Rohr: I’ve Not Heard From Yobo Since His Super Eagles Coaching Appointment

Rohr: I’ve Not Heard From Yobo Since His Super Eagles Coaching Appointment

Gernot Rohr has revealed Joseph Yobo has not called him since his appointment as assistant coach of the Super Eagles, Completesports.com reports.

Yobo was appointed by the Nigeria Football Federation as one of Rohr’s assistants in February, taking over from Imama Amapakabo.

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Speaking with BCC’s World Football reporter, Osasu Obayiuwana, Rohr said he hopes to meet Yobo when he returns to the country ahead of the 2021 AFCON qualifiers against Sierra Leone.

“Yobo has not called me. I don’t have his number. I expect to meet him when I return to Nigeria next week, to prepare for the AFCON 2021 qualifier against Sierra Leone. When I meet him, I will give him traditional missions normally assigned to an assistant coach.”

Rohr spoke on the importance of Amapakabo while he was Eagles assistant coach.

“Amapakabo did the real work of a coach on the pitch.”

When asked about the sudden appointment of Yobo as his assistant,  Rohr said: “You can say it. But I cannot. Under the terms of my  contract, the NFF have the right to do what they have done (replace his assistant coach at sudden notice).”

The 2019 AFCON bronze medal winning coach, who has three and a half months left on his contract, disclosed that he plans to meet with NFF president Amaju Pinnick on talks over a new deal.

“I will meet with Amaju Pinnick next week, before our camping and we shall see. Meanwhile, I will keep doing my job.”

And when asked about the delay in concluding the renewal of his contract: “We hope that things will be better in the future.” 

Yobo retired from the Super Eagles in 2014 after the Brazil World Cup.

In 2013 Yobo captained the Super Eagles to the Africa Cup of Nations title in South Africa.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Oh…I just dey pity Yobo.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Lol….. Him think say him dy on TV to analyze football. E don start o. Simple put a call across to the chief coach to fashion out ways ahead for the team no gree u.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Imagine o. See enjoyment o.

      Close to a month you’ve been appointed, you have not put a call across to your immediate superior to at least informally report for duty….and you think your superior will hold you in any regards…???

      And they say he has experience of 100 caps…he has played all over Europe…he was a professional what what what…? It’s like you signing for a club and 1 month after no one in management has heard from you….na team B you go find yasef wen you eventually turn up.

      If after all these years of playing professionally, you still don’t have the courtesy to just place a call or send an email across to your immediate supervisor whom you were appointed to assist….then I’m sorry….it’s either you are incompetent or you are simply not ready to work.

      It only shows where his allegiance lies. Bcos I’m not sure in this last month he hasn’t also called or spoken with at least 1 NFF official.

      • Edoman 1 year ago

        This guy don’t want the job. After on, his net worth is over $30 million. He have his self doubt as well to content with. He got the job after throwing some meat to the starving wolves, you know what l mean. You and I knows how corrupt these NFF Officials and some self acclaim football pundits are in Nigeria. Yobo with deep bucket can get anything he wants. He don’t need the job because he knows he will not be good at it.

      • It does not look good.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          My brother…there are no two names to it. It’s utter disrespect and lack of courtesy.

          It will be unfortunate if Yobo is actually submitting himself (a 2nd time) to be used as a NFF mole and object of distabilization of the national team. He almost lost his place of honour in 2013 and only his 100caps sentiments was the reason Keshi recalled him for the 2014 WC.

          Oyinbo no care about sentiments o. Enter their trap (especially at the workplace) and they will put you where you wouldn’t wanna be.

          As for me woe unto any immediate assistant or subordinate who doesn’t have the simple courtesy of getting across to me a whole month after his appointment (except he/she is medically incapacitated)….I will make the tarmac on which he/she intends to land the roughest tarmac he will ever land on in his/her entire life.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    I’m amazed that Yobo allowed himself to be used by NFF for their selfish purpose. His best card would have been to thank the schemers, reject the appointment and head off to school, and look for a low club side for practical experience. Now he is trapped. How is he different from the fake professional—doctors, architects, nurses,engineers, etc—that are being shamed everyday? Will these our hot boys listen to him if he musters courage to show up in camp?

