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Playing For Super Eagles Would Have Guaranteed Tomori, Abraham Automatic Shirt -Fashanu

Playing For Super Eagles Would Have Guaranteed Tomori, Abraham Automatic Shirt -Fashanu

Former England international, John Fashanu has blamed the exclusion of Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori from Euro 2020 squad as a result of their decision to play for the Three Lions of England ahead of the Super Eagles.

Recall that Tomori and Abraham were dropped by Gareth Southgate for this summer’s tournament despite their success at Chelsea and AC Milan.

Fashanu, who regretted not choosing the Super Eagles ahead of England noted that the duo of Tomori and Abraham would have been a regular starter for Nigeria if they had changed allegiance.

The former Wimbledon star stated this in an interview with The Punch, where he advised other players of Nigerian descent to chose Nigeria first.

“I am saying this to all footballers who are waiting to play for England or Nigeria, don’t make the same mistake twice.

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“Some 20 years ago, when I was given the opportunity, you can say on one side it was wrong because I didn’t get the longevity playing for England due to so many excellent players in the English team. I could have played for Nigeria but if I had played for Nigeria I wouldn’t receive any financial compensation.

“If you want to play and have longevity, choose Nigeria because it is so sure that they will never get a consistent run of matches playing for England; that is not possible. But many players of Nigerian descent are not aware of this.

“If you play for England and you are in England you are entitled to a pension, which is very important for a family man. Every footballer who played for England should be earning a nice pension now, but those who played for other countries are still working for money.”

He added, “England is where the money is but psychologically the love of your country is also important. I can say if I get another shot next time, I will definitely play for Nigeria, the love of my life and that’s why I’ve been here for 14 years.”

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  • SAMUEL 3 years ago

    Go and sit down.Story teller.We were begging you those times and you neglected us.

    • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

      May I ask when did you beg John for this is an issue that happened in the early 80s/ mid90s where strikers like Rasheed Yekini, Segun Odegbami et Al were hot and his football pattern was the kick and follow not the Brazilian move super Eagles were known for . It was so hard for John to penetrate. He loves Nigeria and that’s why he’s advicing players born in England and other parts of the world to consider the opportunity. He’s experienced with these issues . So I urge you to cut him some slack rather than judging him . You have no idea what he had to face in his era . Tomori and Abraham are fortunate to have known of these infos but they chose to follow their desires to play for England and not they’re realising their own error . We should be commending John Fashanu for such a great guide .

      And this also is a lesson to the football body relating to pensions for old players .

    • David-Daniel 3 years ago

      Take it easy bro on JF

  • Baba na baba 3 years ago

    They are following your footsteps. You are their uncle.

  • Obest 3 years ago

    Story for the gods.Big fash, you turned your back on Nigeria when we needed you, you choose England first, you never looked back. You can’t eat your cake and have it.In Nigeria’s Rich football history, your name has no place.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      And how have those whose names are etched in gold fared if I may ask??

      Truth is we are only angry with these guys who turned their backs due to the passion we have for our darling SE. Playing for England; even if its a solitary cap guarantees one a certain future compared to playing for Nigeria.

      The legendary Yekini died like a pauper and his family left to fend for themselves

      Femi Opabunmi is partially blind and living in squalor

      Even Samuel Okwaraji who died on the field of play, what has his aged mother gained??

      If Paul Gascoigne with his celebrated drugs related challenges were to be an ex Nigerian international, he would be dead and buried for long.

      Imagine some players who won Kodak U16 in 1985 are yet to receive promises made to them. Remember some of them are now dead

      What about houses promised Tunisia 94 winning team?? Most havent accessed theirs

      @Dr Drey in one of his comments yesterday made reference to our players and technical team being owed bonuses from the last Afcon

      All these are facts we know

      Take our troops putting their lives on the line fighting insurgency and terrorism in the North East. Most fallen ones family members are yet to access benefits due them

      For me, it takes great risk and undying love playing for this country and thats why I will never judge Ebere Eze, Tomori etc. At the end of the day, its their life, their future at stake

      • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

        Femi Opabunmi is ok now to God be the glory . Again looking at the issue it’s sadfor it’s one thing to play multiple caps for the national team and another for not getting the rewards for the years of sweat and blood.
        For all these years that NFF have been in existence , do they want to say that they’re not aware of pensions for players who played for them . Infact I may not blame those who opt for other countries .
        There’s need for change don’t you think.

        • Dr Banks 3 years ago

          You guys don’t get how this insurance thing works. NFF cannot insure a player for pension where that player only played few caps, pension works by someone contributing certain portions of his earnings regularly into a pool (Pension funds) over a continous period of time, thereafter at certain age specified, usually from about 55 yrs age. He will then be entitled to either a lump sum (His contributions sum with interests + Top up from the state / employer) OR a monthly payment over the years while he’s alive. In some cases, a partial lump sum + balance distributed into monthly payments.

          So, is it possible for NFF to register every players invited into camp who might only have 2 caps and thereafter lost form and never invited again?

