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Rohr: FIFA May Ban Nigeria If… – Senator Ogba

Rohr: FIFA May Ban Nigeria If… – Senator Ogba

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Sports and Youth Development, Senator Obinna Ogba says the nation’s football may be heading towards serious crisis if Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr is sacked without the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) fulfilling their own part of the agreement.

The call for Rohr’s sack intensified after the team struggled to earn a draw against Cape Verde in their last group game of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Although they qualified for the play-offs, the performance did not sit well with most Nigerians who are concerned that the Super Eagles may not make it out of the play-offs where they will meet teams that are more composed and deadlier in front of goal.

However, in an interview with TheGuardian, Senator Ogba cautioned sports enthusiasts, who have been calling for the sack of the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, to exercise some patience.

“Yes, so many persons have called for his sack. It needs to be discussed because there was an agreement with the sports operators in football.


“There is a way you will sack him, and if you don’t pay him certain amount of money, FIFA will ban Nigeria and when they ban us, you will complain. Why not allow football operators discuss the issues by finding a way out?

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“Mind you, part of the agreement is for him to qualify Nigeria for Nations Cup, and he has done that. No matter how he qualified.

“The next thing is the World Cup, and it is still on. For me, I am not Amaju Pinnick, who is the president of NFF. But I am also a board member, and I can tell you authoritatively that among us, many have asked that he should step aside. But it is not something you say for saying sake.

“It has to be a discussion, meetings, and so many things have to be taken into consideration. Even if it warrants sacking him, we will sack him, otherwise we allow him be,” he stated.

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  • William d conqueror 10 months ago

    We dey sidon dey look una, shebi caf don say na January ranking they will use for the play off. A man who doesn’t have it doesn’t have it. Continue to play with Nigerians.

  • There is even no need to sack him any longer because it’s now too late unless if NFF put Amunike that’s already following Nigeria football, know the boys and what’s needed to be done to move the team to the next stage that football loving Nigerians are clamouring for.

    Majority of us knew that Rohr was not technically sound immediately after the last nations and world cup competitions but some people that don’t know their right from left kept on supporting him even till now.

    NFF don buy market already. there is no need to sack him. I pray Nigeria qualify for world cup. Let him even be the one to take the eagles to both competitions. Even Eagles don’t want him to be sacked. My only advice is for people with high blood pressure not to watch Super eagles matches in both competitions.

    We will get their one day.

    God bless Nigeria.

  • Seriously, they want the coach gone for drawing a match. Everyone in Nigeria , thinks he’s a coach.
    They all forget that every nations are vastly improving.

    • you are very right ! every think they are coach, the way Nigeria are playing at moment we dont deserve to be in world cup [ no passsion when we not are playing like other africa country ,[ present eagles are not serious execept OSHIMEN,coach can not install dicipline,gorverment also intefere in football] unless they improve ,we dont want to go to world cup and come out of the first round what is the point ,if we can not make impact[no point]we have been there several time,let the other african countiries because they ready to die on the field the way they are playing but our our eagles think they have arrive,back passing ball back most of time no intensive of forwardness.

      • Greenturf 10 months ago

        Other African countries ready to die have done well at the world cup right..If we don’t qualify the likes of you will be the ones to cry.Talking tough indeed!

        • Shut up greenthug or weytin dem dey call u self! Stop ur madness support for rohr, it’s obvious the man is wack

          • Alexander 10 months ago

            Do we have to wait to find out if he will qualify Nigeria for the world cup? Obviously he can’t because the next stage of qualification bout will be tougher. With the kind of players that the Eagles commands and drawing to cape Verde on home soil is an indication that he is not doing good at all. We need someone who can take the Eagles like its the only thing left in this world. Someone who has them to heart

  • Authority Yunisa 10 months ago

    This is the pain we go through in all spheres of Nigerians’ undertakings; persons always entering into contracts/agreement without the interest of the masses they represents at heart. Their pecuniary interest is what they focus on.
    Let’s us all wait miserably till Rohr’s contract expires. But the soul of Nigerians that may die as a result of super eagle’s performance in 2022 may not forgive those that signed Nigeria into that obnoxious contract with Rohr.

    • Nigeria is a failed state because of the failed policies that favour few but harmed others everything about them is fail fail fail!when a coach is doing badly you fire him even if he did well in the past we dwel on the present not the past eg MAN U

    • Who wants to die you think Nigerias are still interesting in Nigeria football far from it

  • Victor 10 months ago

    Well I think the problem isn’t our coach.. It’s the players not putting 100% into the play… The players seem to always play as if they don’t want to commit themselves but I’m sure watching them play against Brazil was a test and they really played them hearts out…personally I see a great crop of players and given time together they will gell.. Let’s wait for AFCON… I know the team will play into the final..

  • This is absolute hubris from this man. How did he become a Senator and even worse, an administrator and Board Member of the NFF. Let me reiterate that this is grandstanding as FIFA can’t ban NIGERIA for firing a coach. They wrote the $2M into his contract so they can receive a kickback from the German mercenary. He will be fired and nothing will come of it.

    • If truly they wrote that, why are the same set of people bent of sacking him at this time?. By the way how did you know, were you among them or why are you telling us this? Man this matter has gone past assumption every contract must have a clause we have seen clubsides sack coaches and paid huge amount as severance packages as contained in the contract.Man United and Newcastle just did.

