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Okocha: I Will Score Rohr 7 Over 10

Okocha: I Will Score Rohr 7 Over 10

Legendary Nigerian midfielder Austin Okocha says he will score Gernot Rohr seven out of 10 for his performance since becoming Super Eagles coach.

Rohr has come under heavy criticism for the Eagles’ showings in recent games.

The criticisms intensified after the Eagles surrendered a four-goal lead to draw 4-4 against Sierra Leone on matchday three of the 2021 AFCON qualifiers.

In the reverse fixture in Freetown the Eagles had to settle for a 0-0 scoreline.

And when asked about his thoughts on Rohr as Eagles coach, Okocha, in a chat with former teammate Ifeanyi Udeze on ‘No Holds Barred’ a radio programme on Brila FM on Tuesday, said:”For now I will score him seven out of 10 because when he came in things were not steady and he has steadied the ship now.

“He inherited an abandoned team and so for now he is following his own direction, he has created his own team. But we all know football is about results, of course if the results don’t go his way our people will criticise him, you know everybody in Nigeria is a coach. But if results go his way of course we will praise him. Even if you are the best coach if you don’t get result you will be under pressure.”

When asked about Rohr’s contract extension, the former Paris Saint-Germain and Bolton Wanderers star backed the NFF move.

“I’m in support of the contract extension because for every country to be successful you need continuity and you need direction.

“But if we keep hiring and firing we wouldn’t be able to build the team. So I believe it’s a good step it’s just for the results to improve.”

By James Agberebi 

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  • Smart 8 months ago

    You talk like a leader.

  • lanre 8 months ago

    these are the kind of people i see as objective nd patriotic not others who have thrown scruples into the wind for selfish nd greedy reasons….. macheavalians.You will never hear the likes of nwakwo kanu,ikpeba,jay jay okocha nd few others say rubbish about a coach who is really working except those that are led by a wretched idiot who was among those the federal government in 1980 gave houses to but recently SOLD his own nd claimed it was to protest bad football management in IBADAN….idiot

  • delis 8 months ago



  • “… He inherited an abandoned team…”

    “… because for every country to be successful you need continuity and you need direction…”

    “… But if we keep hiring and firing we wouldn’t be able to build a team…”

  • ROHR please biko you can do more than this. I truly believe every team have their ups and downs. This is the fifth year since you took the affairs of S.E. please make the team more competitive and dreadful on international scene. Work more on the best tactics and technique for the team. We know they gave you incapable assistant but please do your best. I won’t judge your performance now until after next year Afcon.

    • 7 out of 10 to me is not truly an objective rating. Yes, I agreed we need to be patient,it takes time to build a strong team,good we also have players all over.
      However,we should not continue to embarrass ourselves.
      Nigerians need some confidence in d team, this can be guaranteed through positive results.
      Are we saying we should be comfortable not being able to beat even smaller African countries any more.
      Mr. Okocha,s opinion is fine,but for me things need to change, we need to move forward

  • Goal ⚽️ 8 months ago

    J J Okocha is a legend of the game, I love your honest opinion.

    I just feel like you’re being too generous in your ratings though .

    No one is saying that oga Rohr didn’t do anything, he has tried but not enough to rate him 7 out of  10 .

    At best I will rate Rohr 4.9 , 5 or if I’m being too generous 5.5.

    This team is too talented to underachieve.

    The decision making of oga Rohr is really poor, most times he was confused to say the least.

    Giving Rohr an assistant is not the issue to me because he may not listen to advice out of ego, he will want to always be in charge and take the glory.

    • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

      Wow 4.9???? What will you give the coaches that cost us qualification for nations cup back to back? Lol

  • Emmanuel 8 months ago

    @LANRE,tanks for your thoughts.We have not said don’t criticise,but be constructive and objective,in other words let your criticism be forward looking with recommendations in view.
    Many have forgotten where we started and where we are coming from and Okocha simply reminded them.The so called Guardiola of Africa who they are now recommending again abadoned the team in the cold like a sheep without shepherd.Today we have a focus,we might not be 100% but we are almost there.

    The German coach is still there after a mindless performance at the last world cup,in the recent time he took a bashing of 6 nil in the hands of not too good Spain.Come o….Spain will not bit Eagles 6 nil,yet you want to kill the coach.

    I rather will wish we develop our infrastructure so we can have a home for Eagles,rather than play in Benin today Ibadan tomorw.Players who play in lush green pitches across Europe are brought in to play on sandy pitch and yet expected to perform.

    We need caution in our reasoning so that we are not seen as reasoning from our anus.

  • GLORY 8 months ago

    When men of true quality speak, you will hear them even whilst sleeping. God forever bless you JJ OKOCHA,one of THE BEST ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS THE WORLD FOOTBALL FRATERNITY WILL EVER WITNESS. He was so good they named him twice JJ.

  • Kingston 8 months ago

    When legends speak you will know…
    I said from the onset that those ex-internationals criticizing rohr have interior motives.
    Yakubu confirmed my speculation when he said that the current players are not good and asked “who was inviting them”. Can yakubu name five players that should be invited ahead of the ones called? This proves he has his own players in mind, the ones rohr has refused to invite.
    Okocha, Kanu, and others like them are the real national heroes.
    A 7/10 is the best you could give rohr, especially considering he was handed an “abandoned” team. When you give him 5/10 – that means rohr has been average which is unfair to say.

