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Onuachu’s Brace Earns Trabzonspor Home Win, Third Spot In League Table

Onuachu’s Brace Earns Trabzonspor Home Win, Third Spot In League Table

Paul Onuachu bagged a brace to help Trabzonspor defeat Konyaspor 2-1 in the Turkish Super Lig on Friday.

Onuachu, on loan from Southampton, has taken his tally to six in eight appearances in the Turkish topflight.

Trabzonspor move up to third on 22 points after 12 games and are nine points from leaders Galatasaray.

The 29-year-old gave Trabzonspor the lead in the 59th minute but Konyaspor equalized thanks to Louka Prip.

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With five minutes left Onuachu netted his second of the game to give Trabzonspor all three points.

It is now back-to-back wins for Trabzonspor who are unbeaten in their last four games (three wins and one draw).

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  • Greenturf 6 months ago

    King of the smaller leagues!Hahaha…

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Greenturf… you wrong about Onuachu. Give this guy a break. Her wasn’t in our squad against Ghana home and away and we still lost… Super Eagles don’t play purposeful and business football that will know how to target this man, that’s why we never gave him the respect he deserves. Onuachu is better than Sadiq and Moffi. He went to a drowning team in the Premier league and they expected him to pull magic from the air, even though the team were long struggling before he arrived. Turkish league is not a small league.

      • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

        Onuachu better than Sadiq and Moffi?? Sadiq and Moffi are at least striving in the top 5 leagues where is Onuachu striving?? Turkey and Belgium? Common mehn!! Onuachu is not good enough for the SuperEagles he has never taken his chances when presented on a platter of gold. Even went to the AFCON ahead of Sadiq and Moffi and Iheanacho yet no significant impact. Anyway abeg let him focus on scoring goals in Turkey. Besides at 29 he can’t give what he doesn’t have to the SuperEagles anymore. He’s a low league Superstar. 

        • Golden Child 6 months ago

          God bless you. Well said!

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Hehehehe….its in the same Super Eagles that “…don’t play purposeful and business football that will know how to target the targetman…” that Osimhen has scored 20 goals and 8 assists in 28 matches…Ighalo 16 in 37….Moffi 4 goals in 12…and even Awoniyi 2 in 7….LMAOoo.

          Later now, they will be crying that other people have followers and praise-singers.

          • JimmyBall 6 months ago

            Hate him or love him… Paul Onuachi a.k.a GoalDemon is a special striker… how many Super Eagles strikers retired and active can boast of his success story in European football. Paul Onuachu will continue to destroy stadiums in Turkey until he is given the respect he is due and recalled back to the Super Eagles team fold. Okro soup attackers with rusty brain capacity like Sadiq Umar continue to be invited even though he has long since stopped being a regular at Sociedad. Talk about quota system just for the sake of having a northern representative. I once called for Sadiq Umar to be invited but right now, he is not meriting of his squad place.

            People, the likes of my good friend @Dr.Drey like to malign him as not good enough for Super Eagles, yet dude continue to prove them wrong. Onuachu is King and ruling Turkey again, drawing headlines, a league where beloved non-playing captain, at least to @Dr.Drey and his team of minions, Ahmed Musa, is not even making match day squads. Yet, to @Dr.Drey threadbare carpet like Ahmed Musa should be the first name on the Super Eagles squad list when dude has become as become defunct like a locomotive train of gold old days.

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            Hahahahaha….are all these the reason your goal demon falls down to earth with a big thud anywhere the difficulty level is a tad higher and belgian and turkish leagues….LMAOoo.

            EPL, failure…..International football, failure

            Otherwise. Greenturf was right….LMAOoo..if you like, rant to jupiter and beyond.

            When you are done washing your goal demon of smaller leagues, other strikers who can deliver at any difficulty level will will rise up and take up the mantle of doing the job for the SE while your King of the smaller leagues continue to reign in his kingdom….LMAOoo

            SE does not play purposeful football, but it’s in the same SE we have had different breed of strikers in the last couple of years and they’re banging goals left right and centre….LMAOoo…weldone ehn.

            Since it is paining you so badly Dr.Drey has a team of minnions, it’s a free world out there, Dr.Drey is not the owner of CSN, kindly assemble your own team of minnions before the heart burn it gives you turn to something else….LMAOoo…since clout and validation is what drives your presence on CSN….LMAOoo

          • JimmyBall 6 months ago

            …@Dr.Drey… help us since you are the database expert here, to unveil the stats of Paul Onuachu so far in the national team.
            …Let us know of all the games Paul Onuachu played for Super Eagles, how many he has started, and also how many he has played more than 20minutes. I challenge you to share his national team playing stats if you wont regurgitate your negatives words about him over the years while telling us Ahmed Musa can be clubless and inactive and still deserve callups and playing time in Super Eagles, a position you have maintained since 2020.

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            Hahahaha…unveil the stats yourself if you think you have anything tangible to prove.

            The last time we checked, your Mr wait and get goal-demon of weak leagues went to 2019 AFCON as our 1st choice CF but ended the tournament as third choice because he was compelety useless at the tournament, Contributes nothing to the attack and nothing to the defence.

            At a period were we are having an embarrassment of options in CF position, your king of weak leagues had the opportunity to start 7 games and offered next to nothing, yet you want him to have more gametime……LMAOoo.

            To show how unproductive your tingod has been as a SE player, he has only ever been left to play full 90 minutes once in all 19 games he has ever played for Nigeria……LMAOOoo…that is how frustrating it is to watch your tall-for-nothing CF who cannot hold up play, link up play, work in tight spaces, make diagonal runs, work the lines, receive the ball to feet, control it in the air nor match the pace of his teammates in the national team….LMAOoo.

            No wonder Lyon reconsidered signing him 2 years ago after already agreeing a deal….LMAOoo, they must have taken a second look at his game and discovered they would need to also sign Juanya Ito for him to be useful to the team….LMAOoo

            We all saw him in the EPL and it was evident this one isn’t built for any difficulty level higher than belgian and turkish leagues….LMAOoo.

