POLL: Should Ighalo Rescind His Retirement Decision, Return To Super Eagles?

POLL: Should Ighalo Rescind His Retirement Decision, Return To Super Eagles?

This is Completesports.com’s poll exercise on Odion Ighalo. Read through and vote for or against an appeal for his return to the Nigeria team, the Super Eagles.

Following his shock January transfer deadline day move from Chinese Super League side Shanghai Shenhua to Premier League giants Manchester United, Ighalo has so far impressed.

Ighalo has made seven appearances for United, scoring three goals in all competitions.
And impressive showings have not gone unnoticed by some big names in football.

Former assistant manager to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, Steve McClaren, described Ighalo as the perfect number for the Red Devils.

McClaren stated this while analysing Ighalo’s performance in United’s 3-0 FA Cup win against Derby County where he netted a brace.

“Everybody needs a number nine. Everybody needs a target,” the former England head coach said on Sky Sports.


Ighalo celebrates his goal with Mata

“There can be runners but there has to be a vocal point, Manchester United didn’t have that.

“(Romelu) Lukaku went, they’ve tried different things, false nine, it doesn’t work out, but I think with Ighalo it’s perfect because there’s lots of energy around him at the present moment…”

Former Liverpool and United striker, Michael Owen, said Ighalo was a great Plan B striker for the Old Trafford outfit.

“Ighalo – look at the strength and awareness. I like him, I must admit. I think he’s a great alternative,” Owen remarked.

Former Nigeria international, Nwankwo Kanu suggested that Ighalo be called out of international retirement if he does well for United.

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“Nigeria needs every good player no matter where they are playing or their age,” Kanu was quoted by Goal.

“If he performs for Manchester United we will ask him to comeback and tell him to forget what he said [international retirement].”

Dear reader, following all the positive reviews Ighalo has been getting, do you think he should come out of international retirement and play for the Super Eagles again?

Use the ‘Leave A Reply’ under this piece and vote for a against the appeal. Start with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, write a few lines to back up your position.

Have your say now.

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  • Capitalletter NO

    • Chawkee 4 years ago

      It will be a wrong move for Odion if he decides to come back to the Super Eagles squad. It will deteriorate his progress in Man U. If Ighalo wants to make any headway in England, he has to concentrate fully. The national team will be a big distraction for him, moreover, we have young and talented footballers eager to impress. It is a big NO for me for Ighalo to go back to the national team.

    • Gbolahan 4 years ago


      Hmmm. I have said No because we have What looks like a few  v young quality replacements.

      We need to allow and them to grow and fit into the role ASAP, before Afcon and World cup. 

      In any case Ighalo’s form is to early to be assessed/called consistent form. The young replacements like Osimhen,  Dessers  …….look v promising. 

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehe…my heart say NO…capital NO. Let his excellent performance be a source vindication and emotional punishment for all those who have denigrated him to the point of premature retire.

    However, My head says imagine if Ighalo’s transfer is made permanent and going into AFCON 2021 and Qatar 2022, he remains a key figure at Man U and maintains his 0.43 – 0.46 goal/game ratio which he has maintained currently and always maintained all tru his career ie something like 16 goals in 38 matches, not counting assists (or even does better) for MANCHESTER UNITED of England, then we will only be shooting ourselves in the foot by claiming we don’t need to have him in the SE for those tournaments.

  • Patrator 4 years ago

    A very big No!

  • Oni Bright 4 years ago

    YES Ighalo will come back but after afcon 2021 in cameroun then with Victor Moses both will be at the world cup .

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehehe…………Odion don nak anoda goal for Red devils o. A goal that will make Dennis Bergkamp jealous wherever he is. Like play like joke, I don dey turn Man U fan dey go.

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Yes, bcs I feel he’ll add an extra deadly bite to our attack whilst leaving us wtih a lot of potent and deadly strike options. His retirement was premature steming from the barrage of attacks he received following his painful misses at the world cup especially in our match against Argentina but I believe he can still rescind his decision but should not be forced. His form at the time when needed should determine his return.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    I will say a Big No but if he turns out to be the best then yes. I go by form and consistent performance with no emotions!