    • KRYSS 8 months ago

      Thanks so much my brother JJ. One of our predicaments as Nigerians is impatience. Most of our football fans have poor sense of history. That’s perhaps why they were oblivious of where Rohr picked up the Eagles.
      Please, kindly leave the Coach to do the job he was hired to do. You guys are his major distraction.
      Mr Aiyegbeni, I should think that with your exposure in the world of football you would be able to reason properly and talk professionally. Please, try to measure your words before letting them out. Thanks

      • KangA 8 months ago

        I agree with you “…..fans (Nigerians) have poor sense of history.” Mr Aiyegbeni has vested interest, coaching in an academy. Rohr has frustrated them from foisting players on the SE. Rohr is no easy cheese for them unlike the Nigerian coaches. Not that foreigners should have the perpetual prerogative to coach the SE, but does it make sense to change the captain of a ship midstream? Can’t we appreciate how Rohr is gradually strengthening the deficient departments of the SE? Very soon the goalkeeping department will be very strong.

  • Oakfield 8 months ago

    “I will score rohr 7/10 bcs he inherited and abandoned team” and is headed in the right direction”. Those are the words of a true legend and anybody who feels otherwise is an idiot as we already have them both in this forum an country. 7/10 is well above average and that’s just the truth as confirmed by obtainable facts and statistics. He true legend does not criticize destructively but criticizes constructively for a better future. The empty barrels are the ones making the loudest of noises. Self acclaimed overrated “legends” (odegbami and his clan) who want to be noticed by all means. Good for nothing lads who during their playing days were only there to make up the numbers (akporobie, ayegbeni et al). The truth still remains the truth no matter how u want to twist, paint, cover, tumble it. Funny enough, somebody here wey never even kick orange feel okocha was generous with his rating.. Lol. Maybe, na him sabi pass jay jay with his loads of experience and exposure.

  • pompei 8 months ago

    For a coach that qualified you to the world cup with a game to spare, qualified you for Afcon with a game to spare when you failed to qualify for the 2 previous Afcons, and won you the bronze medal at the Afcon…….yea, I think 7/10 is a fair score for such a coach.
    I would score him between 6/10 and 7/10. Rohr has been poor sometimes, but his results have been largely impressive. 7/10 in my opinion is a fair rating for him.
    For those who say Afcon bronze medal is nothing, it is not only Rohr you’re attacking. You’re also attacking Okocha and other SE legends, who have several Afcon bronze medals in their trophy cabinet.
    Ndi Afcon bronze is nothing, ndi celebrating Afcon bronze is celebrating mediocrity, oya, the floor is open for you all!

  • Ako Amadu 8 months ago

    It’s good and refreshing to see expert opinions about soccer. Okocha is saying what the silent majority of Nigerians think.

  • Adeyemi 8 months ago

    This is the exact problem with Nigeria. So, because we did not qualify back to back, we must be stuck there? We have to glory in that feat? Or Nigeria did not qualify before the back to back miss? Kudos to Rohr as he qualified the team. However, we must keep matching and move on from there with or without Rohr. We cannot afford to be stuck in the past. Do we have the same quality of players at our disposals when me miss AFCON? What about the qualifying teams, were they the same? You cannot forever talk about the miss. The opposition is not that strong. If Benin has won Lesotho Sierra Leone, are we going to be talking that we have one spare to go? All the same, I still congratulate Rohr but it should not stop there.

    While I personally do not like Rohr, he can do better with his tactics. Let us wait till after AFCON and that is the only way he can convince people. Everyone wants the team to succeed. If not, none will be here talking passionately about the game whether you are a Rohr supporter or not. We all want the same end goal. Okocha was just being diplomatic with such statement. Read between the lines and you will understand his real logic and thought. Rohr brought the criticism upon himself and he is the only one that can take it off his shoulder.

    • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

      Who said we should be stuck there??? But did they kill those coaches. The man has not failed to qualify for any tournament yet all these harsh words towards him. Sometimes teams have bad matches and periods but our sense of entitlement blinds us are other teams stupid to come to lose to the super eagles too. Lol

      • Adeyemi 8 months ago

        Sir, Rohr supporters are always stuck in the past. Whenever anyone criticize Rohr, you first talk away point, he qualified the SE for AfCON when we missed out twice consecutively. These are old boring tactics. It was sad that we did not qualify but qualification should no longer be achievement for Rohr. He had proven capable to qualify us but what about a step further? He qualified us to the World Cup even in a tough group. To me Rohr relies on individual talent more than the actual tactics in a game.

        Those coaches you are talking about paid with their jobs. They never had free reign like Rohr. If other coaches felt the heat, what makes Rohr different? Late Keshi did handsomely well but was relieved of his job. Life is full of ups and downs but the matter of the downs matter. Do you stay down forever, or you pick yourself up? Let Rohr proved otherwise at the AFCON. I am not setting ridiculous objective such as get to the semi-final of WC. Let us start with AFCON first. Stop living in past glory. No one is a minnow in football, but we have never won a higher placed team. However, other minnows can prove stubbornness for us. The ball is in the court of your able Rohr. I do not pray for his failure even though am not a supporter of his but am a supporter of my country, Nigeria until when we splits lol.

        • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

          We have never won a higher placed team how? Algeria and Cameroon were ranked higher than us when we beat them in the qualifiers to the WorldCup. Argentina and Poland were top 10 ranked teams in the world and we’ve beaten them during Rohr’s tenure. Abi na another coach win those matches??? Past glories for this team is as recent as 2018 and 2019 where we went to the WorldCup and quaffed for the AFCON after back to back miss. Yes that remains a fact. People still idolizes Keshi till date for his achievements in 2013 and 2014. Is that not past glory?? Why are we still living on it?? Because it’s a fact and will always be part of our football history. Therefore, it is justifiable to live on past glories. 

          • Adeyemi 8 months ago

            You are probably right about that. However, I have duly praised Rohr for the qualification in a tough group and the group included the teams you mentioned above. No argument on that. Thank you for the reminder. Truthfully, the comeback win 4:2 against Argentina is the best of Rohr till date. Friends who are not even Nigerians congratulated me. I was indeed proud of Nigeria that time.

            All those are in the past including Keshi. Moreover, may his soul is rest in perfect peace until the judgement day. People can idolize him cos of his achievement just like Rohr supporters idolizes Rohr. Keshi no longer here anymore but his works speaks for him. The past is meant is shape the future. It is something that we can draw inspiration for and not something that will hinder one’s progress.

            In Germany, despite Joachim Low won the WC for them, some sections were beginning to ask questions. The FA had an internal review due to the loss. Same thing should happen to Rohr or whoever is in charge of the SE. Let us be objective and not be blinded by qualification or sentiments. Rohr have achieved that consecutively. What next? AFCON will make or break Rohr.

            A coach is as good as a the last. Zidane won back to back CL trophies for Madrid. Will Madrid keep him if RM were to be 7th on the log? Even Mourinho was discarded after arguably good performance.

  • A world class legend has spoken so dare,yakubu,odegbami and the rest should fuck to hell,

    • Adeyemi 8 months ago

      Show little decency. Others are not legends in their own right? Odegbami is not a legend anymore? How old are you? By the say, stop saying “fuck” or “hell”. It is not everything you copy from America.

      • Mr man @adeyemi u ur self fuck to Satan idiot,fool

        • Adeyemi 8 months ago

          Why are you pained lol? People should go to hell just because they do not agree with you? Are you fingers in your hands the same? How do you expect people to think the same? Whether Odegbami and Yakubu are legends or not, they have their names written in the Almac’s of Nigeria. What have you done for the country?

          But I say to you that anyone who is angry with a brother will be subjected to judgment. And whoever insults a brother will be brought before the council, and whoever says ‘Fool’ will be sent to fiery hell (Matthew 5:22). Have a blessed day.

  • I was expecting them to come out and attack this “HUMBLE LEGEND” but up till now i’ve not seen them….
    Non of their CELEBRATED legend is in the caliber of this man….

    They’re doing as if they don’t see the post made by a world class legend in the entire world of soccer….

    A deserved legend that football greats like PELE, MARADONA, RONALDINHO, RONALDO DE LIMA, ZIDANE, FIGO, OWEN, CAFU, KHAN, RIVALDO & RAUL recorgnise and lower their hat for….

    He has spoken and they have no choice than accept ASAP….

    • where dem make them come omo9ja Chima come iut and respond to this legend
      Dr Dery abeg finish them again for me lol.

  • Omo9ja 8 months ago

    Thank you Jay Jay for your inputs.

    I would have agreed with you if Oga Rohr is technically and tactically sound enough to continued.

    Four years is enough to build a solid, energetic, complete, reliable and dependable team.

    It’s quite unfortunate that instead of moving Super Eagles forward, he’s doing the opposite.

    We are not Madagascar, Lesotho, Sierra Leone but we are Nigeria. A football giant nation.

    No disrespect to these countries.

    We have structure and history.

    I am 100% sure of this that the gaffer can not go beyond this level. He has reached his capacity.

    If you guys don’t believe me, let’s give NFF this opportunity and see what Oga Rohr will do.

    According to the news I had, Against Leone star in Benin, the gaffer didn’t communicate with his staff members before making that horrible substitutions. Yobo wasn’t aware too.

    Even, if NFF brings an expert to help the manager, I don’t think that will help too.

    The situation on ground is beyond Leone star match and Afcon tournament.

    Nigerians wants a solid team and we wants to watch a total football period.

    NFF should bring the home of Super Eagles back to Lagos.

    Our national teams deserves good stadium.

    Our supporters club is nothing to write home about anymore.

    Lastly, the Oga Rohr inability to read games is the main problem of Super Eagles period.

    You can’t give what you don’t have period.

    If we wants another next level, we should continue with Oga Rohr.

    But if we want a new Nigeria, say no to NFF president and Oga Rohr because they don’t have anything left to offer Nigerians.

    At 60, Nigerians can not develop their Country.

    At 60, NFF failed to restructuring Nigerian sports.

    Nigeria at 60, we can not support our own people to manage our resources but outside the continent, Nigerians are helping other countries to excel. Hmm. Indeed, Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria.

    I’m sorry not to complete this my conversation because time is not on my side.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Kingston 8 months ago

    I am with you brother @ubfe
    Kanu has always shown his support for the super eagles led by rohr. Now Okocha has shown solidarity, the two undoubtedly greatest players to don the super eagles jersey have spoken.