  • Collins id 1 year ago

    This is the problem of naija always lacadesic to do simple things. Until its deadline day. If yobo doesnt kno this job no need to pretend just resign and let an indiginouse couch replace you. I still think salisu deserve that position, i know alot will say he was corrupt but he has been punished enough. Even europeans dont kill their own over finance crime, he won silva in chan and his team played so good i believe he deserve forgiveness. Nff way nor they pay coach na dey cos the corruption. If salisu had handled the olypic nigeria for qualify? Talking about naija everybody is guilty (custom police soldier judiciary government bodyguard sicurity citizens waec neco teachers lecturers doctors undertakers motuary attendance infact even the dead men are still currupt eg sani abacha) Its on development and good standerd of living that can improve the situation.

  • Zeha 1 year ago

    Why is that anything that makes Nigerians happy , dey pain our condemned Leaders …? Just bcos our football (SE)don dey make us happy, dey give us hope, dey sustain our hypertensive heart (Conditions of the Nation), im dey pain Them …God forbid..

    If this decision by NFF spoil our present SE, God will repay unammm ..I never see this kind thing before …

  • _ All We Are Saying…. _

    The Super Eagles are on course to qualify for next year’s Afcon as more quality options continue to emerge by the day swelling much optimism of a bright future ahead if things continue on the current trajectory.

    Everything is okay right? Well, not exactly.

    What Super Eagles fans and wider stakeholders are saying at the moment is:no more distractions.

    And that is what this Yobo’s appointment and the fallouts from it have the potential of doing.

    When his appointment as the Assistant Coach of the Super Eagles was announced on 12 February, it was met with bewilderment in many quarters.

    Not that erstwhile Assistant Coach Imama Amakapabo was hugely successful in that role, but more about Yobo’s credentials as far as coaching at any level is concerned.

    The entire process that culminated in Yobo’s appointment has also been called to question by many who felt it was neither open nor transparent.

    When journalist Osasu put it to coach Rohr that the whole situation about Yobo’s appointment was not normal, the German tactician said: “You can say it; but I cannot.

    Under the terms of my contract, the NFF have the right to do what they have done (replace his assistant coach at sudden notice).”

    That response comes across to me as coming from a man that appears not to be (too) happy about the way things were handled (but I stand to be corrected as I am merely speculating).

    Either way, this matter can only do one thing, derail the progress that the Super Eagles are currently making.

    Yobo’s appointment may not have been hugely popular, but for the Head Coach to come out to say he still does not have the contact details of his new assistant 3 weeks after the appointment truly reeks of an unpleasant state of affairs.

    As an observer, I would have expected the NFF to replace Amakapabo with another coach who has presence and could actually influence the German. But I am not qualified to make such an assessment, so I can only hope the officials in the Glass House know what they are doing.

    For now, I need to look to the future and put the past behind me.

    When things aren’t going so well on the field of play, Super Eagles fans have been known to chant: all we are saying, give us more goals.

    At this precise moment, all we are saying to the NFF is: no more distractions (please)!

    • Patrator 1 year ago

      Nice piece up there man

    • A new chant just came to my mind for the NFF:

      ‘all we are saying, no more (own) goals!’

      We should not be the ones shooting ourselves in the foot with needless distractions. It is just like a team scoring repeated own goals.

  • Ifeanyi 1 year ago

    Who don’t know that Yobo is arrogant type. I wish him good luck in his new position.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Hmm, why omo9ja is totally different to others on this forum? Because I see things differently and I don’t think like others.

    How can someone brings Yobo’s own goal to this conversation?

