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Osimhen’s Sister, In-Law Drag Napoli Striker Over Alleged N217m Debt

Osimhen’s Sister, In-Law Drag Napoli Striker Over Alleged N217m Debt

Esther Okolo, the elder sister of forward Victor Osimhen and her husband, Osita Okolo have called out the Napoli star
over an alleged €69,000 and $439,000 (N217m) debt.

Esther claimed that Osimhen has refused to return the money he owed her husband who is the striker’s brother-in-law.

A tearful Esther narrated how her younger brother took the monies paid into her husband’s account with the promise to pay back and how the striker neglected her family after attaining fame.

“My brother, Victor Osimhen accused my husband of not helping us which is true. Because I had to borrow money to start a business that I am into right now. I am not saying he should help me because he said he won’t help me,”Esther stated during a recent Instagram live session with media personality, Daddy Freeze.


“There is no problem with that, what I want is for him to pay my husband his money. Even my other siblings don’t want to help us retrieve the money. Daddy Freeze, as I am talking to you, I don’t have hope.”

Esther further stated:”I don’t want problem, all I want is that Victor should give my husband his money because I know my husband worked for this money, there is evidence , but my family don’t want to see the truth.

“He is fighting for his right, he should give my husband what belongs to him.”

Esther alleged that his problem with the Super Eagles star striker was that he told him to take care of his family, who were still living in poverty.

“My husband criticised the lifestyle Victor is living and what his sisters are living,” she further revealed.

“Only outsiders are buying cars and building houses, while we the family are suffering.”

Osita also revealed the mistake he made which put him in a difficult situation.

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“The money was paid into my company account, but my greatest mistake was to give it to him when he asked for it with the promise he will pay back,” Osita lamented.

“I worked with him with my open mind not knowing he had a sinister plan against me.

“That’s the greatest mistake I made in my life.”

It would be recalled that Osita previously asked Osimhen to pay him a fee of over $400,000.

Kayode Adeniji, lawyer to Okolo, a member of the entourage, who initially managed the negotiation that brought Osimhen from Lille to Napoli told CalcioNapoli24.it on Thursday, June 30, 2022 that Osimhen was still indebted to his client.

“My client asks that he be recognized the amount agreed with the agent, William D’Avila for the transfer of Osimhen to Napoli, there was an agreement.

“In addition, Okolo must also receive money from Osimhen to whom he paid a sum of 400 thousand dollars and then 70 thousand euros for private reasons.

“This sum has not been returned to Okolo. This is where the legal action against D’Avila and Osimhen started. At this moment, my client wants to see an agreement he had with Osimhen recognized.

“And that is for the return of the money. At the time of the transaction from Lille to Napoli, there was an agreement that provided for a sum in favour of Okolo.

“This agreement was not respected. We would not want to have a head-on confrontation with Victor, we are interested in him staying focused on his affairs and on Napoli.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Dr Banks 1 year ago

    So this man wants N217 Million for gallivanting around Europe with Victor?

    Nawa for Nigerian families o, a sister who is prepared to tarnish the image and ruin the career of her own brother just because of a little dispute. This story doesn’t really add up, how can you transfer the whole money deposited into your account back to Victor simply on the premise that Victor needs the money for an urgent matter with a promise to pay you back, where is the agreement signed before surrendering such a huge amount of money? Why will Victor beg for such amount when he himself had just made an humongous amount from his transfer contract to Napoli? 

    What was Okolo’s role in the contract negotiation? As a personal assistant, was he not receiving salary from Victor until he was sacked? What kind of a personal assistant will go to media to make unpleasant comment about the same person he was supposed to be promoting the image? That was a very good enough ground for a sack because he was doing exactly the opposite of what he was employed for.

    Why were all the other siblings against this very sister Esther despite her claim that her husband only wants Victor to take care of the family, so the same family you were fighting for were against you? This is a case of an evil sense of entitlement if you ask me. What is wrong in Victor living a high life when he indeed worked hard for the success? Where was this Okolo guy when Victor was languishing in Wolfsburg Germany? What was Okolo’s contributions in Victor’s life while growing up as a kid?

    Why are they seeking public opinion and intervention now when the matter is already in court for adjudication?