          In Europe, these players are based in the same continent where their systems are integrated somehow (Until BREXIT though) and hence the continued contributions by the players from their club earnings and even subsequently from earnings after active playing days (investments, business, other careers such as coaching, punditry, administrative etc.). They can then cash in on this when they attain the retirement age stipulated on the Pension policy.

          However this is not possible in Nigeria with no proper system in place for this continous regular contribution to a pension fund

    • John Fashanu did not turn his back on Nigeria, he did answer the call and came to the then Green Eagles camp , he trained with them but on match day he was not selected . When we refused to use him England capitalized on it and invited him

      • Kenneth 2 years ago

        That’s not true,fashanu never trained with Nigeria Eagles,he was invited but never show up.

  • Tomori,maybe because his getting games time in Milan,Abraham, nope,his not playing regularly at the moment in chelsea,who is he going to bench? Attack is naija strongest area at the moment but yeah,I still think he would have atleat got a callup.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Abraham has been playing regularly for AS Roma he was sent on loan this summer.

  • Obest 3 years ago

    Big fash, you never paid your dues,now these lads have followed your footsteps. I remember how Amaju pinick went to London to talk to warri pikin Abraham, gave you an express ticket to the SE. Abraham, how market be na?fly wey no hear word dey follow dead body enter grave

  • Not playing for Nigeria was not totally fashanu fault. To some of us who witnessed those periods, there was a time he was invited and he actually came but passport issues stopped him. I have forgotten the match. Fashanu loves nigeria. Circumstances really worked against him then. I am not exonerating him anyway. He should have persisted.

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Man, Nigerians an their egos. Players get called for super eagles regardless if they are good or bad. England national team actually have high standards. Tammy Abraham did not get called up because England are already stacked. Also Chelsea Thomas Tuchel does not play him or Giroud. He only cared about playing his German players Werner and Havertz. Tammy scores Havertz and Werner don’t, they are not consistent, It would make no sense to bring Tammy on the national team if he barely played any games.

    Tomori, Nigeria was not even on his mind. He was choosing between England and Canada. If people have an open mind, think outside of the box and actually get some good sources, then they will understand. Tomori plays for AC Milan. They finished second place. The last couple of games the team kept clean sheets. Tomori even marked Ronaldo. Super eagles got Awaziem, king of own goals and sent to league 2 of Portgual. These players will outgrow the super eagles and get held back.

    Majority of the players playing relegated teams. The highest team and super eagles player is in Leicester 5th place with Ndidi and Kelechi who dropped out of the top four for a second season in a row after being in the top 4 positions for 98% of the season. Iwobi poor season at everton.

    When you reach a certain level/round in an international competition, you get more money. With England you will probably go farther compared to Nigeria. Nigeria probably wont even pay you

    • Ugwudede 3 years ago

      Mr. Shuma, are you just typing just to make ur comment without researching for your facts. Pls this is a public domain and most of the readers here follow sports and the player very well. How would you say that Awaziem went to the 2nd division of Portugal whereas he plaid in the first division and captained his team to safety in the top division the reason why the team immediately activated his purchase clause and bought him for 5m euros. Yes Tomori did a very good job at AC Milan that is why you will rubbish ur own player. How many own goals has Awaziem scored in his entire Carrier and has the Tomori not scored an own goal? Which defender in the world has never scored an own goal and would you just because of own goal label a defender a bad one? Is an own goal not done by mistake. Why are Nigerians so obsessed with English league and players. English players are not as good as ours if you doubt me pls consider achievement between both teams

      • FatherJP 3 years ago

        Bro dont go there
        English team is head and shoulder ahead of Nigeria’s

        A team who won the world cup (6 years after our independence) and played more than one Quarter finals and Semi Finals cant certainly be compared with a team that hasnt got past the second round.

        We all are passionate SE fans, but that shouldn’t becloud objective discuss pls

        • Sa'ad Abubakar Zongre 3 years ago

          England won the world cup over half a century ago and why did they not win it again since then if they are as good as you mentioned?

    • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

      Hello Shuma
      Some points I agree and some I disagree. The one I disagree is the one that you said Awaziem is playing second division and is king of own goal you’re do wrong. Infact he led his current club well in the Primera division makin them to buy him permanently from Porto .
      The one I agree is Tomori who actually had Canada and England in mind . Be side he said NFF never approached him . Come to think of it , that’s NFF’s failure. Unless they make it right I don’t know how well they want a solid super Eagles defence . Then Adarabioyo is doing great . They should be looking at the guys who will replace Leon Balogun and the other guys who will soon be off the national team. This is where NFF needs to concentrate on.

      Fashanu gave a great statement pertaining to pension in which the football body is not doing enough . Should we blame those born outside Nigeria on their choice of national team . They were born there and are aware of the system there . It’s only left for the NFF to upgrade their package for these guys to make them change their minds and on a long run never regret making the choices .

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Fash raised key issues up there which we all need to put our emotions aside and look critically into….the issue of remuneration and pensions.

    Fashanu chose to play for England but is living a comfortable life today, the kind of life his contemporaries in the SE back then can only wish to live today. Most of our 1988 circa 94 SE players are barely living well today, with most of them practically depending on NFF for jobs to sustain themselves and live as good as Fash is living today. Some have health challenges that they cant even afford to treat.

