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Osimhen : Ighalo’s Return Good For Super Eagles

Osimhen : Ighalo’s Return Good For Super Eagles

Victor Osimhen says he has no problem with Odion Ighalo’s return to the Super Eagles, Competesports.com reports.

The Napoli striker has established himself as Nigeria’s leading marksman after Ighalo quit international football at the end of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

The 22-year-old now face a stiff competition for his position after Ighalo’s return to the team.

Ighalo, who currently plays for Saudi Professional Football League outfit Al Shabab is part of Nigeria’s 24-man squad for the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against the Lone Star of Liberia and Blue Sharks of Cape Verde.

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Fans, journalists and former internationals have queried the forward’s recall to the team, but Osimhen is at home with the decision of head coach Gernot Rohr and the Nigeria Football Federation.

“It’s good for the team. The coach and the federation know what is the best for the team. We welcome him with open arms and we look forward to receiving him in camp,” Osimhen told the Super Eagles media after training on Wednesday.

“Like I said before , he is like a big brother to me and I like him so much. I learn a lot of things from him and it is important to have him in the team.

“We all have a common goal to qualify for the World Cup and do well at the AFCON. Whatever is good for the team, I think the coach and the federation will bring it into play.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Richie 3 years ago

    Hmmmm…. Game respecting Game, quite alright.. but then Osiball, what are the fans themselves saying?


    • Stanley 3 years ago

      Wao Wao Wao? This game, hmmmm! Hmmmm. Still needs improvement, lacking in materials but the only thing is voluminous noises. Could have written all in 5-line. See below.

      • Josie 3 years ago

        Hello, could you ples expatriate? Or is Odion the only SE in Morroco being carried voluminously?

        • I think the Wao3 guy Stanley is about to type, hopefully not nonsense as in down down below.

      • Jideola 3 years ago

        Stanley, don’t you know we weren’t tot summary for class. Abu, you do summary for sch? I cherish voluminous objectivity.

        • CharSay 3 years ago


          voluminous objectivity. You fit type wetin u no get? Lolzz

          • Sadiat 3 years ago

            That one come be o must comment since na Odion…. me too go laffoo, he he he

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    You see how much of a mentor Ighalo can be to these young lads

  • I didn’t expect osimhen to say anything different from what he has just said……It is called COURTESY…..even if you want to return Amokachi to the national team you don’t expect osimhen to kick against it in the media……like osimhen said “the coach and the federation know what is best for the team”…….Ighalo should be a gentleman and stay in his retirement…..He should save himself the embarrassment waiting for him……If he wants to prove he is world class he should do that somewhere else……SE has alot of youngsters coming up especially in his position……So please Ighalo do the honourable thing and respect yourself by staying far away from the team…… You can still lend your vast experience to them but please do it from the outside…….let the young grow.

    • The next four days followed the same pattern like the thing is like eh? Probably you missed summary class in your time. The gibberish here could have been in just 3 lines. Ha ha ha! Try summary class next time

