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Sadiq Confident Almeria Will Beat Cartagena In Season Opener

Sadiq Confident Almeria Will Beat Cartagena In Season Opener

Almeria forward Umar Sadiq is upbeat on the chances of his side claiming maximum points in their Segunda Divsion clash against Cartagena, reports Completesports.com.

Joan Sicilia’s side will open their campaign at the Estadio Municipal Cartaganova on Monday.

Almeria head into the game in buoyant mood having won four out of their five pre-season games with the other ending in a draw.

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Sadiq is confident they can build on the results and open the new season with a win.

“We’re ready to go to Cartagena and bag the three points,” the striker told the club’s official website.

The 24-year-old scored 20 goals in 40 league appearances for the club last season.

Almeria missed out on promotion to LaLiga last season after losing to Girona in the play-off.

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  • At last this guy is demoted with Almeria despite the hype. It shouldn’t be. Sadiq is a good player

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      They never gained promotion. I thought he would’ve found another club but there’s something with Nigerian players I don’t understand. Score alot of goals but find it hard to get a decent or top club to sign for…… I’ve seen players from Asec mimosa transfer to better clubs than our players.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Footballfanatic… Do you think if this guy is Spanish or European or South American, he will still be in Segunda Division playing Almeria again for a second season in a row? This is where you know the factors that hold down African players sometimes is beyong how good you are on the pitch. See Paul Onuachu almost getting frustrated to be snatched by a better team in a more competitive league… It has to be a newly promoted team in Serie A, Salernitana that is coming to bail Simmy Nwankwo from Crotone… after plundering back to back 20goals in consecutive seasons… some people will just be bleating top 5 league as if a player will just wish for Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG and get signed like buying akara… I hope Sadiq moves to atleast a modest La Liga team anyways… One love.

        • chuks haifa 3 years ago

          Sometimes the age of the player and previous record counts a lot. If Sadiq was 19yrs old all the big clubs in Spain will be gunning for him. Also in the last 5 yrs, has he been consistent in top leagues. Most of this statistic counts a lot.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Segunda Liga 2 topscorers in the last 5 seasons.

    Season – Name – Club – No of league goals scored – Subsequent transfer

    2019/2020 – Cristian Stuani – Girona – 29 goals – Girona (No trnasfer) – in Segunda div

    2018/2019 – Alvaro Gimenez – Cadiz – 20 goals – Birmingham City – English championship

    2017/2018 – Jamie Mata – Real Valladolid – 35 goals – Getafe (free transfer) promoted to la liga

    2016/2017 – Joselu – CD Lugo – 22 goals – Granada – in Segunda div

    2015/2016 – Sergio Leon – Elche – 22 goals – Osasuna (promoted to la liga)
    These ones above must be Africans too….LMAOoo…or maybe they are blacks.

    Chronic lying racists will always blame skin color on every problem…..LMAOOooo. When its time to tell lies, clone identities and blame racism for every problem in life, every part of their body becomes erect except their black brains which experiences a stroke….LMAOOoo.

    From the trend above, once can deduce its quite rare for la liga clubs to go picking strikers from the segunda division. Unless for free tranfers or clubs moving up to the top from the 2nd division. Almeria asking for 33m makes it even much worse. I guess sadiq goofed by accepting the move to Almeria in the first instance

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      I don’t believe in the fact that being African is a disadvantage to securing a transfer to a top or mid table team in the top 5 leagues. In terms of being undervalued, yes and also being overvalued in order to scare potential suitors. Alot of Africans have been transferred to the best clubs in the world despite being black.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Exactly, we just simply need to start looking at issues from a broader, facts-based perspective other than through the lenses of skin colour.

        I similarly posted the list of the top scorers in the Belgian league in the last 10 years here and it was amazing that just a few (1 or 2 ) went ahead to subsequently sign for big clubs immediately after emerging as top scorers….and they weren’t all blacks….infact only Mbokani was black amongst them.

        Whereas Osimhen wasnt even top scorer in Belgium when he was snapped up by Lille….he wasnt top scorer in France too when he was snapped up by Napoli for a record fee, with gattusso even willing to take a pay-cut to have the boy. Is Osimhen white…??? The ones listed above are they blacks…? You can extend the list about to the last 10 years and you’ll still notice few to none got signed by a big laliga club, save for those who either gained promotion with their clubs or probably left of a free. There’s more to transfers than skin colour.

