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Pinnick Reveals Preference For Expatriates Over Local Coaches

Pinnick Reveals Preference For Expatriates Over Local Coaches

President of the Nigeria Football Federation Amaju Pinnick has revealed reasons why he always canvass for a foreign coach to manage the Super Eagles, reports Completesports.com.

Pinnick has been criticised by many for his preference for expatriates to tinker the Super Eagles over the local coaches.


The Piinnick led NFF are looking for a new handler for the Super Eagles following the team’s failure to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and a number of foreign coaches have been shortlisted for the vacant position.

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“I don’t disrespect our indigenous coaches. Most especially those that played in the national teams have paid their dues,” he said in an interview with Arise TV.

“There are some things that I see that you ordinarily will not see. There are things that I know in my position that you may not know. The reason I advocate for a foreign coach is because they come in with a different mindset.

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“They cannot be swayed by sentiments. All that they are after is success. This is why they come with their tactics and methods. It is not that I do not believe in our coaches but they need to develop that mindset. We have coaches that are quite competent but the question is: Are they good enough for us for now? I am a Nigerian and a firm believer in Nigeria but our circumstances are different.”

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  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    Exactly my POINT earlier on…

    FOREIGN COACHES can not be easily INFLUENCE..

    Plus they have INDEPENDENT MINDSET

    But my QUESTION to PINICK is…

    If you claim to always ADVOCATE for FOREIGN COACH, why then did you sack GENERAL ROAR and FORCED EGUAVON on us?

    • Lollipops 8 months ago

      @ Monkey Post, if you read in between the line of  Mr. Amaju statements, you can tell they are a lot going on behind the scene – The Minister of Sport “ Sunday Dare” played a key role in our failure to qualify for the Qatar 2022.  I think Mr. Amaju couldn’t resist the pressures from the Minister because Amaju Still love his position as NFF president. Amaju as a person is not a big fan of a Nigerian coach for the Super eagles and he doesn’t have the Boldness either to say “ No or Quit his job as they mount pressure on him to hire a “ Local content”.  

      I blamed Amaju for not having the Boldness to say “ No to the rubbish local contents Sunday Dare clamored for” – In Nigeria you need some real good Boldness to get things done properly because too many Selfish people everywhere. Everybody wants sealed Brown envelopes in Nigeria. 

      • MONKEY POST 8 months ago


        PINICK was just acting on the ORDERS of DARE…

  • Omo 9ja Born In Togo 8 months ago

    Hello eagles family…..among thé names spectaculating on thé social media for thé super eagles coach i prefer WE go for either Lauren Blanc or Philip Cocu because of direct communication with thé players.toni doesnt speak english,peseiro doesnt speak english conclusively valverde also…Lauren Blanc Will Bé A Very Good Coach For Super Eagles…

  • Larry 8 months ago

    Picnic, but why are you so he’ll bent on destroying our football.
    Recycling serial failure like Ladan Bosso into our youth system is a recipe for failure..
    In the past few days, you’ve been all over the news like you are up to something.
    Here is your score card :
    U-17 male & female – Failed
    U-20 male & female- Failed
    Super Eagles- Failed
    Super Falcons – Average
    NFL- Failed
    Decision making (oaches)
    – Failed
    Corruption- Excellent
    Tribalism- Excellent
    Imposition of players- Excellent
    Owing Coaches Salary- Excellent
    Misplaced priority- Excellent
    Personal glory – Excellent

    • Golden Child 8 months ago

      You left out the Olympic teams that also failed gallantly.

  • Golden Child 8 months ago

    “They cannot be swayed by sentiments. All that they are after is success. This is why they come with their tactics and methods. It is not that I do not believe in our coaches but they need to develop that mindset. We have coaches that are quite competent but the question is: Are they good enough for us for now? I am a Nigerian and a firm believer in Nigeria but our circumstances are different.”

    This is perhaps the only time i agree with him.

  • Leave us alone sir.