  • Ighalo’s problem with SE fans was not actually the goal he missed against Argentina but his reaction to the miss after the match. To be honest, that miss was a very nasty one, because that was supposed to be a goal…… pure goal. In fact, immediately the ball finally got to him after Rojo’s futile attempt to stop it, my brother and I stood up and started celebrating the goal in advance even before he took the shot, because we felt the ball had no other destination apart from the back of the net. But when we didn’t hear people in our neighborhood shout “is a goal” as we both jumped up and down in the parlour, we had to pause look at the screen, to find out why people in our neighborhood have not joined us in celebration. Lo and behold, we saw Ighalo with his hands on his head, like somebody with headache. To be honest, we were terribly disappointed. Apart from losing to Argentina for the umpteenth time, what pained me more was that for so long we had suffered in the hands of the Philistines in almost all the World Cups we had attended and that particular match was our best chance to either win or at least draw with them, but Ighalo fluffed that opportunity. I believe if he had calmed a bit before shooting, he would have scored that goal but he rushed the process. Perhaps, that miss could be due to lack of World Cup EXPERIENCE on his part, because if it were Musa that got that chance, he would have very likely converted it, the same way he calmly scored those two goals against Iceland.
    With tempers flaring, tension high with some women and even men crying after the loss, what fans expected from Ighalo was apology and total remorse. But he irked the fans when he said in the post match interview, “This is football, you score some and you miss some. Things don’t always go the way you want in football”. This is not what you tell fans, because even before the World Cup started fans already know that in football you score some and you miss some. What was expected from him was to apologise and show total remorse. He could have said “I’m very sorry for missing the goal. I’m really pained because it is my duty to score but I missed. I know how you all feel, I’m also in pain too, I apologise once again”. If he had said something like this, maybe in one or two days after the fans had recovered, they could have responded to his apology by telling him that this is football, you win some and you lose some. Essentially, it is the fans that should be the one exonerating a player, not the other way around. The phrase “this is football, you score some and you miss some” should come from the fans and not from the player. You can’t miss a goal and exonerate yourself by yourself. To make an already bad matter worse, his wife went online to insult and clap back at fans. All these culminated to the threat to burn his house and deal with him and his family.
    So now that he is back, I want to use his words – This is football, you score some and you miss some. This is because, he may not score all the chances that may come his way. He could even miss a very glaring chance. We are all humans, nobody is above error.
    So he has three options: It is either he scores all the chances that come his way, or he learns how to appeal to fans when he misses a chance that cost us something, or let him forget about returning to SE. He is representing 200Million people and should be accountable to all of them. There is nothing like feeling entitled or too big to appeal to fans when you don’t represent them well. There are other players waiting on the wings, so, it is not a do or die affair. Hence, if he is not ready to be accountable, let him step out for players who are ready to be held accountable to step in. I wish him the best of luck in his third stint for SE.

    • Rhor has made this guy into a legend……who knows Ighalo in Nigerian Football?….. his arrogance is what annoys me the most……For someone who has not even achieved anything for Nigeria……Musa Mikel Moses Onazi Omeruo Ideye are Afcon champions with Nigeria but they are not even arrogant as Ighalo…… What gives him such boldness is his control over Oga Rhor……Even demanding to be brought into a match from his coach, imagine the Effontry and Odasity…….Ighalo will never forget coach Rhor in his life.

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        “His arrogance is what annoys you”…. How??? How??? Pls explain to us how he has been arrogant. Una hate for this guy don dy show small small even though u try to hide it but it keeps popping out its head all the time u people speak.

        • @oakfield I stated the reason up there….. demanding to be brought into a match from his coach openly is arrogance my dear friend.

        • @oakfield if asking for the old people in positions to step down for the young ones is hatred to you then I accept it……If hatred will bring sanity to the state of the nation you claim to love so much then I accept it…… But Ighalo should step down and let the younger generation try something different SIMPLE.

      • Edoman 3 years ago

        @Akp. Agreed with you 100%. We Edo people are very very ARROGANT. Victor Moses is arrogant, soon, Osimhen will become arrogant. Of course, Odion Ighalo is a doubly an arrogant professional guy. Look at his Net worth. Look deeply at what he has achieved financially for himself and his family. Ha ha, no one can take that away from him. We Edo people are extremely proud people. Because we achieved. People are coming out now to confess that. Edoman will surely welcome more confessions. Let me put this out there for your info. Ighalo has the highest NET-WORTH of all Nigerians professional football players. If that is not something to be proud of, then, l don’t know what is. Thanks, Akp.

        • Chineneye 3 years ago

          Ighalo’s networth is currently $30.7M behind Obafemi Martin’s at $35.8M not to talk of Mikel Obi. Stop misinforming people in here.

          Truth remains he has no business in the super Eagles team anymore

          Only a national team filled with politics and unambitious like the SE will still be clamouring for players from Saudi Arabian League not serious countries like France, Spain , England etc

          Benzema came back to National because he’s still plays at highest level

          Though Ighalo has never looked arrongant not from what I’ve seen from him. He even apologised for Eagles knocked out at the 2018 WC.