        Lukaku wey Tuchel splash 90m plus on top in head na white…? or Pepe wey arsenal splash 80m na white…? Choupo-Moting moved from Stoke-city to PSG and now to Bayern in the space of 2-3 years….is he white…? Was he ever topscorer…? Roma wey wan by Tammy from Chelsea now for 40m, dem no see Paul for ground abi dem no see Simy for their backyard…? Is Tammy white…? If clubs want you, they will come for you, if they dont fancy you they wouldnt come for you….its that simple. And the ones that come, try to reach an amicable compromise with them. Our players should learn to get the right agents who understand the market trends perfectly and have the right networks too and would not make everything about money all the time (even though money too is very important). Was it not through his Agent Aneke Atta, Odion Igahlo became an ex-man united striker today…? When Man U came calling, was he flexing shoulders with them that yea, i’m topscorer this top scorer that…? He simply told his agent DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO MAKE THAT MOVE HAPPEN. Shikena. Was Ighalo white or Spanish or South American…?

        Owngoal reported European clubs could have signed Iwuala, but they offered far less cash than the overbloated $1m valuation and plenty of clauses, which I am sure would have been development and performance based clauses, but longthroat negotiators went for highest lumpsum bidder and collected 500k once-off….no clauses.
        If the boy had been allowed to go start small in Europe (maybe sweden or Denmark or Norway) and in 2-3 years like Frank Onyeka start commanding fees in the region of 10m upwards, wont a 20% sell-on clause have earned 4 times what Esperance just paid now…? Inaaaa…..we must earn everything now…..of course we know its because they know very well that the clock of nature is ticking, the age on the passport is just for official purposes…..LMAOoooo. Akinkunmi Amoo today is commanding up to $5m in valuation after just a season with club lining up cap in hand begging Hammarby to sell him to them, but Hammarby is adamant…..a 20% sell-on to Sidos academy will change their lives forever.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… Googlenatic… still following me about… Lol. Baba just came to insult me… Lol. This fight wey you the look for… you go get am no worry. Hahahaha… @Footballfanatic… na you make sense abeg… “African players can often be undervalued as well as overpriced… word!!!”… @Dr.Drey… you don return from your draft board matches??? How many people you give “iti” today? Hahahaha…

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Bloody liar…who wrote this;

        “…some people will just be bleating top 5 league…”

        I guess you were referring to your kindred back at home right…?

        “…Do you think if this guy is Spanish or European or South American, he will still be in Segunda Division playing Almeria again for a second season in a row?…”

        Nobody is following you about. Its your lying tongue that flies around you, following your around like a pack of fleas. You just needed to be exposed once again for the chronic pathetic liar that you are.

        Cristian Stuani is both European and South American and scored 9 more goals than Sadiq but remained in the segunda division for a second season in a row. Joselu was Spanish and he also remained in the Segunda division for a 2nd season in a row.

        Sadiq is not in the Segunda liga for a 2nd season in a row because he is not Spanish or European or South American.

        Stop coming here to feed people with lies and unverified info.

        Every challenge/problem in life is not due to skin colour.

        Bloody racist.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…..Useless fool….keep on switching names all over the place o. We don note your IP and MAC addresses keep. You hear…! just continue being stupid…..LMAOOoo.

        And idiot was lying he doesnt clone names or use multiple IDs earlier on.

        Its so pathetic somebody somewhere calls you “son”….LMAOoooo

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Drey your words… “It’s so pathetic somebody somewhere calls you son”. Lol… If you the insult me it will not even faze me because you can’t be helped, but you have started again like the last time going the route of family o… but I won’t go that lane with you… hahaha. For me I am just enjoying myself here… hahahaha. You don’t know me even though I have revealed more than enough of identity here to CSN forum just because of your wrong characterizations… I will still tell you… I have never clone anyone’s alias here and neither am I @Onenaija nor 1naija… that’s where I just pity you. But the hatred and venom wey the blind you regarding me is because I unravel the fraud you have been subjecting yourself here on CSN claiming to be PhD since 22years ago from The Netherlands… any mature adult here will know your mannerisms and thuggery gives you away easily as an uncourth, irate jobless youth… it’s the reason why you told us all your social media accounts were once hacked and so you no longer have any even Facebook… I say okay no problem share your whatsapp number if you don’t have data I will call you on video… You don’t want anyone knowing your face because actually you just a middle age man and once we see your physicals… it will give you away that you had no PhD as your real life profile will reveal you could not have been even 20yrs old 22years ago that you claimed to have bagged a PhD with a dissertation in which you modeled a 32 x 32 square matrix to solve an engineering problem from world War era… hahahaha. Even complex robotics joint maneuverability problems involving six degrees of freedom uses only at most 6-variable state vector and state matrix for analyses… you dont need any such stupendously high order matrix of 32 x 32 to solve any nonexistent kak Engineering problem in this world… and even if need be, not 22years ago… you just took everyone here for granted, a forum with professors coming here to try to use academic wordplay to confuse people… You so hate me because you know I know your type… Baba if you no get any social media account, share your whatsapp up let us see our distinguished academic doctor that is only adepth at cursing out ex-internationas, players and fellow CSN forum contributors here… Your uncivilized thuggery manners give you away cheaply as just an irate Nigerian regular street dude… don’t worry na Buhari cause am, soon him government go wind up, and economy go good again… just the tame yourself small small no be only you country hard for… you hear my friend… inugo? If majority of Sub-Saharan African players are not undervalued… who in an insane world of football will have need for a Jack Grealish going for 100Mille pounds?