  • Adebowale 8 months ago

    This is the voice of someone who knows the language of soccer. My submission is that Rohr is good but not perfect. We should identify his weaknesses and strethen him to achieve our national goal

  • Samchi 8 months ago

    People a lot of time sit in their comfort zones talking and acting as Mr. Perfect, throwing stones at a venerable offender, bloody hypocrites.
    Every time you hear @ Omo9ja talking about 4 years being enough time to have gotten a Formidable “Invisible” team.
    If you ask me this team is only 2 years old or even less, cos we have had a lot of the main squad members whom rorh met going out on retirement e.g Moses,Ighalo & Mikel; others had to be dropped to find a better replacement. Others fallout through injuries when international duty calls, requiring urgent mostly experimental replacement’ and the coach has been in the centre managing it all, churning out some decent results in the process. Even frank Lampards team repeatedly dropped  points before the international break after leading by 2-3 goals. Teams go through tough times in every sports a true Fan remain supportive especially when the targets is still very much in focus… enough said for now 
    #Super Eagles is the Future 

  • De Star 8 months ago

    I have gone through various  reactions  to JJ Okocha remarks on Oga Rohr and I can’t read any single insult passed on JJ , this is where Rohr’s supporters need to learn a lot from the progressives group in this loop ; in contrast to the embarrassing attitudes of some Rohr’s supporters ( except the exceptional great ones like @Mr Hush who is well known  for being objective with well balanced brilliant analysis without insult and would not forget also to point out the glaring known technical deficiencies in Rohr, his analysis is always awesome, never once given thump down by any ) , the others have penchants of insulting our Nigerians past heroes, football stakeholders and football fans that have different opinion from theirs and speak the obvious truth .

    I will therefore join my fellow progressives to appreciate the legend JJ Okocha personal view on Rohr based on the perceptive angle at which he sees the subject matter, as equally a stakeholder and an experienced veteran he is surely entitle to his opinion especially his conclusive part where he said it is too late to sack Rohr now , but not to retain him based on his technical strength , thanks JJ  .

    Nevertheless, the fact remains many others veterans Segun Odegbami , Amokachi, Taribo West , Finidi , Amunike, Dare sports minister , etc and other  stakeholders and fans have equally passed vote of no confidence on Rohr , not leaving out Rohr’s employers NFF but for corruption in the glass house where you don’t see any quality foreign coach that would want to do the usual dirty business with NFF on salary stuff .

    Oga Rohr has been on the job almost 5 years ( the longest serving coach ever just like Westerhof , yet it has been APC’s Buhari lead type of shameful excuses and blame game of the past 

    Some say Oga Rohr qualified for 2 tournament with games spared ( and so what ) what does he do  in the tournament proper that he qualified with games spared , other than been completely overwhelmed and sent parking  in the first round of WC (even Rohr’s business partners in NFF had initially thought he was overwhelmed due to appearing for the first time at the world stage ,until he was taken to lesser competition Afcon that a local coach of Algeria taught our so called imported technical adviser football basics 101 and rightly bundled him out to fight for 3rd place match and then to have rare opportunity to learn from  two African local coaches of Senegal and Algeria the needed basics of football in the Afcon finals ( Rohr’s business partners NFF themselves were so embarrassed to such extent openly recommended him for retraining ( It has never happened telling a supposed technical adviser that it is time for him to go and learn , that alone is passing a vote of NO CONFIDENCE on Rohr’s technical ability ( a coach that have shame in his dictionary would have resigned straight on the sport for public embarrassment instead of staying on to become liability in the team ( like every  profession , every professionals would have their own scheduled programs of when to sharpen their skills, but when an employer recommends an employee for retraining after any performance evaluation , it is a corrective action worldwide recommended standard practices in the technical quality assurance safety world , rather than sacking such underperforming employee) .

    Rohr messed up in two major tournaments that past local coaches have not only surpassed but done so with backlog of unpaid salaries and without excuses of “MY PLAYERS ARE TOO YOUNG”, “ROHR IS STILL NEW IN THE JOB “, “FOOTBALL PITCH IS BAD “etc OMG !!! When did Nigeria nation descend so low in reasoning to this extent ? Would anyone remind Oga Rohr that a team that comprise of experienced/ ageless players then like Balogun , Musa , Ekong , Victor Mosses , Mikel, Igalo ,Etebo , Akpeyi , Joel Obi , Kenneth Omerua , Onasi, John Ogu 12 solid players that formed the bulk of the then WC team cannot be classified as too young as genuine excuses particularly when the so called young team were not forced him and also , when the likes of JJ  Okocha  himself , Sunday Oliseh, Amokachi, Amunike etc came to super Eagles before 22 years of age and benched the older players to prove ( except in U17 age grade ), the younger the merrier and effectiveness ( Ronaldo , Messi, Great Pele etc were already world beaters before clocking 20s) .

    Rohr last 4 games results against fellow African nations were simply shambolic as usual ;  1 loss 3 draws , no single win and 3 points from possible 12 points , even on away goal rule, our two games against Sierra Leone was actually loss because S/L scored 4 goals in Nigeria and we did not score any goal in Sierra Leone ( that is usual Rohr F9 typical past records of the 3 past African countries that lead to his dismissal concurrently in his past job before the corrupt NFF unleashed such glorified PHE Coach on us with 20 million Naira plus per month .

