but is it only me that would have prefer Bruno to zaidu at the LB? Anyhow sha best of luck guys.

  • Very decent line up. Peseiro is showing flexibility and adaptability in dropping Uzoho. He showing ambition in adding Yusuf and he is showing unpredictability in going for 4-3-3.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Lool! All the “too sabi”- no sabi at all here wey dey predict with long throat that Uzoho will surely start and the upside brains saying they don’t want Simon(our best player bar Osigoal) to start – all of una shine unu eyes! lool!

    Tell me result after game! Simples!

  • KangA 5 months ago

    Where can we watch it?

  • Shd have been 2-0 up easy by now, we need stop this wastefulness now habba.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Equitorial G are playing rough house football and the ref needs to get on top and show some reds – I’ve seen at least 2 so far!

    Osimhen, should’nt disappoint, show the clinical side – no need for misses like that – when Aina put a delicious and delectable ball through against all odds and Osimhen just completely through that golden chance away!

    Finally, Simon and more suprisingly Lookman are impressing me so far sha! Ha! goes to show, you should never take extreme views in football, moderation always has it’s advantages! Chaii!

    Oya come we go!

  • Kolawole 5 months ago

    Worst assembled super eagles have ever watched. Thunder fire anyone asking iwobi to be called up to this team. Onyeka is the laziest midfielder have ever seen.

    • Glory 5 months ago

      Thunder has already destroyed you beyond repair. Stupid idiot.

      • Kolawole 5 months ago

        Oya come out and open your filthy mouth, stupid asshole. Tell us what was iwobi’s imapact in the game and even chukwueze. Dey their dey support under 17 players.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Already- And in absolutely no time at all – Nwabili has alreday shown (in no time -30 minutes of gametime) that he is miles better than that calamity Frank – I actually can breathe easy watching him, he is exuding confidence and passing it on to th team already – He seems very accustomed to modern day keeper tactics of being a “sweeper keeper” reading the game well and we have been in control of this game – but just as I was saying that

    Just as I was writing that they go and score!

    Remember though before Uzoho groupies start telling us that it was the goalkeeper’s fault – it absolutely was not!

    And again, as I was typing and just saying about Lookman – we equalise through Osigoal – wonderful assist by Lookman!

    Let’s goooo!


  • Respect is reciprocal 5 months ago

    Seems Iwobi is lost in the game and his decision making is poor. He needs to stamp his authority like Yusuf is doing ,our saving grace is Yusuf otherwise we would have been musscled

    • Yusuf is the new Etebo. Really impressive.

    • Coache 5 months ago

      Iwobi is not good to be honest. These are training materials. I have watched him for club and country. Super Eagles is not for him. Nwakali, Ejuke, Ifeanyi Matthew, Obinna Nwobodo are million miles ahead of him. IWOBI is a waste of space and OVER RATED

      • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

        Iwobi is good he just can’t play alongside an ineffective Onyeka. No wonder Brentford benches him. Let us leave Iwobi alone I’m tired of these mediocre observations from some of you on this page that is why Nigeria football is going no where. Today you hail a player when he scores and when it’s not going well instead looking deep you just make funny comments.

      • You sabi ball jare. I feel frustrated with him, nothing like his uncle. He just hesitates unnecessarily, makes loads of stray passes and doesn’t connect with many, doesn’t know whether to pass with his right or left. But he can be a handful for the opponents on a good day, consistency is just not there. Aribo is no better. The search for a genuine number 10 continues, almost 15 years after Jay Jay retired.

  • Nwabili was a Nepa pole for the goal. His distribution looks promising. Uzoho would have done better.