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    Yes of course.. If he can score for almighty man u then he can still do it for Nigeria. As kanu said all our best players are needed if they can still perform at the highest level. Igahalo loves Nigeria.. I won’t be surprised to see him back

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    If he keeps this form, then yes but for the major tournament; World Cup/ Afcon as the pretenders amongst the Freshers must have been fished out during the qualifiers

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    Yes becos he is still inform, i think he can be substituting osimen when osihmen is tiring or exusted. Then ighalo can bring in experience. as for insults to ighalo, some body should tell him it is normal and he can not change that. Insults in football is everywhere every legend you know was in many occasion bin insulted by their fans. Football is emotional even your father will insult your father when the game is hot, retiring becos of insults is childish and unpatrotic. Wen he was looking for the lime light he didnt mind being insulted now that he is a star player he wan come change am for naijerians. A footballer who doesnt like insults is like a police man who doesnt like the sound of a gun.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hmmm…..insult is part of football….so if I insult you now you will feel happy right…??? If I insult your wife, mother and children you will go to bed smiling…? If i send you death threats or go and try to burn down your family house, you will give me a kiss on the forehead….???

      Footballers must be made of wood…they dont have emotions!

      Ordinary small insult they throw at you on CSN alone, you go bunkum….LMAO..not to talk of when your social media accounts are bombarded with irate illiterates, hurling all sorts of hate and swear words at you.

      Do unto others what you want them to do to you.

      When you rain insults and curses on a player just because it is football, how does that make you different from racists who make monkey chants…?

      Insults are NEVER part of football and like racism should be kicked out of football…!

      • Collins id 4 years ago

        @ dr drey. Since u have being indirectly making fool of peoples opinion in this forum for over a year now how many people has ur insult retired from the forum? Since u have being responded by insults how many insults has cost you arm? Are u trying to pass a hate speach bill into this forum like the Nigerian parliament. Please enough of ur i too good style of judjement. Can you swear that you dont have footballers that you despersed or swear that you havnt insulted any player in entire life. I followed football from primary school up till professional level, i havnt seen a professional or armature player that havnt tolerated insults. Not to talk of a player who missed great chances in a much needed world cup game. Can you please ask ighalo why didnt he quit when he was playing in ajegunle or they dont insult players in ajegunle. Nigerians are becoming the most high showldered people on earth expecially wen they make some money. I remember when italy returned from south africa worldcup after sudden exit at group stage despite wining the last edition in 2006, they where stoned with oranges at the arrival hall, non of them retired after that event, instead they where all ashamed and they improved on their efforts that improvement took them to the european nations cup final 2012.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hehehehehe….I’ve not even insulted you yet, but you are already being defensive and emotional…but you feel you have unalienable rights to insult a footballer without him reacting.

          Kindly go and copy and paste anywhere you’ve read me raining curses or hate words or evil wishes on a footballer.
          I played football myself on a semiprofessional level and I’ve also been a fan for as long as my memory can last…I know the difference between fans expressing their displeasure and outright hate. I’m not that ill-bred to express unforgiveness and outright hate on a footballer to the point where I turn logic on its head or say he’s not good even when the figures tell an entirely different story or accuse him of raising dust even if he is swimming in a pool of water.

          You mentioned the azzuri being pelted with oranges after a poor outing, but the same fans still got behind them after they improved their performances….none of the players received death threats, none of them had their mothers, wives or children insulted, none of them needed the police to prevent their family houses being set ablaze….none of them had to quit social media.

          The the black minds of hate and unforgiveness of you and your likes have refused to bury the ghost of Ighalo’s poor outing at Russia, even when he has gone on to hit sterling heights that only the likes of yekini, Yakubu and Odegbami have managed to reach for the super eagles. That’s the difference between you and those you used in your analogy.

          But God is not a God of injustice. See how he keeps raising up the same player you all called “USELESS”. Someone even said he’s not the type of player we need in the SE, yet he advises the coach to teach the current players to play like him… LMAO. Others say Aghaowa and Martins were FAR BETTER THAN him, but despite playing for Nigeria for a shorter period (just 4 yrs) compared to the others, he still managed to become the 4th ALL TIME top scorer for Nigeria and has better stats than them playing for Nigeria. It’s the hatred in your hearts that never made you see his qualities, but see how he’s flourishing on the biggest stage where others can only dream of.

          Like I said earlier, if you feel you have the right to rain insults at any footballer, then you are no different from racists to sing monkey chants.

          And if you also feel footballers should take insults by the chin and move on…then you too should tolerate me insulting you on this platform for as long as it lasts.