        • Chinenye 3 years ago

          Stop misinforming people on here Ighalo’s networth is currently $30.7M behind Obafemi Martin’s at $35.8M not to talk of Mikel Obi at $59M

          Notwithstanding he simply has no business in the super eagles team

          No serious competitive country will include players from Saudi Arabian League. Teams like France, Spain, England etc does not have any business with players from these leagues except Nigeria where politics and corruption plays a role in everything

          Having said these, Ighalo us not arrogant as somesone said on this forum. Not from what I’ve seen from him. He even apologised for his performance at the 2018 WC

        • @edoman All the players you mentioned above can not demand openly to be brought into a match from their coach……He humiliated Rhor with that action but you guys don’t know…..he undermined the national team by that action but you guys don’t know…..Ighalo returning will humiliate the young strikers in the team it will cause a lasting damage to their confidence……The problem with Nigeria is that we believe that once someone has money then he can do anything and it’s all good……we are preparing Tinubu a 70+ sick man to succeed a disaster we are still trying to overcome and if you object his supporters will say “your hatred for Tinubu is not good”……. If you want to know why Nigeria is the way it is just look into the average mentality of an average Nigerian.

      • chrisB 3 years ago

        “Not achieved anything for Nigeria?” The over 50 Nigerian children in his orphanage in Lagos as well as a host of widows he caters for, putting food on their table consistently on a daily basis will beg to differ. Bros, a lot of people in Ajegule here will kill for this same Ighalo. Do you know the number of people he feeds here directly & indirectly? This footballer is a legend in the hearts of many – giving hope of a better life to a good number of human beings who did not even have any. Arrogant? If you get to know him on a personal level, I am very convinced you will review that statement to a positive one and be thanking him for giving back (and still giving) to the poor and less priviledged. He may not be the best addition to the squad now, but I still think it is a positive one and on the whole, we have a very strong team. No human being wakes up in the morning and sets out to deliberately fail. Every one wants to succeed at what he/she does and this includes Rohr. Let us get behind our team please and wish all of them well..Up Super Eagles!!!

    • Fred Ebohi 3 years ago

      Lolz! You are only being sacarstic. Don’t you win and lose some?
      Irrespective of how some of you feel about Rohr and NFF, we still need to beg Odion to bring his experience to the team.

  • Osimhen was definitely going to speak in this manner as I pointed out earlier. For many reason including we know how NFF and Rohr can treat players who speak against their dubious.

    Also what the players say means nothing and doesn’t change the fact that Ighalo’s call up is wrong this only sugar coats a bad decision and the boy is only saying this for camera to keep the team unity.

    This is CSN and Nigeria media trying to make it look like they are cool with it even if they are not, do they have a choice??

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      “For many reason including we know how NFF and Rohr can treat players who speak against their dubious”…….. But Balogun openly spoke against the nff for owing them for years. What has been done to him? Has treated badly ever since then???? Last time I checked, he still remains one of the main pillars of our team till date. Bunch of crazy liars whose smelly bellies are filled prejudice and hate.

      • @POMPEI ABI POMPUS you are completely gone MAD!!!!!. so you are pushing this conundrum. Pillars of what team. He is AWOL because he have come to his senses and you are calling him pillar of a team. Someone that turned his back on the team 2 years ago because he though he was doing us something wrong, only God had another plan. He was manifesting the likes of Osimhen and Awoniyi. I know Osimhen deep down knows Rohr has gone mad for bringing Ighalo back. From Osimhen point of View if he ever decides to turn his back on SE because of this Ighalo nonsense. Because as much as Osimhen considers Ighalo a big Brother. Osibobo is very close with Taiwo and I can forsee a problem if Taiwo vents his frustration to Victor for this. If Victor Shuns Nigeria call up in future and I mean as soon as next year. You Big Eyes will clear

        • pompei 3 years ago

          Your own madness, no be today e start. Stupid nonsensical fool who resorts to insults when logic and rationality fails him.
          Use your head and think, stupid fool.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Nobody knows the golden boot winner at 2019 Afcon? The best center forward in Africa from 2018 to 2019? Hehehehehe, hate has twisted the brain of some people!
    If Ighalo bribed his way into the team, why is he staying away now? Is he going to ask for a refund of his bribe?
    Like I said before, Ighalo does not need to play for Nigeria at this moment in his career. He is wealthy, and has achieved much in football.
    He should stay away, in my opinion. No need to come and shed his sweat and blood for thankless, ungracious , fair weather fans.
    You people are setting a dangerous precedent. Going forward, you want to establish that SE is only for players in top 5 leagues, not for our best.
    So, if a club in Qatar offers Osimhen $5 million per month to come play for them, you think he won’t take it? If he does, which is totally reasonable from a financial standpoint, according to you guys, he is no longer eligible for SE!
    That is the dangerous precedent you are setting.
    The best system is to select your best players, wherever they may be found, regardless of age and experience levels.
    If we find a 10 year old or a 50 year old in Ajegunle who is good enough and rugged enough to play for the SE, and is the best in a position, we invite him.
    The only issue I have is the influence of DW Sports and unscrupulous NFF officials in player selection. As Long as Rohr remains in total control of player invitations, then all we need to do is establish that he is trustworthy. If he is, let us allow him to select whoever he needs to get the job done.