    • JACKSON 5 months ago

      Oga abeg keep quiet. Nwabali is commanding his post well. I have confidence watching the game than the basket we previously had. So far game is just boring to watch

  • Kolawole 5 months ago

    Naaaaaa this team is playing rubbish. Can’t belive am watching a super Eagles team. Onyeka is the worst midfielder have ever seen. Anyone calling for iwobis inclusion in this team is just confused. The midfield is gone, except that yusuf guy. What a shame

    • Sammy 5 months ago

      Onyeka is the worst midfielder I have seen play for the Super Eagles. He is bad offensively and defensively, he has zero ball sense. Alhassan Yusuf is playing his first game for Nigeria and he is already Miles better than this guy.

      Chukwueze is also just useless. I’ve seen better players than this guy in Principals Cup. Just over rated.

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 months ago

    Where to watch the match online please for people who can’t watch on tv

    • Omo9ja 5 months ago

      You can watch it on YouTube. God bless us God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Amazing football apps on playstore bro, football HD streaming apps .. I have 4 from playstore and they are good.

  • JACKSON 5 months ago

    Oga abeg keep quiet. Nwabali is commanding his post well. I have confidence watching the game than the basket we previously had. So far game is just boring to watch

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    @Glory and co hailing the first eleven how market???

    • Stanley Nwabili should have done better.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      @Deo there’s more to that Goal. 1. Bad positioning from Ekong and co. 2. The goal keeper has no command of his box. 3. Goalkeeper is in experience and average so Blame the fraud Coach.

    • Glory 5 months ago

      @ Chima, look brodaman, This team will shame all of you. Trust me, broda I maintain my stand on this team and the coach. No shaking. Abami eda…

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    We are Nigerians and we should know our team better that this mediocre coach. How can you start Ekong and Ajayi together or Onyeka in the midfield??? Now the goal keeper who didn’t justify any difference from the others preferred over Uzoho does it make sense to any football loving Nigerian???? Let us be honest and not write just because some people who don’t understand football will criticise us.

    • You making sense, ekong and Ajayi are typically the same, would have pair either of them with bassey and Bruno would have start ahead of sanusi, that goal wasn’t keepers fault but that if zaidu that’s ball watching.

    • Tristan 5 months ago

      It is politics and favoritism that’s why. They decided to start two slow defenders because of their politics of experience.

  • Bad first half but will take the 1-1, zaidu and Ajayi playing trash so far.

  • Larry 5 months ago

    Is Iwobi in this match ?
    His only contribution was to give the ball away for the goal conceeded.
    Wow Alhasan is bossing the midfield while Onyeka is just not existing, a very pathetic player and always getting invited.

  • Yusuf is promising but onyeka playing trash as always, this Equatorial Guinea playing better than us, hope to see more from the boys in the second half.

  • Sunnyb 5 months ago

    Iwobi playing with useless overload,he needs to cut that hair off, that shit is s distraction.lackluster performance, the coach took bunch of unfit players to this tournament 

  • Did anyone watched iwobi error that led to that goal? I wonder when iwobi will become a consistent matured performer for the super eagles. He left the ball in from of the defense.

    I talked about eagles wasting chances.

    One chance for equatorial guinea and they scored.

  • Unique 5 months ago

    Iwobi is shaky, Simon need to show up in a game like this, otherwise chukweze should replace him. Goodluck Super Eagles

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Iwobi is a player who never improves… I think for someone who was at Arsenal from the age of 6years, it can be concluded that Alex Iwobi is exponentially overrated and should not be starting games for Super Eagles.

    He does not know how to mark, how to pressure opponents, can’t shot and his awareness and use of space is very poor. I have never really liked his overall play as a midfielder. I honestly don’t know what Iwobi brings these days Super Eagles midfield… Alhassan Yusuf is clearly the best that I have seen from the trio of Onyeka,Iwobi and himself.

  • Kolawola 5 months ago

    Worst assembled Eagles team have ever watched. What is @deo saying, oga abeg leave nwabali alone. A least we are not scared to watch the game.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    I’mgetting tired of this Onyeka. He makes our midfield look thin. Iwobi is non existent gave the ball away for the EG goal. Only Yusuf is a saving grace in that midfield. Defense need to tighten up overall not bad. Nwabali looks like a breath of fresh air. Attack is awesome as we are creating chances. Lovely asset from Lookman. We should be able to win this match. 