          • Collins id 4 years ago

            @you ara the one why get emotional and so quick to react to peoples opinion. It shows to every body that u can hardly point out views without making issues with other peoples thought. You are the one whos childish mind have refused to let go of peoples emotional outbreak wen they where dispointed.You put more energy on peoples thouth than expressing your own views. You have never ignored any response to show that you are not a kid. I hardly respond to leniert fools like your types who think they are more inteligent than others becos they can read and write english. Even ighalo has moved passed the past ecept for you whos black mind has refused to move on and answer simple question of yes and no

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hehehehe…Talk is cheap…I thought you can carry on and take insults on your chin…..LMAO….yet you expect footballers not to react when riffraffs like you mudsling at them. Your hypocrisy if Lengedary…LMAO.

            Of course I will always make people like you happy by dignifying you with responses in equal measure….if not for anything else but to let you know that the stealth of the tiger is not to be mistaken for timidity. Most of you millennials cant simply stand being defeated by superior arguments even in the face of obvious inferiority. Yet rather than read, judge b4 acting, your only saving graces is to fling insults to score cheap points…LMAO.

            The era of diplomacy is long gone…lolz. U get what you give…Finish & Klaar….!!!

            Funny enough most of the points you malign me for with insults end up prevailing. Truth and Objectivity are like children of the same mother…..THEY ALWAYS PREVAIL.

  • Samchi 4 years ago

    Some players get better when ageing, plus a feeling of been there done that with nothing to lose or proof brings out the best outta most of ’em_
    Players like Forlan or pirlo became almost unplayable as they aged.

    Now about the poll, add my own NO to it, Vardy is a retired England international but is still banking in goals yet no body is expecting him to come back to the three Lions, same goes for Odion. We’ve got dessers and Osimhen plus Iheanacho, kalu and Chukwueze_ so any Defense this boys can’t unlock or break down then i doubt if an Ighalo can’
    Ighalo Enjoy your Manu Adventures no mind anybody at all. Not like the super eagles haven’t been doing well since moses, mikel and Ighalo left the scene’ pple just need to Learn how to move on_
    Iv got problem with that’ especially when it’s clear to see that…
    #super Eagles is the Future

    • “….so any Defense this boys can’t unlock or break down then i doubt if an Ighalo can’”

      God bless you man

      • Collins id 4 years ago

        @dr drey you are a fool for ever and you will always remain in your foolish world. Foolishness is written all over your ideas. You not surpose to sit with elders bcos you will always cos distraction with your foolishness. Infact your real name is dr fool. U are the most ignorant lizard who always shake his head over cheap achievments. Internet journalist you should have bin editing for csn mr know it all. Dr fool forever i doubt if u have enough giga in ur brain. Bcos you kept on skiping in ur memories. U should have known that i havnt insulted ighalo before and never will

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hehehehehe…How do you feel now that you have just vommitted pure crap from your gutter. LMAO

          See the hypocrite berating Ighalo for reacting to continual insults and personal attacks from fans towards him and members of his family….LMAO

          Talk is really cheap…Lolz. That’s what I can say for now

  • Biafra 4 years ago

    Yes, Ighalo should return to super eagles (likewise Mikel),bcus his retirement is based on insult and death threats he got from fans during wcup flop.

  • Yes. Insult is part of football for footballers irrespective of age or club. Ighalo is still relevant to SE but he should  not be begged but be encouraged. 

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Thank kindly Mr. Editor for asking this lovely question.

    Asking Ighalo to come back and play for Nigeria again is like the coach or NFF are ridiculously putting our young strikers down. Is like they believe in them and like asking Ęnyeama, Ikę Shorumu and Peter Rufai to play for Nigeria again.

    This is why Nigeria is where it is today. Let’s assume that Ighalo is not doing well at Man U, you think Nigerians will ask for him?

    Ighalo is not the kind of striker Eagles needed at the moment.

    Nigeria need one touch, one goal striker.
    We need the likes of Òbafęmi Martin’s and Agahowa strikers and the only striker we have now that falls in that category is Dessers.

    Every Nigerian player deserves to play for its Fatherland but cautioned must be taken.

    If they are pushing you Ighalo, say to them MBA, I won’t be pushed by you no more. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Thank you kindly Mr. Editor for asking this lovely question.