    Abeg, CSN and Owngoal needs to properly ascertain the veracity of stories before feeding the public with trash like this, the poor boy doesn’t need this kind of negative publicities in his life right now

    Kindly watch the useless video of the sister and her husband in the Owngoal link below and lets here your comments:


    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      You have a shallow mind do you know what player manager is entitled to? If you have been following this news before today then you’ll understand that Osimhen has been in the wrong path of controversy and breaking agreements. That aside he’s also of the habit of using and dumping agents unethically, which to me is very dangerous for his well being. Boy has also ignored court appearances on two occasions to come defend himself and an arrest warrant has been issued to him for such cowardice attitude. Dr Banks I use the word shallow mind because if you encourage Victor’s attitude then you’re misleading his kinds whom should be well guided to keep agreements and desist from Greed. Note that Victors negative attitude will have an implication on his career and the earlier he gives himself peace then the better for him.

      • Dr Banks 1 year ago

        Am sure you’ll agree with me that you, Chima E Samuels are the most shallow minded and lack basic human values. Did you see the appointment letter or contract agreement signed with Victor that stipulate that Okolo is indeed his Manager? He was simply a Personal Assistant but because you 9ja locals like big title he decided to call himself Manager. 

        You said Victor has been using and dumping agents, what is wrong in firing an agent who is not representing my interest but rather keen on enriching themselves illegally at my own expense. Breach of contract agreement occurred from the Agents before Victor terminated their contract, if not so do you think the so called agents would not have instituted a legal recourse? Why should Victor be obliged to respect an agreement where it was the so called Agent or Manager who first breached his contractual obligations to Victor

        Did you hear where his Sister mentioned in the video that Victor threatened to Stab her husband in his home……….which kin story be that one? Then say Victor no dey help the family, why are the rest of the family supporting Victor against this very same sister and her husband?

        Let desist from this common PHD (Pull Him Down) Syndrome and face reality, Victor is an asset to the whole country and not just to her only, let’s not allow just one disgruntled sister and her husband destroy this asset

        This na family matter why them supposed sort out amicably within the family

        • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

          I will not go into debate with you because the court will bring out the truth, and Victor can not run away from Nigeria in a lifetime.

          • Dr Banks 1 year ago

            Exactly my point brother, the case is in court already so why are they seeking public sympathy by dragging his name to the mud in the media. 

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    There are 2 sides to every COIN

    • Lollipops 1 year ago

      @ Monkey Post, Abeg leave rebellious family Members and In-laws alone, we know their ways of doing things. They are in all family. Lol

    • Lollipops 1 year ago

      @Monkey Post, abeg leave rebellious family Members and In-laws alone, we know how they operate and do stuff. You help them, they will rebel, you nor help them they will rebel. We have them in all family. Since when, “Come Escort me to Italy or PA” don turn agent?

      Weti Mr Okolo and Rebellious wife dey smoke sef? Abeg make them recommend weti them dey smoke give Nigeria youths so that they fit rebel against PDP and APC in 2023. Bunch of clowns with short tails and dirty ass.

  • Dr Banks 1 year ago


  • Codex 1 year ago

    Fake News

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    It’s a real news Osimhen hired Osita as his manager after sacking his previous manager before leaving Lille and Osita was part of the agency that brokered the Napoli deal. But Oshimen and his usual habit allowed other family to sow discord between him and Osita. We know how some siblings can be demonic after food is ready. The commission that was paid to Osita was requested by Osimhen in promise to payback and the loyal Osita who didn’t smell betrayal bowed to the conman. This is not a debate I just hope Osimhen will retrace his step and not destroy himself with all this barbaric way of handling his career. Pay Osita be professional stop family business if it’s not working for you and move on. Esther and Osita are genuine people you don’t need to stress to note this.

    • Dr Banks 1 year ago

      You dey there when Osimhen requested for the money abi na you sign witness to the agreement? Why will someone who just got paid millions of Dollars then suddenly borrow hundreds of thousands dollars from his PA? And not just part but the whole commission that was paid to Osita, which kin loyalty be that?

      How is Osita a part of the Agency? Was he employed by the Agency? Is he the lawyer that drafted and negotiated the contract? What was his role in the negotiation? Many questions abound that you don’t know the answer to, so please Suush on this matter my brother, stop peddling your lopsided theory without any supporting evidence except relying on what you are reading from 9ja newspapers narrated by only one aggrieved party

      • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

        How did the money get into Osita’s account? And when did Osihmen become agent and self manager that you think the money is not Osita’s? Like I said there no need to go back and forth because the court will solve everything and one person will be vindicated. People need to stop being Greedy Osihmen has got a lot of cuts and sign on fee so I am shocked for him to allow things to escalate like this if not Greed.