            And why am I not surprised Ahmed Musa always finds a way into your comments once you have ran out of intelligence….LMAOoo. Yes, I told y’all over the years that only injuries can force captain Ahmed Musa out of the SE, not the ethnic and religious hatred of 10 million of your type…..LMAOo. He isn’t the first SE caption to enjoy such privileges and wouldn’t be the last. And cry till tomorrow if he returns from his injuries before January his seat on the team bus is guaranteed 100%….LMAOoo. You can order some aspirin ahead of the time for the heart ache it will cause you….LMAooo. It was indeed a delight seeing you wank in vain for 3 years over a SE Captian enjoying the privileges other captain before him enjoyed…..LMAOoo.

            This thread is about your Onuachu, face it and stay in that line of discourse….LMAooo. He has no place in the current set up, we release him to trabzonspor same way we released him to Genk….they can use him as they please. We are too blessed to be waiting for him to be useful for us…..Deal with that and stop disturbing our peace….LMAOo.

            We’ve got Osimhen, Boniface, Awoniyi, Moffi and even Sadiq who are all proving they are way advanced for the top leagues and international football difficulty levels.

            Even Dessers and Akor will make this SE before uncle Longinus….LMAooo

        • Sorry to disagree with your submission: Onuachu has scored four goal for Nigeria inspite very limited opportunities (starting from the bench)for a player whose best comes from understanding from wing play, he has tried, considering that it’s no secret we have not gotten good pull out specialists in eagles wings in the order of Finnidi George, they all want to dribble
          You can’t get the from the the gangling player like paul, everywhere the coach knew how to utilize his height advantage, he always deliver, it has nothing to do with lower leaque as if Belgium and Turkish leaques are inferior.
          Karl Ikeme was in championship leaquewhen he started keeping for Nigeria.

          • benakay 6 months ago

            What kind of half backed excuse is this?
            Limited opportunities? Rohr made him a started on first cap against Egypt and dropped him after he kept fumbling.

            Total bust! Very poor in the premiership and poor in the championship with Southampton! Dude is clearly not of international standard. The only places he shined are where the leagues were tier 2 – Denmark, Belgium and now Turkey. You see the trend?

            Not knocking the guy but he is certainly NOT good enough for the national team. Pure and simple!

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          How many chances has Samuel Chukwueze taken since appearing in almost all matches for Super Eagles… I remain one of the few persons who saw through Chukwueze childish games on this forum whenever he comes to play his street football on Nigeria duty. Give performing players a break and let merit be the yardstick. Fair playing ground to all comers…

          • Justin 6 months ago

            Abeg help me ask them. They will just be shouting names here and there, come to national team, na opposite we go dey see.

      • respect is reciprocal 6 months ago

        @Jimmy you spoke my mind . Eagles play pattern can not suite Onuachu. It’s only team that play direct purpose busineslike football that can utilize the best in Onuachu. Besides Nigeria doesn’t have the patience to nurture him to become the beast we saw in him.To say he is not good enough for Eagles shows the depth and strength of our team

      • I agree with Jimmy, you understand the issue very well, anyone who is old enough to watch late gangling Yekinni play will see striking similarities I their style of play except that Onuachu hardly shoots from a long distance and not keen taking free kicks.
        Any good coach who knows how to unlock the gold in tall players boot and head will always find Onuachu’s assets highly invaluable

        • Golden Child 6 months ago

          How anyone can compare yeking to onuachu beats me.onuachu is on the level of simy nwankwo. Onuachu had many opportunities to cement his place in the team but fluffed his lines. It just shows you how poor and abject some fans judgement are.

          When you compare the characteristics of both players, they are poles apart. Yekini was super fast, onuachu is a snail. I just pray some of you fans do not have anything to do with our football both now and in the future.

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            Honestly speaking…Onuachu and Yekini…??
            God forbid.

            How many times was Yekini dpending on crosses to score goals, or how many time was he struggling with pace, or unable to hold up play of link up with his team mates….??

            Are these people for real…??

            Onuachu and Yekini….?? What insult….!

            Sometimes I wonder if some of these people really watched Yekini. Osimhen may be scoring more goals per game at the moment, but he himself does not come in close proximity with Yekini yet in terms of all round play and football intelligence.

            They think it is easy to score 37 international goals in that era of horrible pitches, horrible tackles, less all-round scientific and technological applications in football and few Sao Tomes and Principes to play….LMAOoo

            If anybody cannot remember who Yekini was they should make youtube their friend and come back here to compare any other striker we have now with the REAL GOAL DEMON

    • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

      @Greenturf you have said it all God bless you even though everyone is entitled to their opinion. This dude looked like China phone when on National assignment or during his time in the EPL. Abeg let him focus on what works for him.

  • Kenny 6 months ago

    Goal machine

  • Why don’t you achieve same feat at Southampton and then prove critics wrongs.

    Continue scoring 40 goals in a backyard league ho at age 30.

  • chuks haifa 6 months ago

    Boy! what a goal and perfomance by Onuachu. I never knew this guy had these skills. The 2nd goal is masterclass. He was not used properly in premier league.

  • Ako Amadi 6 months ago

    How many goals has Sadiq Umar scored at his club to deserve a Super Eagkes call up? NFF is forcing Peseiro into Federal Character. Shameful!!!!

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 6 months ago

      Wat will u have said if dey bring Musa?..abeg at least Sadiq has paid his due .. Olympic games.spanish etc.if not for the injury.maybe he could have won the Spanish best goal top scorers for last season.. so no wahala.
      All the team needs now is to play good football.

  • Can somebody and watch that last goal.