    Asking Ighalo to come back and play for Nigeria again is like the coach or NFF are ridiculously putting our young strikers down. Is like they believe in them and like asking Ęnyeama, Ikę Shorumu and Peter Rufai to play for Nigeria again.

    This is why Nigeria is where it is today. Let’s assume that Ighalo is not doing well at Man U, you think Nigerians will ask for him?

    Ighalo is not the kind of striker Eagles needed at the moment.

    Nigeria need one touch, one goal striker.
    We need the likes of Òbafęmi Martin’s and Agahowa strikers and the only striker we have now that falls in that category is Dessers.

    Every Nigerian player deserves to play for its Fatherland but cautioned must be taken.

    If they are pushing you Ighalo, say to them MBA, I won’t be pushed by you no more. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mercy 4 years ago

    Ole in his post interview after the match against lask gave an hint that man utd might be signing ighalo permanently. Now my own theory is if he continues tearing up the trees for his club and the SE coach thinks he need him in the team and he too wants to come back. I would never be against it.

    FACT!!! Whether he rescind his decision or not, ighalo will remain one of the best strikers that had ever played for eagles

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago


    In as much I enjoy Ighalo’s prowess, I think it could turn out counter productive if Ighalo should be brought back to the Super Eagles.
    It could send the wrong message to the others that have stepped up to fill that void he left behind. A space that has been filled quite amicably by Osimhen leading the way.
    Since Ighalo left, we haven’t lacked goals, we aren’t in a crisis, on the contrary, we are on an ascendancy in front of goal; scoring in every match we have played, home, away and centre. Even against teams that are playing the defensive low block formation;teams like Benin, we found a way to break them down. We have switched style from a slow build up to a much faster counter attacking style with a lot of flair going forward.it suits us fine. An Ighalo coming back could throw spanner to the works.
    Besides, Ighalo left on a good note.it was a shock to many when he did that but it was the right thing to do at the right time. He was the top scorer in anything official, he has simply reached his apogee.
    We shouldn’t get carried away by his recent positive development at Manchester United and be forced to act by that extent get to burn down our momentum because of our much malign fantasy. Ighalo can only grow older.our attack righ now is young, fresh and speedy. An attack that is literally waning out Ahmed Musa stylishly , shouldn’t be clamouring for Ighalo’s comeback.
    I watched Ighalo passing the baton to Osimhen(unintentionally),by giving him a Manchester United jersey when the latter went to see him before his game against Brugge. He literally placed the belief in Osimhen knowing fully well he isn’t coming back.
    We are in good hands. Osimhen,Dessers,Iheanacho,Maja, (and still counting), says we are well covered.

    Ighalo should focus on his progressive club career,continue to be the marquee signing he has turned out to be and keep doing wonders. We got his back. But the Super Eagles is going to be just fine.

    • That’s the spirit! A comment filled with truth and honesty, keep it up @Hush .
      We don’t need ighalo in the Eagles, but always support his club career.

  • KangA 4 years ago


    Forcing out of retirement is a gross infringement on his rights. He has done his part. Let’s respect his decision. Coming out of retirement means, among other things, fielding him in preference to the teeming army of strikers. A very poor strategy indeed to neglect the development of the younger generation of strikers. 

  • We have strikers boku. Ighalo should go and rest jare. Ighalo is good but he is a heartbreaker at times. He and Iheanacho cost us dearly at the last world cup. Goals that you expect him to scores at times, he won’t score. Man U has quality players, that is why he is getting lots of chance and scoring. I will also bang in goals in a team like Man U. He is good but we have a Osimhen that is better now in all aspect. Talking of covering everywhere in front, falling to the midfield to get back, hustling for ball and passing, Osimhen is better. He has qualities of Baba Yekini, Martins and Aghawonder. with Desser now fully committed to our team, Ighalo should park and never return. His return will distabilise this cuurent team.

    • Now your bringing Iheanacho into this is annoying….
      Now I see why Drey takes exception to some opinions here…
      It’s actually part of all sports for a player or an athlete to be off form at a point in their careers…
      And that doesn’t take anything away from their talents/abilities…
      Iheanacho is still the best we have right now and his goals are there to speak for him in SE… Unappreciating fairon weather fans…
      The Osimhen you praise 2day you may stone 2moro and I won’t be surprised…

      As for Ighalo the choice is his and that of the gaffer and he’s ALWAYS WELCOME!!!