    Everyone of us can not do without making mistakes in our daily lives but why Yobo’s issue most be different?

    Was he the only player that such a thing would happened to?

    The issue behind this Yobo’s scenario from most of us on this platform is that, why Yobo have to be assistant coach to coach Rohr without any experience or certificate.

    However, that is understandable but we must be cautioned because this Yobo you are doing this to might even better than coach Rohr in terms of coaching.

    Coach Rohr might extremely good at putting players together to form a team and on the other hand, Yobo might be technically and tactically sound than coach Rohr himself. So, let’s wait and see.

    I can say it boldly that Yobo was fortunate to be named the assistant coach of the Super Eagles. This is what I called uncommon opportunity.

    If I were you guys, I will just keep calm and see what Yobo will do to improve the team before talking.

    Now, let me come down to the main issue.

    “Rohr: I’ve Not Heard From Yobo Since His

    Super Eagles Coaching Appointment”

    Someone just said this current NFF are the best ever that Nigerians can produced.

    Hmmm, if truly they are, they fired Imama and hired another assistant coach without the knowledge of coach Rohr and you are now telling Nigerians that the current NFF are the best so far?

    There’s no communications between both parties and you all think that this will produced a good result for the Super Eagles?

    NFF are the main trouble of Nigerians sports because they have no knowledge of what they are doing.

    What do we think will happen between coach Rohr and Yobo? Good relationship abi? Okay time will tell.

    It may not end well between coach Rohr, Yobo and NFF because NFF has built their relationship on we don’t care about you Nigerians, we can do whatever we want.

    When the Time comes, you guys will remember me. Before I go today, who should we blamed for this saga? Of course, NFF.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Presh 1 year ago

    Yobo leave this job, don’t mess your good integrity. ALAN SHEARER was so a good football a analysts  we knew what happened to him when he was given his boyhood club Newcastle, He messed it up. Respect yourself and please NFF call Finidi George.

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    I will say this without fear or favir of any sort. Yobo mission as an assistant coach is not to add any meaningful contribution to the team but to take over from Rohr if he eventualy leave. Nff are of the opinion that Rhor might not renew his contract (though in their minds they equally don’t want him to). As such yobo can step-in as the chosen one. All these shenanigans game that yobo is playing were all master minded by the power that be in the glass house.

    • Wow, Mercy. Your take on this matter is quite revealing. Thanks for your contribution.

      • Goal 1 year ago

        Every secret will be uncovered with time, if NFF like they should keep playing with our emotions.
        We will soon know their intations, so no need for gossips and unnecessary insinuations.

        • Chuck 1 year ago

          Mercy you are a mind ready. This is exactly what I was going to write. Pinnick and NFF want to be able to try to convince Nigerians and Eagles fans that Rhor was not fired but refused to sign the contract renewal offered to him to minimize the backlash that might come their way that’s why they offered him a pay cut with all the unnecessary restrictions and stipulations added to the contract offer
          despite the huge improvements made with the Eagles hoping he walks away then you and I and all Eagles fans will have no other choice but to accept the vacuum needed to be filled right away because of the Nations and world cup games that are lined up.

          With Yobo’s action, he has already shown that he’s willing to be used as a useful idiot to destabilize the progress made in unifying the team, transforming it into a strong unit and the success story the Eagles has become since the appointment of this coach

  • What kind of useless contract is this where the principal does not have a say in who his assistant/deputy is? How can you trust that person’s loyalty or judgement? It’s like marrying a wife for a man while he’s blindfolded. Independently appointed deputies have staged some of the greatest coups, sabotages & betrayals in history. Even the ones appointed by the principal cannot always be 100% trusted. Obasanjo, Thomas Sankara etc can tell the stories better.

    I don talk am, las las, Pinnick, na you go first commot for that seat. As your head don dey touch now with arrogance, your opponent go disgrace you for the next election. In fact, Rohr should start to learn Nigerian politics and secretly team up with powerbrokers to get Pinnick impeached. He should go and collect tips from Westerhof.

