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Rohr Fails To Qualify Benin Republic For 2023 AFCON With Defeat In Mozambique

Rohr Fails To Qualify Benin Republic For 2023 AFCON With Defeat In Mozambique

Former Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr on Saturday failed to qualify Benin Republic for next year’s Africa Cup of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire.

Rohr’s Benin Republic will face the Super Eagles in Group C, in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers which will begin in November.

Benin Republic will host the Super Eagles first in June 2024 while the return leg is in October 2025.

In Saturday’s final Group L game away to Mozambique, Benin Republic lost 3-2 to miss out on qualification.

The Beninoise needed an outright win to secure the second ticket from the group. AFCON champions Senegal finished top in Group L.

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On their part, a draw would have been enough for Mozambique who, by virtue of the win against Benin, ended with 10 points.

Benin Republic, on five points, ended in third place while Rwanda, who will also face the Super Eagles in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, were bottom with two points.

Meanwhile, Rwanda will play their final group game away to Senegal later today (Saturday)

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  • How market @ Monkey Post?

    • Ignatius Abo 9 months ago

      Rohr is planning to qualify Benin for the 2016 world cup. This afcon qualifier is just a distraction.

    • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

      @FEMI honestly It seems there is a CONSPIRACY from those PLAYERS on the GOOD MAN GENERAL ROAR.

      I mean if you WATCH all the GOALS expecially the 2 n 3rd goal from Mozambique you will see that the benin players were so relax and gave out too much time..

      How can a player allow his fellow player to be forming c Ronaldo in front of him? Haba!(the winner for Mozambique)

      Players need to be fighting and standing up for their coaches. I mean they can’t expect coaches to give out beautiful game plan and then they will be the one to execute it..

      • Ohhhh sorry ooo, forget all this ur lamentation, a coach is as good as his players, vice versa. QED

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          Where did you get that fallacy from……LMAOoo.

          Why has Guadiola spent almost €1.5 billion to buy the best players possible since he became Man City coach in 2016. Why didn’t the players he met at city be as good as him and save the club from unnecessary annual expenditures….LMAOoo.

          That is even at club level where the coach gets to interact with the players on daily basis…..LMAOo. Not to talk of international level where the opportunity to train before games are limited to less than the number of fingers on one hand.

          • Excuses Excuses Excuses. You all just not ready to accept that your PE teacher was fortunate to have quality players in Nigeria. Don’t worry he has the world cup to unearth new players. Maybe even beg forum born players. We watching

          • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

            Hahahaha…..I suppose there were no quality players in Nigeria when your African Guadiolas couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONs….LMAOooo.

            I am also very sure all the quality players in Nigeria died when Tunisia B booted us out of AFCON and the worst Ghana team in 50 years booted us of the world cup….LMAOoo

            PE teacher at 70 years old is already moving on with his career….your Guadiolas who have nothing on their CVs are busy gossiping on CSN, twitter and other media pages.

          • Keep on yarning crap, at least he had 6 months to bring in new players, lets see what he will offer during the world cup. Since guardiola was able to transform his team with new players, so lets see what your rorhdiola will do

          • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

            You that isnt yarning crap, I guess Rohr can buy players to transform the Benin National team like Guardiola bought players to transform city……LMAOooo.

            Even Guadiola won nothing in his entire 1st season as coach of City. I wonder what sort of ritual you expected Rohr to have performed in order to transform a national team within 5 months…LMAOoo.

            Common sense isnt common afterall…..LMAoo

        • Lol. Please ask him o dr dre.lol a coach is as good as his players.lol that is how they came up with one stupid theory that any coach can win the afcon with the super eagles in two weeks

        • Yes he lost but remember his team was rock bottom when he took over. He is not a miracle worker he came on a rescue mission and he did his best infact he almost done it again but it is what it is even the team with good players failed to qualify for competition at times example being Italy and they are also on the verge of not qualifying for euro 2024 again also, Germany are not doing well too talkless of Beninoise team. The team he left at the top during world cup qualifying how what your Eguavon did with it? A lots of you have let hatred and sentiment becloud your sense of judgement.

  • How about them Squirrels!
    They don’t have any roar in them?