        • kennth 1 year ago

          Please don’t waste your time responding to that DR dry’s ass licker. What response were you expecting from them.You have nailed it that he is simply greedy. HE simply didn’t want the guy to have the money. Simple has ABC.

          • SD Special Delivery Jones 1 year ago

            Chilli Kolanut loading……

      • Mr m 1 year ago

        What is your own this family matter osimhen did the wrong thing his in-law what he did out of trust let osimhen pay the guy his money. you supporting the wrong his doing God
        is watching you.

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    I have listened to this episode and drama… Listen to what the sister and Inlaw said, if Osimhen hired him purely of professional grounds, then Victor Osimhen should pay up.

    Professional relationship has nothing do family relationship. If Osimhen’s pretence was to borrow the money paid as commission fees to the guy Okolo who has acting in professional capacity, then it shows even Victor knows the guy is entities to the money.

    If they have official documents backing the engagement in professional capacity, then Osimhen is in the wrong. That guy won’t go to court if he does not feel used for his professional services. Except Victor only used him to front so he can get some money off William D’avilla..

    A professional relationship should stay professional, my feeling is that Victor Osimhen engaged the man professionally and seeing how much that guy will earn used tricks to con him out on the money with the pretext of borrowing it to settle other family members and to return it later.

    The matter is in Court so surely, the last has not been heard of it. If it was a non-family member, would Victor has dared such? Let him answer his court summons and extricate himself from what obviously seem a case of Con.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Baba that exactly what I was saying and for Osihmen to be like this is just disgusting despite all the add on boy makes from his contract. Greed is an enemy of progress and at this young age it’s just something else. I feel sorry for him because he doesn’t know the implications of this things.

    • Pays 1 year ago

      You know what I think? Osihmen use Okolo as an agent in other to get extra cut from the whole transaction which at the end the money was paid into Okolo’s account and Victor decided to get the money back from him. Okolo seeing that the money is much and probably Victor isn’t planning to give him much of the money decides to take the matter up by destroying him. The two of them are greedy. More faulty is from the Okolos because letting go of little now will yield more reward for them because I’m very sure Victor won’t forget them

  • MAJOR FLEX 1 year ago

    Nigeriand dey very quick to condemn their own, bitter souls who only wish for the downfall of people whose level they can never ever reach, relax, Don’t be so quick to judge, osimhen has not said anything, Napoli has not said anything, small cry and una dick don stand, “time to rant against blacks doing better than us!”

    • Edet 1 year ago

      Your name tells the part of the world were you come from. Flex or what they call you maybe if you never use your head flex finish. Wetin Victor dey use Commission money do? You fit help us answer the question Mr Flex.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Please tell us how we wishing for his downfall, this is not a case that sprang up last week or month, this is going to over a year now. So how are we bringing about his downfall. All the public is asking is for him to clear the air. Didn’t they say he refunded 20k out of the money. That alone speaks volume that he knows what he is doing. So don’t blame those who are calling him out. Lets here is own version of events. And i don’t think it would take him this long to resond. Imagine if it was Avila he was owing, pmmmmmmmm we would not here shit. Now because is in law called him out, it is now a crime to due the guy. If na me i go carry the matter go court in Europe. Lets see if he will be absconding left and right

  • MAJOR FLEX 1 year ago

    Una dey feel so entitled, una dey feel like god, judge, wetin concern una for ehn family matter? Who are you guys to script his career part or determine how his career shall pan out? Where you there when osimhen was falling into depravity in Wolfsburg? You guys were so silent there while we prayed and hoped for this great talent to blossom, now wey baba don rise, una neck don straight, small thing una go sey “this might end up destroying his career”, “he disrespected ikpeba, he has no respect for his elders, this may end up destroying his career”, “he doesn’t know how to use tweeter, this might end up ruining his career” shut the f**k up! If your way so pure, put your hand for sky, man gives his all to his football, works so hard in training, Napoli fans adore him, his coaches right from Charleroi no complaints. See if you cannot bear his personal life which is out there on display, stick to his football on the pitch or f*”k off, whats all this? Raheem sterling a serial cheat, e no ruin ehn career, , rooney a drunkard, e no ruin ehn career, benzema a blackmailer, e no ruin ehn career. If you’re jealous, come clean, stop going through the corners

  • Dr Banks 1 year ago

    Thanks my brother @MAJOR FLEX, leave them make then dey flex their mouth anyhow, small time then go get 7th nerve palsy why go make their mouth flex to one side, then them go quiet.