    • Kbaba 5 months ago

      Onyedika should replace onyeka next match. Onyeka was responsibe for the goal. Why play pretty all the time. He had a chance to clear the ball but passed it to no where, hence the guineas regained possession and scored. Go and watch clips of oparaku, West, Uche and lawal. Those guys cleared the ball like say na American football.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Nigeria will win the match from the bench but like I said we must not repeat this mediocre starting eleven.

  • Jide Dola 5 months ago

    We need to stop rushing anyhow, we need to calm down and play.

  • pompei 5 months ago

    A few brilliant flashes. The Osimhen equalizer, for one. Good movement and cross by Lookman. And he was involved in the other move that I liked, the one that ended with Simon’s shot hitting the upright.
    Yusuf having a good game in the middle.
    We have to step it up in the 2nd half. Let’s see more desire, more fight. Tepid performances will not work against the bigger sides. And we need to be taking our chances! We’ve missed a few already. We could be up by a couple of goals by now if those chances were converted.
    Hopefully, the squad improves with each game.

  • Our goalkeeper wasn’t at fault for that goal, our defenders were. That goal would have beaten many good goalkeepers.
    Semi Ajayi just isn’t an international-level defender.Ekong should be on the team but lead from the bench.
    Someone posted it here a few weeks ago that 60 percent of our current national team players wouldn’t be there if things were done properly in Nigeria.
    I happen to agree.

  • – Alhassan has been outstanding. He’s making a big statement for that role. I love his commitment and fighting spirit.

    _ Ajayi has always been committed and provides extra options for head-ins for corner kicks, but I’m never 100% comfortable with him. Maybe cos of his lanky height, he often gets suspect and gets clumsy at the back.

    – Nwabali for me is a lot better than Uzoho. He has presence, inspires confidence, and distributes well. The goal doesn’t cloud my assessment.

    – Iwobi is everywhere as usual, but he doesn’t seem to be gelling with his midfield partners, Yusuf and Onyeka. He’s missing a lot of passes and making stray passes of his own too.

    – As for the coach, I’m struggling to remember any SE match under him where the team did not concede first (Besides Sao Tome).

    • I should also add that the Equatorial Guineans are too physical and winning the second balls. if this was Euro, they’d have got up to 5 yellow cards.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 5 months ago

    Yusuf deserve an award in this game.

  • And later we will blame the coach right and not all this wastefulness from this yeye zaibu .

  • Sunnyb 5 months ago

    Iwobi is playing with overload hair, the useless hair style is distracting him, Yusuf is a good, now we can see the pretenders . Sanusi  sanusi sanusi continue 

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Alhassan Yussuf! The boy is good, Say no mo! he is a confirmed starter from henceforth!

    But how, why are these boys wasting golden chances like these now?? Chaii!!! Wasteful!!!! Haba!

    • Now, we have Yusuf and Ndidi as regular starters. No story. Clueless Paseiro just sticking with his regulars even without creativity, God exposed him with Ndidi’s injury. A replacement needs to be found for Iwobi. He needs competition. Aribo may even play his role better. He passes better and always want to find the strikers.

  • Tristan 5 months ago

    I thank God for Yusuf, he is finally exposing what most of us have been saying about the Nigerian midfield. To think that he was almost not even in the squad!

  • Onwajunior 5 months ago

    Yusuf has been the standout player. Also, Aina is doing well

    • Onwa, wetin dey happen? Obviously Yusuf is covering Ndidi’s well and adding some creativity. He has been running his life out just to prove a point that he is good. Those kind of player don’t last on pitch with injury. I suspect he won’t play again in this tournament with that his hamstring or groin. I pray he recovers though

      • Onwajunior 5 months ago

        Tols, I dey bro. It’s a pity with Yusuf, but he’s surely a starter from now on, whenever he recovers. 