  • O ma se. PE teacher. Thank God it wasn’t a draw, we for no hear word

  • Kenny 9 months ago

    When we say the reason he did well with super eagles is because we have the players. See how he has qualified benin republic now. Rohr at best is an average player.

    That’s why we keep saying what super eagle need is a good tactician to take us to a top ĺevel and that is it. The team is very good just a little addition in the midfield and solidify the defence and we are good.

    Only a mediocre will be rating a rohr. I know some might say he took over the team after at or after the start of the qualifier. Please remind them the time he took after super eagles as well and how the littke iheanacho and alex iwobi scored with their individual brilliance against Zambia.

    Thank you

    • LMFAO. Why didn’t your own EGUAVEON LIFT the NATION’S CUP and QUALIFIED for the WC with the same set of PLAYERS GENERAL ROAR PERFORMED well with?

      • Did you all give him 6 years to operate. wasn’t he always an emergency coach

      • Kenny 9 months ago

        I don’t know how you guys think. I mean someone coached a team for almost 6 years and could not achieve anything. Keshi did it in just 2 years and rather for rohr who with 6 years should have mastered the winning mentality of the team instead had the team got even worse than he met it and you are here saying all sort.

        The annoying part with some of you here is saying the NFF frustrated him, was there any coach that NFF does not frustrate on the job? Was Westerhof not frustrated that he had to go meet the sport minister? Was Keshi not frustrated that they have already bought ticket for the team to return and were already shopping for another coach even while he was still in the tournament.

        Truth is he does not have ambition as a coach, I mean for a whole 6 years come on. Now we see it with benin.

        He is lucky he coached a team like Nigeria to better his CV.

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          You that thinks he thinks properly, I suppose the team Keshi inherited was ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa….LMAOoo. Shebi Keshi inherited a team that couldn’t qualify for AFCON back to back, not even as one of the best 3rd position-placed teams in 4 team groups (in the case of the 2015 series)……LMAOoo.

          The final game of the 16 team AFCON keshi played was equivalent of the Semifinal game of the 24 team AFCON Rohr lost in the last seconds of the game through Mahrez’s freekick. So he technically did almost as much as Keshi in as many years despite inheriting a far worse team than Keshi inherited. And that’s a FACT..!!! You can argue that with the record books.

          Rohr was with the team for 6 years, I guess in those 6 years he attended 6 AFCONS with the team right….LMAOO. Of course he didnt have ambition…he should have used his own money to organize AFCONS every year in those 6 years in order to demonstrate his ambition…..LMAOoo.

          You go bring out his match-by-match records for those six years and let’s see his performance records and compare his so-called “lack of ambitions” to that of the dullards he took over from and the dullards he left the team to…LMAooo. I guess ambition is by mouth…to be bragging emptily up and down….LMAOoo

          And by the way tell us which coach had a better CV before coming to coach Nigeria than after coaching Nigeria apart from Berti Vogts. Its a fact that every coach who has coached Nigeria used Nigeria to better their CVs. Period.

          So you are not telling us anything new…..LMAOoo. Please give way…!

  • Kenny 9 months ago

    Average coach please *

    • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

      “After at or after the start of the qualifier”… LMFAO! What are you saying world class commenter???

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Hahaha, Rohr’s enemies have come out swinging like Anthony Joshua.
    As Rohr don lose one match now, e don become PE teacher. The ANTI ROHR elements conveniently chose to forget all of Rohr’s past achievements.
    We have the players, we have the players, is it not the same players that failed to qualify for 2 Afcons back to back? Yet Rohr came in, and qualified us for Afcon WITH THESE SAME PLAYERS, qualified us for world cup in a group of death that had heavyweights Algeria and Cameroon, and obtained some stunning results in friendlies, like the 4-2 win over Argentina, 1-1 against mighty Brazil, beat Lewandowski and Poland in their backyard, almost beat Ukraine at their home. So many impressive results from Rohr. We will continue to remind the anti Rohr elements, since they chose to forget.
    And most impressive of all, Rohr managed to get these good results IN SPITE OF THE CORRUPTION AND OTHER NEGATIVE INFLUENCES OF THE USELESS, INCOMPETENT NFF ONIGBESE.
    Rohr may have failed with Benin, but he was a success with Nigeria.
    But no wahala sha. As Burna Boy would say, IF YOU NO LIKE AM, NO BE BY FORCE.