    So the question begs, what does it profit you to have a glittering international career with Nigeria like a Yekini and end your life in a state of despair like he or Agbonavbare or others ended theirs…we are talking of people who sacrificed their bodies and health to defend the colours of Nigeria and yet left to rot away right before our very own eyes….or a Sam Okwaraji that even lost his life right on the pitch and in the end even his match bonuses were never fully paid to his family, talk more of taking care of them. If not for Femi Otedola, Chairman Christian Chukwu was almost dying right in front of our eyes over what needed just a few hours of surgery.

    And its not like these things are a thing of the past…..they are still happening right now. The SE just got paid 2019 bonuses in 2021. Coach Adamu Ejo of the beach eagles just died last week…NFF still owes him millions of Naira in unpaid wages and watch this space…those monies will still not be paid his family, even in death. Our National team players are just one career-threatening injury or unplanned-retirement away from an eternity of penury

    Rueben Agboola chased his Senegal 92 bonuses for months and kept being turned round in circles…from NFA to Sports Ministry back to NFA…. until he couldnt take it anymore and called it quits with playing for Nigeria. When you are from a sane country where your entitlements and given to you even when you’ve not even asked for them, these things will always irritate you.

    John fashanu has already laid the gauntlet, If you want to play and have international longevity, choose Nigeria, If you want a guaranteed future play for your European country. But its either you play international football for Nigeria and wither away after retirement or play 2-3 games for whichever country and have a guaranteed life till you die. Its even worse if some have to renounce their passports or certain privileges just because they want to take up a green passport that cannot get you into even Zimbabwe visa free.

    We should respect whatever choices these players make. The ones that chose Nigeria, congrats to them, they are welcome….the ones that chose their other countries all the best to them too. Everyone has his own hierarchy of needs and we should learn to respect that.

    But the NFF needs to self introspect and ask if they have made the ground fertile enough to make these kids surrender their futures to a country that isnt worth dying for. There’s almost no player who has played for SE till date who doesnt have 1 or 2 match’s bonuses still unpaid. People wey no pay bonus na dem go pay pension…??? Even Nigerian pensioners generally are they being cared for…?? Haven’t we heard stories of pensioners dying in queues trying to collect their little entitlements being denied them…? Is it so easy to see a guaranteed future and abandon it for one that will turn you to a begger or to one whom the public will be contributing money to take care of when you are retired…?! Some things are rather easier said than done.

    Tammy and Tomori may be seem to have erred now under the current circumstances by choosing to play for England, but in 30 or 40 years time what will be their qulity of life compared with those who are playing for Nigeria today…? Only time will tell. But if things remain as they have always been, it might just end up being another case of de ja vu…..but I pray it wouldnt be like that. because it will be utter shame if in 30 – 40 yrs time, Nigeria continues to remain the way has been.

    • Thanks for this write up man. God bless you!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Great piece!

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      I wish I can like this comment over and over again

      I dont always agree with you, but this is a sublimely thought provoking piece of ingenuity!

      I hadnt read down to your comment when I had to stop and respond to a furumite’s post. I must say what I typed could be argued to have been lifted from your beautiful piece!

      I have a personal friend Igho (google him pls) who we all played together with Patrick Ovie(remember him?) when we were younger. He played for Singapore and after retirement is living large compared to Ovie who had one or two caps for Naija.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        I think I still remember Patrick Ovie. The name rings a bell from Christian Chukwu’s era as SE coach. I am sure he most likely hasn’t even been paid the full match bonuses for the few games he played for the SE back then. How would they have even received full bonuses when the NFA under Taiwo Ogunjobi back then could hardly provide 18 complete jerseys of same design for the team..? You go watch their training sessions back then and you see a kaleidoscope of colours of different training gears from different kit manufacturers as if it was Agege FC training.

        Would he say he feels PROUD to have represented Nigeria today compared to his friend who represented Singapore? Is it pride that will pay his hospital bills when medical emergencies start showing up on frequent basis when he is ageing…?

        We can run from the truth all we want, but we all know deep within ourselves that Nigeria isnt worth dying for yet. Not the Nigeria of 2021. It can become worth dying or giving everything up for later, but as of now…..I doubt it. Even our Presidents from 1999 always have/had plan B. Lol

        • This pension you guys are bragging about how much is it self…The problem with Nigerian players is not pension,it’s all about their life style and fund management…I don’t think a player who couldn’t manage the kind of money they made especially the ones that played football in the 90s can leave well with the token England gives them for upkeep….Abi na $100k per week England dey pay them as pension?… Please educate us

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    Fashsnu “Mr.Hindsight” set a bad example for young Nigerisn footballers in the UK No good advise can come from the mouth of this slippery character who took Nigeria for a ride