  • Wetin Osimhen dey play now. If it was Awoniyi, we will be saying Osimhen will bury it. Just playing nonsense.

  • Is anyone still blaming pesero? So pesero will score that for Oshimen. Complete rubbish. I switched off the TV after that loss of a goal by APOTY.

  • Onwajunior 5 months ago

    I don’t even blame Peseiro again…our players are throwing away chances. 

    • I have mentioned this times without number. These players have always been wasteful. It’s always the case. I wonder we have to put all blames on pesero. Oshimen messed up with that miss. Too bad.

    • Onwajunior 5 months ago

      Well, na sitdown look we dey now. The coach did well, the players f’ed up big time. 

  • Iwobi is not rugged for me. Too gentle on the ball and lacks creativity. He played his best football in Arsenal. He should go and learn how to give productive passes from the likes of Kanu and Oliseh.

    • The one he gave to Oshimen and lukman on counter is not a productive pass? Better be using your brain or better still lace your boot and enter the field.

      • Akin, use your brain more, he should learn to give them more in tight situations, not only free and easy ones. Yes, I will play better in that midfield. He was just opportuned and lucky he grew up in a nicer environment.

  • Good second half, but what’s wrong with this team and chance missing? African player of the year my ass.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    The solution to our goalkeeping probelms has just conceded his 3rd goal in 2 games.

    2 counters vs Guinea = 2 goals
    1st shot on target vs E.guinea = 1 goal.

    What a solution….LMAOoo

    Congratulations fellow Nigerians….we have finally found our new Enyeama

    Had Uzoho or Maduka been in goal and conceded such a goal flatfooted, even their dead relatives would have been barbecued by these ignoramuses tonight……LMAOoo

    • Selfmade 5 months ago

      Idiot give him a chance like you have been clamouring for uzoho who has been on the national team for close to 7 years.

      • SeanT 5 months ago

        @selfmade. God bless you for this comment. Because of your personal interest in a player or Certain Coach, others shouldn’t be giving an opportunity.

        That’s so pathetic. Uzoho is bad Goalkeeper and doesn’t inspire confidence. Very jittery to be starting as a 2nd Goalkeeper in a serious football nation.

        In all SE Players are very useless. Eventhough Osimhen lost chances, i won’t call for his head because of that cuz i know he himself is very sad and can slap himself for loosing that ball if possible. He should have score that sitter but it’s what it is. He always make up for his misses with his hardwork and ability to score World class goals

        SE will loose the next match and probably play draw in the last match or win by luck God willing

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      …for everything that went on, it’s goalkeeper you want to blame. That showed more confident goalkeeping than Maduka or Uzoho.

      …we have temper how we criticise other players who are not as popular as some others. The misses and wayward play Osimhen had all through game, if it was Onuachu now we will bury him.

      …Victor Osimhen needs to learn how to be accurate, play with less adrenaline and learn how to be ice-cold with opportunities. In football, if you don’t take your chances early you will regret them.

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        His confidence saw him ship in 4 goals vs Mexico…LMAOooo..his confidence has seen him ship in 3 goals in his first 2 games…..or better still, 3 goals in his first 3 shots at goal…..LMAOoo

        Please eat confidence ehn.

        May the Rohr situation never reoccur in our goalkeeping department.

        Once again, Congrats on finding a permanent solution to the ‘goalkeeping crisis’ in the SE…..LMAOooo

        Peserio just saved Uzoho’s life at this AFCON…..LMAOOoo

        • Drey what was his fault with goal. He showed more confidence than uzoho now. I think it’s wrong to put any blame on him m. Uzoho should be blamed for bad goalkeeping over time that warrant bringing in nwabili. And okoye that is always running from away challenges.

