Punters That Won Big With betPawa In 2019

Punters That Won Big With betPawa In 2019

The gaming community has come alive in Nigeria in the last few years of the last decade. There has been a drastic change in perception to betting as a lot of people have come to see how betting can be a tool for empowerment and emancipation from unemployment and poverty. Particularly in 2019, there were a lot of activities around sports betting as some of the reputable international bookmakers made their entry into the Nigerian market. Indigenous bookmakers were also in the mix as Nigerian punters were given the advantage of choosing from a list of bookmakers based on their needs and preferences.

betPawa is one of the bookmakers licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and the Lagos State Lotteries Board to conduct sports betting. The company’s goal is to become the biggest and most customer-focused online sports betting business in the country and it currently offers the biggest win bonus of 250% in the country. Speaking to Mr. Yemi Aina, the company’s marketing manager recently; All Sports Predictions learnt that a lot of punters have been winning big with small stakes on the betPawa platform and this simply confirms the company’s intention with its latest tagline, “bet small win BIG”.

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Here are the top 10 payouts to winners from the company in 2019. For security reasons, winners’ names are not published in this report.

  1. Ticket Number 546338599 (N4, 299, 709.77)

This ticket was played in the month of September 2019 as an accumulator selection of a staggering 30 games for the soccer event. The punter staked a total of N500 and smiled to the bank with winning amounting to N4, 299, 709.77. This ticket was the highest payout from the company in 2019.

  1. Ticket Number 636114573 (N3, 482, 124.42)

It was indeed a Merry Christmas for the punter with ticket number 636114573 as the month of December was quite spectacular. This punter placed a bet on the accumulator soccer event with 12 games on the ticket, investing as little as N50 and won for himself a whooping N3, 482, 124.42. This was the second highest payout by Betpawa in 2019.

  1. Ticket Number 531792499 (N3, 226, 057.13)

At the start of the new football season in August while some punters were still getting use to the playing patterns of different football clubs, this punter was already making money from betting investment. The punter invested N100 in a ticket that had 17 games comprising the soccer events and won N3, 226, 057.13 making the payout the 3rd highest by the company in 2019.

  1. Ticket Number 552499805 (N2, 533, 406.56)

This punter won big in the month of September after placing a bet of N255 on another long accumulator ticket of 30 games in the soccer events. The total winning from that investment was N2, 533, 406.56.

  1. Ticket Number 535520581 (N1, 592, 892.01)

This punter was also an early bird as this winning bet came through in the month of August. The punter staked a sum of N500 on a ticket with 14 games from the soccer event on the betPawa platform to win a total of N1, 592, 892.01.

  1. Ticket Number 635317461 (N1, 524, 477.03)

Another wonderful December for this punter as the ticket won a total of N1, 524, 477.03. The punter had staked on 30 games in a single ticket investing N100. It must be said that it is not easy to predict the outcome of 30 different events in one ticket and get everything right.

  1. Ticket Number 541952244 (N1, 082, 650.61)

This ticket contained 11 games and the punter became a millionaire after staking as little as N50 on the ticket to win N1, 082, 650.61. The winning ticket was posted in the month of September.

  1. Ticket Number 31651792 (N1, 000, 000)

The holder of this ticket won the sum of N1, 000, 000 in the month of November in the weekend jackpot. The ticket was one of the N10 bets that won N1, 000, 000 from the weekend jackpot emPawa 17, hit 15 legs out of 17 ensured that the ticket holder smiled to the bank.

  1. Ticket Number 35989644 (N1, 000, 000)

This ticket is the second of the N10 bets on the weekend jackpot that won N1, 000, 000 on the betPawa platform. It was also one of the jolly December winnings that make the festive season a glorious celebration for the winner. The ticket was played as emPawa 17, and hit 15 legs out of 17 won the prize sum.

Ticket Number 618657992 (N65, 179.54)

Finally on our list of top 10 payouts from betPawa in 2019 we have this N2 ticket. The punter invested a total of N2 on a ticket containing 10 games and won a total of N65, 179.54. It was small investment with big win for this punter as the winning came in handy in the month of December.

Speaking to Mr. Aina on how it came about that some punters were staking as low as N10 or N2 and winning on the platform, he said, “There are no mistakes in the figures, these are the actual amounts staked by the punters. On www.betPawa.ng, our customers can stake as low as N1”.

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