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Serie A: Osimhen Bags Brace , Assist As Napoli Thrash Spezia 4-1

Serie A: Osimhen Bags Brace , Assist As Napoli Thrash Spezia 4-1

Victor Osimhen bagged a brace as Napoli thrashed Spezia 4-1 in their Serie A clash on Saturday, reports Completesports.com.

The visitors dominated the opening exchanges and went in front through Piotr Zieliński on 15 minutes.

Osimhen added the second goal eight minutes later with Zielinski providing the assist.

The Nigeria international was set up for Napoli’s third of the game by Lorenzo Insigne a minute before the break.

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The hosts battled back after the break with Roberto Piccoli reducing the deficit in the 64th minute.

Napoli hit back with another goal 11 minutes from time with Hirving Lozano slotting the ball into net after he was set up Osimhen.

Osimhen has now scored 10 goals and recorded two assists in 27 appearances across all competitions for Napoli this season.

Gennaro Gattuso’s side moved to second position on the table with 70 points from 35 games.

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  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I started watching Napoli because of Osihmen and I am not disappointed.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Samuels how much is your best league player take home in Nigeria? Give me response chicken?

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        You wey don mad. Go and ask the country that dumped you out of common Afcon.

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Osimhen is on fire, 10 goals his first brace. He is finally hitting his stride. The key is now people are passing and assisting him. Osimhen is a fast break player, always leading the attack. Insigne with the vision during the free kick, they are just feeding him.

    He is ever rarely offsides, you can even hear Gatuso telling the players to pass the ball to him and “encore encore” or “Victor Victor” calling for more goals. The team is turning the corner, especially since Dres Mertens came back.

    The team was settled in 7th place, now they are moving between 2nd and 5th place. He had 13 goals in ligue one which ended prematurely. Now he finally adapted to serie a, just needs to match his 13 goals in ligue 1. No doubt he will the way he and the team is playing. I want to see him in champions league again, his pace cause problems.

  • Osimhen has is enjoying himself now…. you can see a smile on his face… hopefully he will destroy Seria A next season…with a good preseason his teammates will trust him more

  • I don’t see anything wrong with the above comments, I wonder why the dislikes. All well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    But I agree that Osimhen seems to have turned a corner in his career at Napoli and I feel that the creative players are beginning to trust him and see him as part of the team and the future of the team. Good assists from insigne and zielunski. As they keep giving him the passes he will keep getting the goals.
    More of that, Victor Osimhen, more of that Napoli.
    I hope you qualify for the champions league next season, I want to see Victor Osimhen rubbing shoulders with the best of the best in world football next season.

  • The key to osimhen’s game is just play the ball into space for him… don’t bother how or if he will get to the ball because he will surely get to it…Lille manager figured it out early and he instructed all the wingers and midfield players to just play the ball into space for osimhen…even if it’s a very difficult space don’t bother just play it in he will be there.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    Osi-goal is a super-star of high quality. His goals scoring has put his Club to a second position in their League while Simy goals degraded his Club to the second division next season. Simy is a wonderful player but, l am just saying.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    The dislikes on the comments above just shows the type of world we live in….There was no comment that insulted nor abused anyone. Just pure soccer talk and you still dislike. Just like someone stated above that everyone has a right to their opinions but these type of opinions carry an evil and hateful undertone… You can never satisfy humans.

  • Bobby 3 years ago

    Up South Africa down chickens.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      I had a feeling it was a bastard and hateful foreigner that was doing all the dislikes…. lol South Africa couldn’t even qualify for the Nation’s cup… you will never ever have the type of talent Nigeria has.

      • Bobby 3 years ago

        Drug Lord your players are not consistent they will go-to sleep again. Tau is the best player in Africa. South Africa ruling you poverty Soweto street poor cartels. Mhuamhua kakaka

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Bobby you are a very big idiot your country is full of haters always pretending to be innocent and putting blames on Nigerians as a result of the lazy blacks or better still foolish blacks ruled by whites instead of fighting for your freedom you let jealousy on Nigerians distract your goals. Nigeria progress will keep haunting you guys this is just the beginning.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      South Africa is not Africa. South Africa is colonial masters to African children. We are masters of Africans except the Arab north African people. The other of Africa always run to South Africa for help and gooder life. NIGERIA have Dangote but all people live in poverty, Nigeria president is a dead man long ago. Nigeria have Sudan man for president. NIGERIA is disgrace to Africa. Nigeria is most disorganize black nation with many words but Zero action. Nigeria have bad stadium. Or may I say more. Up Zulu Up Zulu Zulu Zulu

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        Just reading through your words I can tell that you are a sick person….some kind of brain malfunction with a mix of extreme jealously. Lol how can you come to another country’s sports page and spew shit the last know real South African players I remember and respect were Lucas Radebe and Fortune of the then Man it’d. After those 2 your team has been trash. Keep spewing your rubbish. It’s comedic lol