    Wetin concern them for the guy’s private life, the sister why the whole family turned against means there is something wrong with her and her husband. There’s more than meet the eyes in this matter

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    There is something wrong here….For the money to have been in Okolo’s account in the first place means that some agreement was reached and the money was sent to Okolo’s acount. Now probably out of trust he gave it back to Osimhen for whatever reason Osimhen talked him into thinking that Osimhen is too rich to abscond with this money. Osimhen’s former agent D’Avilla confirmed that this was money that was supposed to be paid to okolo. The court will settle it as family matters are not for the court of public opinions but Osimhen should tread carefully as he is an asset to us and we want his career to blossom but missing court is irresponsible.

    • SD Special Delivery Jones 1 year ago

      I think you are right.

    • Lollipops 1 year ago

      @Footballfanatic, you are totally wrong, Mr Okolo and his rebellious Wife are all tricksters/Scam, they took advantage of Oshimen Naiveness and trust.

      Please, No free Money for any rebellious family Members and In-laws. Who need money make he or she go buy football boots and work for their own money instead of painting Oshimen black on social media – bunch of crooks and rebellious family members.

      Abeg make Mr Okolo and rebellious Wife tell Us the Roles they played in making the transfer to Napoli a success”. They Sit their short tails and dirty ass at home claiming agents and painting the poor boy black on social media.

      I nor blame them, I blamed Daddy Freeze when nor do his work well by pressing them to tell us the source of the Funds and the roles they played in making the transfer a success.

      • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

        At the end of the day it is a family matter and no You are none of our business. I am not siding with anyone on this matter my question is why the money went to Okolo’s account in the first place…..I’m quite sure Victor has an account that can receive proceeds of any transaction he does….Also it is in the news that Osimhen skipped court and a warrant was issued for his arrest…..Meaning next time his in Lagos, authorities can arrest him. Why put yourself in such position as a celebrated footballer…..Why not just get your lawyer and clear your name simple. As a celebrity you will sometimes have to battle such financial problems and accusations even from non families you just have to be very careful. Even you saying I’m totally wrong were you physically present when they were conducting the business? I’m not saying I am right as most of us are only assuming and I am only asking logical questions…

  • This kind of story wether true or not is common to anybody who rose from grass to grace. It is just like when eto,Messi,Ronaldo were acussed of evading tax and their names and carrier were put on line because of that.

    Adversity shouldn’t have come from osimeh’s house, but now that it has come I pray for wisdom from God in all these for osi bobo.

    Let us not judge the young man yet, it could be a case of a man trying to reap from where he did not sow.

    That is why some will never engage their family member when it comes to business or official matter, sometimes this parapo thing could be lethargic.

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    Out of context, but Tobi Amusan just broke the word record in the women’s 100m hurdle with 12.12secs!

  • Oshimeh is not greedy but rather his sister want to tarnish the young boy I’m age

  • This Money is one and half weeks wage for Victor why treat your own sister like this.. I love Victor Osimhen and have backed him more than anybody on this platform. And saw his pontentials and star quality before any of you did. For Me he should pay the money and avoid becoming like an Emmanuel Adebayor. He needs to also work on his humility Victor Osimhen needs to change his attitude really he should. He has all the makings to be great but I fear his attitude will get in the way.

  • Pays 1 year ago

    You know what I think? Osihmen use Okolo as an agent in other to get extra cut from the whole transaction which at the end the money was paid into Okolo’s account and Victor decided to get the money back from him. Okolo seeing that the money is much and probably Victor isn’t planning to give him much of the money decides to take the matter up by destroying him. The two of them are greedy. More faulty is from the Okolos because letting go of little now will yield more reward for them because I’m very sure Victor won’t forget them. Victor was said to have refund 20k out of the money, that means that was the percentage he promised to pay the Okolos.

  • Dammy 1 year ago

    The whole deal was shady on all 3 sides (Napoli, Lille, Osimhen). Osimhen is proabably the least shady of all 3.
    Lille: needed to appear like they got £65m from the deal (the real amount they got was less)
    Napoli: did not pay 65m (sent 4 players to Lille as part of the deal that never played a minute for Lille and got loaned back)
    Osimhen: probably got a cut to go along with the deal, (he probably needed a front man to get some of his cut, and he used his relative as a fake manager front man)

    Everyone involved in the deal knows everything was not above board. This is not a well-meaning relative at all. This is essentially a shake-down from your own in-law.