    • Hey Kel, it’s been a while. I have missed reading your well-thought-out contributions.

      • Hey, oga deo, I kukuma dey. Been a little busier than normal of late. I’ve been reading some of your topical analysis up there and on other threads, but noticed you were away for a short while back.

  • BigD 1 year ago

    I have a very different take on this matter.

    To me they are making news out of a “non event”. In my experience as a manager, my employer has never asked me about whether I wanted to work with a particular assistant manager. Either I say “I need an assistant” and that employ one or they say to me “here is the assistant you woo be working with”. The employer is not duty bound to ask the manager if they like the assistant that is employed. I don’t think Rohr was consulted about working with Alloy Agu the goalkeeping coach. Some coaches come with their management team, others work with whomever the club/country employees to work with them

    Also Rohr “I don’t have Yobo’s number”. They both work for the same employer in the same department, or will not be difficult for either to get the other’s number.

    Lastly, does anybody here know Yobo’s start date? Or what instructions he was given? Report such And such date or in such And such place? They will meet before camp, camp opens at the end of March. Or even might have been told to prepare to start work at the camp.

    I honestly don’t know how this is news or how it is relevant. 

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      Well said. I almost laughed aloud at some of the stuff I was reading. Conspiracy theories galore, without an iota of proof! Anyway, each one to his own. Having said that, if it is true that Yobo has not called Rohr, or made any other attempt to communicate with him (email, etc), then in my opinion, that is indefensible. Yobo has to explain what is occupying his time so much that he has not touched bases with his boss all this while. I have always felt he can do the job, but if he is not going to be professional about it, then perhaps he is not the man for the job. He should have called Rohr shortly after his appointment.

      • BigD 1 year ago

        @Pompei, yes he could have, but is the fact that he didn’t enough justification for website after website, blog after blog, social media site after social media site to lambast him?
        I have worked in over 20 locations both transfers within a job and in different jobs, sometimes I’ll call or visit ahead, other times I just get get my place and time to start and show up where directed to.
        It’s not like he has done anything against his contract of employment

        • Pompei 1 year ago

          Agreed, BigD. In theory, calling your boss before reporting for a new assignment may not be required, but in practice, it is expected. Communiation is the life blood of all relationships. Yobo should have taken the initiative and given Rohr a call. Some in Yobo’s shoes would even have arranged to have dinner or something like that at a mutually convenient time, so both can meet in a relaxed setting and get to know each other before actual work starts. Not required in theory, but very necessary in the real world.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      @ Big D
      You have made very valid points as always.

      Rohr has shown overtime he doesn’t depend on NFF employees to do his job…he has his own set of assistants down to goalkeeper trainer and scouts. So he definitely has no problem with whomever NFF choose to compensate with positions within the national team. He tries to engage them as much as possible notwithstanding their suitability or competence and he has duly said time and again that NFF’s Yobo would be given duties associated with the duties of an assistant coach.

      However, talking of start date or not….that i don’t think is an excuse to ignore the man whom you have been employed to work with for so long. It’s highly unprofessional. It smirks off disrespect. Yobo has been gracing grassroots tournaments in Lagos and Oyo States, parading himself as the Asst. Coach of the super eagles…if his start date isn’t anytime before now, then that’s unprofessional too.

      If he would rather parade himself as an assistant coach, then it would be even more unprofessional of him if his start date in sometime in the future, moreso, to have not even had a simple 5 minutes chat or communication with his immediate boss

      Whichever way we choose to look at it…the ball is in Yobo’s court. He might have the vibrancy of youth, but not the wisdom of old age. There is politics everywhere, even in the national team. If he doesn’t want to end up being a ball boy and training match referee in the eagles camp, he should better put a call through to his Boss before camp opens.