    Talk of bad pitch excuses, If I were Rohr’s remnant fans , honestly I will be ashamed; could anyone remind slumbering Rohr that the pitch Rohr was tutored in the Afcon by Belmadi is not Sierra Leone pitch nor, could anyone remind Oga Rohr that the pitch that his tormentor in Chief Algerian local coach Belmadi  is not Sierra Leone pitch , could anyone remind Oga Rohr that Belmadi also took over a messed Algeria team that couldn’t qualified for the past major tournament, struggled to qualify with 3 draws for a tournament that Oga Rohr qualified comfortably with 2 games spared, yet Belmadi backed the team with technical savvy to tutored Oga Rohr , and tutored him again upper week all in the best pitch in this world .

    Excuses , Excuses – Excuses and blame games for almost 5 years on the job !!!
    In 1984 the entire eagles team was not only disbanded for indiscipline & breaking camp rule but % of the team were banned never to come near eagles camp ; a local coach Onigbinde within few months built complete new team and beat everyone and lost narrowly in the final , yet he did not have excused of taken over a disbanded & banned team and was sacked for not winning Afcon , but Oga Rohr with stupendous uninterrupted salary was all APC’S PMB lead type of excuses and blame games of failure of past administration .
    Westerhof in his first Afcon with rookies like Amokachi  lost outrageous 4-1 to Algeria the host in the first game and everyone could see a dynamic evolution of great team that was ready to explode and it was not surprised Westerhof brought his technical savvy on line to back up his new evolution team to reach final and pick silver in his 1st attempt, Westerhof would later qualified for the first ever WC without excuse of taken over a team that has never qualified for WC since the creation of the country called Nigeria, Westerhof would later resigned honourably for crashing out in the second round to the the power house of world football Italy after taken SE team not only to the highest rated African team but N0 5 in the world and also emerging the best entertaining team in the WC ( that is the differences between professional technocrats that had shame in his dictionary , unlike Oga Rohr, who crashed out in WC , and always tutored by a local coach Belmadi not only once but twice )

    Man management , yes Rohr has it but the basics ingredients needed to succeed as a great coach is technical ability and mental capacity to deliver at big stage, all these quality JJ Okocha cannot support it in the appraisal of Rohr , even all Rohr’s supporters are equally of opinion that Rohr needs urgent local assistants that can help him out technically, yet we were supposed to have foreign technical adviser not technical adviser trainee .

    The other time King Kanu said the botched 2019 Afcon was too close and as such too late to sack Rohr last year ( was that passing vote of confidence on Rohr by Kanu  ?)

    In as much as I am of opinion , Rohr should not be sack because of compensation the NFF has signed , Rohr should proceed on retraining without further delay , next game is next year March which is still far away ,then we should look beyond Rohr , and bring in a successor like Amunike , Egbo that can help him in his area of technical deficiencies and then eased him out after Afcon . Super eagles is far bigger than Oga Rohr , and Rohr cannot give what he does not have , the players are even technically better than Rohr that account for average achievement as in qualification for tournament which is far below Nigerian known standard , we cannot continue to waste tax payers money to train and develop a foreigner that is not ready to improve.

    Senegal and Algeria looked inward , and well remunerated by their football administration with fantastic conditions of services , the result of which the two team competed in the final while our own NFF corrupt system produced team lead by Oga Rohr  that was being tutored by their local well remunerated local gaffer .

    Please honourable minister, don’t give in to the NFF corrupt house , the glass house needs total cleansing 

  • lanre 8 months ago

    jay jay okocha was at a time the messi of nigeria super eagles that most of his contemporaries including some of these ex internationals sort for his recomendations to be invited into the super eagles…..10,20 caps ex internationals

  • Okocha knows his onion, he has spoken his mind genuinely with acceptance from football fans of repute. I’m made to realise that most of our ex internationals who ventured into football administration and players management have aversion for Rohr simply for their own selfish interests. They are unfair to both  Gernot and reasonable football fans. They are treacherous and callous. Rohr took up SE from the scratch few years ago and stabilized the team. Those ex SE players that are antagonizing Rohr were selfish on the pitch during their active years .More power to your elbow Rohr, you have more years ahead to tinker SE. Let’s the enemy of progress continuously lamenting aimlessly 

  • lanre 8 months ago

    jay jay okocha knows football in out,i remember an interview he granted BBC nd was asked if he fancied going into coaching after retirement but he declined saying he might be too harsh nd expectant on the players.That was someone around whom the whole super eagles team was BUILT…….not players who were dispensible

  • Dr. Drey. 8 months ago

    Hahahahahaha….Okocha don spit for all of them eye…..LMAO. Ngwa oversabis come and tell us you know football more than Jayjay and Kanu….LMAO.
    I have said it before, it is not a coincidence that Rohrs loudest critics are all player agents.
    Yakubu…..player agent.
    Akpoborie….player agent
    Odegbami…. Academy and player agancy owner.
    Amokachi too is putting his mouth where his bread is being buttered. He doesn’t want to be seen to be talking against his “boss” in the ministry who gave him chieftaincy title of “Ambassador”. He is observing table manners. They say when you are choping you don’t talk.
    You will never hear the likes of Kanu, Okocha, adepoju, ikpeba and even garba lawal talk nonsense in the media. They don’t have any parochial interests to serve other than the true interest of Nigerian football.