  • Collins Id 6 months ago

    Jimmyball, i think you have eyes problem and you really need to check up, or maybe you drink ogoro, how do you try to put moffi behind akor and unuachu or safiq, what are your reasons? Moffi is second to osihmen in terms of results so far, no other striker among all have out performed terem moffi, apart from boniface that recently join the team. Moffi is not my very favourite, because he is yet to bring the full club capacity to the national level, but he has delivered more than dessers,awoniyi,sadiq,and unuachu. He has 5 goals already for the supereagles, dessers 1 goal, awoniyi 2 goals, sadiq 1, unuachu 3, he has more goal attempt than all of them, both on and off targets, he have more sucessfull dribblings and runs more than any of them, he has completed more passes than any of them, his hold up play and ball control surpasses them, so what are your claims? Prove me wrong with teckinical facts, you also claim that akor is better than moffi, my guy based on what? Moffi have always delivered airogoals for both lorient and nice, he has scored all types of goal including acrobatic goals, he shoot from outside and inside, he is not shy to take on deffenders, and poses constant danger to opponents, sadiq and awoniyi including unuachu are all older than him, but he have out performed them in euro top 5 league and also in uefa competition, akor is good but not better than the current first four (osi,boni,moffi,awo) i can guarantee you that moffi will join osimen and boniface in the train to afcon, expecially after his performance in the last frendlies, even pesero body language will already tell you that moffi is in, awoniyi have this qualification games to secure his place in the team, becos he is just second to sadiq in the less favourite option, if he fails to make significant impact, not necesarily scoring goals alone, but allround play and decision making, determination and confidents, he may lose the fourth position to(gift,akpom,akor,dessers,sucess.). I am just telling you what to expect from the coach, the coach is not interested in goals scored in clubs at this stage, becos the nations cup is 2 months from now, and he wants to be precise in his decisions. My prayer is that the coach should sacrifice one deffender for gift orban if the dude is not considered ahead of the first 4 strikers, we dont need akpom,dessers,akor, as we already have similar quality in the first four, the only missing gem is the gift from mr orban. It will be a shame, if the africa young player of the year is not in the afcon, mr hatricks will definately win that award and pesero must take him along, imagine if osihmen and gift wins both senior and junior player of the year, na afcon Gold remain na.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 6 months ago

      Collins Id
      Most of the things you are saying was making sense but then you went and spoiled it by trying to say that Moffi is better than Awoniyi? That my friend make no sense at all, you ask for proof, oya you show us proof that Moffi is better than Awo – Awo plays in a much more competitive league and was banging in the goals, if not in just the last few games and that is because he has been out injured for a long time and has only now played 1 game in the last 2 months, but he is back now. If you watch him at Forest regularly or ask his coach they will tell you very clearly that he is a high level striker now and that is at premier league standards, Sorry to disappoint you my friend but Moffi is never better than Awoniyi – But to add insult to injury, you then said that Awoniyi is second to Sadiq?? After that I stopped reading your comment because that is simply nonsense.

      In case you don’t know – the order of strikers now in SE is as follows –
      Osimhen is number 1 striker, Awoniyi and Boniface are both dragging for number 2 striker status and Moffi and Sadiq dragging for number 3 spot maybe with Moffi currently ahead – But you really need to stop sleeping on Awoniyi – He has evolved – even though he is not a striker that get’s involved in build up play too much, what he is now is a deadly box poacher who scores all kinds of goals with his physique – powerful shots, headers, acrobatic goals etc and he is VERY VERY difficult for any defender to cope with in the box or forward positions where he prowls! – Make no mistake Awogoal is deadly now and is straight after Osigoal in the striker rankings for the SE.
      As for Onuachu and Dessers please let them leave story! As someone already said, none of those 2 guys are currently ready for the SE, they each need to UP their games BIG TIME to be at the standards required – Even Iheanacho, who is more like a winger/forward these days is in front of those 2 guys as far as strikers go. If anything, the next guy I’m looking at is Sadiq, because he has guile in his play. Abeg, I no fit shout O

      • Collins Id 6 months ago

        My friend field Marshall, i am not dumb not to be aware of the league and club awoniyi is playing, and what coaches are saying about him, the fact that u didnt read my comment is even the reasons your points are not valid and do not respond to my points, you have not proven any tecknical facts here rather than be emotional about the league he is playing and the goals, as if all his goals supasses moffis goals. Show me statistics on how awoniyi has done better or even performed better than moffi in supereagles and stop telling me what coaches are saying. The french league is a playing ground to you? awoniyi is doing fine, but he is below moffi interms of everyquality of a striker, prove me wrong with better stats. I dont know why most of you are just forcing awoniyi in the position he doesnt deserve just because he is your yoruba brother, and you guys think you know awoniyi morethan me, i have been a strong fan of awoniyi in my quest of looking for the nest yekini, i know his wicknesses and strenght, he is not as talented as moffi, the deferent betwin him and sadiq/unuach is just the power and speed, tecknicaly sadiq,awo,and unuachu are triplets, if you like take him to Manchester United it will not change anything, he is older than osihmen boni and moffi. lesotho and zimbabwe game is here let awoniyi prove him self and stop pushing him down our throat. Awoniyi went to the africa under23 olympics qualification and failed woefully we couldnt even cross group stage, thesame team osihmen and okereke rescued from the lybians in an emergancy, with 4 goals in one match. Awoniyi played nations cup and scored one goal that mistakenly hit is head to the sudanese goal, he have less than three shot on target in all of the games he has played for naija. there after he havnt done any spectacular until the goal he scored against saotome, same team moffi scored two away goals against, you just want us to blind our eyes to these facts and begin to shout awobaba, becos he plays for an avarage team in the premier league, what kind of self sabotage in medeocracy? what is even nothinham forest by the way??? Is it better than nice or lorient? a club That just come out from oblivon, please enough of your trabalism here. Prove to me with fact that awoniyi is better or even worth more than moffi, it took awoniyi from, holand,belgium,couples of division 2 football in germany and co, before he gets to where he is and he is still verry armless as a striker to me, his best for eagles is averagely ighalos worse days, and ighalo did not even enjoy the position you are pushing awoniyi into, please let him score at list two or three goals in the coming games, i will flower him with praises trust me, i am very flexible. Awoniyi and chuks face the danger of losing out of afcon 2023, it depends on tella performance and awoniyi him self, becos gift and akor are seriously knocking.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 6 months ago

          Mr Collins – I would have answered you with merit and explained to you that the French league is like the reserves to the premier league now, even their most powerful league PSG, will be beaten 7 out of 10 times by any team in the premiership – you name it, Nottingham Forest, Manchester Utd as long as it is not Luton – but I won’t waste my time with your crazy, senseless and emotional ranting because as soon as you accused me of Tribalism – I stopped right there!

          You are either stupid or reason like a child to accuse ME of all people of tribalism???
          Chai Haba! No be your fault – It is my own fault joining matters with you and you have really rubbed me the wrong way – But like I said, it’s not your fault – you are a senseless and myopic retard and I will just leave you with that.