      • did I just read ‘gooder life’? lmao abeg guys make we free this guy na attention him dey find….Percy tau can never make Super Eagles bench…without the money that DSTV and MTN bring in from Nigeria, South Africa would have been another Somalia…imagine your best player is not good enough to sit on Brighton & Hove bench. haha loser….abeg dont bring your Hiv & Aids to this forum

        • Bobby 3 years ago

          How many car companies in Nigeria? NIGERIA no Electricity. NIGERIA very dirty country. NIGERIA youths are all thief. NIGERIA disgrace to Africa. NIGERIA illiterate president. Nigeria president is coward.
          NIGERIA president sell NIGERIA to Bandits. We never goto Nigeria. Nigeria beg mtn. No network in Nigeria gooder pass mtn.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    The sound of Osimene, Nacho, Onuachu echoes goals, goals, goals….Lol even before the game gets to start. Opponents should count themselves lucky, world cup qualifiers has been postponed but shouldn’t celebrate too much as it might just get worse with players like Sadiq, Moffi, Ademola, Olise, etc hitting a devastating rhythm as well as being available.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Pacy Tau got more pace. Tau have more appearance for Brighton. Tau have more fans in Soweto. Nobody know Osigoat nobody know Onucow

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        @ Bobby or whatever. I honestly feel how strongly you wish you are a nigerian hence your presence on this nigerian forum. Dont worry, we see how we can help you. For now just keep singing this song every night before you go to bed n a green white green star will visit. Here is the song ‘ ekumooo kpanuma kpanuma. ekumooo kpanuma kpanuma. eeeekumo kpanuma kpanuma. eekumoho kpanuma kpanuma………………………………..You wake up next morning in ajegunle to recieve your citizenship. So no need throwing tantrum. tantrums are for babies, for I TRUST YOU ARE A FULL GROWN MAN

      • Who is Tau beside chukwueze?

      • aids boy

      • chuks haifa 3 years ago

        Guys ignore this distraction. He is not part of this forum! Ignore him and he will go back to where he came from.

  • Coachie 3 years ago

    Abeg make una leave that attention seeker joor.
    I just looked up this guy after so much noise about him (Carney Chukwuemeka) recently and i cannot but admit that “another Anglo-Nigerian star is born”.
    Just prays he matures into the 1st team of Villa or goes to a decent club where he can properly develop and fulfil his potentials.


    • Garre 3 years ago

      I watched his highlights last week i bet this dude is a rare gem. I wish NFF would start talking him over to play for super eagles in the nearest future.He is a solid potential central midfielder with skills and eyes for goals. Goodluck to him on his course to greatness.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Ball player. Tempo dictator. A joy to watch.

      • Coachie 3 years ago

        I see a combo of Kanu’s skill and Mikel’s confidence on the ball in him

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    For God’s sake, what a hell brought the South Africans to this “Nigerian Complete sport News” arena ? All of a sudden without warning, this place that have been so civil, turn to exchanging insults and bad manners from people so far away from us. They don’t appreciate good soccer nor have a culture and value system that agree with ours in Western Africa. We Nigerians have been here before where we traded insults and we. as a people, do not want to trade insults and abuses with any of our African brothers all because of soccer. We do not want to come here to talk politics either. The Publishers just have to find a way to separate us from one another. There is no soccer engagement in the foreseeable future between Nigeria and South Africa so, there is no need for them to come here to course confusion and talk politics. Hay, South African guys, please, keep away from here. Respect us and find your own space.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Bafana rules Africa. Mama Africa is Bafana. We send all drug lords packing from south Africa. We will sack more if you drug lords don’t respect the giant of Africa. Bafana now is CAF president. Bafana everything. Every black man come to beg us for food. Nigerians are syndicates and conmen. We have legends Benni Nomvete Shaun Parker Jabu Pulele afi continue name them. The great Bafana Great South Africa.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Bobby, you’re a disgrace to South Africa and Africa at large. We love our SA brothers and sisters here. It is guys like you that we can’t stand. Your irrational hatred will get you absolutely nowhere!
    All the energy you have expended disliking comments. What a waste! Are you that unemployed? You have nothing better to do with your precious time this weekend?
    Percy Tau is a gifted footballer. Needs to work on his end product, but is quite a handful for any defense when he’s having a good day. We don’t need you to sell his qualities to us. We already like him here. I’m sure he will not take kindly to you throwing his name about like this. Stop embarrassing yourself.
    You are well advised to make better use of your time. Brushing up on your use of English is perhaps a good starting point!
    Gooder ko, goodest ni!

    • Bobby if you don’t move away from this space, you ll be cursed. I don’t write like this but I think you deserve more. You write terrible english. We love south africa and all countries in Africa. We are Nigerians and we love all. I ll place a curse on you if you don’t leave this space.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Well, today it was the VICTOR OSIMHEN SHOW at Spezia.
    The boy is firing on all cylinders.
    And that delicious assist at the end? My, oh my 🙂
    The terrifying pace, the skills, the ball control, and the intelligence to stay on-side most of the time. He was a thorn in the flesh of the Spezia defense all day.