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      Thumbs up Pompei….

    • Best Centre Foward in Africa between 2018 and 2019 from a Nigerian perspective because the last time I checked. they were not many Centre fowards in Africa of Reckon between that time. The last top Centre Forward to retire was Didier Drogba and Since Didier the most dynamic forwrard to come out of Africa is Victor Osimhen closely followed by Taiwo Awoniyi because if you look at the stats which African Centre fowrads at present are causing headlines. yet the nation is calling back an average centre fowrad Odion Ighalo and dimming our excitement.

      The Centre forward Role in SE should be battled out between Osimhen and Awoniyi on Merit PERIOD!!!!!.

      The best centre forward in Africa what a joke. Mediocre mindset 16 goals and retired early for missing a sitter and playing Badly Riyad Mahrez out did Ighalo. let us look at that Algeria game again. tell me If Osimhen of Today cannot out do Ighalo. Guy @Pompei if Ighalo Matter backfires you know u will become a laughing stock on this forum. eevn your 8 likes will disown you on this and leave you naked on this forum

      Nigeria vs Algeria AFCON 2019


      • I know most will say he scored a penalty. he did not win the pen. He had only 2 highlights and again you see Ighalo Pulling a shot wide when it would have been easier to test the keeper. If he scored it would have changed the whole dynamic of that game. but like in 2018 a year before he always misses the crucial shot. Ighalo has tried but he should step aside. Osimhen is 10X more lethal than Ighalo so is Awo.

        • Forget the 4 goals because Ighalo if there would not have stopped them either. But look at how deadly our attack is without Ighalo and look at Osimhen Assisting ability as he is very good at that in a SE shirt.


          • @Pompei one more thing Since this game. Osimhen and most of our players profile have risen.

            this team is meant to be fueled with competition in every department if Rohr selects fairly. for instance look at our attack are you telling me that for instance if Rodgers can You Lookman as his go to guy for Leicester Goals would that not be a weapon Rohr can have on the bench instead of wasting the space on Musa. You see bro there are many cracks in this team that can easily be sorted out with a “LIST” yet corruption and Quota System will never allow Nigeria reach its full footballing Potential that is a FACT and your comments prove it.

            They are really strong players exiled from this squad the kind that will walk into any team in World Football and Karim Adeyemi very soon Amoo will follow then Lookman. Bassey e will loose all these boys if Corruption, Pinnick and Rohr are allowed to persist with this Experience excuse . Like Ugbo also proved.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Ighalo’s miss against Argentina was a bad one. Just like Ocherome oma said, I was also expecting the net to bulge at that moment, and watched in disbelief when the ball went wide.
    I’m sure Ighalo felt bad after the miss. He likely apologized to fans thru social and other media. More importantly, he stepped up big time at the Afcon 2019, banging in goals that won him the golden boot.
    If you take a close look at that chance he missed against Argentina, in that moment, a difficult world cup game, it was not easy. The tension alone can make someone easily fluff his lines. And it was a volley, which is never easy to execute. Perhaps Ighalo should have side-footed it for more accuracy, but his option to shoot would have shook the net, if only it was accurate. We can talk all day, but we can’t change the past.
    Perhaps Ighalo wants to come back for this reason. Perhaps he wants to continue making amends for that miss.
    It is noteworthy that Ighalo appears to have learned from that miss against Argentina. He had a similar chance against Cameroon at the Afcon. A cross came into the Cameroon box, Musa chested it up, and Ighalo buried the ball into the net with a clinical left foot finish. I was afraid he was going to miss that volley, like he did against Argentina. But he did not! And that volley was more difficult than the Argentina volley, in my opinion.
    Perhaps the man has trained for, and mastered the art of volleying the ball in tight situations. Note that we also saw him scoring some wonderful volleys for Man United in his time there. I think if he had that chance against Argentina again today, the ball ends up in the net.
    There are so many other attributes Ighalo has that make him a good option to have on the bench, ready to come in when needed.
    By refusing to have Ighalo in the team, we might be shooting ourselves in the foot, yet again.
    If he chooses not to come, then we have to respect his decision. But if he does come, he should be encouraged and supported. When Ighalo scores, Nigeria scores.

