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OFFICIAL: Dennis Joins Istanbul Basaksehir On Loan

OFFICIAL: Dennis Joins Istanbul Basaksehir On Loan

Istanbul Basaksehir have announced the signing of Nigeria winger Emmanuel Dennis on a season-long loan deal.

The 25-year-old joined the former Turkish Super Lig champions from Premier League club outfit Nottingham Forest.

“Our club reached an agreement with Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis, who plays for Nottingham Forest, one of the Premier League teams, on loan until the end of the 2023-2024 season.

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“We welcome Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis to our family and wish him success with our orange-dark blue jersey.”

The Nigeria international joined Nottingham Forest from Watford last summer.

The forward however struggled for regular game time at the club, scoring twice in 16 league appearances for the Tricky Trees.


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  • Ako Amadi 10 months ago

    Four clubs in 3 years! Emmanuel Dennis, Nigeria’s Enfant terrible says he had wanted to train for the priesthood. Unbelievable!But people are strange!

    • ObiDee 10 months ago

      His problem is that he’s too arrogant and has bad character towards his employees….he do feel too Big of himself that’s what happened to him in Brussels and koln bfor he moved to Watford and Forest still he continues with that attitude towards them and they froze him out of the teams
      If he must succeed he should learn to behave himself

      • Golden Child 10 months ago

        Don’t hold your breath for that to happen. Pride always leads to a fall. Another tragic reminder that men must humble themselves.

      • respect is reciprocal 10 months ago

        If we look at the way he dragged the ball to take that wasted penalty against Portugal, one should know that his arrogance has no bound

      • John-1 10 months ago

        This boy (especially) was one of the major reasons why Nigeria failed to beat Ghana in Abuja and painfully miss out of 2022 World Cup. I said it here after that game. He kept playing to gallery as though nothing was at stake. Eguaveon’s chicken-hearted-act of bowing to pressure from desktop coaches and changing the X1 that wrestled Ghana to a 0-0 at Kumasi( a difficult ground), ultimately led to his deserved sack!

        I’m not surprised this Dennis, is in Turkey. Na him primary-school football level him dey now

        • You’re actually spot on bro,afterwards my believe and confidence in his abilities totally faded away.

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    To think some people claimed at that time that this boy was just being victimized for being black……LMAOooo.

    5th club in 3 years….same thrash behaviour got his sorry ass kicked out of these clubs.

    3 national team coaches in 2 years, same shit attitude got him spat out of the national team by these coaches, so that 1 bad apple doesnt contaminate the others in the basket.

    His problem started the day he played vs Real Madrid. Dude thought scoring twice against real madrid makes him worthy of a ballon dor….LMAOoo

    This reiterates the saying that “your attitude determines your altitude”

    • Justin 10 months ago

      At least his wealth can feed your entire generation. Make una leave alone, he didn’t come to your door step begging for alms. Hater, trying to play the race card again.

      • respect is reciprocal 10 months ago

        Justin your response is senseless. Fine he has gotten money but not wealth.. And he can’t feed any one of the fans here not alone our generations. May be your own generation well I can’t say. It’s obvious the guy lacks attitude to sustain the money which would have culminated to wealth. Give him 5 years to reach oblivion if he doesn’t change track.

      • So for your mind now, you the only one with sense here right? 

        • Justin 10 months ago

          Help me ask the fool. So having plenty money is not wealth. Do you now how much he is worth that you said he can’t feed your generation. Bros focus on how you go make wealth and stop bothering yourself on others matter

          • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

            Hahahaha…..you are the fool Femi is asking that question already….LMAooo. Your senselessness and deficiency in intellect cannot even help you comprehend when you are being referred to…LMAOoo

            Apparently, you must be one of those whose generations Dennis is feeding, that’s why this matter is paining you so much…..LMAooo..so much that you have taken it personally….LMAoo

            If your parents had focused their energy on creating wealth rather than making money, they wouldn’t give birth to a wretched pig like you who cannot even distinguish between having plenty of money and wealth….LMAOoo. It all shows how much of a low life you are….LMAOoo

            Sorry remind us, what percentage of Nigerian ex-footballers still live frivolously, especially the ones who used to have stinking attitudes like that of your tin-god Dennis….? LMAooo. That’s why I said come back here 10 years after his retirement and repeat the humus sludge you just vomited….LMAooo..Senseless fool

            Go and consult with a financial advisor and learn properly the difference between wealth and ‘having plenty money’ (as you call it)…LMAOoo, then you can come back here for a proper discusiion….Olodo.

