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Orban Should Be Invited To The National Team —Aghahowa

Orban Should Be Invited To The National Team  —Aghahowa

Former Nigeria international Julius Aghahowa has called for Gift Orban to be invited to the national team.

Orban has been in red-hot form for his Belgian side Gent since joining them in January.

The 20-year-old netted his second hat-trick in three days, as Gent defeated Istanbul Basaksehir 4-1 in Wednesday’s Europa Conference League round 16 second-leg tie.

On Sunday, Orban scored four goals in Gent’s 6-2 win against Zulte-Waregem in the league.

He has scored 12 goals in nine appearances in both the league and Europa Conference League.

And speaking on Orban’s fine scoring form, Aghahowa said he would be a great asset to the Nigerian national team.

“He should be called to the national team because he has the record already,” Aghahowa said on Sports Machine on Brila FM. “And if he is doing it over there then I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be called to the national team at least for the U-20.

“He should be invited so that he can beef up the national team, we have the national team that is being assembled at the moment so he should join them. He is a great asset to have in the national team.“

Orban grew up in Togo as well as Nigeria, and speaks French. In November 2021, he was scouted by Stabæk’s Torgeir Bjarmann and Thomas Finstad in Nigeria during a showcase tournament arranged by agent Atta Aneke.

He trained with Stabæk during the winter of 2022 before returning after his visa expired. Returning to Norway, he signed for Stabæk in late May 2022.

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  • Greenturf 1 year ago

    He should start with the Olympic team he and Boniface,not sure if Boniface is eligible.
    Players shouldn’t be rushed to the senior national side especially when they’re young the youth teams should be the first call as practiced in Europe and South America.

    • Argentina a world champion who has many world class talents invited Gernacho who is a teenager but Nigeria who can’t even boast of 15 world class players says Orban is too young for it’s national team…….And that is the main excuses the local Coaches normal give when they want to keep away real talents from their team to make way for their business enterprises……”he is too young”…..”he is not strong enough for African football”…..I have a team already”……”his time will come”…. All these excuses is just to calm the nerves of fans pending when that player will fade away…… Fortune favours the brave……Enzo Fernandez only had about 15 caps before the world cup but he dominated the world……Macalister had only about 10 caps or so before the world cup but we all know what he did at the world cup…… infact apart from Messi ,di maria,ortamendi, Martinez,taglafico, and Romero I don’t think any other Argentina player in that sqad has up to 30 caps before the world cup……If we want to make a difference in international football then we must do something different.

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        The position Orban is playing makes it difficult for a straight call up to the senior side because he’s still within the age limits for the youth sides which may profit from his form at the moment.
        There are positions we’re in dare need of beefing up i doubt the strikers position is one of them unless the likes of Iheanacho will be dropped to make way.I think our concern should be the midfield which is not producing talkents it’s worrying.
        The likes of Nethan Tella is putting away incredible numbers likewise Akpom.Moffi,Nacho and Osimhen are having awesome season as well Boniface and Okereke,despite not scoring Isaac Success is consistent with Udinese so my point is to cap Tella and Akpom the likes of Orban and Boniface should step down low to the youth sides where they will gradually make their way to the super eagles should they continue improving.

        • Felix 1 year ago

          You are not making any good point. The fact that Orban is young doesn’t mean he should not play at the senior level. Is Belgium Jupiler League a junior level league? or Conference league is a Junior level league?

          A couple of players in the Belgium league play for the Belgium national team, and you are saying someone who is dominating both the Belgiun league and the UEFA Conference league should not be invited to the Nigerian national team.

          My friend, it is only appropriate to consider current form of players before invitation, irrespective of age.