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Hahahaha….ive told yall to eat confidence na. The same confidence that saw him ship in 4 goals vs Mexico and has now seen him ship in 3 goals in his first 2 games….LMAOOo….against teams like the two Guineas….LMAOo

            Or why is a simple congratulatory message making y’all feel edgy…LMAooo

            Of course, being caught so flat footed wasn’t his fault…..it was Uzoho’s fault again this time. Every goal the SE concede is always Uzoho’s fault…..LMAooo.

      • Kenneth 5 months ago

        Haba Jimmy, why are you faulting someone that needs his mediation. You should know by now not to respond to a madman. He is just confused. Old age has already catch up to him. No be the players from his PE teacher we are watching now.

    • Why are you always quick to pull down these players as if the situation is all doom..,is this how you lead your life? Always pessimistic and negative? You haven’t seen anything good about trying a new keeper in the role but quick to highlight he has conceded 3 goals. I seldom comment here but I know you and l read your comments. I know you will come with false sense of wanting to prove you know it all. Also, I don’t know so I don’t care about your insults. Save ur saliva 

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Hahahaha….the way you are also too quick to pull down Francis and Maduka for every goal they conceded, you lowlife.

        What goes around comes around. I know what you in particular would have written about those two boys if any of them had let in such a cheap flat footed goal on the side of the post he was covering the most.

        You wanted a messiah….LMAOoo….now you have one….LMAOoo. Or why in the world are you feeling bitter…..LMAOOoo. When did a simply congratulatory message become a crime?

        • Steve O 5 months ago

          This old man shut up your trap !!.. Uzoho and Maduka has their chances and messed it up , Nigerians want new goal keeper and we got one , so cry me a River!

      • Ak. Drey is a great analyst but the problem with him is that he will always sometimes speak against the right things to support what he believes.

        • Selfmade 5 months ago

          That is a narcissist or just an egotistical fool…. You can tell the fool is an old cargo.

  • Vincent 5 months ago

    I tire for my country

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Osimhen is a shameful guy! Shame on him, his gra gra is way too much! Mtcheew!

    • Jide Dola 5 months ago

      How do you pple bring people down bcos of their one mistake. Who doesn’t miss chance. That’s how you people brought down Ighalo now is Osimhen turn, you guys should continue but remember is the same Osimhen that has been scoring important goals for the team. And these days, any member of the team can score, so others too should compliment his lost or supply more passes

  • Paseiro continues with his poor record. Nio Nigerian coach has had a worse record. I don’t even know what Aribo plays. Iwobi is also dilly-dallying on the ball. So indecisive. Equatorial Guinea scaled through, thanks to their goalkeeper and not surprising he won the match MVP.

    In all honesty, the players didn’t do so bad. People will say the players missed loads of scoring chances. Conversation rates is still part of the coach’s job. If a team missed loads of chances, there’s a pattern and reason and it all points to the gaffer.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    We might as well just install Musa back as our number 1 striker because Osimhen is a shameful guy, let him go back to Napoli and score one thousand goals and stay there because he sure is of absolutely no use to Nigeria!

    • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

      Kwasia, stop fooling! African football is different from European or club football 

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    How did we get here that we are been coached by a white fraud??? The Guineans have a black coach and inferior players yet they’re better than this nonsense coach we have. I don’t know what else to say but NFF should be blamed for everything Nigerians have to suffer!!!!

    • KBABA 5 months ago

      Baba no dey blame coach o. Na coach go help hold their leg score the goals? Zaidu missed about 3 chances, OSi missed about 3. That’s not the coach wahala. Fire him and hire another coach and Dem go still dey waste chances. I think they need to be more calm and clinical .

      • Thank you kbaba. Employ Mourinho and he ll come to the pitch to score the goals.

        • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

          Employ Mosiame and see if he will not fix those nonsense in training before match day. You people don’t have knowledge of football at all that is why you were hailing the nonsense line up even before kickoff.

      • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

        Dumbass go and read pre match analysis before you spit trash here. Which sane coach will start Onyeka over Onyedika, or pair Ekong and Ajayi. A lot of you will just come here and be talking nonsense!!!