    The sports minister has confessed….they want to have a stranglehold on who and who gets invited to the team. All these rablerousing is only a gimic, a smokescreen. Information has it that they want to mandate the coach to include at least 4 home based players in every list. Abeg all the twenty something home based players Rohr has called up in 4 years where are they today….??? They cannot even cut it in the same Europe where these guys are balling week in week out…..LMAO. One of them recently transferred to India….LMAO. Ikuowen Utin was the MVP of the NPFL but couldn’t even make maccabi Haifa’s 1st team. These are the players who must be reserved a quota in the SE…..LMAO. They keep telling us keshi won AFCON with home based as if all 11 players that started each match were home based players….what they fail to tell us but which we know, was that Keshi camped the so-called home based players every 2 weeks or thereabout for almost a year. Those boys were leaving camp to go join their teams at levies match venues and then back to camp. NFF organized and played 7 international friendlies (Vs CIV, Peru, Egypt etc) to expose them, consuming over N1bn in the process before we could get 2 who could measure up…..of which only 1 of the 2 was consistent enough to earn a move to Rizespor in Turkey….his highest level ever. The other one was a 3 match wonder who fizzled out of the team before we could open our eyes and ended up in French 3rd division. By 2015 none of them could smell national team anymore…..LMAO. Majority of them are currently nowhere to be found, but their mates in the team then, like Musa, Ambrose, omeruo, Mikel are all still playing actively. Our “young” raw talent home based players faded into oblivion with 3 years. Keshi’s downfall started the moment he dared fielding 3 of his raw talents on the pitch at the same time…. Lmao. The lawless of 1 can be covered by the remaining 10 foreign based. The lapses of 2 can be covered by the remaining 9 foreign based…..but 3….??? Lailai..LMAO

    They should continue using the SE to rehabilitate home based players instead of developing the league itself…LMAO. Bunch of clueless myopic people.

    Oga Jayjay na you Biko jare.

    • @Dr SENSE Drey

      What a “killer punch” from u….

      The keep telling us Keshi was using Homebase players….. Which is to say that our starting XI;
      enyeama, efe ambrose, echiejile, omeruo/yobo, onazi, mikel, musa/ideye, V.Moses, emenike were all homebase….

      We know their minds sharr…. But they think we don’t know….

    • King S 8 months ago

      A very insightful comment.
      @Dr. Drey, you too sab

    • Dr drey man don’t mind them [email protected] is asking his grandfather his age,

      • Adeyemi 8 months ago

        @Ubah, stop talking trash here. You asked for it. Must everyone agree with you? You are saying Odegbami is not a legend in soccer because of your hatred for him? Of course, I will ask you how old you are. You might just be an indomie generation hiding behind the typewriter and spewing rubbish. Okocha is the best African magician and will always be the best to me but even Odegbami has better stats than him.

        Being a country of coaches is not only peculiar to Nigeria. In America, every talks about Basketball. In India, everyone is a cricket coach. In West Indies, same!!! Let’s take a sample and you will be amazed at how many Nigerians want Rohr to go. So, all of those Nigerians are stupid and gullible but you are the all wise person?

  • @Dr SENSE Drey

    What a “killer punch” from u….

    The keep telling us Keshi was using Homebase players….. Which is to say that our starting XI;
    enyeama, efe ambrose, echiejile, omeruo/yobo, onazi, mikel, musa/ideye, V.Moses, emenike were all homebase….

    We know their minds sharr…. But they think we don’t know….

  • lanre 8 months ago

    no country progresses by hiring nd firing,not even a coach that came in, met a team in shambles,started to build nd in the process qualified the team for two major tournaments that even helped him more in the building processes through exposures,now going through another process of BUILDING nd qualifications,only to now
    be embarrased by sycophants nd MAN MUST WHACK PEOPLE,god punish una……i thought sunday dare was going to COMMAND the nff to SACK the german when he met nff officials earlier today,it is then he would know that ROHR’S supporters starts from the PRESIDENCY,you think we are all fools?

  • Marvelous 8 months ago

    I can sleep in peace now. My greatest fear was the likes of Okocha, KANU, Garba lawal, Mikel, Victor Moses, Eyeama condemning the team and his coach. But all this true legends have something in common. That is, understanding where super eagles was before Rohr internationally and where they are today with the same coach. The target given to Rohr he has meet them all and he is even over doing it. Mention one home base player in keshi squad who is still playing football today in even a second division of a known league? Where is Sunday Mba today? After playing for Bastia a second or third division club, is he not clubless for 2 years now? But almost all the foreign base players in that team either retired successfully or are still relevant and making headlines like Mikel, Musa, Ighalo, Omerou, etc. Sentiment is a punishable sin and 90% of Nigerians are culprits. Rohr till 2022. Watch out for the team during Afcon in Cameroon, mouths will be shut down. Rohr knows his players already, the coach knows he is already qualifying with a game to spare again, as that is his team tradition always. Rohr is not looking at the Afcon qualifiers any longer but rather he has shifted his plans to a more serious tasks which is the Afcon proper and world cup qualifiers. You can keep on crying over Afcon qualifiers, but sorry, because Rohr has left you behind to worry over little things while he is looking at the bigger picture. I laugh in Swahili. Up eagles, in Rohr and his youthful army I stand.

  • De Star 8 months ago

    When the progressives patriotic said Rohr’s contract of living in his home country and coming to Nigeria like every players and fraudulently increasing his salary with 90% pay rise not for reaching second round of WC nor winning Afcon cup but for being sent packing in the first round and made to watch his tutored & boss Algeria local coaches  Belmadi and his Senegal local coach   displaying coaching skills in the Afcon final while our so called imported super coach struggled for 3rd place game ; what happened, at the end we were justified, as the clause was expunged, undeserved fraudulent salary was peg even with lower rate ( though I didn’t support paying him in Naira) as there was no way such fraudulent contract can take place except a rotten glass house of NFF ( Thanks to this nonsense Dare sports minister, Rohr and his business partners NFF could have signed a new contract extension that would have allowed SE home games be played in Rohr’s Germany country so as to safe him inconveniences of journey to Nigeria, he would have probably have and another fraudulent increment again , but thanks to Dare and the patriotic progressives group .