          • Greenturf 1 year ago

            And what makes you think you’re making a good point?You can start an argument by saying you disagree rather than saying someone not making a point.
            Belgium and Nigeria are two different countries with different footballing problems.A coach has the reponsibility of inviting players in positions on demand that of Nigeria and Belgium is different as every other teams.
            Read posts very well before commenting on them,i said it’s difficult for a straight call up to the super eagles at the moment,though not ruling out the possibilties.Orban is not the only striker on the high at the moment,so end of the day it’s the coaches call.
            We have youth teams for a reason every player cannot get an invite the same time especially in a position you have lots of good players but can only invite a few.Aside the regular members we have Tella,Akpom,Boniface and now Orban on fire and you guys want all this numbers included to the next roster incidentally they play in the same position how possible is that @Felix?

          • Felix 1 year ago

            I appreciate your choice of words and the fact that you are trying hard to drive your point.

            Note that Tella is an attacking midfielder, and the supper eagles lack a scoring attacking midfielder. My point is that, current form should be the consideration. Invitations shouldn’t be made based on who have been on ground for a longer time.

            Iheanacho, Dessers and Awoniyi are below Orban in terms of current performance, the coach can invite, Osimhen, Moffi, Orban and Akpoms at the same time, it doesn’t mean they will all start the game at the same time.

            Tella can be invited also as a midfielder in place of Aribo…

          • benakay 1 year ago

            @ Felix…
            Nathan Tella plays more on the right winger, than being solely an attacking Midfielder.
            The good thing I see is we can finally bid Old man Musa adieu. He has taken up space in the SE unnecessarily.

            Both Urban and Tella can be invited to camp and given a shot. Who knows, both young men may actually be good enough to crack into the team – a very good headache for Peseiro to have, right?

          • Greenturf 1 year ago

            @Felix the list is out.Am i still not making any good point?

        • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

          Agree with Greenturf he should not be rushed into the National team, he needs time to fully established himself and garner the fame and publicity for him to walk into the national team because that spot is competitive. He can start with the u23 like Osimhen did but my fear is his team might not want to release him for such assignment , and we need to quickly feature him in the national team to fend off interest from Togo as he is eligible to play for them also.

          • John 1 year ago

            He is not eligible to play for Togo, he was born in NIgeria, he went to Togo for a while. That does not are him a Togolese.

      • Golden Child 1 year ago

        God bless you @Akp, it is the Nigerian thing, Always shouting experience even though the so called experience does not yield the required dividend. Callup to the Nationality should be based on quality and confidence. If the player possesses these qualities and is supremely confident of his abilities , why drop him to the under 23s? It is mind sets like these that has kept Musa in the team this long. Rooney on his debut for manchester united scored a hattrick despite being a teenager, Mbappe lifted the world cup as a teenager. Michael owen dazzled in his first world for England as a teenager.

        If the boy is performing at that level in europe, I believe he should be integrated to team. We should forget that Togo is hovering over him.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Greenturf this guy is more clinical than all our strikers at the moment let us be careful not to look down on him and let Togo poach him like Adebayor it will be a big mistake if this happens….. He has what a lot of our strikers including Osimhen lacks which is Clinical finish that cost us World Cup sport against Ghana when Osimhen and other players couldn’t bury chances. The guy is good nobody should class him with Boniface because he has shown it in Europa league and is the second highest scorer with fewer matches…. Imagine what is goal per match ratio is???? 

      • Sean 1 year ago

        Which means if the likes of Bukayo Saka, Kareem Adeyemi and Jamal Musiala agreed to team up with us back then, they will be out of the team for for Ahmed Musa and Moses Simon because of experience? They will all be asked to try it out with Our under 20s?  Chaii. I pity Nigeria 

        • Greenturf 1 year ago

          @Sean you not getting my argument.Saka is a lot better than Musa he plays for Arsenal and a world class player should walk straight to the super eagles.The other players you mentioned like Jamal plays in the midfield and for Bayern Munich we are lacking players in that department so it’s no brainer.
          Besides if you’re luring a foreign base who isn’t interested playing for you the youth teams is a turn off but these players most of whom starts from their youth teams in their country of birth same suggetions i was making for our Nigerian born players.