          First go and learn English and then to read and write and if you didn’t go to school stop forcing to write in English Na, ah ah abi na by force – instead you will crucify the English language with all your big big guns, abeg go back to school and next time, If you ever accuse me of tribalism when I am talking football, I will not go easy on your retarded ass! I am not an illiterate like you who can be blinded by sentimental considerations – that is YOU! Stop trying to paint others with your own stupidity mr man! Mumu!

        • Collins you are spot on, even from his days at Berlin, I hardly see his input, awoniyi is not that good a striker if you ask me, personally I will take VB ahead any striker we have presently even before VO, VB is all round striker, that guy is a bomb.

  • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

    Onuachu and Umar has no business in the SE no matter how many goals they score at club sides but I will still choose Umar because of his skill set even though he is off form at the moment. Anyone adding Moffi to these two is making a mistake because Moffi is better than them even though he is shorter. LMAO I will choose Moffi ahead of these two Dongoyaro!!!!

  • Pre-2019 Afcon:

    Mikel told Super Eagles media team: ”There are incredibly talented players, I have seen them – Chukwueze, the tall striker Paul Onuachu. You can see there is a lot of energy in the team.”

    You certainly can’t dismiss Mikel’s assessment with the left hand.

    Secondly, Kanu Nwankwo, who in many ways Onuachu reminds one of, including his gangly body structure and a peculiarly sluggish but intelligent playing style.

    This same Kanu is regarded as one of Nigeria’s greatest ever players and won the prestigious African Player of the Year twice (1996 & 1999), while even our reverted JayJay didn’t nick one.

    But guess what!!?? How many goals did Kanu score in all 6 Afcons he participated in???

    ZERO. Zilch. Big 0.

    But a technically sound coach like Bonfrere knew how to utilize him at and the immense value he brings to the team, even without goals. He knew where to play Kanu and make him score goals at Atlanta ’96.

    Bonfrere knew how to utilize a different and unusual kind of gangly player like Kanu. But what do average coaches do? If you don’t play direct with power and pace, they won’t know how to fit you in and they dump you.

    Paseiro is bang average. He makes Onuachu look average. Same with the coach at Southampton. Obviously, the Tranzbospor coach understands the nunaces of his style. In spite of our wealth of resources in playing personnel, I’m not keeping my hopes high.

    • Very well said: Thank you.

    • pompei 6 months ago

      Great comment, Kel.
      DIFFERENT AND UNUSUAL. That’s the key.
      Different and unusual is a turn off for some coaches. But for other coaches that “see road”, different and unusual becomes a weapon.
      I’m not advocating for Onuachu’s selection. But to write him off as useless, I will never be party to that!

    • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

      @Kel. Kanu and Onuachu in the same sentence? Oh noooo! Papillo has the highest number of assists for the SuperEagles in history go and verify. 

      In 2000 AFCON alone Papillo had about 6 or 8 assists. He was never a top striker during his prime. He played mostly as a supporting striker or as an Attacking midfielder. 

      Onuachu can not dribble an ant to save his life. Lmao!! He mostly depends on deliveries and through passes to score. If he’s the same breath as Papillo why can’t he be playing for Arsenal or Inter Milan? 

      He couldn’t do anything in the premier league where an Awoniyi is striving and became the focal point of his team in the last two seasons. Onuachu can not add anything to the present SuperEagles. He’s simply not good enough. Definitely not better than any of Awo, Boniface, Sadiq, Moffi or even Iheanacho in a striking role. 

  • Nigeria is blessed with strikers, they all have their skills, it is wrong to step down performing players just cos of our biases, it is unproductive, we should be open minded cos the truth is that how a player gets the nod into a team still lies squarely on the football knowledge and philosophy of the coach.
    We should detach our emotion so that objective and productive view can be expressed and viewed.

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Cyril Kasim… you are a man. Very objective post. Merit must never give room for sentiments. Show us results… let’s see your receipts!

  • pompei 6 months ago

    A big gun in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it will look clumsy and cumbersome. The person holding the gun may even consider it to be a liability. He will say to himself – let me get rid of this useless thing, so I can fight better on the battle field.
    But give that same gun to someone who knows how to use it, and it becomes a deadly weapon.
    Unfortunately, not every talented player can be part of the SE squad. That does not mean those overlooked like Onuachu are not good.
    Onuachu needs service. Period.
    When he was at Genk, his main supply was the Japanese winger Ito. Now at Trabzonspor, it’s the Ivorian Nicolas Pepe.
    Now that we have a winger like Tella, a winger who knows how to dink in proper crosses into the box, Onuachu could still be useful. Of course, he has to justify his selection given the sheer number of strikers competing for a place in the team. But if he does and gets invited, his success or failure will depend on the quality of service provided to him.

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      The difference now is that we have many guns, big, small, long and short….and they are firing recklessly.

      Any gun that is not ready to shoot multiple rounds per second when called upon will be left at, or returned to the infantry to gather dust there.

      We are at the frontlines, we don’t need any gun that we require us oiling it after every single shot.

  • Pls you guys should make your comments short and direct, for us the reader association of CSN. Thanks in advance.

  • Sunnyb 6 months ago

    If he likes he can score 100 goals the sluggish guy is not eagles material period, sentiments and tribalism won’t force him on us. Gift  Orban  or Akor are better than this guy and Sadiq. Onuachu got his chances, let’s try Akor or Orban. 