    For record purpose, we will make our statement, It is a matter of time , what is constant from every backers of Oga Rohr ( aka Belmadi’s student ) is lack of technical skills and request for skilled assistants who can help him out ; deficiencies in tactical prowess which is the major requirement to succeed as a coach , and it is this major component that Oga Rohr lacks ( Jose Mourinho may not be super in man management but tactical prowess and mental winning capacity , he has as weapons, that is why  , wherever he goes it is cup or nothing, be it in bigger club or low rated club ) , that accounted for Rohr in his coaching career , he has never lifted tea cup even in the age grade competition let alone at a bigger stage unlike his perennial  tormentor Belmadi , by next year , God sparing our lives, we will meet again in this loop to do normal analysis and remind ourselves once again , I hope , we would not hear another ridiculous excuses by then .
    Rohr does not posses the quality that can win Afcon let alone achieving meaningful result in WC . Oga Rohr need to go for retraining as he is stagnant outdated and should be backed up with skilled assistants that can covered his glaring deficiencies.
    As usual , I will respect JJ personal opinion while I also respect opinion of other living legends and stakeholders who are of the opinion that Rohr lacks competence to take SE to a promised land of great success .

    Lastly , NFF that is corrupt HQ of African football should be cleansed , the head of CAF was banned for 5 years for corruption and fraud , the rotten in glass house should also be cleansed, that is when Dare can leave a good legacy after his exit 

  • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

    Guys, the truth is Dare has no balls. If he had the balls to fire GR why waste time. He know he can’t do it, he can put pressure on NFF but they and the Sports ministry are broke, they can’t afford to fire GR.

    Do u guys know the record between SL and Ghana? it 5 wins for SL, 4 draws and 9 loses. The last 5 games from 1997 to 2002 shows a record of 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in faviur of SL.

    Against algeria, their record is 1 win, 2 draws and 2 loses. Against Senegal, its 6 wins, 4 draws and 12 loses. Against 9ja its 2 wins, 6 draws, and 9 loses. This is to tell those saying that SL is not a tough team should have a rethink.

    If GR is Belmadi’s boy, what will you call Aliou Cisse of Senegal that Algeria beat twice at the AFCON proper with Algeria not conceding a goal.

    Again, if I were GR Iwould call the minister’s bluff, let them go ahead and fire me, this would be the easiest cash I would ever make. People are saying right now he is earning 20M naira not doing much even though he is still assembling the players to play, is it when he is fired that he doesn’t even need to do shit like even assembling players but earning cool free cash that is better? NFF should take a leaf from the German Football Federation’s approach to Joachim Low. They are still showing confidence in him but are ready to do an assessment to why the team is faltering and then make recommendations to improve the team instead of talking about firing a coach with a few months to qualifying the team to another tournament.

    Also who would have said that 9ja would have qualified from a group that comprised of Argentina and Croatia with arguably the best players in the world in Messi and Modric. Argentina has beaten us in every worldcup we have competed against them in (I could be wrong). The only reason we even remotely had that hope of qualifying from that group was due to the fact that we beat a Messi-less Argentina 4:2 with the same technical and tactical deficient coach.

    Sport minister abeg sack GR if u get the balls to do so or stop talking. Its afterall not hard to type in a letter of dismissal. There are templates online in case ur brain can’t come up with the right words to use. What is Dare’s scorecard as regards to sports in 9ja, let’s also use that to judge him. Let’s use targets met or unmet to judge the sports minister and see if he would retain his job. Dare abeg fire GR and also fire urself too bcos to me, GR record better pass ur own.

    • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

      Don’t mind them they can come here now and complain about not making it out of a WorldCup group despite not expecting them to qualify for the WorldCup in the first place. All of a sudden they want Rohr to win the WorldCup Lmao!! Croatia with a midfield of Real Madrid and Barcelona (Modric and Rakitic). Argentina with the great Lionel Messi. Who was actually expecting us to make it out of that group?? Yet SuperEagles were only minutes away from eliminating Argentina. After all we’ve never beaten Argentina in any WorldCup match even when we had the greatest SuperEagles of all time in 94. We were able to qualify for ordinary AFCON since we won it in 2013. In a 24 team tournament he claimed bronze and now on the verge of qualifying for another major tournament. Therefore, what justification do they have to sack such a coach?? Obviously Rohr will leave someday at least after 2022 WorldCup. Quite unfortunate for the regressive group. 

      • Omo9ja 8 months ago

        “All of a sudden they want Rohr to win the WorldCup Lmao!! Croatia with a midfield of Real Madrid and Barcelona (Modric and Rakitic). Argentina with the great Lionel Messi. Who was actually expecting us to make it out of that group?? Yet SuperEagles were only minutes away from eliminating Argentina. After all we’ve never beaten Argentina in any WorldCup match even when we had the greatest SuperEagles of all time in 94. We were able to qualify for ordinary AFCON since we won it in 2013. In a 24 team tournament he claimed bronze and now on the verge of qualifying for another major tournament”

        @Ayphillydegreat, you don’t get the message.