          • Sean 1 year ago

            @Greenturf, I understand you but trust me, for Saka, Adeyemi and Musiala, that’s what our naija coaches will say. We’ve heard that before. 
            Keshi rejected Iheanacho throughout for salami, Ughodaro and Uzoenyi unti Oliseh gave him chance.
            Eguavoen once didn’t have transport to go and watch Dessers live which stopped his super Eagles invitations. 
            Though we have Osimhen, Moffi, Lookman that are hot and inform. We also have Dessers, Onuachu and Iheanacho that are blowing hot and cold there are also Eagles wannabe like Tella, Akpom and this Orban not to talk of Balogun. But whenever I remember how Obafemi martins came to limelight with his first well known Champions league goal against AC Milan after turning Maldini and Nesta inside out, then his goal against Arsenal where he packed Big Sol Campell with one lap and scored I remembered we wanted him and he played against Rep of Ireland and didn’t disappoint with solo goal then followed it up with brace in a qualifier. Something tells me Orban will not disappoint since their games are similar . Though there won’t be too much hard feelings if he doesn’t make the team now but we shouldn’t delay especially if we can win both games with games to spare.

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        @Chima E Samuels,you have a genuine point likewise @Akp.We are just sharing opinion though end of the day it’s Peseiro’s call who will get invite for our next games,probably why the list is taking ages to go public,i’m sure there’re serious debates on who should and shouldn’t be invited probably tipex is being used right now just like the last election haha…Joking!

        • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

          Were you the one who used the TIPEX during the last election? It’s clear you are one of those DELUSIONAL YOUTHS who just think PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS are TININI TANANA BIKOBIKONGOLO MARIYAGANA…….

          Leave what you KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING OF and face your GERNOTROHRIC football analysis please

          • Musah 1 year ago

            What@Mahmud? Are those tipex and grossly mutilated election result sheets not shameful and against the ethics of accountability and transparency???
            Let’s call a spade a spade!

          • Greenturf 1 year ago

            I think you’re bothered for the joke I made for the election tip-ex than the football one haha..Relax it’s only a joke eh be like say you follow do tip-ex for election as you dey para like this haha..

        • Golden Child 1 year ago

          lol….. My belle oooo

    • GreenWhiteGreen 1 year ago

      Exactly my stand. Let him continue to grow for now luckily Nigeria is not lacking in department at moment.

    • GreenWhiteGreen 1 year ago

      Exactly my take. Luckily, Nigeria Super Eagles is not lacking in that department for now. He is still young and needs to garner more high level game time.

  • We should not sacrifice talent and genuine killer instinct on the alter of team cohesion….. From all indications Orban has a history of adapting to new environments quickly so bringing him into SE won’t be a big deal……I see no reason of having a technical committee in NFF that collects millions of naira of our money annually as wages and allowance if we can’t scout and cap our own home grown talent who has taken Europe by storm……..If lowly Togo finally integrates Orban into their system then Eguavoen should honourably resign that position and stop wasting tax payers’ money.

    • Greenturf 1 year ago

      If genuinely he wants to play for Nigeria Togo won’t be an option but should he opt for Togo so be it life goes on.
      We won’t rush him to the super eagles for fear of losing him to Togo.He should keep improving and wait for his turn the under 20 team if he’s eligible is yearning for a top goalscorer of his kind,alternatively,he should be invited to the Olympic team as they play host to Guinea in Abuja next wednesday a game which fell on a FIFA window so getting him on the roster for the Olympic playoffs shouldn’t be a problem for Salisu Yusuf.

      • Sammy 1 year ago

        Guy, what do you mean by “wait for his turn”? That’s such a Nigerian thing to say. A player is one of the hottest strikers in Europe – doing it in both domestic and European competition; he’s also eligible to play for another country where he’ll be one of the first names on the team sheet; and you’re saying “wait for his turn”.

        See make una allow this country progress abeg!!!