  • Larry 6 months ago

    It is insane how some uncultured and unlearned folks try to use gbajue on this forum. The only reasons why countries like France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy,
    Osimhen played for smaller clubs in Belgium and took the league by storm went turned heads in France and got big clubs running after him, decided to go to Napoli, broke various records and he is now among the top 10 players in the World.
    Awoniyi played for smaller clubs in Belgium, showed up with goals, moved to a relatively unknown club in Germany, did not only saved the club from relegation but his goals help turned Union Berlin to among top 7 in the Bundesliga, set couples of clubs record and moved to another relegation destined club in the EPL, again his performance and goal steered the club to safety and with a year of joining Forest , he has set multiple scoring records. Despite the limitations of playing for low clubs, Awoniyi has scored against great clubs in the world including Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.
    Like Osi & Awo, Moffi played in the Jupiter league and didnt take ling before he moved to the french ligue as a relatively unknown commodity. Now, Moffi has become one of the talented goalscorer in French league. He scored a hatrick of goals against PSG and his team is leading the Frwnch Ligue!
    Like Osi, Awo, and Boni, the second most valuable player in the national team, Boni took the Norwegian league by storm, stormed the Jupiter leagues with goals, moved to Leverkusen and the record speaks volume.
    Ouachu took the Belgian league by storm bit failed to step up to the level of Osi, Awo, Mof, and Boni as he failed to make a good case for himself. He performed woefully in the EPL, did not register a single goal even Aribo scored for the same team.
    In my personal opionion, the top 5 strikers for SE are Osi, Awo, Boni, Mof, Nacho/Gift.

    • respect is reciprocal 6 months ago

      Thanks Larry it baffles me when someone begin to compare Awo with Onuachu. I don’t know why these people always take Awo for granted. Is it because is a Yoruba player and some people see eagles as belonging to a particular tribe. Nonsense. I will start taking Boniface serious if he can score against Chelsea, Liverpool Arsenal and Mancity like Awo did. Awo has proven himself as a beast with relatively unknown small club. Thus Gift Orban we are shouting today how many great clubs has he scored against?

      • Larry 6 months ago

        You welcome my brother, we will continue to educate some folks on this forum.
        If they claim we are all bias, are they going to blame the global player valuation that rates Osi, Boni, Awo, Moffi, and Nacho among the top 10 valuable SE players. They think they are smart by always trying to play down the importance of certain players.
        The major reasons why countries like France, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and Brazil will always be favorite in WC is because more than 80% of their selection is based on top performer, current form, and discipline.

  • Mercy 6 months ago

    Under pasero, moffi has mostly been utilized as a supporting striker either complementing osimhen or dessers. Awoniyi is the only “like for like” replacement for osimhen. Now the big issue is that if Pasero chooses 5 midfielders to Afcon, which I think he should based on the injury history of onyeka and Ndidi. Then onyedika, Iwobi, Aribo or fisayo should complete the number. Furthermore, that means 7 attackers, 8 defenders and 3 goal keepers make up the full list. Then moffi might miss out because Ihenacho and Boniface can play his position.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Put the ball in the air for Onuachu, and he will score. All he needs is good crosses.
    His height makes it almost impossible for defenders to stop him if he gets a good cross.
    Playing Onuachu as a lone striker will never work, which is what Nigeria typically does. Onuachu needs support and service. He is scoring goals in Turkey now. Some are now saying Turkey is a backwater league. The same Turkey that Okocha, Uche Okechukwu, and many other players played in is now a backwater league?
    If we don’t know how to use Onuachu, fine. But that does not mean he is useless. To call him useless is to advertise your ignorance!
    Nigeria has many strikers, and Onuachu has perhaps been rightly overlooked. That does not mean he is not a good striker. He will continue to score goals and make progress in his career in Turkey, whether Nigeria needs him or not.

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Pompei… you are a great man who knows how to be real and objective. Give respect to whom respect is due. They like to make us believe Onuachu has no skill, he is sluggish and brings no action in attack but same guy has proven doubters wrong wherever he played. Southampton was a club long doomed before Onuachu stepped his foot in England. How many games did her Start at Southampton and how many goals in total did Southampton scored before he got there. No player, no matter how good can excel in a team that lacks depth, what people expected of Paul Onuachu at Southampton was to take the ball from his defence and go and score. Cut the dude some slack guys.

      If Onuachu had played 40 minutes combined in the 180minutes we squared up against Ghana, such that just three good crosses were sent his way… Onuachu would have qualified us to the last world Cup. Instead, all the otter world best players we paraded against Ghana were humbled and all scurried one after the other with their tails in-between their legs back to Europe.

    • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

      Onuachu can not add anything to the present SuperEagles. He’s simply not good enough. Definitely not better than any of Awo, Boniface, Sadiq, Moffi or even Iheanacho in a striking role. If there’s an extra space for Onuachu in the AFCON squad that space should please go to Gift Orban. 

      Onuachu played in the AFCON ahead of Iheanacho and Awoniyi with no significant impact. At this stage of his career it’s better to remain a superstar in Turkey. Onuachu is in the same level as Nwakame. 

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    This is the Yekini some peole are trying to benchmark Onuachu with…….LMAOoo.

    The man the portugese people called “the black god”


    5 minutes of Yekini, just 1 headed goal and dozens of breath-taking moves.

    And one person is barking woof woof woof like a rabied dog all weekend about Onuachu not being given enough opportunities in the SE…..LMAOoo ??? We should have just retired all other strikers young and old for him….LMAOOo.

    Lad came into the SE when there was little or no competition as compared to now, yet couldn’t tie down his place, they now want to make it our problem. LMAOoo.

    Onuachu’s agents on CSN should watch this reel above in honestly and tell us if they have ever seen Onuachu produce anything close to this EVER in a SE jersey.

    Even Victor Osimhen couldn’t score a goal from open play in his about first 8 games, he was still getting time simply because of his overall contributions when on the pitch.

    I could remember 2019 AFCON, Nigeria leading Cameroon, go in and hold up play and help relieve so of the pressure from your teammates, Mr terror of small leagues could not control 1 single ball till the game ended, we practically played with 10 men the moment he was subbded in. Thank God that match never went into extra time, we would have been doomed.

    • pompei 6 months ago

      If this is a double comment, apologies. The CSN website is playing tricks on me!
      Now to my comment. Even Yekini thrived on service.
      A certain Finidi on the right, and Amuneke on the left.
      Alongside him, Siasia or Amokachi. He was hardly ever isolated upfront.
      Jay Jay Okocha dribbling behind him, drawing attention away from the strikers, creating space for Yekini to exploit.
      Oliseh in the midfield, who he gave a simple instruction – SHA NA SIWAJU FUN MI.
      Translating from Yoruba – JUST PLAY THE BALL AHEAD OF ME.
      Quality service from left, right and center which Yekini derived great benefit from.
      If that had been Onuachu, he might not have excelled like Yekini, but he arguably would have done quite well. He would have enjoyed Finidi especially. Those Finidi type crosses are his bread and butter.