        If Leone star had this kind of mentality in mind, I don’t think they would played 4:4 against Eagles in Benin.

        Nobody cares if you have Maradona or Pęlę in your team. All that really matters is to get your tactics right against the big teams.

        If Westerhof has this believe against Bulgaria and other top teams in our group in 1994 WORLD CUP, plus bn the first time at the World Cup, I don’t think Eagles would have made it out of their group.

        If France belittle themselves against Croatia at the final of the last world, the French team wouldn’t have bn crowned the world champions.

        Ayphillydegreat and co, stop making excuses every day. You all knew the truth and let the truth set you free.

        We have players so what is stopping the coaches of Super Eagles to build a strong team for us?

        Do they have what it takes to do so? That is the main point period.

        Why are we celebrating average results in Nigeria like this?

        Come on my people. We deserve more than this kę.

        Who don’t like better thing kę?

        This reminds me Atlanta 96 Olympics games, Jo Bonfrere shocked the world by beaten Brazil and Argentina.

        Dream team believes in God and in themselves that impossible is nothing. They made us Nigerians, Africa and black people all over the world proud.

        For these reasons, do you now understand the reason why we Nigerians are not happy with Oga Rohr?

        Nobody hates anybody. We are all Nigerians but we deserve the best. We are tired of these excuses. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • @Omo9ha…Gerrout! So its Fatai Alashe and Fanendo Adi that will stop us from celebrating average performance abi?

        • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

          @Omo9ja, we keep talking about the 94 squad, would u say Westerhof is a very tactical and technicality superior coach? Based on your write up and most supporting GR firing, the answer is Yes. Against Italy, we were up 1:0 with only a few minutes left, why didn’t Westerhof pack the bus or manage the game properly to ensure we won Italy? Italy came back and won 2:1. Yes we won Bulgaria, again no one thought we had a chance against Stoichov and co, hence they were complacent and we took advantage. Same Maradona inspired Argentina beat us 2:1 even though Sia1 put us ahead, why didn’t tactically and technically astute Westerhof see out the game by packing the bus or doing something tactical to win that game or even tie it? U mentioned Atlanta 96, after Brazil raced to a 3:1 lead, I and many others already went to bed, nobody thought we were gonna win that game if we are honest with ourselves. Brazil thought the game was already won and complacency was their downfall as they took out conceicao, bebeto, Ronaldo de lima and our comeback started. Bonfere Joe is tactical and technically good abi? Nobody gave that team any chance especially after the friendly matches they lost enroute to Atlanta. Did the fact that Zagalo led Brazil blew a 3:1 lead make Bonfere Joe a better coach than Zagalo? Nobody here is saying that it was the determination of the boys that won 94 nations cup and Olympic gold in 96 ooo, but its the tactical expertise of the coach, as soon as bonfere Jo started losing games, he now useless.

          Omo9ja, u know me I like ur post most time and enjoy the way u don’t insult people with your response but u yourself know at this point firing GR will send us back like at least a year. National team nor be place when u get players camping every week like clubside ooo, sometimes u fit see these players 10 times max for 2 weeks each time you see them as a coach (am being very generous here). People will say Belmadi nko? How different in the Algerian team today compared to the one that played against Germany at the wirldcup, the nucleus of the team is still intact. Mahrez, Fegouli, Brahimi, Boly, Slimani etc are still there till now. Compare that to the team GR took over and what we have today, I can only mention Ndidi, Shehu (in and out), Ezenwa (political choice but now a fringe player). People complain that when will GR rebuilding stop, you keep rebuilding as your team should constantly be evolving, retirement, loss of form, inclusion of better players, injuries must prompt you to continuously be rebuilding. People will say GR doesn’t have a starting 11? Which team in this world has a starting 11, there are always 2 or 3 players that the coaches constantly change. Somedays France will play Kante-Pogba-Nzonzi, other games Tolisso-Nzonsi-Pogba, other games with will be Kante-Sissoko-Camavinga Same with Germany, same with Spain, Croatia, Brazil, etc. They have 85% of their 1st team known but they can’t say they know 100% what their 1st team is. Even clubs rotate their team. GR has 85% of his team known thats why most people here can name 8 out 11 players when fit will make the starting 11.

          People say GR doesn’t have the capacity to take SE to the promise land, what is tge promise land if I may ask? I will assume that its to win the AFCON, it won’t be easy bcos u have the likes of Senegal, Algeria, Cameroon, even Ghana vying to win it too, but with that said I still tip 9ja to win it all. GR has virtually passed the 1st test which is to qualify for the AFCON. Worldcup semi final is a herculean task as there are top top countries with better managers, players, federations than ours but that being said anything can happen in soccer, once the team qualifies for tge 2nd round anything is possible. He hasn’t failed to reach that target, has he? If the answer is NO, so why the talk of firing? We should hold NFF, Sports ministry and other areas of our beloved country to higher standards not just GR, afterall they are in charge like GR is, abi na lie? Again, me i nor be GR supporter as I think certain areas need looking into, I don talk am in the past, no point beating a dead horse for the matter. I personally blif that this team with GR will win in Cameroon or atleast reach the final. If he wins the AFCON, I hope those that said GR is inept will be bold enough to tender an apology not to say it was all down to the players or what Dare the minister of soccer instead of sports, inputs from Yobo are the reasons he won, or belittle his achievement as something that even a local coach has done in the past. Imho