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Nigeria Vs Sao Tome And Principe Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Qualifiers, Group A

Nigeria Vs Sao Tome And Principe Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Qualifiers, Group A

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of AFCON 2023 [Africa Cup of Nations] qualifying, Group A match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the True Parrots of Sao Tome and Principe at Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo.

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  • Nigeria’s starting lineup: Uzoho; Aina, Ajayi, Bassey, Onyemaechi; Ndidi, Onyedika, Iheanacho, Lookman; Awoniyi, Osimhen.

  • Proudly 9ja 9 months ago

    Any link would be appreciated

  • 4 Days training..

    Camping in one of the best hotels in the world all just to play a cheap ass team like sao tome is really not worth it..

    • Go and seat down, kilo kan e? Are you one of us?

    • Kenny 9 months ago

      Brother what exactly are you driving at. I mean you complain of ill treatment against the players and now they are doing the right thing and you are still complaining. Yòu simply need to do away with bitterness.

    • Drogo 9 months ago

      Exactly my point, I want to agree on this with you. Senegal didn’t even field any of their top players. Is their any award given to the top scorer of qualifiers. Why bench the new faces. Total waste of resources. Is this how you bring in new players. What is iHenacho feeling like. Too much sentiments in this team

      • Thank you my brother @DRAGO for understanding my view. The truth is bitter. Let them keep insulting me, I don’t care.. I will take it as the sacrifice I need to make for my beloved country nigeria..

    • Ola Original 9 months ago

      @monkey, must u exhibit your name all the time? Get sense pls

  • Abdul 9 months ago

    And if they had lodged them in your community, you would have still come here to rant. Sometimes, just keep quiet.

  • I don’t need to train to play sao tome.

    And instead of camping at sharaton, i will camp in my family’s house or friends house in Nigeria and then on the d day, I will just drive to uyo stadium and still get the job done

    • Jide kwaku Abwokyae 9 months ago

      You really need to get a life…that is if it is not too late for you.
      You family members and country matters must be a very boring, we all know there is no life in ghana! lool
      You are a shame to your family, people, and country! Always creeping around poking your big black nose in Nigerian affairs – you so much envy Nigerians and want to be a Nigerian but your ghanain like will never amount to a Nigerian. NEVER!!
      Shame on you a common leach, leacherous, treacherous thief, fatherless born troway!
      Shameless ghanian! Born Bastard!

    • Felix 9 months ago

      Low self esteem, lack of exposure, zero administrative skill, No or little management experience and poverty mentality. That is how I would describe you after reading your post on this subject.

  • Larry 9 months ago

    Captain Ndidi, this is your chance to show strong leadership on and off the field. Besides Balogun, Ndidi is the only member of current SE that has maintained discipline on and off the field.
    Also, you need to sort-out your club issue. Your agent needs to get you a top 5 club to solidify your Skippo candidacy.

    Good luck, Ndidi.

    • Ignatius Abo 9 months ago

      Ndidi should not be the captain. Uzoho is the true captain.

    • Omo9ja 9 months ago

      To God be the glory. Congratulations to us.

      I will not use Sao tome match to judge the ability of the new gaffer, Oga Paseiro.

      Instead, I will look into how he made his substitutions and his tactics.

      Uzoho always looks calm against small teams, but can he look calm against the big teams as well?

      I’m not satisfied with the decision of Coach Paseiro for not using Adeleye in the second half. Uzoho, to me, is not reliable.

      I thought he would invite Nwabali and Osagwe to camp, but he is still believing in Uzoho. Uzoho should be one of the best goalies in the world, but lack of concentration and self believe is letting him down.

      This is why we have to have three good, reliable, and dependable goalies for the Afcon in Ivory Coast.

      Our three goalies should be
      1. Uzoho/Osagwe
      2. Adeleye
      3. Nwabali, if at all, Uzoho have to be among them.

      However, what I have noticed in this team is love and unity. Oga Paseiro is really trying to build his team on these two things I mentioned, which is the foundation of any successful team.

      When we play with the likes of Algeria, Egypt, Cameron, Senegal, and South Africa with Oga Paseiro in charge, then I can say much about him.

      Let’s be patient with Oga Paseiro for now. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • But the way u people are treating this game with too much efizzy as if you are playing the french national team baffles me..a game that the se have already qualified?

  • pls any link, koora tv not working

  • Any link o I beg. I dey outside naija o. 

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 9 months ago

    This is such a disgrace to see how our “international” players are passing the ball like school children! Chaii!
    How can a whole national team be passing like that? Absolutely hopeless passing and use of the ball, it shows that many of these players lack common sense.
    It is so shameful, they are obviously playing a far inferior side and yet they are resorting to hitting long balls and to no one in particular…shameful.
    The weight of pass, direction of pass, and choice of pass are all well off target! Chaii Mehn, na wah for Nigerians o!
    Let me see if this will change in the second half because surely the coaches must have also seen this ke and really let them know how disgraceful it is, abi? Oya let’s wait and see if their woeful passing and use of ball improves second half – We already know that the players lack common sense, now let’s see what the coaching staff are made of. SMH!

  • Arara Kumbie 9 months ago

    This is the best Super Eagles performance in a long time. They are passing well and playing like a world class team.
    This team can win the Africa Cup of Nations.

  • Arara Kumbie 9 months ago

    Uzoho has played well. He is the best Goalkeeper in Africa.

  • Arara Kumbie 9 months ago

    This players have scored again. Nigeria is flying.


  • Ololo 9 months ago

    Congratulations to the team..

    I think I like the combo of ndidi and onyeka, they made the midfield very tight to penetrate.. this might be useful in the afcon proper.. onyedika gave a good game when he came in , showing he is becoming a super eagles material.. aribo as usual always average, onyedika should get a call up in his place in subsequent matches..

    Boniface lovely assist for chukwueze, I think he would have done better than awoniyi as the support striker if he started the game. Awoniyi looks good but I doubt the two man strike force with another top man in oshimen suits him, Boniface should continue to get invite, he is a good player..

    The defense of bassey and ajayi is good,, few people notice how solid ajayi have been recently, he is our best defender at the moment..

    I was not impressed with ebuehi, the other right backs in Samuel and aino are better than him..

    Onyemachi should continue to receive invite but sanusi is better but he can serve as a good back up to sanusi..

    It’s sad orban got injured, and I doubt there will be space for him in future games.. did we see iheancho today? Does this mean he has what it takes to replace iwobi when he is injured,, the discovery of iheancho as a good back up for iwobi is the greatest lesson I learnt in this game.. I can’t wait to see iheancho play in that position again..

    Congratulations again to the team!

  • Larry 9 months ago

    The goal scored by Awoniyi is top notch, great delivery from the senior man.
    Osi-Awo with in-form Nacho behind them will be a threat for any opposition in the World.Iwobi-Ndidi-Lookman will provide the stability. Love what i saw with Onye today but still believe Sanusi is ahead of him. Aina-Ajayi-Bassey-Sanusi in defence.
    We can’t leave the custody of the team in the hand of a bench warmer in below top 30 league. Therefore, SE handlers new to identify active GK for the team. Adeleye, Osagwe, Nwabali, Ejeheri should be considered.

  • Sunny 9 months ago

    The combination of Awoniyi and Osimhen is just too lethal and they will continue to get better. I like the position Iheanacho played today and it is reminiscent of the same role he played in the Eaglets team of 2013. A playmaker coming from the right side. To me that is his best position. With him behind Awoniyi and Osimhen, I think the Eagles will be unstoppable.

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