        • Greenturf 1 year ago

          And what’s wrong with a Nigerian thing??After all i’m Nigerian and proud.It’s my opinion i don’t believe in pressing the panic button.He’s Nigerian no doubt he has a Nigerian passport not Togolese,because he lived a few years in Togo doesn’t qualify him to play for them without acquiring citizenship,from all indications he carry a Nigerian passport was born in Nigeria by Nigerian parents.
          We should remain calm and see what’s on the list that’s taking eternity to release.
          Spreading this talents to our teams is a way of getting everyone involved.Apparently we have close to 10 hot strikers doing fantastically well in Europe but we can only invite 4.
          Hopefully,the list is out today i’m sure serious head cracking between the coach and technical committee is behind the delays,will be interesting to know who and who is and not on the list,only then the real arguments will start heating up here because many will be disappointed.

      • @Greenturf shebi you nor dey hear word? how many gifted players must we lose out on becasue of this wait for his turn. Abeg bros. We can have him there in the team and drop a player currently who is not in form even Moses Simon can be dropped for him in my opinion this boy can even play Simon Moses position better than simon Moses!

      • Gritty 1 year ago

        That reasoning is archaic and abnormal@Greenturf, reason SE couldn’t beat Ghana home and away, not even a goal from open play and lost the world cup ticket in Abuja (Una no dey shame?).
        See, this gift Orban guy scores incredible world class goals from difficult positions. He has powerful shooting accuracy, precision, dribbling skills even under pressure, pace, power, free kick specialist, good scoring technique, among others….
        Let’s do the needful fast before we loose him like Saka, Alaba, and others…

        Greenturf and co, do you know the football game & attacking role more than “Prof. Aghahowa”???

        I come in Peace!

        • Greenturf 1 year ago

          You come in peace but labeled my posts archaic and abnormal…Shocking!

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        When did you become an INFLUENTIAL member of our Football administration to decide who is to be RUSHED or not??

        Same way you and your cohort kept rooting for a tepid and insipid GERNOT ROHR!

        Someone who moved from SECOND DIVISION football in NORWAY to scoring 4 goals, 3 goals a game in BELGIUM and EUROPE….what TIME does he need to PERFORM??

        He only joined GENT in February and by March he’s scored 12 in 10! Not even OSIMHEN managed that in Belgium!

        That boy is GOOD….QED!

      • Felix 1 year ago

        Wait for his turn? I guess you are a Nigerian Civil Servant.

        Someone who is a shining light in world football at the moment, should wait for those who are inconsistent with their form… This is one of the problems we have in Nigeria, and its a very serious problem.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    This Orban boy belongs to the Super Eagles immediately before Togo and France grab him!! Give Osimhen a well-deserved rest and throw Orban and Moffi against Guinea Bissau

  • MAJOR FLEX 1 year ago

    Is this wonderful lad truly 20?

    • Sean 1 year ago

      Don’t start I beg.
      Arjun Robben looked older when he was 20

    • So this guy no look 20, Kvaratskhelia with beard is 21 no complaint gvardiol is 20 with big beard no complaint Zaire of PSG with a full goatee is 16 years. No complaint but orban with small facial masculinity he is more than 20 years. When. Africa becomes like Europe when cow twerks

  • Sean 1 year ago

    Akpom is already getting tired of celebrating goals because they are too much,
    Tella on another hat trick yesterday, 19 already this season from attacking midfield position.
    Orban with 7 goals in two matches 
    Owen Goodman made the bench yesterday for Crystal palace 
    Arthur Okonkwo already had more than 5 clean sheets this season, etc
    Though, I don’t expect Paseiro to invite all but if the likes of Awaziem, Etebo and Omeruo can make the up coming list or I can’t find at least 3 new faces in the list, then we are not progressing. Apart from Bruno Onyemaechi who is yet to play a game and Onyedika who only had a cap in a dead match against Algerian Team B, All the players presently with Paseiro were with both Rohr and Eguavoen and couldn’t beat Tunisian team B at the nations cup also couldn’t qualify for World Cup. By now, I expect our handlers to be working on some replacements like for :-
    Okoye till he gets himself,
    Ekong till he’s fully fit with lots of improvements, Balogun, Omeruo, Indidi and Aribo as we no fit wait for their sluggish developments, the only reason why Indidi if fit for this game is because he has lost form. Let him get to full fitness now, he won’t be available for Nigeria anymore (Though not his fault)
    We need to show that we are moving forward and really want to win next nations cup.