        • Chima. You should know it’s a basic personality error to always think you are the only right one. If he pushes onyedika in and he gives a bad performance some people will question him for leaving the experienced onyeka on the bench. What makes you think onyedika will do better than onyeka. Learn to control your temper. You don’t know everything. If you know it all you should be coaching Chelsea football club. And getting into calling people names shows what you need to add to your personality. Good analyst you are but but that other side of you needs help.

  • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

    Ghana is next and we ll be worst than naija lol

    • Onwajunior 5 months ago

      Funny enough I actually predicted Ghana to win this on Facebook. 

      • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

        Hahhaa ! We are worst than Nigeria! We have some brilliant individual talent but poor coach and

        U ll see today lol

      • @Selfmade, Ghana may have struggled of late cos I follow sometimes on YouTube, but you can’t compare it with Nigeria’s confusion. With the SE, it’s almost unexplainable. Almost feels like a spiritual problem. It’s like a case of water, water everywhere but none to drink. Talents, talents everywhere, but no goals to celebrate.

        How does one explain all the misses? Even the equalizer was like an on-the-moment reaction. With this our coach, every team scores us first (except Sao Tome); and he hardly wins the match in the end. I’m expecting CIV to score us first on Thursday, no matter the final result. I’m getting used to it now.

        • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

          Wait and see at 3:00! A lot of African nations have improved over the years and the toughest teams to beat are these kinds of teams because they loved to play GHANA AND NAIJA to humble us!

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      Ghana has a better coach and they’ll perform better. Ghana’s problem is some bad head at GFA that wants the coach to fail so that they can hire their agent. You think Chris Hughton is bad coach???

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 months ago

    With the way Osi is playing he would definitely not be crowned Next Year African Footballer of The year . He should  reduce his involvement on social media and concentrate on his scoring skill. Not a bad game but against Ivory Coast we will find it difficult. Chukwu is more of a senseless player these days . Yusuf will surely be missed i hope he will recover on time in our next time.

  • Larry 5 months ago

    I’m really impressed with Pesseiro.
    We didn’t win because Osimhen was a complete waste of opportunity and should have been replaced the moment he missed two one on one chances.
    Pesseiro needs to stamp his authority by making all positions competitive.
    Chukzy and Aribo should start the next match ahead of Simon and Iwobi.
    Alhassan and Nwabali impressed me a lot.
    Ekong is still a shaky player, there were instances when he should have been a matlrker bit chose to backing.

  • I mentioned this severally here. These players create chances and they miss chances. You can’t win tournaments like this. Another winnable match gone.

    I hope kel will get well and start playing. He won’t miss such a golden chance.

    Well let’s hope the team gets better.

    By now we should just reduce how we blame pesero. It’s becoming completely unfair to blame him.

    He showed his flexibility by changing from his preferred 424.

    He benched uzoho. Those blaming nwabili should watch that match very well. Iwobi caused it. He doesn’t put his legs in tackles. He failed to lockout or get engaged with a ball in front of the defense.

    Yusuf is a great player. I hope he is not badly injured. First time in a long time a new player will show strength and guts. Great player.

    Ademola did very well today. That’s what I want from him. His skills and intelligence are needed in the super eagles. He should stop holding back.

  • Glory 5 months ago

    Good performance from the team. 2013 repeating itself. God bless Alexander IWOBI the king, God bless Nwabali. God bless SE and God bless Peseiro. Really happy we have found a good goal keeper that gives confidence. So happy for Nwabali. THOSE LOSERS PRAYING THE TEAM TO FAIL WILL EAT SOME HUMBLE PIE AT THE END OF TOURNAMENT. A AAAAAAAWWUUUUURAAAA. LOLZZZ.

    • @glory this draw is a failure. This is winnable. They wasteful.