    • Guy @POMPEI we did not have the players before he came in. Yes they were there but were not being selected as bribery was rife. As we all said Rohr did well in the beginning but when he started dancing to NFF tune and became clearly compromised he was not needed again he stopped selecting on merit and came with his tried and tested rubbish. Begged Pinnick to fly to Arabia and convince Ighalo when he had to blend Awo in kept Musa on board the team when he should have been dropped( Rohr was a main catalyst for Musa over staying his welcome in SE) as he was dancing to NFF tune to the detrement of our progress. When he should have try to convince Victor Moses at the time he didn’t when Moses was on fire in Russia knocking out Napoli and Leicester in Europa league cup. He became negligent and made bad decisions in game. The guy was outdated and needed to move on. You people should believe that.

      Pesiero is good because at least his own he fought to start selecting our best legs as you pointed out a few threads ago. Even took a pay cut to have complete access and authority to list selection. Pesiero must be commended for that and Rohr forgotten.

      • A beggie….what coach will take a pay cut to remain with a team….. Only Peseiro will that for a reason best known to him….

      • Your post clearly showed that you were completely unaware of the NFF roles in frustrating Rohr. The same way they have been imposing players on Pesseiro. And I hope Pesseiro has been able to resolve the issue of interference in choosing players whe he took the pay cut.

        And by the way, it is not easy when you work under a boss who is deliberately all out to make you fail so you can seem incompetent so that he can have his way.

        Bring Guardiola and Spalletti combo to coach the squirrels, they will not get a better result. And bring any coach that knows his onions to SE, as long as the rot in NFF still remains, Super Eagles are going nowhere regardless.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!.. @MONKEY BRAIN where you dey.. see as you don mumu yourself finish Chai!!. Now you have no team to support.

    You country Rohr has been knock out. And our own have start to select our best legs. As we say. God nor dey sleep o.

    How far na? kpele oo. Hahahahahagagagagaga lolz

    • JimmyBall 9 months ago

      Rohr the general has last a real battle… god of some folks on this forum. I thought he would have qualified Benin Republic with atleast a game to spare o… Chai. Who do Rohr wayo like this? Lol…

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Any coach can win AFCON with these players in 2 weeks….LMAOoo

        Let us fail with our own…..LMAOoo

        I wonder why these sorts of words of affirmation have become so difficult for you to blurt out these days like you used to blurt them out just 2 years ago……LMAOooo.

        Rohr has moved on, nearly doing the impossible with a lowly and aged Benin Republic team….. have owns whom you eventually failed with….LMAOoo…. your 9 local ‘better-than-rohr’ dullards who plunged the country into back-to-back failures against the worst of 2 teams in 4 decades moved on……LMAOooo….??

      • dr drey how can you be paying attention to someone who said that he use to juggle the ball 500 times on one leg at age five

        And then that nwakali is better than mikel obi(in his playing days)

    • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

      Mumu it’s better to crash out now in the in the hands of a full fledge Mozambique team than to go to Ivory coast tomorrow now and crash out in the hands of one corona virus B team(10 man) led by a coach on apprenticeship..lol

  • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

    Hahahaha…good question Monkey Post. It must have been Togolese and Liberian players playing for Nigeria when we couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS….LMAOooo

    Rohr’s performance was only due to the players indeed. They should tell Pep Guardiola to go and win a treble with Norwich City and let’s see.

    For a team that was rock bottom of their group by the middle of the qualifiers just 5 months ago, with zero points and goals, taking over and pushing the team to still be in contention for a 2nd place qualification as at the 90th minute of the final game in the qualifiers is nothing but a yeoman’s job….a job well done.

    Had the 91st-minute shot that the Mozambican GK saved or its rebound that the Beninoise player ballooned into the sky, hit the back of the net instead, it would have been Benin rising from the dead to qualify. A goal-shy Benin Republic now scores in every game since the old man took over. Within the time frame the man has been engaged, even the Benin FA knows there has been an impact.

    Rohr is an average coach, nobody has ever debated that…but they should tell us where their African Guadiolas who are better than this PE teacher are currently coaching.

    Its nearing 2 years since he left yet our SE has not even matched where he left us…….LMAOoo.