      He should ask Amokachi why he resigned out of frustration from a similar position in 2008 (or so) under Berti Vogts.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    This funny and stupid behaviour of yobo and his future actions have been carefully scripted by the satanic powers that put him there, I’m not surprised. They’ve installed yobo to make rohrs stay unbearable to the extent that he gets frustrated and quits. He (rohr) has been spoiling biz for a very good number of them and hence, they want him out by all means necessary.Imagine, up until now, his new contractual terms are yet to be ironed out with just a few months to go to the end of his initial contract. But like I said before, yobo will forever regret being used again by selfish , wicked and satanic agents in the glass house. We haven’t forgotten in a hurry what transpired btw u and keshi in south Africa, where u (just as being used now against rohr) to frustrate the efforts of keshi but unfortunately for you, u fell into the wrong hands, keshi was more than a mafia than u thought u were and he put u were u were supposed to be which eventually left u in the wilderness of guilt and regrets alone. U later came back to your miserable senses and begged like a baby just for your 100 caps. What goes around comes around. Karma is just waiting around the corner.

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    We shouldn’t jump to conclusions guys, let’s try and hear from Yobo before we tongue lashes the guy, that been said I’m hoping yobo would not allow himself to be used as agent of destruction by the corrupt Nff officials Who wants Rohr sacked or disgraced. Yobo,please come out now and defend yourself, we are all waiting for ur side of the story.

  • @BigD, thanks for your contribution in the way of your response to Chief Pompei.

    You actually touched on something key by stating: “website after website, blog after blog, social media site after social media site to lambast him (Yobo).”

    This tells me that this matter has generated much public interest hence it is very newsworthy.

    It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on, what matters is that Yobo’s appointment as Assistant Coach to the Super Eagles generated much controversy. As such, how the matter pans out will be in the public domain to be subjects of much scrutiny (as you are finding out).

    I forsee it to continue being a matter of much public interest, discourse and engagements in weeks to come.

    I have seen situations where the manager of departments have been heavily involved in the recruitment exercise to employer deputy managers.

    Let’s be clear, I am not here to praise or criticise the process that led to Yobo’s appointment, all I am trying to pass across is that the way NFF handled the matter have led to the matter to become a huge talking point by soccer loving Nigerians.

    Amakapabo was in the position as was Salisu Yusuf before him: was there all this hoo-haa about their appointments or who has whose telephone number?

    Hopefully the NFF can learn lessons from this matter ; hopefully the Super Eagles coaching crew can work without distractions so we can continue getting positive outcomes from coming assignments.

    Super Eagles for Qatar 2022 – preparations start Now!

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      Your excellency Deo, me chief? Lol, I beg ooo. Make I no carry load for head wey pass me!
      You are quite right. The Yobo appointment has split Nigerian football fans right down the middle. Most arguments for and against are quite valid. The process/selection method leaves a lot to be desired. The fact that Yobo does not have his badges is also a huge concern. However, some like me believe that with his years of experience in the front line of battle, so to speak, he has what it takes to succeed (of course, he must get his coaching badges asap). Whatever the case may be, I support him because I want the best for the team. As you pointed out, Qatar 2022 matches are looming large on the horizon. Now is not the time for distractions. We need to focus and start preparations now! I got rid of my calculator a long time ago, thanks to Rohr’s heroics. I can’t imagine myself having to go look for a new calculator ooooo! Let’s forget this Yobo matter and focus on the task at hand – winning the next Afcon and getting to at least the semi finals of Qatar 2022.

  • This is what happens when politics is ahead of common sense.

  • Larry 1 year ago

    @BigD, I am highly impressed at your view on the issue.
    In the country I reside, all you need to do is to show up at work on the first day and get introduced to your co-worker.

    I think Rohr’s comments since the employment of Yobo are absolutely disrespectful. May be he thought, Yobo is like Alloy and Amakpabo. Yobo understands how things work.
    To all those accusing Yobo, have you questioned Rohr for his first attack about competency ?
    A congratulatory message from your boss is a sign of leadership and a path to loyalty. Attacking Yobo’s credential in his first comment shows how unfair Rohr is to his employer and Yobo.