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    In my opinion, take ” playing” out of football, then it becomes balldom, oh sorry boredom. I can’t be earning a 10th of what these players are earning presently and still be craving for government benefits. THAT IS A CURSE NO DOUBT. Doing that smacks off greed of the highest order as well as ingratitude to Our MOst Merciful God. Agreed the Nigeria polity has been a let down to footballers but 90% of Nigerians are suffering same irrespective of profession. With what these players are earning, playing regularly at international level should override future financial security with proper planning. Afterall, we can easily count out individuals, that are financially stable even from earning peanuts in Nigeria. One thing I believe in life, security is God”s to give as it comes from allowing God’s Wisdom rule our every decision as against allowing money which always gives a false sense of security. THE WISDOM OF GOD TURNS THE LITTLE YOU HAVE UNTO FOREVER BOUNTY. These footballers waste their money on frivolous activities and end up looking to government for benefits. Very very shameful. Playing to bring joy to struggling fans has to be the MOTIVATION n not money money money; for players already earning 100s of thousands/millions per week shwooo. If we are talking of footballers of years gone by, then I may try Understand but definitely not the ones playing presently. Mbanu, I totally disagree. As much as we are made to believe that pensions gets giving to those that have retired in advanced countries, here in England, I see multitude of suffering elderly, totally abandoned; some, pension never enough to cover the never ending bills, some waiting endlessly for medical appointments, some jumping in front of moving trains because of system frustration etc. Nigeria has its challenges no doubt but every other country in the world has theirs too howbeit of different variant. It just depends on what variant an individual can adapt to. For me, I never reckoned with Tammy’s quality for SE though, never my type of player though did well for Chelsea but I strongly believe, playing for Nigeria would have done his career a lot of good. Now he has to find another club cos it’s evident Tuchel don’t fancy his talent. Not sure any of the top 5 will sign him, while down the table, might struggle to be the main striker n for England we have known all these years, they hardly go back to players that failed to make the grade at national team level. But on the flip side of things, Tammy/ Tomoris case might turn out different. Only God knows.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      Bro, easier said.
      One misfortune and all what you believe they earn will go with the smoke.

      Oruma, one of our childhood friends is today suffering.

      Playing for a national team is a career, a job like the army, medical practice, teaching etc. They deserve job security at the end of their careers

      Amokachie spent almost all his earnings to treat the knee injury that cut short his career

      We have several documented cases pf players who were injured playing for Nigeria and ultimately ended up losing their places and getting released by their foreign pr local clubs

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        Brodaman, it’s such stack illusion to hope on man made security. Life is all about service to God n fellow humans n in doing this, God is ever faithful to secure your future. I am living witness to so many failed elderly who have served this United Kingdom very well. Many of them lashing out painfully on everything English, even the monach, on their sick bed. Some ex military. One killed himself recently with overdose. You know what? there is this mystery of life that transcends your above understanding on this topic of discuss. Put your trust/security on man, on money on government,etc, then be ever ready to get a shocker because God requires we trust in Him only, by always seeking to bring comfort n joy in the way we are able, to those innocent children out there, those widows that are able to sell their stuff everytime Nigeria plays, gladness to those other men n women that have been let down by the criminals we have as leaders. These are the ones our footballers should be playing for. This is what should motivate them for doing that, as it brings Glory To God, who has blessed them with such talents. And OUR FAITHFUL GOD WILL SURELY PROTECT THEM AGAINST SUCH ‘ONE MOMENT” YOU MENTIONED. I HATE THAT MONEY MONEY MONEY GOSPEL, REASON NIGERIA IS WHERE IT IS. UNTO HIM OR HER WHOM MUCH IS GIVING, MUCH MORE IS REQUIRED. A LIFE OF SERVICE IS IT N NOT A LIFE TO BE SERVED.

      • Who told you amokachi used all his money to treat knee injury?haba take it easy….Oruma was dupped because he was already sinking and he was offered a life line by fraudsters which he took due to his predicament which he was already in because of how he managed his wealth….No matter how you look at it this guys made millions in hard currency for years and leave extravagant lifes unlike their foreign colleagues who leave modest life’s and focused on investments….why do you think the careers of most African players don’t last?…. They live recklessly and most times are not disciplined like their foreign colleagues….Yekini had countless girlfriends then, which he buys cars and houses for at their request….If Yekini dates you and he sees your friend he must date her….I know this because he tried it with my cousin then….Amokachi bought a private jet just for show in his playing days,who does that?…. Oruma’s own is a story for another day…. Pension is not the issue… You can easily creat pension fund for your self these days with many pension and investment management companies cropping up… thank God many Nigerian players have keyed into it.

        • FatherJP 3 years ago

          You dont know Oruma one bit and it will be a disservice to everything he represents for you to say that sir.

          Oruma never lived a reckless life

          Oruma wasnt on the verge of bankruptcy. Far from it. He had a house in VGC and was duped of almlst a Billion Naira…thats not a drowning man. He was very comfortable before his travails with the fake Pastor.

          He only wanted to further consolidate his fortune just like Akpoborie who was also into shipping.

          Okocha had similar experience with the Saraki Bank in Kwara. He’s lucky FG had to intervene.

          @Glory speaks about vets and some senior citizens in UK. Pls whats their percentage compared to Nigeria??

          You will agree with me that its far and I repeat, far more secured and guaranteed any career with UK than Nigeria. By a mile!

          Its not about God, and am sorry, we are too religious in Nigeria which is why we are still underdeveloped till date compared to ‘ungodly’ Singapore, Malaysia etc. Difference is they are organized.