    4 months before the last AFCON, the general consensus on this forum was that we were good enough to win it……its 4 months to the next AFCON, and nobody has dared say anything like that till now…….LMAOOoo….abeg is the SE of today coachless…..LMAOoo????

    • Nothing yeoman there, he was paid to do just that and try to qualify which he fail to, misses are what make soccer the sport we all crave for, if VO didn’t fumble with his bicycle kick against Ghana, we would have qualify for WC, if yakubu didn’t miss that open net chance, we would have won that match and if mahrez didn’t score that last minutes free kick at the previous NC, we would have likely to qualify for final and possibly win our 4th ANC, so missed and late goals shd Nt be an excuse, Rorh fail to qualify Benin for next NC. Full stop.

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Hahahaha….was Benin even supposed to be in contention for qualification in the first place…. being rock bottom of the group by the middle of the qualifiers….?? LMAOoo.

        The fact that they could even have qualified as at the 91st minute of their final qualifier away from home is a miracle on its own. Its more than a Yeoman’s job.

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Ugo Iwunze, me I no fit forget Rohr ooo. That man brought me great joy in his tenure.
    Abi you don forget how you felt when we beat mighty Cameroon 4 nil at Uyo? Cameroon that has always been a big problem for us, Rohr wiped the floor with them, make dem yeye for stadium. You want me to forget that? I no fit abeg!
    I’m not saying we should bring Rohr back. Rohr na past tense. But, I will never, ever agree that he was a failure with Nigeria! The facts are there for all to see! Unless we want to deceive ourselves!

  • CSN should stop posting stories about Rhor here joor…..What is all this nahhh ….. Super Eagles needs to move on and Forget about rhor…… This senseless debate should stop …. ..No coach can coach a team forever……it has to come to an end on day for some reason or the other…….Haba

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Hahahaha…Sorry ehn….its not CSN’s fault. Goodluck Jonathan has ceased to be Nigeria’s president for close to a decade too, but Nigerians cannot stop recalling how good and virile life and the economy were under him, because of the animals who succeeded him……LMAOoo.

      No vex ehn….that is the way life is…..LMAOOo. A good man is hardly ever forgotten in a hurry. especially if things have become sour after his departure…..LMAooo

      Ndo oh.

      • Omo9ja 9 months ago

        Thank God that we are all still alive today to witness this.

        I want to thank we, the patriotic Nigerians, for asking NFF to fire Oga Rohr, a.k.a, “the best coach that ever coached the Super Eagles according to Oga Rohr followers”.

        However, I won’t say much now because these Oga Rohr followers are very manipulative. They will lie wotowoto like this that Oga Rohr did not start the Afcon qualifiers.

        No wahala. Let’s wait and see if he will qualify Benin with a game to spare kę. As I said at the beginning of my comment, he, Oga Rohr, still has the World Cup qualifiers to prove his worth. Then, I can speak my mind on Oga Rohr and his followers.

        The gaffer should thank Nigerian players who covered him up during his time with us. He wasted six years because of Amaju Pinnick was the NFF President. But no comment now because it is too early to say anything.

        How market Oga Rohr followers? You guys have to tender your apologies. We deserve that apologies kę.

        Your eyes should be open now well to see that we were right to ask NFF to sack the German tactician.

        See, as excuses keep coming, wotowoto, lol. Kai, when the time comes, you people will run away from this platform. I know you Oga Rohr, followers’ name one after the other. I will not mention names, but you people know yourselves.

        This is part one, and part two is under way when, by the time Super Eagles will show Oga Rohr’s team, no mercy.

        No matter how you cover up the truth, it will reveal itself. That quote is for Oga Rohr followers.

        For we patriotic Nigerians, let’s be calm and continue to say it the way it is kę. I wish Oga Rohr the best
        when the World Cup qualifiers gets started. By God’s grace, Nigeria will qualify to the world cup. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

          Why didn’t you win the afcon and QUALIFIED for the wc with your good players and your world class coach EGUAVEON?

          Why couldn’t you guys cover up EGUAVEON asses with your world class players

        • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

          Hahahaha….Your local coaches who are better than Rorh, the ones you preferred to fail with and whom you indeed failed woefully and disastrously with…. please where are they coaching at the moment…….LMAOooo.