    He needs to respect his contract with the nff and get over this hate on Yobo.
    To all those who has turned blind eyes to Rohr’s action, I think it’s high time we began to have a good conversation about supporting the growth of our legend.

    In terms of the best five coaches of SE, Rohr name will never pop up. Otto Gloria, Keshi(RIP), Westerhof, Bonfere and Amodu(RIP) are still ahead. Even, Oliseh has a better record than Rohr in SE matches.

    The recognition that Rohr is getting today is because the nff took a chance at selecting him over applicants with better credentials.

    Rohr’s favorites like Amakpabo and Alloy have always been the weakest department in SE.
    Yobo may end up being what SE need to overcome the trophyless phase we have endured since Keshi.

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago


      The sentiment in your write up oozes a lot of bias on the part of Yobo. I am not a psychic but I believe you are not a fan of Rohr.

      The problem with getting carried away with emotions is that it makes an intelligent man lose logic.

      For one, not all jobs are the same. Because you just resumed to your job without reporting to your superior,management,team or such doesn’t mean it is the same etiquette elsewhere.
      Apart from that,there is what is called common decency. Yobo is the man coming in. Rohr is going to be his boss per say. It is only proper to reach out to let him know he is on board.
      It is all sign of good faith.

      How disrespectful can Rohr comment be,when he only questioned the competency of Joseph Yobo due to the fact the ex international lack the right qualifications for the job at the first place.
      Isn’t the NFF disrespectful to the Super Eagles,Rohr and Nigerians at large for hiring someone that lacks the credentials to be part of the highest job (in term of football) in the land?!
      Was it only Rohr that questioned Yobo’s competency?
      Didn’t many ex internationals,Nigerian coaches,the Media and quite a number of Fans question Yobo’s lack of credibility?
      Minus there shortcomings even,Amakpabo and Salisu have better credentials than Yobo in terms of coaching credential!
      So why blame Rohr for questioning the credentials of an assistant he is supposed to work with?
      Or you think Yobo is competent enough because he played the game?
      Well I leave that to you.

      We would always support our legends but not through the wrong path.
      Legends are role model and should lead by example then we follow with all love and support.

      And why do you have to make a top list of the best Super Eagles coaches ever when such is always a continuous project;especially with the fact that Rohr is still on the job(on the ascendancy as such) and there could be better days ahead.
      You write like Rohr has played in many tournaments. Do not forget, he only played in the world cup and an Afcon. Unless we are all dreaming, no one expects Nigeria to win the world cup, atleast not 2018. And he did take us to our first Afcon after missing the last 2,just coming short of winning it.
      Dont forget,your best coach Keshi couldn’t qualify for the Afcon even as champion. And Westerhof took 3 editions to win an Afcon.
      So please don’t be too quick with your list.

      I am not writing to take sides or undermine anyone. But please, we all know what’s right. This can always be fixed right .Yobo over to you .

      • Larry 1 year ago

        Let us be objective for once, it is part of nff fiduciary duty to appoint coaches and it is the right of the fans to criticize if they fail.
        Is it stated in Rohr’s contract that he must be consulted before the appointment of coaches ?
        Was he contacted before Alloy and Amakpabo were employed ?
        Did you say Keshi fail to qualify us for Nations Cup ?
        Keshi won the nations cup in his first attempt and took us to the second round of the world cup in his first attempt.
        Unlike Rohr, Keshi didn’t get the type of freedom, support and money to achieve these accomplishments.

        What has Rohr achieved since he started coaching ?

        I don’t have any issue with Rohr, I just want the nff and the coaches to respect the contract.

        • Mr Hush 1 year ago


          Nice of you to bring in objectivity.

          Have you by chance read Rohr’s contract?
          How do you know he wasn’t contacted before Amakpabo, Alloy or Salisu was appointed?