  • Sunnyb 6 months ago

    Bro, don’t waste your time on this folks we them, sentiments and tribalism apart Olayinka will eat onuachu lunch any day, imagine people comparing Awo to Onuachu. This’s how they were making noise about one onyekuru rest is history. Again ur noises will not force sluggish onuachu on us. 

  • Pompei 6 months ago

    Indeed, Onuachu can not add anything to a team with coaches who don’t know how to use him.
    The way Nigeria plays, with strikers isolated upfront and starved of service, that will never work for Onuachu. It doesn’t appear to be working too well even for our best strikers. When we meet good defensive teams, our sharp shooters are subdued.
    Look what happened at the Afcon against Tunisia.
    We all saw how Osimhen struggled against Ghana. With better service, he could have had a more productive day.
    With better service, all our strikers will do much better. The focus has to be on getting the team to provide better service, not scapegoating individuals.

    • benakay 6 months ago

      We’ve heard this same narrative before – the coach doesn’t know how to use him. Yet, he couldn’t hack it under two different NT coaches and was poor in the premiership.

      Or could the truth simply be that this guy is NOT of international standard and cannot provide any value to the National team ?

      The national team is at a different level and his simply not good enough. He was, and will always be, a club football player.

      There are hundreds of players like that and there is nothing wrong in being just that.

      Enough with the excuses, please!

      • pompei 6 months ago

        Onuachu is not international standard and cannot provide any value to the national team?
        ANY VALUE?
        Seems you’re determined to cast aspersions on this guy.
        A striker who is not “international standard” emerged highest scorer in Belgium, and is currently painting the Turkish top flight red with goals. Hmmm, I wonder what exactly “international standard” means. Perhaps you will be inclined to further enlighten us in a more lucid moment.

        • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

          Why can’t he paint the Premier League with goals? Anybody can paint the Belgium and Turkish leagues with goals. Henry Onyekuru and Nwakaeme have done that before. 

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Dr. Drey and my other colleagues, I have a question for you.
    When we deployed our big guns, our AK-47s and M-15s against Ghana, what happened?
    Against well drilled defensive sides, our guns tend to jam. We all saw it happen. It’s been the same old story for years. Over and over and over again, it keeps happening.
    We have had some wonderful strikers over the years. Yekini, Siasia, Amokachi, Obafemi Martins, Emenike, a long list of deadly finishers. They ususally do very well, but when we meet defensively solid teams, they all struggle. This is largely due to INADEQUATE SERVICE. For me, this is the main problem, not Onuachu or any individual. It’s the collective, the system that is not optimized.
    How many quality crosses into the box did Osimhen receive against Ghana? Yet, we want him to pull a rabbit out of his wazoo? Produce goals magically on his own?
    Osimhen is scoring so many goals for us. Can you imagine what he will do if the service was better?
    Even if the gun requires oiling frequently, as long as it has adequate service, it will deliver.
    Onuachu is a gun that thrives on service. Give him service, and he will make it rain goals.
    If the coaches get the team to play in a way that provides our strikers plenty of service, all our strikers will benefit.
    Pompei is not ever trying to force Onuachu or anyone into the SE. If Onuachu is selected, he will not share his match bonus with me (that’s if NFF will even pay him). As I often say, SE NO BE ANYBODY PAPA COMPOUND. Even Osimhen will be dropped if he loses form. So if Onuachu is left out because other strikers are better than him, that is very ok. He may not make our squad, but he’s still a pretty good striker.

    • benakay 6 months ago

      Inadequate service?
      Is it not the same ‘inadequate service’ that the likes of Osimhen, Awoniyi, Moffi and the others are getting? Are they not pulling their weight, unlike uncle Onuachu?

      This is international football and if you’re not getting service, then you do what it takes to maximize the limited service you get. You should have seen all the misses he had in the game before scoring. Tons!

      Y’all need to stop making excuses for this guy. He is not good enough. Period!

      • pompei 6 months ago

        The weight they pulled dumped you out of the 2022 Afcon, Nigeria’s worst Afcon performance in 40 years!
        The weight they pulled saw Ghana qualify for the 2023 world cup ahead of you.
        Now who is making excuses? Your reference to weight pulling that has gotten us absolutely nowhere is nothing short of meaningless excuses.
        Siddon there and refuse to face the reality that even the best strikers do much better when adequate service is provided.
        Onuachu is a good striker! Very good one! He is not in our squad, and that speaks to the strength in depth we have in the striking department. But that does not, and will never, mean he’s not international standard!

        • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

          Our failure at the last AFCON and failure to qualify for the WorldCup was not the players or the strikers that played. It was in-house coaching and destructive administrative decisions. 

          How on earth do you give a whole SuperEagles to Eguafailure? At the most critical moment? Who does that? 

          • pompei 6 months ago

            Indeed, NFF ONIGBESE and OUR OWN have the lion share of the blame.
            No argument there.
            If somebody like Xabi Alonso had been our coach instead of OUR OWN, his playing style would ensure that Onuachu had enough service, and our results would have been much better, because Onuachu will surely score if given quality service.
            Even strikers like CR7, Mbappe and Haaland, will perform much better with adequate service than they would without it. Onuachu is not a magician. He’s just a striker who needs service.

          • Kenneth 6 months ago

            You better keep quiet, was it not you and Dr dry crying for some yeye Debbis to start the game. Abi it is the Coach that will teach Uzohobasket how to catch a shut. If you have nothing sensible to say just go and get busy. Is it the coach that will come and create chances on the field. With all the stars you paraded they didn’t see the urgency to win the game. Una just like to overhype some useless players

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            Looks at this one always uncouth. Lmao! When one’s life is frustrated what do you expect? Lmao! Go and bring out where I was clamoring for Dennis! Even if I do am I the one in charge of the team? Which coach benches Iheanacho in a crucial qualifier? Keep quiet kọ. Come and close my mouth na. Miserable dumbo. 

    • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

      This is not about scapegoating anybody. It is about showing impact and maximizing your chances whenever given the opportunity. Under Rohr Onuachu was highly favored that Iheanacho was dropped for him. We all saw how he struggled against Burundi before Ighalo came in and gave us the 3 points. 