          I still cant believe its only 4 months to the next AFCON…they way y’all are even afraid of discussing our prospects at the next AFCON is shocking…..LMAOoo.

          Under bad coach, PE teacher Rohr, 4 months to AFCON by now we will be hearing the bold braggadocios chorus of “We are good enough to win the next AFCON”……’We are winning the forthcoming AFCON’….’We have the best team in Africa’…..’Any coach can win AFCON in 2 weeks with this team’…..LMAOoo

          As of today, apart from Peserio who knows how to massage your egos with politcal statements, nobody else has said kpim about us winning the next AFCON…..LMAOoo.

          What a bad coach that PE teacher called Rohr was.

    • pompei 9 months ago

      Hahaha, you too, if you see a Rohr story, waka pass nah. Na by force say make you chook mouth inside?

    • Did they post it on your Facebook wall?

      Oga rest!

  • Helius 9 months ago

    Oga Rorh don lose so what abi coaches no dey lose again hia una get data and time 2 waste 4 dis current Naija where we dey so.

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Na the only time wey some people dey find happiness in their already miserable lives be that o Mr brother…..LMAOoo. Unfortunately, those times are always few and far between, since Rohr’s time as SE coach sef……LMAOooo.
      Rorh is so bad a coach that anytime he loses a game, it makes headlines……LMAOoo

  • Papafem 9 months ago

    Rohr isn’t a bad coach. But he will struggle in Benin because of the quality of players in that team. He did struggle in Niger and Bukinafaso too for similar reason. But when he was with us, the beauty of his quality was kinda given visibility by the Nigerian team with players spread across top leagues in Europe

    • Gbayi @pemoeo, this exactly what I’m trying to let dre and monkey post reason, a coach will surely do next to nothing if his players can’t interprets his ideas on the pitch, same way a players can’t succeed with a dumb ass coach.

      • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

        Exactly what me and dr drey is also trying to make you reason. Why didn’t you win the afcon and QUALIFIED for the wc with your good players and your world class coach EGUAVEON?

  • @Monkey post and @dr drey na same thing we dey talk here, guardiola buy players that would implement his soccer idea on the pitch, that makes him win matches and all, if he didn’t spend on players and rely on bad players, he sure won’t have won as much by now, so in other word, guardiola is good and winning matches because his players is also good, Rorh won matches with us bcos we gat good players.

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      So when we didnt qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS….. or when we got dumped out of AFCON by a B team coached by an assistant coach and followed it up with being dumped out of the world cup by the worst Ghana team in half a century coached by an apprentice coach….. we didnt have good players then abi……LMAOOoo.

      If it was down to the quality of players we had alone, all these disasters shouldnt have happened. The man did is job and did it well QED. And on the balance of what has happened to the Benin national team since he took over in March, he is doing a fantastic job. The team now scores goals….they also now have an incredible fighting spirit that sees them crawl their way back when they concede. Rwanda was above them in the group 5 months ago, Rwanda was not even in contention for qualification on the final day….but the team that was rock bottom was. Common…give yourself a break…..LMAOoo

      Any coach who can use the aged crappy players Benin currently parades (especially in the defence), players who cannot even sprint anymore, to nearly pull off the miracle Benin almost pulled off last night deserves huge commendations.

  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

    Lol. Hear all of them. GENERAL ROAR won matches becos we gat good players. But before GENERAL ROAR came you guys were using calculator to calculate your way out of every match.

    You gat good players but before GENERAL ROAR came, you guys were known all around the world ad super chickens..

    You gat good players and even after general roar you guys couldn’t beat a Tunisia 10 man corona virus b team led by a apprentice coach..

    You gat good players and the worst Ghana team in over 4 decades stop you guys from going to the world cup..

    Oh I see where the pride is coming from….

    Because you guys are playing cheap ass team like sao tome and scoring 10 plus goals you suddenly realized that you got good players…


    • Keep saying worst Ghana team like seriously how are they worst? Last time I check that team
      Have one of the best DM in epl, have kudus and both ayew brothers, how you keep
      Calling them worst Ghana team ever beats me, Mr Man the fact still remain you not gonna watch ANC by January, take heart and
      Move on bro

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