      • Glory 5 months ago

        @ Christian Ministry nigeria. There is a way history repeats itself.
        Yeah they missed couple of chances but we must remember last AFCON. FIRST NIGERIA STARTED BRIGHLY WHILE SENEGAL STRUGGLED. BUT SENEGAL WON. 2013, we started struggling but ended up winning.
        THERE IS AN ELEMENT OF POTENTIAL CHAMPION IN THIS TEAM. BEING ABLE TO FIGHT BACK TO SCORE AFTER CONCEDING. Once those chances they create starts to end up in the net, then you are rest assured what the result will be.
        I have followed nigeria football since mid eighties, and have been able to identify a pattern that 8 out 10 chances win us tournaments. When we start really brightly like last AFCON, then start to pray because that never favours our team going forward but when we struggle a bit, we tend to do well subsequently.

        • Well I agree history has a way of repeating itself. It’s just painful.

          Eagles needed today’s match to build a better image st home and do themselves.

          A hat trick for Oshimen would have sent a massive message across.

          But it was not to be be.

          I wish them all the best anyway.

  • Nigeria team is one of the worst team in the tornament this game no style complete rubbish

  • Felix 5 months ago

    The day the supper eagle’s started singing, girating and having fun each time they come together, that was the day they missed it.

    You can’t gather for a competition and you are seeing it as fun time. They aught to be very serious, plan games, study previous games, train and also spend time to meditate about the games, and not to be playing everyday whenever they get back to their hotel, you can’t win laurels that way.

    Secondly, the coach is not good. Period.

  • Bobby 5 months ago

    Yes. For the first time, I wouldn’t blame the coach. He really tried. The team should work on correcting their lapses. CIV would be tough but anything can happen.

  • pompei 5 months ago

    Another day, another disappointment watching the Super Eagles of Nigeria.
    The performance was average, but we still managed to create some good chances. What happened?
    If we had converted our chances, we would be fine.
    Even if we concede 1or 2 goals per game, with the chances we create, we should still be winning games.
    Zaidu’s first half miss of open net, Osimhen’s 1st and 2nd half misses face to face with the opponent’s goalie, and the misplaced pass by Chukwueze with Osimhen and Lookman unmarked and begging for the ball. Just a few of the chances I can remember at this time. If these chances were taken, we could have won this game comfortably.
    It’s calculator time for real now. We have managed to box ourselves into a tight corner, almost losing a match we should have won by a wide margin, all because our players can’t find the back of the net.

  • Kolawole 5 months ago

    Oya come out and open your filthy mouth, stupid asshole. Tell us what was iwobi’s imapact in the game and even chukwueze. Dey their dey support under 17 players.

    • Glory 5 months ago

      You use of word give you off as someone far below the level of a pit toilet brain, otherwise you will understand how difficult it is to play under such hot humid weather conditions. You lots just come out here opening rotten teeth to talk nonsense simply because the coach refuse to play your brain dead supposed better players. Iranu.

      • @glory i tire oo for our people sometimes., I mean our boy’s played well today being the opening match apart from Iwobi that refused to put pressure on the ball that lead to us concerning first which we must guide against Cote irvore because them too doesn’t have a solid backline & we have good striker to punish them if Osimeh will be clinical enough & hopefully Iheanacho will be fit to play as well so i don’t understand this unnecessary penchant to insult and criticise our player’s really. Up Super Eagle for Victory

        • Glory 5 months ago

          @ Kd 10. At last world cup, Argentina lost first game against Saudi Arabia but ended up winners.
          Most so called fans just come here to criticise these boys simply because the coach refuses to use their supposed better players. How selfish. They refuse to bring other factors in while arriving at their judgement of team performance.
          IWOBI yeah didn’t give his best. But how was he supposed to do that, playing with a constantly changing midfield combination even though Yusuf played very well. Also how could he under such hot humid condition but even as bad as ignorant people claim he played, he delivered few through passes that unfortunately were’nt utilised.
          This was how they shouted down the throat of Eguavoen to drop IWOBI for Ejuke in last AFCON. A situation that almost crumbled Ejuke football career. Ejuke style of football doesn’t suit a central role, as he loses the ball when closely marked and as no. 10, you are central to your team attack and that is what stand IWOBI above the rest. But yeah today’s game didn’t turn out well because of really harsh weather condition and midfield combination.