          An average Briton doesnt need any prayers or act of charity or whatever way you put it @Glory. The system takes care of itself. Their system runs on its own such that an average citizen is guaranteed a certain future

          • I didn’t mention anything like prayers or religion in my comment sir….British players don’t live extravagant lifes like our African players do and they hire investments fund managers to take of their wealth unlike their African colleagues….That’s their secret not pension… You are talking about Nigerian mentality here but it’s part of our Nigerian mentality to always Dodge the truth and shift the blames of our shortcomings on every other person but ourselves… Nigerians don’t like the truth.Nigerians always want to eat their cake and have it…My point is that a meager pension for upkeep can’t guarantee you a good life when you have mismanaged your millions of earnings during your playing days as a player…That’s the plain truth let’s stop shifting blames.

          • GLORY 3 years ago

            @ Father P. While I quite agreed with you on proportionate off mark difference between Nigeria n Britain regarding standard, that still doesn’t change anything from the fact that HE WHO FAILS TO PLAN HAS ALL TOGETHER PLANNED TO FAIL irrespective of country of residence. Again many many nigerians still leaving in Nigeria are doing far far better regarding standard of living compared to lots in Western world; England inclusive. And why is that? Proper planning even on meagre earnings backed up by DIVINE FAVOUR. Please try read up AKP, Dr Banks n Toni with an open mind. We all come here to learn one or two from others n no point for me being egocentric. When I read something that is true however different from mine, I m ever so happy to accept.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      @Glory my brother, its like you dont know how quickly money can disappear. I doubt you know. If you did, you wouldnt have spoken in the vein you just have. Father JP has just mentioned the case of Wilson Oruma. Jayjay Okocha was only skin of his teeth lucky, N10bn, his entire career savings would have gone down with Societe General Bank….thank God for the intervention of the then President Obasanjo. You think if it were to be this god damn thing that is there now he would have gotten a cent of his savings…?! God forbid maybe jayjay would have also been on the band of ex-internationals waiting on NFF jobs to survive today.

      Football is a career, like every other career out there, not a funtrip or a playboree…..If you are enjoying it will doing it, it because a bonus as I always advise everyone around me to do what they enjoy doing, that way they can get fulfilment. It is a job…a career and a short one for that matter with average span of just about 10 years. You’ld be very lucky to be profitably playing football for 15 or more years. Why do you think our ex-internationals always play till their legs cannot carry them anymore, if you think their career earnings alone are enough to last for eternity…?! Some of them continue playing even in obscure leagues, 2nd and 3rd tiers just to be able to pay bills….at-all-at-all. Obinna Nsofor at a time played in Serie D. Taye Taiwo played in Finland 2nd division…etc. If they were made for life you think they wouldn’t just hold a testimonial like the European internationals do and hang their boots definitively….??

      My brother, may the tables of life not turn around negatively against us. I know close acquaintances who played professionally who today are back to where some of us left football and now want to drag the “small jobs” we have been using to hold-body with us when they were earning mega-bucks even on the bench….LMAO. Some are into scouting, some into player agency, some into grassroots coaching….but most who werent educated enough to become professionals in one field or the other are currently in a financial state of touch-and-go. No guarantees of the next 5 yrs or 10 per adventure the uneventual happens.

      So my brother, forget the 100s of millions per week thing, it only happens for a short while, whereas you still have a whole lifetime to live when you hung those boots. Football is a career where you earn all the money you and your nuclear and extended family will spend till you die in just 5-10 years. Anybody who has the opportunity of a pensionable career should take advantage of it….even if it means playing for another country that guarantees that. At the end of the day, your international laurels wouldn’t take care of you when the long term effects of all the shockwaves you received to your bones and muscles in your heydays while playing football start telling on you in your mid fifties and above…..it is your earned liquidity that will.

      Once again, the ones that chose Nigeria, lets appreciate them…..the ones that don’t lets respect their decisions. Everybody knows whatever they put first in their hierarchy of needs. Between a Victor Anichebe and a Gabriel Aghonlahor, only time will tell which one took the better decision.

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        Brodaman @Drey. Honestly speaking, I am on same page as you hence I said we must not trust on these things as money or government false security. Our life should be founded on service to those that are less favoured. Having that sort of mindset opens one to ideas upon ideas on how to expand ones resources. And who is that ONE that blesses us with these ideas? God HIMSELF, and why? Because HE knows of the many less favoured we are reaching out to. Logically, the bigger the house, the more we tend to make more money to buy stuff to occupy the space. So also, the more responsility, the more Grace to provide we are giving. when we become selfish, thinking about our self interest only, we are bound to lose things and be left with what is only sufficient for us only. I am one that understands things from spiritual point of view. So wont be surprise if anyone fail to see my point. Now my well respected brodaman Drey, as bad as the nigeria system is yeah, do we then deny being nigerians and join foreigners and those that have made themselves foreigners, in casting nigeria into the bin? I personally dont think so, hence i will forever continue to shout even on top of the highest mountain of how forever proud I am to be a nigerian until God decides otherwise by splitting the country. There is this mistake, most of us make. Nigeria as an entity is not what is bad but the mentality, a by product of our value system, that is the problem. Reason we struggle to understand that we all owe nigeria a service however small or big. A LIFE WITHOUT SACRIFICE ALWAYS FAILS TO SURFICE. Just take your spoon, cup, jug, jerry can etc of water and pour into that empty drum and someday that drum will get full and start to overflow. May well get full for the generation that might not be as blessed as ours. Past generations of these Western countries did that and today their children are benefitting.
        Now with regards to those foreign born that snubbed nigeria, I think whatever backlash they are getting from nigeria fans, they brought it upon themselves when they started flirting with the nigeria interest using it as weapon to attract the interest of their country of birth. How come Anjorin, Azeez of Arsenal, Jamal of Bayern etc are not be lamblasted? I do agree with you, we should let them be because we were only going to do them a favour and its their choice to refuse that favour. No hard feeling. Nigeria is too big to lack football talents, I can put my money on that. We just not harnessing these resources.