  • And who says agentina can’t still beat Nigeria even though ighalo score that goal?
    Abeg let us leave this team for rohr to manage.

    Most important thing right now is for us to win.

    For oshimen to even come and speak on this matter means a lot.

    It mean those players must have read all kinds of comments that are not healthy enough for the team and for the young players.

    Ighalo is like a brother to them all and He will be openly welcome by the players.

    • A disunited house can only achieve the reward of falling like a pack of cards….
      Odion Ighalo is not going to stay much longer in the Super Eagles team, he is on Pilgrimage!!!
      Taiwo Awoniyi will still get his chance but must contribute significantly to the goals needed by the Nigerian Team.
      Remember that Kanu nwankwor is still among Nigeria’s greatest footballers but did not win the Nation’s Cup even with JJ Okocha and Oliseh in the Team. Can Anyone compare that midfield at AFCON 2000 to the one we have now?
      Yet we think that it is our birthright to win the NEXT AFCON.
      A team with better midfield distributions will always stand a better chance of success than a team of WORLD CLASS STRIKERS that can’t contribute at least 65% each to the vertical and modular Dynamics of the 360 degrees midfield Play.
      Odion Ighalo is certainly not the obstacle at this point<14 months maximum in this Team::::

  • pompei 3 years ago

    This one is for those who say nobody knows Ighalo.
    Those who have forgotten what Ighalo can do.
    Just a little reminder.


    • sunshine 3 years ago

      And what was spectacular about the goals he scored. if the first shot was not deflected the goalkeeper would have caught the ball. Abeg look for something meaningful to had, please lets start inviting players from Latvian, vietnam, etc leagues. So are you saying Sodiq umar couldn’t be invited in his place

  • The truth be told the SE don’t need the experience of Ighalo including his goals to win the next AFCON tournament and to seal qualification for 2022 w/cup. As a matter of fact, what the team truly need is for the coaching crew led by Genot Rohr to review the team’s previous games and begin to develop tactics and formation that would accommodate every shade of player in his repertoire and thus bring out the best in them.
    Again, this is about the first time in a long while, perhaps in over a decade that we have the glut in the supply of young quality forwards with remarkable performances week in week out in Europe’s top leagues.
    Rohr’s case is the proverbial poor craftsman who blames his tools.
    In a manner of speaking, it’s the coach’s cluelessness and failure to reinvent Ighalo’s and Victor Moses’ goal scoring and qualities that should be blamed and not the players, who’ve earned their invitation on accounts of their clubs’ performances, aside from just a few. Last season in the Serie A, a Nigerian, Simy Nwankwo was one of the best strikers; over the past three seasons, consistently, a Nigerian, Anthony Nwakeme was one of the gifted forwards in the Turkish league who would have seamlessly filled in into Victor Moses’ shoes after his exit. He’s one player that combines strong physicality with amazing goal scoring technique on the wing. Sadly, we don’t have a coach to identify his true talent.
    In the current campaign, Super Eagles forwards have produced some masterful performances and displays in Europe that have not gone unnoticed with the likes of burly Taiwo Awoniyi, red hot gangling Paul Onuachu and all action Osimhen. Cyriel Kolawole Dessrs has reinvented himself at Eredivisie with Feynoord. In the EPL, the SE is not short of personnel upfront with experienced Iheanacho and enterprising Dennis. In the same way, the team’s wing players’ performances have been remarkable with Simon Moses notching top goal assists in ligue 1 with Nantes, Ejuke is the toast of the fans in Russia with his goals, trickery and dribbling skills. Chukwueze is back on his feet after a long layoff.
    With all these qualities, what’s Rohr and Amaju’s hue and cry about lack of quality in the attack. Or whose job is it to ensure that the tools work – strikers score goals- but Rohr’s. It’s shameful that Ighalo allowed himself to rescind his earlier decision to go on retirement following alleged threats to his life after poor showing at the last mundial. Odion Ighalo in his heart of heart knows there’s enough quality in the attack with the players like Osimhen who understudied him at the last AFCON. Without much ado, Rohr is at his wit end; his best coaching moments were during the qualifier for the last world cup. Age is one strong factor that’s caught up with him and he’s bereft of tactical nuances to fire up the zeal in the boys hence the call for the return of Jude Ighalo. It remains to be seen of his return would guarantee AFCON success in Cameron next year.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      Oh wow, I am so impressed with this. I have said it before, age is on Oga Rohr side and the best will can get from him is to ask him to scout for Super Eagles.