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Are you done…? When you said I was hounding Anayo Iwuala as if he “banged my woman”…..I guess you were complimenting me right….or maybe you were referring to your sisters. Now you want to complain like a crybaby because I sympathize with whoever associated with a bloody liar like you…? I’ve never met a more sanctimonious hypocrite all my life.

            Its this same hypocrisy that makes you act decent using your jimmylie username and then go and hide under pseudonames like 1naija and Stephen to show what such a low life you are. The fact you are even still denying you never switched names when you have been severally caught red-handed makes you even more disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. No pinch of decency in you.

            So because I am advanced in age I should watch uncouth gutter bred bastards like you act like you are islands of stubbornness? I am meant to keep quiet and be spat at even though its an online forum…? Idiot. Go and spit at your own elders in the village and expect them to bow down and worship you because you are their bread winners.

            I never knew the internet space is only meant for young people.

            This my PhD issue really drives you insane ey. I didnt also know PhD holders are supposed to turn the left cheek when they are slapped on the right.

            And are all the sewage you just vommitted above the reasons why you are a chronic liar….? LMAOoo.

            Are they the reasons why you have a sordid reputation of being a hypocrite and tongue-in-cheek lair on this forum…?

            Since you claim you have unraveled Dr.Drey to be a fraud, why then do you still wanna jump from the top of the Eiffel Tower because Dr.Drey has refused to divulge his personal details to you. Carry on with you unravelling now…..LMAOOoo…and lets see where it leads you to and how it removes 1 strand of hair from my skin…LMAOOooo

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            Now it is no longer 1naija you have switched to stephen. Who the hell do you think you are fooling….LMAOoo. Its not your fact riffraffs like you are here. Its CSN’s fault and I blame them totally.

            Dr.Drey was on KON for years over a decade ago with the likes of Ayphilladelphia, Deo, Ken Ghadaffi, Nkata Offor, Nkita Ara and the rest….no problems….great people…great minds….tranquil environment. We moved to Africaplays when KNO became defunct no qualms. CSN for a few years…no qualms until riffraffs like you who think their word is LAW came here last year and want the rest of us to keep quiet since you are of the younger generation and have come to take over right?…..LMAOOoo. You are heavily and mightily mistaken.

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          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            I back up talk with action… as you be fraud wey you no fit backup your cliams naim migraine the pieces your head for my matter… ntooooooor! Lol…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…you back up talk with action…that is why you always get busted with hard facts and evidence right…..LMAOOoo.
            They whole of CSN knows who the real fraud is here already.

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  • Mercy 3 years ago

    The problem with many of these Nigerian players is bad agents. How can you score 20 goals in a season playing in a league such as serie A and a decent club do not come for you, yet you still retain the services of such agent??? I doubt if someone like Mino Raiola has been simy’s agent he will be playing for salernitana.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Drey you have a major problem and you have succeeded in adding many mafias like ayphilly to join you in coming here to say trash to people that in real life you dear not. Most of you idiots on this forum like drey I sometimes understand that these were exactly the sort of people why Nigeria is cursed today. Drey is the insulting people and also the one thumping down people’s comments and always overhyping his shit like it’s the views of everyone. Even if it is then I understand your plights but these disrespectful manipulations will only keep you cursed Drey. You can also lie that Jimmy is the one cloning me because you think we don’t know you are the one.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hhehehehe…you want to take over from where your twin brother in lies stopped…? God has blessed you with money Idiot to go browse in his usual cybercafe today….LMAOoooo.

      Why is it paining you I added mafia…..Fool. You go and add your own mafia too na….mafia of fat liars….LMAOooo.

      Liars like you and your twin are the reason why Nigeria is cursed today……your lying fathers have been stampeding themselves into government with lies and have looted the country into coma.

      Fool….has come back here to cry about thumbs ups……LMAooo…..Mad goat. people come here to make sensible contributions, Idiot comes to cry about thumbs up and thumb downs. Was it not you who came here to confess last week to being good at thumbing people up or down….? What business do I have with your stupidity…?? LMAOoo.

      If I overhype my shit, you too overhype your own shit now and lets see if it will fly….LMAOoooo. Why is my own shit paining you for heavens sake…if not because you are just plain stupid…? Everything about Dr.Drey pains some people…..LMAOOoo. You cant fight a just man, because GOD Almighty fights his battles for him.

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    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      I feel sorry for you because talking your life away on CS insulting people that you can’t lace their shoes will only leave you cursed to a miserable life. Just keep sharpening your cursed mouth. You are a big example of fail because your characteristics posses every single bit of it.

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