      Whenever I watch Osimhen and Awoniyi even if they don’t score, they’re always nuisance to any defense they come across. In terms of heading the ball Onuachu is not better than Osimhen and Awoniyi. In terms of bringing your teammates into play the difference between those two and Onuachu is crystal clear. 

      We can’t be dependent on crosses to score in today’s football. Football has evolved way more than crossing the ball like Finidi. Against Tunisia our wings were clipped because Eguafailure depended on the wing play of 1994. Our best chance in that game came when Olayinka sends a through pass to Sadiq that missed the target by whiskers.

      Even when we had Finidi and Amunike we hardly score headed goals  apart from Headmaster Mutiu. Whenever a cross comes across the box gangling Rashidi will chest down the ball and unleash a ferocious shot that will tear the net to pieces.

      Nobody is against Onuachu he’s having a good season in Turkey, but he’s just like Nwakaeme. Definitely not good enough to displace any of our current strikers. 

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Let’s keep Onuachu aside for a minute. Whether he’s invited or not is not my issue.
    My main concern is the perpetual scarcity of quality service in our matches.
    When we play, you hardly see quality crosses coming from the flanks. Bruno Onyemaechi is the one exception. I observed him whipping in some delicious crosses. Apart from him, I hardly see crosses coming from anywhere. If Iwobi gets to the flanks, he can also deliver, but he is usually in the middle, distributing the ball to the flanks and the strikers.
    When we do see crosses, they are poor quality. Easily dealt with by opponents’ defenders.
    If our strikers could just get 3 quality crosses per game, we will all see the huge difference. An Osimhen, or Boniface, or Awoniyi can still try and make an impact without good service, but with good service, their production becomes so much better.
    Our focus needs to be on getting the lads to play together as a team, collaborating intelligently, which will lead to the production of the quality service our strikers need.
    This is the where a good coach comes in. But since NFF no wan spend the money needed, we remain where we are.

  • Kenneth 6 months ago

    Its a shame that some people would not watch a players full game but come here and call him all kinds of names. They are quick to watch youtube highlights to now know he is not good for the super eagles. May i suggest you go watch Onuachus full game to understand more of why he is not being utilized properly in the national team. Yes it is too early to compare him to Yekini but the attributes are there.

    • Too early at close to 30yo? So we shd start the comparison when he clock 35yo right? Dey okay.

  • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

    Onuachu in the same sentence as Yekini? Lmao! Attributes my foot. Gangling Rashidi who was top scorer at two AFCONS. Nigerias all time top scorer. Third all time AFCON top scorer behind Etoo and Lauren Pokou. No Nigerian ever come close since. The only player with such attribute is Osimhen and he still have a long way to go. 

  • JimmyBall 6 months ago

    We know people on this site who called for Odion Ighalo’s return before the final rounds of last world Cup qualifiers and Playoffs… saying young strikers in the Super Eagles were struggling… Ighalo came back and the coaches never even saw him as a factor to make any difference… people praise the Super Eagles as if we are the team to beat in Africa… we overhype our team. When they insult Paul Onuachu as useless and not good enough and you point them to the fact Onuachu was not in our squad for 180minutes against a weak Ghana side and yet with all their preferred Ronaldo da Limas and Gabriel Batistutas, we couldn’t even score a single goal over 3hours of football, then room goes dead-quiet. With Onuachu’s height advantage if we had been given just 40minutes over those two leg against Ghana playing as a second striker with Osimhen in a 442 or 352, with only four(4) deliberate crosses weighted properly for him and his heading ability… we would have atleast gotten a regular goal scored in the second leg if not not in the first. We have good special players but don’t know how to use them… see Chukwueze for instance and Moses Simon, players that have held down the flanks since 2019… but yet have refused to improve on national team duty. Right now in the case of Chukwueze who we like to overhype as some kind of Arjen Robben can’t even play properly at Milan because he has refused to change to an all-round ball player instead of the one-dimensional football he enjoys to play… now barely 5months into his first year at Milan, fans are already concluding he is a flop not worth his signing… let’s come down to earth with praise for our players… I have sounded it here for over 2years that Moses Simon and Chukwueze are not what we need on the flanks and must improve or do bench duties. We are watch football and see other players from other nations and clubsides define what efficiency on the pitch looks like. You have wingers who ain’t pulling weight yet centrforwards who thrive on poaching ability should go pick up balls from defence and work it to the opponent’s net. We will be frustrated for long waiting for Super Eagles to fly if we don’t hold the whole units and departments of our national team accountable.

    • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

      Onuachu can not even lace Odion’s shoes. Is it Akara and Ofeisala to play for ManU?? Though I agree that our players should be made accountable whenever they flop. However, hardly any real fan will leave out his favorite player if he flops on national duty. That’s why Chukwueze is currently getting the sticks until he improves. Like I’ve said some players will play themselves out of the AFCON squad after this window. No looking face from Peseiro if he wants to achieve his goals and possibly keep his job. 

      • Kenneth 6 months ago

        Look at this cry baby. And what did he do at Man u. Was he even considered for games at all abi how many goals did he score for them. . You come here saying can Paul lace his boot. Is it not in saudia arabia he is making waves. Tell us which european team he made name for himself. Continue to de lick your Dr Dry ass. Guess you enjoy laughing to your own confused response just like you old cargo master

        • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

          Lmao!! I’m still laughing so you can cry me a river. At least it’s on record that he played for ManU. You can go and remove it from his bio that he played for ManU na. Lmao!! I’m not surprised nonsensical gibberish is full blown in your blood that’s why you have nothing upstairs. Continue crying an ocean on what he did at United. The fact remains your Onuachu can never lace Odions boots not in a million years. 