  • Alphonsus Gbefumu 8 months ago

    Besides being a serious financial drain(the expatriate is going to be paid in dollars), I don’t think the NFF will be able to pick the bill, Gernot Rohr readily comes to mind.

    Moreso, we have had expatriates technical advisers in the past with little or nothing to show for it. The domestic league hasn’t fair better in terms of players representation.

    It is on record that local coaches like late Shuaibu Amodu, Late Stephen Keshi; and Chairman Chukwu/Eguavoen dug into the domestic league to discover players who didn’t only played for the Super Eagles but did very well. They did shown interest in the league being indigenous coaches and the result is there for all to see. It was reported recently that Eguavoen as interim Technical adviser was going to watch local league matches where he discovered John Noble and many more were penned down to join the national team, to play in the 2023 Afcon qualifiers. All that night go down the drain should the NFF continues with the ignoble mindset of appointing a foreign adviser.

    It is clear that Uzoho’s error in the match against Ghana, the reason Nigeria lost the Qatar ticket is responsible for the rush to search for an expatriate at the detriment of the domestic league on one hand ✋ and the indigenous coaches on the other hand.

    In resume, the local coaches have a better appeal if standardizing the domestic league as advised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports is anything to go by.

  • DA-chris-UC 8 months ago

    Our next Coach if from Nigeria must have shown his LOCAL CHAMPION RECORDS with club sides in Nigeria (and around Africa as a bonus)


    Our next international coach must HAVE HIS INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION RECORDS with club sides outside Nigeria.

    This is not too much to ask

  • Ako AMADI 8 months ago

    Pinnick prefers the foreign coach because he knows the NFF and the Ministry of Sports have no respect for black coaches no matter how qualified.

  • Abeni ojus 8 months ago

    Let’s hope his preference are not those zero trophy technical advisers.

  • He recently told fans it’s never impossible to appoint Peseiro as Eagles Coach.

  • Pep ko pepsi ni, Eguavoen is more qualified. If at all, we want Mancini or nothing.

    • Saturday 8 months ago

      You are mad. Mancini to coach? With due respect, common North Macedonia defeated him at home? I would rather suggest Arigo Sachi or Xavi.

  • Gbadebo 8 months ago

    -Las Lagerback, Berti Vogts, Bora Milutinovic, Philippe Troussier, ALL THESE PURE WASTAGE of funds.

  • Moses 8 months ago

    Not just about the wastages, the work of the expatriate coach will be to send invitation letters to foreign based players a week to a match. Just imagine.

    • Ebhohi 8 months ago

      Are you saying the foreign coach will be paid in dollars for sending invitation letters only?

      • Chidi 8 months ago

        Before nko. Some would prefer to live in their countries only to fly down once there’s a match. I wouldn’t blame them for they usually sight insecurity.

        • Gbadebo 8 months ago

          Nonsense. Absolute nonsense. And Pinnick would want us celebrate nonsense?

  • It is just that the NFF don’t know how to use coach Eguavoen otherwise his record is better than those of lagabeer, phillipe trouser, gernot rohr. Negotiate 4 years appointment with Eguavoen let us see if Eagles will not go to the next world cup.2weeks or 3 months are not enough.

  • Pinnick you are right this time, you have my support sir, Eguavouen was not in control of the team people tell him who to play,

  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    GOLDEN CHILD I have been FOLLOWING your COMMENTS for a while now…

    All I can say is you have really CHANGED…

    It seems you now REGRET the SACKING of GENERAL ROAH(like you said the other you repented) and it seems you have now join us in calling for a FOREIGN COACH for the SE…

    GOOD ONE my Friend…

    WELCOME to the our CAMP…

  • Mercy 8 months ago

    For the fans talking about insecurity in the country, it is a lie. Nigeria is safe.