  • EZOMO 3 years ago

    Lol that guy is just an attention seeker

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Bafana gooder than chickens. Ask the Soweto small kid and he tell you. Every country by force must respect South Africa as biggest African national. South Africa is also the unique and best original African nation. All European nation always come first as us before anything go on in Africa. We are the real African humans other Africans are cowards. That why we always teach them and send them out of south Africa or arrest them.

  • Having just seen Osihmen’s output against Spezia, it is scarry to contemplate the havoc this lad can wreck on any given day.

    Without a shadow of doubt, Victor Osihmen has superstar qualities and is undoubtedly the undisputed starting centre forward for Nigeria at this time.

    Timing to stay on side, awareness to know when to act, movement to take advantage of stray of specific passes, and finishing with poise and precision: Victor Osihmen has the lot.

    I am not saying these because I am Nigerian, I am not even saying these because I am a fan of Osihmen, I am saying this because I can’t deny class and quality when I see it.

    I am more a fan of Iheanacho than Osihmen but (ol’ boy) I will start Osihmen ahead of Iheanacho if we have to go for just one striker up front. Osihmen’s predatory instincts are of the elite spectrum.

    Yesterday, he timed his run to perfection just outside the center circle before racing through and finishing with debonair – a fine example of a magical finish from a magical player.

    For the second, he moved with the speed of light to appear behind a set-piece defensive wall before producing a finish that sent to the entire stadium into suspended animation! Was it the finish or how he disappeared and then reappeared behind the wall? Mouths remained opened, eyes remained popped out but the goal stood.

    Ever willing to always remind all and sundry that he does more than just score, he laid it on a plate for his colleague later on with a chance some of them would have tried to take for themselves.

    Needless to say, Osihmen is a complete forward and unrivalled in what he brings to the national team at the moment in terms of the totality of his centre forward package.

    What is so great about this Super Eagles outfit is that others are not too far behind.

    But Osihmen has that edge, however slight it may be.

    • Mr Hush 3 years ago


      I totally concur with you.

      I go one further; without any bias , there are few strikers in the world right now like Osimhen. Top quality. He is up there amongst the best and definitely in the same conversation with the likes of Haaland,Kane,Mbappe etc. The new breed of number 9s giving Breath to a position almost going extinct. Complete forward.
      Just proud he is a Nigerian.

      • Bobby 3 years ago

        Hush your name is not sexual. You are coward NIGERIA boy too. Your players use vodoo still not gooder. I see video the boy slim like chicken and no speed so slow player score tap in only.

    • Aptly put @deo…Osimhen is a joy to watch, I sincerely hope he can form a devastating partnership with Iheancho in the national team… Men and brethren, no team will stop those two!!! I need Iwobi to rediscover himself, if Olise gets to play for us, then our team will literally be unstoppable!!!

      • Bobby 3 years ago

        Shut up. Madagascar beat this chickens.

        • SEYIHANDSOME 3 years ago

          @Bobby!!!How many times did I called u?Stop using too much weed u will not listen!Can u see ur life now? Anyways,may God heal ur sickness completely.

        • Fool where is south African in world football,afcon they fail to qualify,Sudan humble them

  • Jesus loves you Bobby. Join us in celebrating the beautiful game of football across the continent. I am deeply saddened that you guys would not be at the Afcons but I hope you have a healthier world cup campaign.

    My most favourite South African player remains Siyabonga Nomvethe. Golly!! That goal he scored against Ghana at the 2000 Afcon remains evergreen. It is captured in the clip below at the 2.11 minute. It remains one of my best goals of that tournament even though (naturally) I am a Nigeria fan.

    On a side note, one thing I couldn’t help but notice was how many white players you had in your squad back then.

    Anyway, stay blessed bro.


    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Bafana rule Africa Shaun barlet also the biggest African player all time with Macarty.

      • Bobby, I was gutted when Benni Mccarthy announced his international resignation following the 2002 world cup but was happy when he rescinded. You always need such high calibre players in your squad when they are still active.

        South Africa achieved a sort of hattrick in the Afcon – winning gold in 1996, silver in 1998 and bronze in 2000 before fading off somewhat.

        Like I said earlier, I will really miss you guys at next year’s Afcon as your participation is always as colourful as your Jersey.

        Good to see what Percey Tau is doing but I pray you guys return to the glory days of Mark Fish, John Moshoeu, Dr Kumalu and my favourite Siambonga Nomvethe.

        • Bobby 3 years ago


        • Mr man @deo stop it who are u seeking peace with a south African? don’t ever think that you can be able to make that HIV patient change from his hatred and violence i will prefer to be with thousands of snakes than stay one day with those Satan’s,let him go to hell that is why we will continue killing u people even there in ur own country,i bet u very soon a Nigerian will become ur president in that nonsense country of urs animal,tuer i can’t even be on transit in that place i will instead prefer to cancel my trip,

  • Much obliged Mr Q and Mr Hush.

  • Guys sorry for detailing this thread but please check out this Abbas Ibrahim he is a midfield player in pac de ferara in the Portuguese Liga that guy is a complete midfielder….

  • Collins id 3 years ago


    Who owns the left wing position?

  • Collins id 3 years ago


    Who owns the left wing position?

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