  • Asoko Emmanuel 4 years ago

    “Nigeria need one touch one goal striker”,like Igalo is ten touches zero goal striker.This guy Omogja speaks like someone experiencing the heat under the pot.There is no iota of logic or reasoning in ur analysis.When you curse our players and say they are not the type needed in SE you should also be aware that you too lack so much and need to improve.
    As for me at just 30years old there is absolutely no reason Igalo should be retiring from the SE if not for very inordinate and senseless disposition of some Nigerians who are moved not by the passion for the game but by mere sentiment and gambling.For your information Even Verdy is being considered cos of injury to the key players of English team.Even if Verdy is never brought back and Kane is fine you still cannot compare the situation in English team to ours.Kane,Sterlin,Rashford and co are very experienced cos they have been there for a while,but same cannot be said of se without Igalo.Osimhen and co are very young and Inexperience and need all they can learn from Igalo.

    I read an Article about Gourod of France being the reason France won the world cup and that was apt.In spite of his bench warming role in his club Gourou was and still a strong part of French National team.The French attack is built around him so that Mpape and Griesman can have a free role in the attack.Imagine having Osimhen and Igalo upfront in a 4-4-2 formation with dessers coming in for Igalo later and Iheanacho coming in for Iwobi later to play behind the strikers.Iam not a coach and do not intend to be one but am just reasoning aloud on that formation.

    My take is that Igalo is the best striker in the entire Africa now and should return to se.Thanks.

    • Edoman 4 years ago

      I could not agree more with Asoko. Ighalo should not only be recalled, he should be made to captain the team.

      • Phynum 4 years ago

        Lol…. I wasn’t expecting any less from @Edoman ….you just want that guy back to super eagles at all cost as if we don’t have way better options. Let’s be sincere, Ighalo wasn’t this sharp for Super eagles, his is now very smart with the ball for Man united and he has only up his game to prove doubters wrong and shut their mouth. I wish him all the best but he shouldn’t even think of coming back to super eagles. Super eagles needs not just a poacher as striker( u won’t always poach goals) but a striker that plays with the team, holds up play, reliable to hold the ball till others come around , a player that buries chances when compulsory, a forward that produces assists…I mean a striker that gives not just goals ( cuz u can’t score all the time) but a striker with fearful presence on the pitch…. God bless Odion

    • God bless you Sir @Asoko Emmanuel

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Asoko Emmanuel, my response to you is this, what are the qualities a good striker should have?

      Let me help you Oga Asoko Emmanuel.

      No1, a good striker must be able to plan ahead before ball comes to him.

      A smart striker always find a way to score or create chances for other players to score goals.

      A good striker must be calm in front of goal.

      I will like to explain to you why we don’t need the service of Ighalo in the Super Eagles no more but I’m busy. May later. Ighalo is a nice man but Coach Rohr have to move on. Have young talented strikers these days. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ighalo has done his bit for the national team. He should be made to enjoy his retirement from the Super Eagles in peace.

    Good,younger strikers are coming up and I don’t think Ighalo’s absence will be felt. The younger ones should be given opportunities to explode.

    • So because you bought a new house in Benin you’ll burn the old one in asaba abi? Nigerians sef…
      That was how you guys called the Oliseh, Finidi, Etal “TIRED LEGS” because players like Justice Christopher BARTOLOMEO OGBECHE,ETAL did well in few insignificant matches and qualifiers and what was the result???
      Our worst world cup ever!!!
      How many Onigbinde’s boys were useful after that world cup??? (Not the players he met but those he added) building for the future my ass!!!

      • Phynum 4 years ago

        ” building for the future my ass!!!’

        This your statement speaks volume about you. I wanted to give u counter opinions but I stopped when I saw your last sentence, it wouldn’t worth it

  • KangA 4 years ago

    One question: was Ighalo chased away from the SE? He voluntarily retired at the height of his performance. How many of those clamouring for his return opposed his quitting? Did he retire because he wasn’t scoring? 

    There were a load of issues—disrespect, insults, threats. What would it feel like for your goals be dubbed “mere tap ins.” And in some cases these were match-winning goals. Can’t we see that Ighalo is  a “blessed one” and should be allowed to focus on his club football and charities? Fair weather friends!