      That is the best NFF can do if we have to win something great from now on.

      But NFF doesn’t care. If they don’t care, we the fans are care. Oga is the major problem of the Super Eagles.

      I will like Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Enyeama and Ikeme to lead Super Eagles to the next Afcon and if they fail then NFF should go for a foreign coach.

      Oga Rohr have done his best and his best was during the last world cup qualifiers.

      It is good for Ighalo to step aside. He should learn from Victor Moses.

      A coach that said Nigeria can not win the world cup with Super Eagles so, what are we waiting for?

      That means the current squad is not good enough to win the Afcon trophy in Cameroon?

      This is so frustrating kę. It is only in Nigeria this kind of scenario occurs. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Derrick 3 years ago

    So benching a young, vibrant awoniyi for ighalo all in the name for experience is cool with you guys? The way people think in this country is amazing. Some even said awoniyi didn’t score against CAR,as if it didn’t take ighalo 8 games for SE before he started scoring..the confusion this coach is creating will come back to hurt him. Anyone that keenly watched the two games against CAR, saw that our problem wasn’t scoring, but creating chances, which points out that the team lacks creativity, time and over again, this man has not done anything about it. The bomb is ticking, when it finally explodes,Rohr,Amaju and Musa will not contain the rot of Nigerians.Afcon will expose alot of things.

    • @Derrick, you said it all.

      I can’t imagine that we would leave out Awoniyi for Ighalo in the name of experience.

      Our coach is too lazy to think. How do we get here as a nation, getting a coach to be paid expensively for his low worth yet offers little or nothing.

      One would think that rather than Rohr’s obession with Ighalo, his major headache should have been how to fix the midfield’s lack of creativity by getting right personnel to provide the supply of quality passes to the front men or better still work on the enterprising wingers like Ejuke, Chukwueze and other wingers who are strong on ball possession to get the right deliveries to the forwards.

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        You all talk of Rohr fixing the creative midfield dept……how if I may ask? He scouted Eze but Eze refused, scouted Olise who remained coy, Ejaria is still dilly dallying with switch, talked to Musiala and Karim Adeyemi but Germany quickly snapped them up, Nony Madueke is still waiting on Red lion’s invitation. The list goes on…………..you don’t know how many other players he has talked to outside media eyes.

        Please cut Rohr a big (not just some) slack guys. He has been able to fix GK, Defence and Attack to some extent so far, central midfield is taking a good shape for now, so he will get it all right soon. Don’t forget there was a full 18 months of no international soccer recently, so the upcoming pre-AFCON camping will afford him opportunity to fix this team properly for AFCON Glory

  • M. Abbas 3 years ago

    Is not all of us that subscribe to noise making so therefore, What is Odion’s status right now, CS?

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

    The confirmation I see up here is nothing but the fact that ignorance is a disease. It is not difficult to relate and possibly probe into some sterotypes up here.
    No matter how good a footballer can score goals, there is no player that has not had a course to miss a very clear scoring opportunity. Even Cristiano Ronaldo with 5 Ballon d’Or and Lionel Messi with a record 6 Ballon d’Or, have missed a couple of scoring opportunities in their illustrious football careers. In fact, their misses are among the worst misses in football history.

    • Saturday 3 years ago

      I dey like lookman like this like this since we have freedom to rush the comment page even lacking in ideas and figures.

      Neymar missed, the same Neymar… Neymar was the man of the match when Paris Saint Germain faced Atalanta in the quarter-final round of the UEFA Champions League 2019-2020. Despite his man of the match performance, he lost one of the biggest scoring opportunities of the match.