  • Gritty 1 year ago

    As for SE midfield, something urgent needs to be done…. We don’t need static, rigid and passing-vision deficient players. That’s while most teams in Africa today clip your wings and you are conquered. They pass the ball sideways and backwards….

    Even our defenders should be reminded that the football game has just 45mins in each half and there is no time passing the ball sluggishly behind for a team in dire need of a goal (as seen vs Ghana in Abuja). Some fresh legs need to be brought into that midfield and the old ones rejuvenated. Shalom!

  • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

    Hello beauties. So many lovely men in the house today. This is definitely where to belong. Keep the debate going guys. My boyfriend and I are loving it. Xxx
    Gift Obran has great potentials whichever way you look at it. A thousand kisses to you all. Xxx

  • Hassan Tia 1 year ago

    Peseiro must recall Orban, Boniface,Arthur Okonkwo,Chuba Akpom,Caleb Okoli so that Super Eagles will be so strong, formidable team; this recalling can make these player to merger each other till coming of AFCON. final tournment in Cote De’Ivore next year; I also recommend Peseiro to add Andersin Esiti, Okechukwu Azubiuke to make defensive midfield so strong and ferocious instead of Ndidi, Etebo who are out of form, also Peseiro can merger Chidozie Awaziem in defensive midfield.

    • Akanlo Ede 1 year ago

      The following players are irreplaceable. Leon Balogun, Awaziem, Etebo, Shehu Abdullahi, Anayo Iwuala, Paul Onuachu, Joe Aribo and Omeruo. They are to be invited for the next match.

      • did you just say Shehu abdullahi are you smoking crack lol!!!

        • Akanlo Ede 1 year ago

          How come you only picked out the Northerner? Are you a tribal bigot?

          • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

            HE is na!

            Are YOU just getting to KNOW?

            Who doesn’t know UGO as a TRIBAL BIGOT on this PLATFORM?

      • @Akanlo Ede Since 2022 Shehu Abdullahi has only played 8 games in a bulgarian league before then he was a bench warmer in Cyprus. it is as if you people don’t realise Nigeria missed out on WC and the impact that had on our reputation and football as a whole. Please only the best and highest profile players for SE even a half fit Ndidi is miles ahead of Shehu Abdullahi and you are here claiming that he is undroppable. Nawaoo .

        @MONKEY POST HOW FAR NA… be like say na only my comments dey make you to comment lol anyway no shakes I was worried about you it’s been long I never heard your funny reasoning LOL!

        • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


          My FRIEND UGO I MISS tho even tho you are a PAIN in the A** sometimes…


          Omo na the CASH WAHALA make me HIDE oo

          Abeg I fit get CASH from you…


    • @Hassan Tia I agree with you on Orban and maybe Boniface but the rest is a no no Chuba Akpom is playing championship football and is not even in our top five of attackers rather that energy must be used of Folarin Balogun if anything. also Destiny Udojie should be called up and tried to be recruited as well as Isaac Success should be called up. Caleb okoli has already chosen Italy, Okwonkwo may be yes if our goalkeeping coaches are even aware of his eligibility lol. Aderson etisi and Okechukwu azubuike and Awaziem over Ndidi and Etebo is a no no. even Boniface I feel he is just on form I really don’t think his class is permanent just my opinion

      • Golden Child 1 year ago

        @Ugo Iwunze, Why should Isaac Success be called up ? The man has 0 goals this season as a striker!!

        • @Golden Child Success is playing more from the wings he is not a Out and Out Striker. He starts every game for Udinese, Look at his assist ratio he can create a lot of chances for Osimhen so too can Lookman and of course Chukwueze. He is a very good option to come off the bench for the likes of Lookman and Chukwueze.