  • Ebene Michael 8 months ago

    Cachinnate you @Mercy. Iam glad the government is working very hard to contain banditry, kidnappers and other vices making the country so unsafe. Some SE fans have suggested that the foreign coach could live abroad to coach Eagles from there.

  • Damian 8 months ago

    Michael how? Is he going to be coaching via chatroom or zoom app? Somehow I think those eagles fan are silly not to see the stupidity in appointing someone who will not live in the country.

    • Prinxetk 8 months ago

      …And you are calling fans who are already celebrating, silly? If I can understand Amaju Pinnick, he just succeeded in testing the waters.

  • Lance Damute 8 months ago

    Look at the fools celebrating mere statement of intention instead of calling the officials to resign. Idiots, who even told them nff will forgo local coaches for exploitation. Don’t you know the foreign coaches exploit you?

  • Qadri 8 months ago

    Amaju I know can never take dollars belonging to a domestic Nigerian and give it to oyin yin. Go ask funny face.

  • KENNETH 8 months ago

    Oga pinnick you fall my hand here, so you saying our local coaches are not after success. That’s really a disgraceful statement to make. Can you literally say this in there faces. this is how you keep springing up hatred between the local coaches and NFF. I would like to know exactly what you seeing that we are not seeing. You still speaking in parables.

  • onwajunior 8 months ago

    I can see strange names have suddenly started appearing on the forum supporting local coaches. The funny part of it is that these brainless strange names can’t even make any meaningful argument for local coaches. They’re filtering out only foreign coaches who have failed, but conveniently forgetting that our greatest achievements to date are by foreign coaches. I’m sure some of these guys here using strange names are our ex-internationals who don’t want invest the time to develop their coaching skills, waiting for NFF to hand them SEs to manage so that they can come here to pick lineups on matchday.

    NFF can spend their money anyhow they see fit. I’m sure you guys don’t even know that sometimes sponsors get involved to fund the coaches salaries. I can’t imagine any sane Nigerian calling for local coaches at this time. The best case for any local now is to excel beyond expectation with any of our other teams – CHAN, WAFU, U23 etc. – or CAF club competitions. Other than that, Eguavoen, Amokachi and the rest can stick to granting interviews and correcting bicycle kicks.

  • Nigerian fotball teams major problem is coaches. If we can get the right coach our teams will get it right.
    Our players are doing well in Europe so why cant they get it right in the national team?

  • Eagles Fan 8 months ago

    Let me start by saying you have a poor sentence structure.

    What is there the SE players haven’t gotten right? There are what is known as off days in football, it happened to Uzoho whose apology was accepted immediately.

    As a matter of fact, a team that lost 1 game in 7 matches and all these within only 3 months can’t be said to have coaching problem. They all would need more time to gel together, that is the truth.

    • Shodimu 8 months ago

      The fact speaks for itself, thank you.

    • @Eagles Fan. Never mind his cruel assertion. It is simply beggar belief. Who doesn’t know the Super Eagles are on the upward surge?

    • Go and sit down @Eagles fan. What fan of Eagles are you see by the way. A team that was used by Gernot Rohr and didn’t give us heart attack during his stay as Coach, all of a sudden created the worst AFCON record in history and the most outdated playing pattern ever to be used in football till date. 4-4-2, 5-0-5 and 4-2-4.
      Which modern day coach does that?
      Eagles Fan my foot. You should have called yourself local coaches fan.

      One of the sad things about our loss and not going to the World Cup is our players will find it hard to mature now under pressure.
      Only a few who gain experience in UEFA Champions League can.

      Yesterday, Samuel Chukwueze scored the only goal for Villareal to take them through to the Semis if the tournament.

      How many other Nigerian players now can grow like that.

      The World Cup would have been a great way to continually build on their strengths.

      Anyway, I am waiting for the next foreign coach appointment. Am not even bothered about a big name, my desire is someone who can groom talents, understand when to change the pattern of play with what the opponents are playing or totally confuse them set, by playing 3 different patterns in one game.

      That’s who I am looking for.