    • Edoman 4 years ago

      Ighalo was frustrated out at the height of his career for the Nation, that is why l am advocating his return with an apology by rewarding/inducing/seducing him to be the Captain of the Super Eagle. No player in Nigeria now can ever match the qualities that Odion brings to the National team. Osimeme is ok, but he is still at a stage that Ighalo was 10, 12 year ago. He has a lot to learn from the ‘potential Captain’ of super eagle. Osimeme goals harvest have dried up lately in his past three games. What is going on?

      • Phynum 4 years ago

        Keep fantasying brother man, u must have heard of “California dreaming” lol

        Ighalo is gone for good, he’s not coming back to super eagles, sorry about that.

        And for Osimhen, having a period of goal drought is just normal for all strikers, they are not machines, they are human. Go and check those games he didn’t score, Osimhen provides more than just goals to the team, the reason why I like his play and he’s still coming up, so just keep your fingers crossed dear Ighalo diehard fan…Lmao ….I like your loyalty to Ighalo tho, but u can keep dreaming like I said earlier

  • Asoko Emmanuel 4 years ago

    Omo9ja,my challenge with u is the fact that ur analysis is usually shallow and bereaved of any meaningful picks.Dont know where u speak from,I even wonder if you watch football at all.”A smart striker always scores find a way to creat goals for his team,a good striker must be smart in front of goal”.From ur above analysis it means Igalo is not a good striker and that he’s not a good team player.

    A player with 21 goals in his break through season in EPL in 2015, higher than any other player’s return,46 goals across 2 seasons in China,4 goals in 4 starts with Man U and 5 goals in 7 matches in Afcon more than the Epl duo of Sala and Mane,is not good and not smart in front of goal.His goal against Cameroun in Uyo in the world cup qualifiers via a pass from Mikel is reminiscence of a visionary striker as he had to run all the way with a man on him.His strike against Libya away was world class he ended up scoring 4 goals against the said Libya in that qualifiers .Now,a look at the Goal scored by Iwobi at Afcon against Cameroun shows a player with brains.He got the ball from the mid section with his back to the post,he turned and delayed a bit for Iwobi to run in and he opened the defender up and put the ball through his legs for Iwobi.

    You cannot know more than Barca who made advances towards him and Man U who wanted him against all odds.The aforementioned teams are run by intelligent,exposed,knowlegable and cultured administrators who will not approach a player to play for them except they are thoroughly satisfied that he worth the trouble.Ole was over the moon as to his back to post abilities and his effeciency at playing with the team,so who are u to state the contrary.

    It will be the best decision ever and I will personally put a call to Igalo to return to Eagles cos it will add the needed impetus to the team.When was the last time a Nigeria player played for a big team in #europe,don’t u think he will bring his wealth of experience gathered so far in Man U to the SE? Only an enemy of progress will prevent a team from having his best player in the team.

    • Mitchu 4 years ago

      Please be very fast in putting that call across to him o. “Wealth of experience” lol…. I respect your comments always but not this take on Ighalo.

  • One thing that can’t be denied is that Ighalo is good. Every player have their strength and weaknesses. So, using a cost benefit analysis theory to determine if a player is worth the trouble to be signed, I think Man U decided that Ighalo’s strengths are greater than his weaknesses, that is why they signed him.
    As to the question of returning to the super eagles, the final decision lies with Ighalo and super eagles coach but more importantly with Ighalo.
    We may like or dislike Ighalo’s performance for the super eagles but the team can benefit from his experience.

  • @PHYNUM I don’t need negative minded judgemental people like you to share their ungrateful opinions with me…
    My take is that our stars should be appreciated and applauded when necessary and scoulded when also necessary…

  • Frank 4 years ago

    No… Nigeria’s style of play doesnt suit a striker that doesnt move a lot. This was the same thing with Yakubu. If you recall, Nigerian fans had been complaining about the Yak for years till he did the unmentionable at the WC.

    Ighalo’s case is similar

  • Kelechi 4 years ago

    What’s he coming back to do? We have moved beyond Ighalo. He has retired from the national team and we should respect his decision. We have new and upcoming strikers we need to give opportunity to showcase their themselves. To me, the return of Ighalo is a NO! NO!

  • NO! He knows better… before deciding to retire. Coming back would not guarantee bagging enough goals as he missed several chances even in his prime. He is Nigeria’s highest scorer in a single AFCON edition, alongside the legendary Rasheed Yekini hence he has left a remarkable legacy with nothing more to prove. He will not always play for the Eagles so it’s good to give the younger crop like Osimhen and co, a chance.

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