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        I strongly disagree with your resume here @Dr. Drey, Fashanu is not living large due to the meagre Pension he’s receiving from England but he’s still working hard for his money, he is into punditry and has many business ventures from his wise investments made during his active years. He did not simply sat at home waiting on the monthly stipends from English FA.

        Following retirement from the game through injury, Fashanu became a television presenter. He presented the UK edition of Gladiators alongside Ulrika Jonsson in the 1990s. In 2003, he came second in the second series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!. Later that year he presented Fash’s Football Challenge, a reality television show that followed Fashanu managing an amateur football team. Also in 2003, he fronted a six-part series for ITV1 based on the American format Man vs. Beast, however following protests from animal rights groups, the series was never broadcast. He also released a video “Focus on Fitness with Fash”. He is now host of Deal or No Deal Nigeria, airing on M-Net Africa.

        Take a look at players who starred for Nigeria too who are known to be hardworking and doing great hence they will never beg anyone for pension money or favours from NFF TO SETTLE THEIR MEDICAL BILLS such as………Emenalo, Egbo, Olofinjana, Efan Ekoku, Keshi (RIP), Amunike, Kanu, Oliseh, etc.

        King Yekini was rich and never died a pauper but due to depression as a result of disappointments from people closest to him. Okocha was assisted by OBJ, was he not the Nigeria President at that time?

        Iwobi is still relevant today simply bcos he plays regularly and well in Nigeria colours (International activities), Ighalo got into ManU team simply due to his performance with SE, Osimhen’s bumper contract with Napoli was influenced by his International performance with Eaglets and SE……….ETC

        So my guy, any player that has the opportunity to don the Green-White-Green jersey and still end up a pauper after retirement surely has himself to blame for sure

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … I want to believe Fashanu not playing for Nigeria but England was not entirely his fault. If I am not mistaken, I once read where he said between 1985 and 1989,he was invited three times but never dressed for gameday and on the last occasion, the coach advised him to stick to England since his style is not really suited to how Nigeria play on the ground as against the kick and follow he was used to… that same style almost made Efan Ekoku a misfit at first because I remember Efan drawing about five offsides alone in one of his first games for Super Eagles… but his advice can serve and guide the younger ones after Tomori and Tammy.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      You are right. Paul Hamilton and later, Manfred Hoener invited him but never dressed him

      In 1986 Chibuzor Ehilegbu was preferred to him

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Father JP… thanks for the name Chibuzor Ehilegbu, oboy, dude was a boy wonder… extremely talented!

      • I think the financial situation of any player after retirement is a direct consequences of their actions or inaction while actively playing as opposed to the country where they chose to play international football with and I will explain.

        See, most of our footballers of yore(maybe with some present ones) are never went to any school and lacked financial education and so lived life large in the now forgetting that their careers have a life span and the lean times will surely come.They live very extravagant lifestyles and engage in many vices like gambling, clubbing, womanizing and bro, nothing depletes a man resources faster than those vices.

        Let me give a few examples even with some of the names that have been mentioned here.

        Anyone with N10b to invest should seek the financial advise of top reputable firms like PWC etc for advise.Okocha took his money to Societe General bank because they offered him a very ridiculous rate then which he jumped at without doing his due diligence.The bank was on life support at that time and was desperate for funds for their survival.A financially educated person or at least backed up by the financial expertise of these firms will not make that kind of silly mistakes.Same for Oruma.

        I worry when I see the garage of obagoal ,Adebayor and other African players with the kind of exotic cars they keep acquiring.These cars are liabilities in the long term and will not yield any returns.

        Amokachi in his prime bought a private jet to fly himself around for fun! At that time, he hob nob with the powers that be in Kaduna.Dude was dumped immediately the funds stopped flowing.

        Contrast that with some English and European players who planned their retirement very well such that whatever pension they get ( which is not more than one thousand pounds at most) compliment what they already have.They ensured a good proportion of their current earnings are invested for the future.

        Zaha at 28 years have more than 300 properties across the UK such that he donated about 150 for accommodation to NHS staff during the pandemic free of charge.