          Even if he wasn’t contacted;
          Atleast he never complained about them and worked successfully with them, for the simple reason because they both got the right credentials as coaches.
          Which is the complaint about Yobo. Not necessarily when or how he was appointed or what is stipulated in the contract of Rohr.

          And you should understand,Yobo is said to be coming in as an understudy of Rohr; At least Pinnick made that clear in his interviews.
          That’s more like an intern.
          In the ideal world, isn’t it just common sense he should reach out to his ‘boss ‘ just for the acquaintance to start things smooth.

          And even if the NFF has the prerogative to appoint anybody to the coaching crew without informing the coach,it is clearly an anomaly that should be corrected. The head coach should be carried along during selection of his ‘supposedly’ assistants;after all, they are his assistants and they need to be on the same driving seat from the word go.

          And getting to Keshi.
          You seem to be missing the narrative or you just chose not to remember;that I totally understand. But let me remind you.
          Keshi failed after he won the Afcon.
          He failed qualifying us for the next Afcon.He left his position when we had a disastrous start to qualifying leading us to miss out.
          And let me not get into his player selection antics he took to the world cup and after.
          So spare me the Keshi’s rhetoric.
          Yes.He has his legacy winning the Afcon.but it wasn’t all glittering .it all ended badly for him with the Super Eagles.

          And what Freedom and support is Rohr really getting,when he has no chance of choosing his assistants and he has loads of unsupportive fans and ex internationals always on his neck.
          Let’s be real here.this is still Nigeria and the NFF still runs football.

          • Oh my! Oh my! I’m just nodding my head and smiling here. You dissected the crux of the matter like a super surgeon. Simply beautiful summary @Mr. Hush. EOD.

            @Larry, you make good points, but @Hush has just succinctly laid the koko of the issue bare here. He hit the bull’s eye on defects in the contracts, Keshi’s rise and fumble & Pinnick & the NFF board’s daily bloating arrogance.

            Why did Le Guen reject NFF’s contract before a seemingly unknown Rohr came on board? It’s a stupid clause that should be expunged in the contract. Pinnick is using it to play politics. Premiership coaches (who are like the standard) will never allow any ‘assistant’ to be foisted on them. We remember how Mourinho rejected the popular Ryan Giggs as an assistant at Manchester United (despite Giggs being a favourite of the legendary Alex Ferguson).

            If Rohr was consulted, wouldn’t Yobo have reached across by a phone call or email? How busy can he be? Is it not simple arrogance (cause Pinnick 100% appointed me & I’m not necessarily answerable to you)? Why should Pinnick and his journeymen jump over Amuneke, Finidi, etc and to Yobo out of the blue? Simple politricks, I say! Silly Pinnick! SMH.

        • NaijaEaglesFan 1 year ago

          @Larry there’s nothing objective about any of your post, you’re just a BSer.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hehehehe…some people still do not know till today that GR (who they say has never achieved anything as a coach) has a UEFA cup silver and Swiss cup winners medal hanging somewhere in his closet…they also still don’t know he led lowly Gabon to AFCON Qfinals (their best ever performance in the history of the AFCON) only to be eliminated via penalties by eventual finalists CIV? LMAO.

      Hatred sure makes people turn logic on its head

      Great job @Mr Hush and @Kel.

      There’s no need to hit am man who is down….so let me hold my own peace for now. Lolz

      • Mr Hush 1 year ago

        Facts superpasses emotions.

        @Dr. Drey and Kel.

        Much respect

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          “…..I received a lot of messages that I received the call-up, but I get those a lot in the last three days,” said Dessers to Heracles TV….I grabbed my phone and took a look but I thought they were the same messages I saw earlier, then I saw a tweet from the Super Eagles. I checked if it was a verified account…..I sent a message to the head coach, asking if it was real or not. It was for real which was an unbelievable feeling……”

          Dessers has the contact of GR…but GR’s assistant doesn’t have his contact 1 whole month after his “appointment”, but goes around gracing football tournaments across the country parading himself as Asst Coach of the SE…..and yet some people are coming here to justify such irresponsibility.