      • benakay 1 year ago

        First of, Championship EPL football is more competitive than the Belgian league – much more games per season and its very demanding. If you can survive there, you can play in a national team.
        Also, there are many countries whose players currently play in the Championship, including Senegal, Japan, US and a lot of other countries around the world.
        Third, it would be ridiculous to say that Chuba Akpom is a Championship player, when the likes of Troost Ekong, Samuel Kalu, Semi Ajayi, Maduka Okoye, Etebo, Ighalo, and alot of players also played there at some point in time or the other during their National team careers.
        Akpom has done more than enough to deserve a call up. Even Ighalo didn’t rack up these kind of numbers when he was invited to the National team when he was at Watford.

    • Sean 1 year ago

      @Hassan Tia. Thanks for your concern. May be Paseiro should kunkun stick with Indidi, Aribo and Etebo if there are no better replacement than those you mentioned.
      Anderson Esiti and Awaziem to midfield? May be you should look for Ukraine-Nigeria match and watch again to see the best of Your slow motion Esiti that came in when we were leading with 0 goals to 2 and they equalized after lots of hard work from Esiti in the Midfield. Lol!

      • Golden Child 1 year ago

        Aribo that does not even make match day squads for a relegated threatened Southhampton. The boy is average and so is Onuachu.

  • Gritty 1 year ago

    @Hassan, SE need defensive midfielders who are mobile, energetic, skillful, good passers of the ball, and can make runs to open up spaces for the team and even shoot, pass the ball very quickly for a counter attack…
    We don’t need players that don’t know how to operate from the middle skillfully with forward surging movements…. Watch, Partey, Kante, etc. There should be dynamism and technical overhauling of our midfield.

    The midfielders must be workaholics with great playing techniques, see what Enzo Fernandez, Modric, Debrune, and co are doing…. Midfielders can also dribble through and score goals for the team.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Tella of Burnley, Destiny udogie of Udinese, Chukwuemeka of Chelsea, Olise of Crystal Palace and Ebere of Crystal Palace should be tried again if they’ll switch allegiance. If not let us go for Tella, Alhassan, Nwobodo mixed with Onyedika to compete with Ariball, Ndidi and Etebo for a midfield spot. In defence I believe Okoli and Orban’s team mate Jordan Torunarigba will be a good addition to my defence since NFF has sent Anthony Izuchukwu to Oblivion. Let us also nurture Benjamin Fredrick , Daga and Aniagboso from the U20 team. Nigeria has no excuse to be suffering in football today. We have talents and no excuses makes sense for me!!!

  • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

    Do you watch or monitor NIGERIAN players at all, sir?

    Who is ANDERSON ESITI and where does he play currently?? ANDERSON ESITI that cannot make MALTA or ERITREA National Team on current form??

    Na wa ooo

  • Larry 1 year ago

    I have watched the clip of this highly talented Orban. He possesses all the attributes of a modern forward (skills, speed, prolific, uses both feet, direct play and aggressive).
    It will be wrong for the coach to pick someone playing in the lower division ahead of him..
    On current form and top grade competitions, Osi 9, Lookman, Chukzy, Moffi, Orlando and Boniface are ahead of others.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      You’re right the Boy should not be judged on any team or league he plays. What should be used to judge him is his attributes. The only thing that separates him from Obagoal his the lightening speed that Martins has which makes him leave defence to dust when chasing him. But he finishes chances like Julius Aghahowa with just a few touch. This should be used to judge Gift Orban and give him a cap without delays of saying he is young or he is bleaching lol….. much credits to AKP who raised the alarm first hand even when myself and few were doubting if this is not another Peter Ijeh or Tosin Dosumu…..

  • Assuming Orban is an European born of Nigerian heritage, u’ll see Nigeria could’ve scrambling for him,but because he’s made in Nigeria, they’ll be playing with him,let them be playing with him until Belgium finds a loophole in his nationality,n cap tie him.