        Others like scholes, Giggs, Owen Heargraeves have solid investment in real estates , hotels and schools( they even came together and bought a club, I think Barnet) to do their footballing Business) On retirement, they quickly develop other skills and transit to other careers like coaching, Management, punditry, TV etc and continue to earn.But their base income comes from their wise investments.

        Ronaldo is already preparing himself for a career in Hollywood, this is apart from his CR7 clothing lines and hotels in many European cities.Every one knows about Messi mega hotels.Even our own Oga Rohr has a lot of real estate and a hotel in Bordeaux.( Otherwise how can he survived being owned salaries for months.

        But again there are loads of European players that played at the highest level and earned mega bucks that are in squalor now with most of them alcoholics.

        In sum, African players must learn to put their selves together with proper retirement planning.Those that did, you can see how they are progressing.Those that don’t are always here critizing Rohr and hoping on the NFF to bail them out.This has nothing to do with where you played international football

        • GLORY 3 years ago

          Wonderful piece from @ Toni. I struggle to come back to old headlines but someone asked me to come back here to read this quality piece that has summed everything we need to understand. God bless.

        • Great one my brother. If pensions is the issue we won’t bhave many retired people who are still poor in Nigeria today.

  • Player’s Pension, Whose _Responsibility?_

    Two capped Ex-England International of Nigeria descent John Fashanu in the article above gave a word of advice to dual nationality players torn between representing their country of birth/domicile or their country of origin.

    “If you want to play and have longevity, choose Nigeria because it is so sure that they will never get a consistent run of matches playing for England,” expressed Fashanu.

    The backdrop of his comments came as the duo of Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori were overlooked by coach Gareth Southgate for England’s team to Euro 2021 to be hosted across 11 countries.

    However noble Fashanu’s advice may be, does it actually hold true in the current national team climate?

    I personally don’t think that choosing Nigeria ahead of another country necessarily guarantees the dual nationality ‘a consistent run of matches’ as Fashanu suggests. With the tsunami of dual nationality and indegenous quality options becoming available to Nigeria by the hour, no player can be guaranteed anything.

    They have to be active, performing well and prove that they have what it takes to displace others. Despite picking Nigeria ahead of Belgium, Cyriel Dessers is still waiting for ‘a consistent run of matches’. Same can be said of Josh Maja and Nathan Oforbor.

    Being dual nationality alone is not a passport to the Super Eagles starting 11. You have to be churning out quality performances at your club and be clearly a cut above the rest.

    Is Tammy Abraham head and shoulders better than other Super Eagles strikers at this time or can Fikayo Tomori simply brush current Super Eagles defenders aside?

    I don’t think so.

    And when it comes to remuneration, I think players should be made to contribute to their own pensions. In the United Kingdom, workers are made to pay into their own pension pot. The amount they earn after retirement will be dictated by their contribution during their working life.

    It makes absolute sense for this sort of arrangement to be in place for Nigeria Internationals so that when they retire, the government can augment the footballers’ pension contributions.

    They already get handsomely rewarded for their work (that is when the NFF chooses to pay them). When they perform well in tournaments, they are rewarded with all manner of gifts like houses and land (again, when the benefactor decides to fulfil their promises).

    So, it is not altogether irresponsible to expect the Super Eagles Internationals to contribute to their own income after retirement. This should have an ‘opt in or opt out option’.If they choose to opt out of such an arrangement, then they have decided to look after themselves by themselves after retirement.

    At the moment, we are led to believe that the reason why footballers earn ridiculous amounts of money is because of the transient and short nature of their career. That being the case, it is incumbent upon them to spend (and invest) that money wisely! They (more than most) owe it to themselves to look after their own future.

    Choosing Nigeria ahead of England should at least guarantee that players are paid their wages and bonuses on time and in its entirely. Sadly, the NFF is failing in this basic of requirements.

    That, for me, is the greater worry!

  • Hubert 3 years ago

    Why criticizing fashonu? He is only giving his own piece of advise which was well cleared, it ur choice to make, you play for club abroad, why can’t you curve out your own plan for the future through the club where u trade, you could tell them so so percent from my pay should be on AB pension why the other to my account. Pple fail that’s their headache should u compare it to everybody? Is all 80s footballer hungry? Or unable to pay for their medics? As a man lay his bed so he lies on it. It’s a choice England pension schemes and better life, naija more playing time. I love each opinion.

  • The meagre pension from England can’t guarantee a player a good life after retirement simple….A players life after retirement depends on how you live and plan your life now that you are still active….The same goes for all other professions….There are alot of investment fund management companies available now and the foreign players are already taking advantage of them….Some Nigerian players are already taking advantage of them like Iwobi Mikel chukwueze osimhen iheanacho ndidi and I’m sure more will key in especially among the foreign based players….Fash just sighted pension as one of the advantage England has and it’s an eye opener to NFF….NFF should appoint a pension fund management company like stambic IBTC, Crusader,or even foreign firms.Let them be paying a part of the players earnings from bonuses on international duties into the account….These firms invest the funds into business ventures and manage it for NFF then a part is paid to retired players during their retirement….The major reason the dual national team players ignore Nigeria is the brand name…. Nigeria can not be on the level of England interms of Football yet…. England is a G12 country and it’s developed in every ramifications and Nigeria is a developing country so there is a prestige that follows playing for England and that’s what they are after…. FORGET ABOUT PENSION IT IS JUST A SMOKE SCREEN