      • You obviously don’t know anything about contract negotiations. This man had no leverage at the time of the contract extension, and essentially begged for the job, and then you write a $2M payoff clause into his contract? There is something fishy regarding the relationship of the NFF board with Rohr. As for Pinnick, he and Infantino (the crook at FIFA) will eventually end up in jail as they are two corrupt peas in a pod. Pinnick can’t use the threat of a FIFA ban over NIGERIA again, as we know that is what he always does. I believe the NFF board should be investigated regarding Rohr’s contract extension. Something smells fishy there.

  • I donno what is wrong with Nigerians. You want to sack someone for reason best known to you and you don’t want to pay him his entitlement as contained in the contract signed by both parties. Some are even blaming Rohr for holding the country to ransom after fulfilling his own part of the contract.The question is “did he put a gun on their neck before signing the contract? You are the one not satisfy then you must be able to pay him in full for breach of contract. The truth is that this NFF are not wise they shouldn’t have allow sacking this man to generate all this publicity since they know they cannot fulfill the terms in his contract. They should have call him personally and have a gentleman agreement. We will just wake up and hear the man has gone but since they decided to follow this path the man also want to teach them lesson. Look at that huge severance packages. Anyway, whether is a good decision to sack Rohr or not we shall see…

  • It just a serious matter NNF. have to do something fast before it’s too late

  • Emem Owouko Bassey 10 months ago

    Same old song,why are we we afraid of fifa when we know what to do, please do the needful and let’s move on,the man has been here for quite awhile so what’s all this fuss,he has not change anything thing please.

  • Ako Amadi 10 months ago

    Let FIFA ban Nigeria so that we can sit down for 5 years to get the corrupt football house and sports ministry in order

  • Chudynak 10 months ago

    Is it not possible to demote the man to assistant coach so that he will be taking instructions from a local coach to be appointed even though he will still be paid his monthly salary and with this arrangement, he will get frustrated at a point and resign on his own? My thoughts…..

    • Tope Adeola 10 months ago

      In contract, every clause is stated in clear terms. If his contact agreement states that Rohr is to coach the senior team as the head coach for a period of 3 years, if NFF want to change anything in the contract, that can only happen after 3 years. After the currently contract is over.

      Hence, your proposition may not happen until after the current contract expires.

  • I disagree with the Senator, that because Rohr’s has fulfilled part of his contractual agreement, therefore, his employer cannot fire him. That is not the case in modern day football and coaches all over the world. Rohr is an employee and he is not immuned to being sacked, if his employer feels that, his overall output, is bringing the level of play of the national team, to the point where many Nigerians will have to dose up with high blood pressure medication, before watching their national team play. The coach has brought the standard of play of the SE, to the level where, even countries ranked 150 position in global football, will come to Nigeria, and defeat the national team. With the caliber of players in the SE currently, any coach that merits his salary and emoluments, should be competing with teams in the top 10 of FIFA rankings, and coming out with good results. Nigeria does not deserve a coach, who sees a “draw as a win”, while playing a country ranked 95 by FIFA. If the country must attain the level that it rightly deserves, then, Rohr is not the coach for the job. The NFF can draft Emmanuel Amuneke to be assisted by Finidi George, to take the team to Cameroon and the playoffs. The NFF has to do everything possible within Rohr contract, to avail themselves of any sanctions by FIFA. It is the time to call it a day with Rohr.

    • Pls read well. Nobody is saying they can not sack him even the man is ready to Steph down according to a report. He is only asking for his money as agreed in the contract but the NFA is not ready to do that. They are the one delaying and hence resorted to public sympathy by jumping from pillars to posts yeye

  • Fireman 10 months ago

    Guys no need for long story. It’s either NFF pays Rohr his outstanding salaries, bonuses and $2mil severance package and proceed to sack him; or they keep him until the end of Qatar 2022 or after the WCQ playoffs if he fails to qualify us. Anything else is tales by moonlight.

  • Footballfanatic 10 months ago

    Man we should pray for Osimhen so he cab reach his fullest potential. I’m not sure he will be fir for even the play off.

  • Festus Iwara 10 months ago

    What you people are running away from is the financial responsibilities that is involved in sacking him and signing a new coach. No more,no less.
    You prefer to keep the money to yourself, to redeeming the image of the country.

  • Nkem cajetan 10 months ago

    The best thing to now which is die mins is to invite Amunike to assist Rohr because he knows those boys very well…sacking Rohr can not work.. Let Rohr and Amunike should cooperate together give us good result… Pls Nigerian don’t blame Rohr now not his fault.. NFF should face the blame



    • chrisB 10 months ago


      • Shut Up your mouth there!!!! Why should we leave him. Your priority is twisted.. He can help our casue so why should we not Convince him. ARE YOU STUPID!! OR MAYBE YOUR ARE MAD!!..

        The same way we should chase Moses to return is the same way we should show Musa, Simon and co the door. that is of course if we are serious on doing anything meaningful at AFCON. Again Victor Moses, Emma Dennis, and Lookman as well as Awoniyi are priorities now.

        Sometimes I wonder where most of you people commenting are reasoning from..