          • KENNETH 6 months ago

            Now who is looking foolish. You quickly rush to come and spill garbage. Thought you were smart, its now i know u just fool. Didn’t you try to make a point that he was banging goals for manu only to find out he never did. So what’s the point being in the team, guess he was a ball boy for ronaldo. Abeg follow your Dr dry and go watch benin republic, your deluded opinion are not welcome here. Confused lunatic

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            Lol! Where did I said he was banging goals for ManU? Lmao! What is the correlation between he played for ManU and banging goals for ManU? Lmao! You have run out of lies?? Lmao!! It’s still in his archive that he played at United. You can jump in a lagoon for all I care. Onuachu can never lace the boots of Odion 

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            Miserable moron, ferrol psychopath. Lunatic animal. Ẹranko attributes kee you there. Werey Alaṣọ Lmao!! Did you not said he will never get a job anywhere else? Oponu why are you still horny about Rohr Ọmọ ofo. 

          • KENNETH 6 months ago

            Look at this confused ape, can’t even remember any match day games he was listed in. Oga go wank your self to sleep.

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          @Ayphillydegreat… brother, what Ole Gunner Solksjaer and Manchester United did to Ighalo, My dear is better forgotten than remembered. Ighalo was turned to a kind of Mai Suya who actually hawks good Suya but nobody wants to buy. Hahahaha… they left bro so cold even when others were not doing well he almost turned kitman… Poor Ighalo. I think they saw him like low-budget Lukaku… Lol. There is consolation to his Man United Swan song… which he can always smile about when he rides his football sunset… “I once played for Red Devils”

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            It’s still in his archive that he played at United and Onuachu can never lace his boots. Deal with it. Your Onuachu is a low level, low league superstar. 

  • OmoEsan 6 months ago

    Onuachu isn’t a bad striker after all, he has shined at some levels and struggled at other levels, but the striking position in SE is highly competitive at the moment and only a proven world class striker can be considered for selection in a 23 man list. Service or no service, Onuachu cannot make that list at the moment, period.

    In all these arguments and analysis, Comparing Onuachu and Rasheedi Yekini is not only wrong and funny, but it is totally irresponsible. Akii fi iku we orun now! Nonsense.

    • pompei 6 months ago

      OmoEsan, kai! Shined? A big bros like you no suppose to dey tabon like dis na?
      Hahaha, just joking my brother. Shined is correct American English, and in Brtish English, it is shone. This oyibo pipo sef. Make dem make up dia mind jare!

  • Sunnyb 6 months ago

    Bro pls stop wasting ur time on this onuachu of a guy issue,the guy is not playing for eagles period, like Ay said many of those pretenders will play themselves out soon.We’re tied of inviting players based on sentiments, tribalism and emotions, the other day some fools  told us here that is only south east and Benin that has produced Nigeria best strikers. Nobody will ever be allowed to monopolize eagles players invitation anymore, players invitation will be based on merits. See them comparing onuachu to yekini  I no blame una. 

  • JimmyBall 6 months ago

    People comparing Onuachu to Yekini have no commiitted any crime, rather it tells the high standards that Yekini is still being held till this day. It is not an insult to Yekini but rather praise as even Victor Osimhen cannot be mentioned in the same breadth as Yekini… Yekini is not an attacker, he is not a centreforward… Yekini is what is called a striker, he is Thunder in human form, not even Didier Drogba or Samuel Eto’o can be compared to gangling Rashidi Yekini… so, for people who mentioned Paul Onuachu’s name close to Yekini, please guys, that is no disrespect but rather respect to the name of the King himself. No one is calling for Onuachu to be recalled, dude is doing well with or without national team… we are just saying if the likes of Sadiq Umar are being handed callups for doing nothing currently, why not give the slot to some players that are consistently showing that they can be trusted? I can tell you if Rohr was still in-charge, Ekong and Musa will be the first names on the invite list… we cannot continue with mediocrity. We are inviting an average Aribo from championship Southampton but not a guy like Chuba Akpom who has not only ruled that same championship but destroyed and moved to a club like Ajax where you put under lenses of scrutiny from day one. I will say it again… Umar Sadiq and Joe Aribo do not merit their places right now… in their places I will rather we have Akpom/Alhasssan/Matthew and Onuacho/Akor. Before you insult me, I am a Benue Man.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    This same Yekini that has become almost god-like to some pipo here was once described as GANGLING and CLUMSY by the media!
    Many fans laughed at his long legs and his awkward running style. And Yekini himself had some incredible misses in his career. Watch the 1994 final again on youtube, and see how Yekini missed chance after chance after begging chance. He could have had a hattrick that day, or more! Fortunately, Amuneke came to the rescue with a brace that won us the trophy.
    Do those misses make him a bad striker? Of course not! Amuneke himself would likely be the first to tell you what a good striker Yekini was.
    He was a deadly striker, but he was also human. Made numerous mistakes in his career. He was not unstoppable. Watch the 1992 Afcon semifinal against Ghana, and see how Tony Baffoe and other defenders kept him quiet. That was when he was at the peak of his powers. Watch the 1988 Afcon final, see how Emmanuel Kunde and co kept him at bay. And several other examples.
    This is the same Yekini that was a terror to defenders back then, the Yekini whose goals almost singlehandedly qualified Nigeria for her first ever world cup.
    So, yes, Yekini is arguably the best striker to come out of Africa. But he had the chance to become the Yekini we remember today BECAUSE HE WAS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY.
    If Westerhof and others had written him off due to his inadequacies, that would have been that. If he did not have the quality service and assists that were available to him then, who knows, we might be ranking Osimhen above him today.
    Onuachu is not in the squad today because AT THE MOMENT, HE IS NOT ONE OF OUR BEST. SIMPLE.
    If that changes, and he deserves to be in there ON MERIT in the future, PLEASE DON’T DRINK RAT POISON.
    Onuachu is a Nigerian after all. He remains an option for the team coaches. And if he ever merits an invite, HE WILL BE INVITED ONCE AGAIN.

    • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

      Samuel Eto Fils is the greatest Striker to come out of Africa. I don’t want us to think only of ourselves when we are ranking strikers. I’m surprised that this thread is still active make we move on from Onuachu abeg…

      • pompei 6 months ago

        Hmmm, Chima, indeed Etoo is the MOST DECORATED striker to emerge from Africa.
        So if greatness is measured by number of trophies, then Etoo is hands down the greatest.
        But is he the best? Perhaps. Mind you, many would make a case for others like Roger Milla, Didier Drogba and George Weah. And then, we have Yekini as well. If Osimhen keeps doing what he’s been doing, he may also be included in this conversation in the future.

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