    • @Akp, the pension issue is a non starter.
      Pensions are paid once a person reaches a certain age. Fashanu has not reached that age.
      One does not get a pension because of the country they represented. They get a pension because of which country they work in.
      This means that Tomori, Tammy, Iheanacho and Fashanu will receive the same state pension.
      I deliberately used Iheanacho because he works in England and represents Nigeria. He will get the same state pension as Fashanu.
      The England FA does not pay a pension in the same way the the NFF does not pay a state pension.
      It is paid by the government of England for people who have worked and paid taxes in England i the same way that a person who works and pays taxes in Nigeria is entitled to a state pension

  • Thanks BigD, I have always wondered what Fashanu meant every time he lays claimed to receiving from sort of ‘pension’ from the English FA for his 2 caps.


    On a very simplistic level, there are 2 types of pension in England: 1) state pension and personal/occupational pension.

    Iheanacho, Ndidi and every Nigerian player whose football career saw them play in England will (in theory) be entitled to state pension. This is because they would all have paid what is called National Insurance contributions which are automatically taken from their income.

    It is worth noting that this ‘pension payment in itself is never enough for any pensioner to live on – even those who lived and and worked in England all their lives.

    So, the government made it mandatory for all UK employers (like football clubs) to offer their employees a work based pension. The employee (footballer in this context) contributes part of their wages into this contribution so that upon retirement, they can have income that can continue to support their daily needs and activities.

    Employees like footballers are like contractors. They can elect to opt out of the work based pension and source their own pension arrangements privately.

    In the Nigerian context, their is no state pension that I know of. However, I am aware that government employees in Nigeria do have pension arrangements. The Super Eagles players work for the government so, it is not irresponsible for the NFF to put in place some sort of ‘optional’ pension arrangement for Super Eagles players.

    But again, they will have to pay into this and the government can then top up what they contribute.

    What I find unfair is to advocate a sort of ‘state pension’ for Super Eagles players simply because they served Nigeria on the field of play.

    If average, everyday Nigerians (who aren’t government employees) do not have access to any sort of state aid, benefits or pension, why should we then make these available to highly paid millionaire footballers?

    I don’t think that is fair!

    If footballers are to get pension akin to what can be regarded as ‘state pension’ then this sort of benefit should be made available to each and every Nigerian citizen.

    That, to me, will be fair.

  • Just read that Philip billings is in talks with coach rohr through his agent for a possible switch to Nigeria due to him not making the Danish team to the European championship. Dont know how true this is yet. Only time will tell.

  • Saint P 3 years ago

    I can read people saying stuff like “ Fashanu ignored Nigeria “ despite the fact that they only read the news on the papers, you guys knew nothing about the happenings back then, you don’t have the facts so stop criticising. If anybody is bold enough to admit there mistakes that should settle it all, that what makes you a real man. Most of you guys will do the same back then, playing for Nigeria is a matter of love for the people and passion for the game, it’s not that there is anything in the Nigeria system that will prompt you to chose Nigeria over England with the state of conditions of many of the ex players who sweat blood for the country, I’m not saying we should start building houses and giving million to all the ex players, but those who are in difficulties should be able to get help, afterall there are those who done nothing for the country and eating up all the money, these guys play for Nigeria back then when they were paid peanuts, not now that the players gets 4-5K$ match bonus, so if they need help they should get it. What Fash is trying to say is that, back then you need your pension as your retirement plan so it’s not advisable to leave that and go and play for another country with no future plan for you after retirement, but now these guys don’t need any pension to secure there future, they are super rich already, so it should be super easy for them to switch and play for their country instead of waiting on England, there is more than enough evidence to tell them that if they eventually make the team , they will be use and dumped in the end. It’s that simple.

  • Abdulraheem niyi ahmed 3 years ago

    leave story jare oga…find something beta to talk about..

  • Funny!!!
    . Bournemouth star billing, is reconsidering switching to super eagles after being snubbed by denmark
    . Lol this guy will not kill me

  • Austeddy 3 years ago

    This is Abraham and Tomori’s wound. Let them and other players like them that cannot remember their source continue to lick their wound forever. They have not seen anything yet. World Cup is on the corner.

  • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 years ago

    Someone has taken a trip back in time to dig up this story….

    • Despite the fact that this piece was published months ago, I’m grateful someone brought it up again. Besides, I didn’t get to read it when it was still news.

      This whole thread with the original article is golden.

      Our present day footballers who seem overwhelmed with the need to make the best decision about their international future will find this informative and it will rid their minds of all the unnecessary clutter that comes with decision making.

  • so pls tell me something is he trying to come back to were he rejected
    Hmmmm what has he seen that
    Were he would have had a enough play time and score goals
    So shameful to Tammy Abraham
    Pls others should not do the same mistake o

  • Bola Falana 2 years ago

    He doesn’t love Nigeria as he’s claiming, rather he loves all the contracts and other privileges he is enjoying in Nigeria. I live in England, he can never enjoy all these here.

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