      • Kolawole 5 months ago

        Don’t know whats glorious in your filthy name. Now the excuse is the heat. Abi they don’t play in hot weather at their clubs. Please have your brain examined, seems you need to take your medications. Professional players playing like kids. Oga abeg pack well.So because he laid a pass makes him a hero. Rubbish

        • Glory 5 months ago

          @ kolawole, your brain don’t need examined. That’s just waste of time. Your brain is already dead and damaged. Na to pack up remain. Lolzz. Ignorant fool wanna come sit and have conversations with the elites. We dey look for python, millipede self dey run hide.

    • Rexxy 5 months ago

      Who made that through pass that lead to Osimhen’s 1v1 miss towards the end?

  • Jide Dola 5 months ago

    The only person that played today was lootman, alhassan and aina was present. As for iwobi you will wonder what he’s doing on the pitch

    • Justin 5 months ago

      Mr just shut your pilehole. Which lookman, that can’t control ball. Falling like a pack of cards. Don’t know how you guys access games. It really baffles me. Only yusuf and nwabali came out to play. The rest were crap

      • Jide Dola 5 months ago

        See this goat, if others could be involved in moving forward and connecting passes or better still providing assist the result would have been different.

  • Ndubest 5 months ago

    The boys played well except few that underperformed. Osimhen this Osimhen that how many clear chances did he miss. Sometimes our criticism is unjustified. Osimhen had a good game. Nwabali brings confidence that was lacking in Uzoho. Wow what a great midfielder we have discovered. Yusuf is simply an amazing player with him and Ndidi we are covered. We need a creative midfielder i think Ejuke can be tried there he reminds me of Okocha. We will draw 2 matches and win one and that will be enough to progress. There are potentials in this team. Am impressed with the overall play with Kel coming back Osimhen will be complemented well.

  • Golden Child 5 months ago

    Well , well , well. Pesiero impressed me with the selection of Yusuf and nwabali but I think he should have added onyedika instead of onyeka. Till this day I do not know what onyeka brings to the table. He was totally obscure today. My positives to take from the game:

    1. Alhassan Yusuf did not dissapoint and I hope that his injury is not serious.

    2. Nwabali was assured and gave a very good account of himself. He should be number one going forward. Also, no one should blame him for the goal.

    Now the negatives;

    1. Zaidu for Bruno was an unwise decision and cost us greatly. As he was ball watching for the goal.

    2. The decision to play moses simon on the right was ineffective and the wings used to be our strength. When was the last time our wingers go past their marker?

    3. Onyeka is just not good enough. I dropped him from my potential list for callup and it appears, I was justified.

    4. Aribo also not good enough. When Alhassan went off, it was curtains. The injection of Aribo only made our midfield drowsy.

    5. What was Peseiro thinking! A center back pairing of Ekong and Ajayi was horrible. With all these injuries, it appears , it just makes that decision to go with 25 players a hard pill to swallow.

  • Good performance from our boy’s today This
    Owono keeper of Equatorial Guinea truly keep his team in this match today hence he won player of the match with his stellar performance.
    Guy’s let’s mellow down on the criticism of our player’s though it’s really frustrating creating all this chances in this match then wasting all of them one on one with the keeper in some cases empty net particularly a winnable game of this sort knowing fully well that our next match is against the host country however i don’t see us losing against Cote irvore & i see 2013 scenario playing itself out here again so for me let’s rally around them with more support because i see this player’s building up together in this tournament with a repeat of 2013 immediately they come out of this group stages. Up Super Eagle for Victory

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