      What these guys don’t know is without Odion, SE will not go qualify for the WC, I am not concerned about the lone star which ordinary lobi stars would work over.

  • Kunle 3 years ago

    I swear, there is no player escape in Nigeria. They way they praise oshimhen and others today the same way they can floor them tomorrow.

    Super eagles, my dear players don’t be carried away by their praise because most of them are very wicked people, they do not forgive and forget others mistake.

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      Are you the coach or the NFF President to know or say categorically that Ighalo is not needed?

      You seem to think your opinion counts bro, sorry to bust your bubble, you are just an insignificant drop of water in the ocean of Nigeria

      You statements are always flawed and inconsistent but you never realise incongruent your comments are.

      You said Kanu’s comeback in 2010 was opposed by you as not “necessary because we though we had Ayeigbeni Until he did something similar to what Ighalo is being forgiven for now”. But yet you are making the same mistake of opposing Ighalo comeback……………..are you a perpetual opposition party? Please allow good reasoning to prevail in your brain for once in your lifetime bro

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        ***edit button pls CSN………..realise how incongruent you comments are.

        • @Dr Banks wjhat did Kanu do??. Did you think Yakubu Miss was not Planned Anumanu HOW Old are you?????????

  • Stanley 3 years ago

    Wao Wao Wao! Gees, let’s get on the second base. Who throws the first salvo?

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Ugo Iwunze, you have been barking Ighalo’s name like a dog all day!
    Ighalo, Ighalo, Ighalo, woof, woof, woof!
    Guy, you no get work? Even if you’re unemployed, you can look for work.
    And if you are employed, it’s dishonest for you to be spending so much time here on company time. You’re not even using the time wisely. Na so so gibberish dey commot from your stinking buccal cavity.
    You are such a senseless idiot! If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, is it a do-or-die matter? Can you not argue logically, without resorting to insults?
    Iwunze, are you so senseless?
    You talk your own, let others talk their own!

    • pompei 3 years ago

      It is you that is a mad rabid dog. Who has been barking like a dog since morning? Ighalo, Ighalo, Ighalo, woof, woof, woof!
      Is Ighalo the casue of your personal problems?
      Go and find somewhere to sit down! Halfwit cretin!
      How can someone be so unreasonable?

      • pompei 3 years ago

        Hehehehe, back to sender, compound fool!
        Bloody nonsensical waste of space!
        Shebi the only way you know how to debate is with insults?
        You are the one who is an asinine bastard. You stinking pig masquerading as a human! Bloody chimpanzee. Get out of this place, and let civilized humans share ideas. This place is not for agberos like you. Even the agberos at the motor park will reject a useless idiot like you. They will refuse to hang out with a derelict nitwit simpleton like you.
        Iwunze, your bad belle and hatred for Ighalo is a thing of wonder to behold. What you wish me, may swirl right back on your head! Now run along into your filthy kennel, like the deranged dog that you are!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    I don’t understand how someone can be so daft!
    Iwunze, I’ve explained so many times, you just refuse to let it sink into your thick head.
    Ighalo is not coming to bench Osimhen. That is extremely unlikely.
    Ighalo is only there as an option. Rohr will likely sub him in if his type of skill set is needed in a game. Or he may start if Rohr wants to play 2 strikers.
    Rohr may need his experience just to help us scale thru this round. That doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed to go to Afcon and the world cup, if we qualify. He has to fight for his spot, like everyone else.
    Nobody is saying Ighalo has automatic jersey. What we’re saying is he has a right to be allowed to compete for a spot in the squad, if Rohr deems him worthy of invitation.
    Iwunze, if you can’t accept that, go and use your dumb head to scatter zuma rock. But if Ighalo is a success and you celebrate his goals, you will be one of the greatest fools and hypocrites that ever lived!
    Now shut your pie hole if you have nothing reasonable to say!

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    @Chinenye thank God that you have a category of family to group people like me(The Olodo group of companies) but you see you, I don’t know where to classify you. If I say let me group you as human it wouldn’t fit cos you have a shallow brain. If I say as animal, it wouldn’t work cos you lack comprehension. Now what does “I learn alot of things from him” entails. Isn’t that a leadership, mentorship quality?? Fooooooooool!!!!

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