  • is gift orban truely 20 years old. because he reminds me of a samuel kalu who was the toast of the super eagles but after a year and half he just faded away.
    i hope he is 20 years old so that he can have a thriving footballing career.

  • So Ahmed Musa is in the list again. Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! NIGERIA IS A JOKE!!!

    • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

      Darling Ugo. Xxx. At least Shehu Abdullahi is excluded. Why not count your blessings. You are a beautiful man. Xxx

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    I am appealing to coach Pereiro to give a chance to Oaban and Victor Boniface. They deserve the Caps.

  • Adetunji 1 year ago

    Everyone’s contribution and comment are superb, there is no doubt. One thing I really want us to focus on is, whether we like it or not, Nigeria will always produce deadly strikers because we have the history of producing finest strikers. Dated back to the time of the great Rashidi Yekini to Osimehen. Can we only rely on the strikers to the job alone? My answer is NO! If we must be realistic, Nigeria need a balanced team. Nigeria national team still not good enough in the mildfield and defence. We only have fringe players in those two highlighted deparments. Strikers need the services of the mildfielders to score goals and if we can get that department sorted, we will be a force to reckon with. I watched the just concluded under 20 tournament in Egypt, the same problem was identified and spotted. There was no single creative and intelligent mildfielder, no one was seen in that team. Mildfield is the driving force of any national team. Effort must be made to address this problem. I was also surprised, just like millions of Nigeria when I saw Ahmed Musa still getting the invitation to national team, I don’t think it is necessary to invite fringe and tired-legs into our national team. Ahmed Musa has played his part in the national team, I expect him to have resigned by now and make way for others to grow and show their talents. Age is part of this game and once you have lost the speed and the pace, you will just be a liability to the team. It is never too late to sort out our mildfield. We need strong, energetic, skillful and intelligent mildfielders, those who can die for doring the national team shirt. I watched clips of GIFT ORBAN, wow, he is a talented player, but he can’t still be trusted enough, he needs to start with the under 23, I reckon that. ORBAN GIFT needs to grow and gain more confidence before he can be trusted with the national team assignment. If he was invited into the national team and could not play to his potential, we will be the one to castigate him and that might affect his confidence level. There are loads of good strikers in Nigeria and outshore Nigeria, but we must right now focus on the mildfield and defence because those departments need to be strengthened if we must win any silverware in the future. I am truly happy by what have seen in Osimehen. I personally sent a DM to him that he needs to start taking his chances and increase his goal tally if he must be recognised in the world. When Osimehen was injured, there was this guy called RASPODERI, I messaged Osimehen that if he continues to miss glorious chances like he was doing then, RASPODERI will take his place. Thank God, he is getting the attention and recognition he truly deserved. He is one of the best in the world right now. There are things Osimehen does that HALLAND cannot do vice versa.

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    Any player scoring for fun in a league like Belgian and even UEFA competitions is ripe for the national team. People should stop defending these stupid people in the NFF. Let’s even say we’ve got many good strikers in the SEs at the moment and there may not be room for everyone, what stops Salisu and the NFF from inviting these budding talents to play for the U-23 since they are still eligible and FIFA’s window allows their invitation. I understand that players who have been on the fringes of the SEs like Alhassan Yusuf of Antwerp FC, Boniface Victor of USG, and even Gift Orban of Gent are still eligible to play for the Dream Team. What stops the NFF from harvesting them into the U23 instead of packing the camp with overaged players with multiple passports? It’s clear Salisu has sold almost all the slots in the team to agents who can pay, and it doesn’t make any economic sense if these established players would just come to camp without dropping anything for the tech crew. I see this team failing woefully at AFXON U23 because it’s a team built of lies, favoritism and corruption.

  • TALK UR OWN 1 year ago


    • JULIET 1 year ago

      Amen oooooooo
      What criteria you used to invite MUSA, ONUACHU, Academy player BAMAIYI, ARIBO(bench-warmwer), IHEANACHO,

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