    • Marvelous 1 year ago

      You na real mafia not all those making noise up there. You really the in and out of the deal.

      But in all ramification agreements must be respected, especially financial agreement in things like this. Osimhen is far bigger than that money now, I want to believe that money is far less than what he collects in two weeks as wages and other bonuses. He should man up and settle this. Family is the worst people to cheat on, and is not fair to cheat or treat family members bad financially. Me and you know if he had this agreement with a foreigner he will respect it and Dare not try shit.

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    Daddy freez also had a live video with oshimen first brother and another of his sister yesterday..

    It was actually the family who begged oshimen to give osita the job of personal assistant, osita is not his manager but just working under oshimen to protect his interest with his agents.. According to the new video, osita was trying to separate oshimen’family esp with his first brother Andrew… Osita begged for the job he was given and was secretly taped where he said he has no business in the progress of oshimen that he is just after the money.. He is not even his blood and he is just talking money money, that was why he was sacked.. He was given the job so the money from the deal goes to the family, and since he waa ready to keep it for himself.. Oshimen collected it all from him…

    This his sister crying here have been given millions in the past, oshimen just paid the school fees of osita children this month, but he is greedy and wants all the money to himself.. What did she do with the money she got in the past.. I heard the first million she got from oshimen was used in buying two cars not even one…

    Oshimen should be careful and avoid distraction from his family, same thing happened with adebayor..

  • OmoEsan 1 year ago

    Money, money, money, the root of all evil.

    From my analysis of the interviews conducted by Daddy Freeze, I have had to ponder on this issue as follows;

    1. Was Osita Okolo’s services required to facilitate the Napoli transfer? The answer is an emphatic NO. The parties required to effect that transfer are Napoli’s reps, Lille’s reps and Victor’s agency. Victor has an option of appointing a personal assistant/manager or preferably a lawyer to help him review papers before he signs to ensure his interests are well captured and protected in all the documents.

    Osita Okolo had been a media practitioner, he’s not an agent and was never known to have handled sports transactions for any athlete or organization. With or without Osita, the deal would have been done as his service was not necessary in the scheme of things. My thought is that he was hired by Victor to be used as a conduit pipe through which a commission from the transfer largesse can be channeled to Victor’s family, especially his siblings. The fact that Osita allegedly begged(through his wife) to play that role lends some credence to my thought.

    2. Going by the words of Victor’s siblings, Osita and his wife already had antecedents as regards how they handled financial and extended family affairs, hence one will not commit such a responsibility in their hands and sleep with two eyes closed. Does this justify why Victor watched Osita’s every step to the extent of secretly recording his utterances???

    3. Osita’s was alleged to have said some things that infuriated Victor in the voice recordings, including his statement that he (Osita) isn’t interested in Victor’s career but he’s after Victor’s money. If any of us was in Victor’s shoes, going by Osita’s antecedents and the voice recording, will you proceed to commit such monies and responsibility into the hands of an Osita who is obviously not loyal to your course?

    4. Looking at things from a professional perspective, if truly Osita had an agreement with D’Avila as regards the remittance of a commission, then Osita has been paid because his company account was credited with the agreed sum. However, Victor allegedly borrowed the money from Osita, so we may assume that Victor owes Osita, hence Osita is sueing for his money. It is left for Osita to be able to prove his case in court with substantial evidence that Victor truely borrowed money from him. Moreover, if truly this case is in court why is Osita and wife telling the whole world that Victor isn’t taking care of his siblings? Why the blackmail?

    Going by my earlier assertions, I am sure that money was meant for the whole family and Victor wouldn’t trust Osita anymore , hence he deviced a means of getting the funds out of Osita’s coffers so he could share it himself.

    From my perspective, Osita messed things up for himself and this is sad.

    On Victor’s part I will ask, if any of us was in Victor’s shoes, what would we do?

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      Wow if anyone said he is not interested in my career na to cut that person off ooh….I didn’t watch the second interview with Victor’s siblings but wow seems like the sister and the Husband are sketchy

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    I just watched the interview with Oshen’s sister and elder brother….There is always two sides to the story and according to Victor’s brother his sister and husband have collected 40 million naira btw 2016 till date from Osimhen and they have documents to prove it….Na wa ooh them just wan turn this guy to ATM machine without care for his career…