          Hatred is worse than COVID-19…Lolz

  • Sugar Daddy 1 year ago

    What’s is wrong with this Yobo now? See, this distraction that you have been sent to orchestrate will destroy you and your planners if you refuse to do the needful. Nigerians will not accept any ‘kain’agains the superight eagles as they stand now. Rhodes has done alot to position that team and he is ready to go further with the team. You have nothing to bring to the team as we speak because you have no coaching experience for reference. So, please don’t spoil our Celine dion with your surugede please please please! !!

  • Keshi never had a bad start afcon qualifiers after 2014 Wc it was he won Chad 2-0 b4 hullabaloo of maigari’s boaRd started to distract him and also Chad opted out of qualifiers to render our win useless

    • Sorry 4 typos
      He actually won 2-0 against chad b4 all the hullabaloo…

      • Adisboy 1 year ago

        Keshi lost the openning game of the 2015 AFCON qualifiers to Congo at home in Calabar. He ultimately finished 3rd in the Group containing South Africa, Congo & Sudan, hence we missed that AfCON & subsequently with Oliseh/Siasia we missed out on the following 2017 AFCON. Rohr has qualifier easily for every tournament since he came. Let’s be careful what we wish for.

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago

      I don’t understand what qualifier you are talking about; neither do I understand your metric for measuring the term ‘starting badly’.
      But I am talking about Afcon 2015 qualifications.
      Where we were grouped with the likes of Sudan, Congo brazaville and South Africa. And yet failed to qualify.
      If to Congo at home isn’t starting badly, I don’t know what is.

      We played Chad for the 2017 Afcon qualifier. I think around May or June 2015.

  • De-Star 1 year ago

    @Pompei ( Just to let you know that I do follow your unbiased analysis always in this platform, even though I seldom comment because I observed some are in the platform that are clearly blinded to series of deficiencies in Rohr who is just an average coach , perhaps due to complex of African mentality that anything white is better than black . It is even more unfortunate that whoever that dares to say the truth, these unapologetic Rohr would insult such as they are fond of insulting Big Sege Odegbami. You could have seen that @Omo9gr too even though has a great unbiased mind do careful of these set of Rohr promoters. It is even double tragedy that Rohr would also be reading all these unfortunate comments from his comfort zone in Germany) where we run down our fellow Nigerians @ BigD Thumb up for your brilliant comment and @ Larry , your analysis contribution is really the best . It is part of a tragedy of a nation that an average super flop like Rohr is sitting in his comfort home in Germany raking such a big amount of Dollars every month ( and only jet in the country as the foreign eagles , without been able to discovered one local player nor 1 single dependable goalkeeper years of being in the saddle as Coach . And to worsen the matter that Apamabo was the one doing the Techincal job on the field , no wonder his outing in the African Nations cup tournament was as shambolic as his world cup outing where Late Keshi who won gold in his first African Nations Cup first attempt ( who dared all odds by overhauling his team with local boys who were hungry for fame) , would be grieving in his grave as to what could have lead Nigerians descend low to such extent praising a foreign coach who could only manage ordinary 3rd place position as if he had won Nigeria the elusive World Cup.
    Anyway, nothing to add , Yobo is just proving being a professional and highly exposed in the western world to have put Rohr to where he belongs, can you imagine a senior coach who would go to the press to talk down on his newly appointed assistant and you want such assistant to respect him ? Rohr can be comfortable with the likes of the Apamabo of this world because of their lack of exposure, unlike Yobo who had worked with brilliant coaches in the world who knows a coach in his right mind wouldn’t have gone to the press talking down a fellow coach appointed by your same employer and by his Country for that matter !
    I rest my case as @ Larry have said it all