            From your comments it’s even clearly evident what class of society you belong.

            Hunger stricken imbecile…..!!!

          • respect is reciprocal 10 months ago

            Justin your ignorance knows no bound. As old as you are you can not differentiate between having plenty of money and wealth. I understand your predicament now and I will take the pain to explain briefly using Nigeria circumstances. NIGERIA as a country has plenty money but Nigeria is not wealthy as a country despite abundance of human and natural resources. The daughter of who Denis is dating is a wealthy man while Denis and his babe have plenty of money but they are far from wealthy. You are not wealthy until you have invested so much to pay salaries of more than 100 people. Not when you are spending money on frivolous items.

      • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

        Hahahaha….I need not reply you anymore.

        The fact that you are poverty-stricken and beg for urgent 2k to survive most of the time doesn’t mean you should think everyone is as poverty-stricken as you.

        We know your type. Your inability to comprehend simple English already gives you out as a riff-raff. Your erroneous interpretation of my comment as “playing the race-card” is already a redflag…..LMAOoo.

        A poverty-stricken idiot like you obviously doesn’t know what wealth is/means, otherwise come back here 10 years after his retirement and repeat the slag you just vomited that “…Dennis wealth can feed your entire generation…” LMAooOOO.

        • Justin 10 months ago

          Well they have said you jobless, i now believe your pension is pending that’s why you come here to whine. Like i said previously leave the boy alone, he sha no come your door step dey look for what to eat. Unlike you that your jobless self is still awaiting when your pension would be approved. And their are rumors he is dating the daughter of one of the richest men in the world. So grandpa quite whinning and stop begging for data to try and make a useless point

          • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

            Hahahahahaha, of the 6 lines of sewage you vomited up here, the

            “…he is dating the daughter of one of the richest men in the world….” part remains the most laughable.

            The fact that that makes so much of an impression on you shows how much of a gutter-class hungry street dog you are.

            Now I see why Dennis is a god to you….LMAOo, coupled with the fact that he’s currenlty saving your generations from dying of starvation with his leftovers y’all fight over….LMAOo

            No wonder this Dennis matter is pouring acid in your intestines….LMAoo

            Dont worry ehn, when he’s done dating the daughters of the richest men in the world, the NFF will be waiting to rehabilitate him with either a coaching job or “special assistant” jobs like they are currently rehabilitating the one who used to have a private jet those days.

            You keep changing colours left right and centre, yet your stupidity never stops giving you out….LMAOoo.

            The fact that you can even put joblessness and pension in the same sentence confirms how daft you’ve been from birth.

        • Justin 10 months ago

          What else do you expect from a jobless grandpa. Ranting as usual, will just let you be, since its paining you that you can’t afford the luxury the boy is having. Hope you haven’t frustrated your nurses aide out of the house. As for you respect is reciprocal, now i know you just dumb as this grandpa that am arguing with. All of a sudden Nigeria is not rich in your own eyes. No wahala but i believe you here about how snake is swallowing money ec

  • @John-I, not only that, Dennis was the one that incredibly gave Partey acres of space to make that shot that caught Uzuho offguard and he tamely let in. A regular SE player would have closed Partey down. Such a cheap give away and the only chance they had throughout. I think it was the cocky Dennis that also horrendously gave away a needless free kick near the 28 yard.

    Eguavoen really goofed experimenting with new players in a crucial match. It was a debut SE game or first time playing in Nigeria for 8 out of the 11 starters!

    Nigerians overlooked Dennis’ all-round lackadaisical play in that game and Paseiro gave him another chance with the Portugal friendly, only for the delusional dude to finally stamp it in everyone’s head that indeed he has an incurable ego problem and the previous howlers were not a blip.

    CSN and other sports platforms should please do us a favor and stop calling him “Super Eagles” player. He’s a “Nigerian” player, period. He can never, ever be invited to the Super Eagles again. Never. Let’s see the coach that will try it.

    Dennis should as well retire from international football and stop hoping for an invite someday soon. He might have small, manageable talent (nothing special), but he’s damaged character-wise. And that spoils everything.

  • Who is talking of wealth,this is one player that should be washing our national team jerseys,a complete journey man,No worrying from Turkey you go see yourself for India,common Nottingham forest you no fit play,yet you wan play for Super Eagles.Go sit down Jare. Make we see road.

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