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Slavia Prague Boss Trpisovsky Thumbs Up Olayinka After Superb Display Vs Leverkusen

Slavia Prague Boss  Trpisovsky Thumbs Up Olayinka After Superb Display Vs Leverkusen

Slavia Prague manager Jindrich Trpisovsky has heaped plaudits on
Peter Olayinka after the forward scored the winning goal in the side’s 1-0 win against Bayer Leverkusen on Thursday night.

Olayinka replaced Oscar Dorley after the hour mark and netted the winner 10 minutes from time after he was set up by Nicolas Stanciu.

“I must say thanks to Peter Olayinka. Normally he would play in the starting eleven, but he wasn’t ready after his recovery from Covid,” Trpisovsky said in a post-match conference.

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“He is the hero of the game for me, he sacrificed for the team, he came on the pitch to help us. We need players like him.”

Olayinka has scored two goals in eight appearances across all competitions for Slavia Prague this season.

Trpisovsky’s side will take on French Ligue 1 Nice in their game in the competition on Thursday, November 5.

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  • Good player, a warrior on The field, not afraid of any opposition, gives his all. Scored a good goal against a top team. Was tenacious, alert and strong enough to hold of his marker to score the winning goal (a header).
    Still think coach Rohr should look at him for future friendly games and call up to the National team. He could add something different to the team.

  • Glory 4 years ago

    I am beginning to like this guy. One thing I have noticed about him, is, he is really working hard to prove he wants to be amongst the deserving SE. He will surely be soon. SE is not exclusively for the priviledged but inclusive of all deserving Nigerian blooded footballer. I trust ROHR to have a date for him.

  • He forced a penalty which the taker lost, then he headed ina goal late from an almost impossible angle – got hurt a little in the process. This guy is a hard worker (maybe not so much flair), but he keeps defenders busy and always hustling for a goal – a sharp contrast to Onuachu. Rohr should please have a look and give him at least 30 minutes after we must have qualified for Afcon.

  • JimmyBall 4 years ago

    I talk am… you will never see @Dr.Drey commenting on the exploits of Peter Olayinka… A.K.A HUSTLER-IN-CHIEF… Olayinka only got 2minutes against when Rohr invited him last year and has been firing from where he stopped last season… yet it is the likes of Ahmed-Surplus-to-requirement-at-Saudi-Arabian-Club-Musa; a player who is unattached that gets invited… NFF and ROHR are just afraid of dropping a northerner who at this point is not meritting of an invite… I get am before no be property. Drop Ahmed Musa henceforth… if the likes of Obafemi Martins an astute attacker was at one time dropped by Keshi despite still doing so well at club… is it Musa without a club we should be giving automatic spot at Super Eagles where we have more deserving players like Kayode Olanrewaju and Peter Olayinka? Quota system will always rear its ugly head in Nigeria’s settings…

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      …GERNOT ROHR stop inviting the likes of Frank Onyeka, Mikel Agu and give real talented youngsters… Kelechi Nwakali and Samson Tijani the opportunity they need. These are more talented players… How old was Toni Kroos when he started playing for Germany? How old is Ansu Fati currently? Trust young players and blood them in early… who is good will be good unless unfit.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…is Rohr no longer collecting bribes from Agu anymore….? Is Rohr no longer trying to promote Agu so that he can get a new club anymore. Fake news spreaders all over the place. Ahmed musa was not declared surplus to requirements in his club….that’s a FAT LIE. He left on mutual consent because he wants to give up his hundreds of thousands of dollars per week pay check for a move to Europe to secure his place in the national team. Ahmed musa was described by the club as a the ‘Nigerian FALCON’ in their valedictory remarks about him. A club does not praise a player surplus to requirements with such glowing tributes. He helped them win the league and were runners up in the 2 seasons he has been with them. The same musa still played in the 2 league games played after the last international window (on the 18th and the 22nd of this October) despite being away from the team for close to a month. He assisted the ONLY GOAL we scored in the international break and won the penalty that could have guaranteed us a win, when all your so-called youngster were lost and lacking in ideas in the face of quality opposition.

      Why will I talk about people who are not in the team when I have 24 players who are in the team to focus my attention on. Life it turn by turn and Olayinka and the rest will get their turns….it was this same Rohr that gave the likes of Osimhen, chukwueze, Aribo, Uzoho, Aina, Zaidu etc their debuts that gave Olayinka his SE debut, so when he needs him, he will call him up. Rant till tomorrow Musa will captain this team to the next AFCON and will be retired respectfully after a well deserved 100 plus caps.

  • But to be frank, this guy “OLAYINKA” is still an “AVERAGE” player anytime any day….
    Hence no need for the hype…..

    The MANEs, the SALAHs, MAHREZ, PEPE, ZAHA, ZIYECH and TRAORE that are doing exploit in top leagues and big european clubs have one head, 2 legs, 2 hands just as our boys….

    I’m tired of all this “hustling” stuff of a thing….
    Let him attend the stage of the affore mention names then i can join u pple in hyping them; but for now Olayinka is still average…..

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      @UBFE… Peter Olayinka is an average player? Guy if you no fit buy sense make you borrow!

      • @Jimmyball….

        Where will u classify OLAYINKA?

        A top class striker right?

        I see as sense full your head the troway sef…..


  • Larry 4 years ago

    Complete Sports can play a huge role in stopping this unethical and questionable decisions in our national teams and management of our sports in general.
    Particularly, spotlighting the fraudulent activities of our national coaches whose decisions are swayed by the activities of agents of darkness like the DFW is doing with Gerrit Rohr (Belmadi’s boy) and SE.

    It’s high time the invitation of players got properly scrutinized otherwise hardworking players will be deprived of their reward and fraudulent agents will continue to have their way and the adverse effect will be on sports lovers.

    I must commend goal.com for highlighting the questionable calls by World class trophyless GR:
    CSN WAKE UP!!!


    • @Larry….

      What is the main aim and purpose of this game?

      What if this man and his team end up beating this leon stars home and away and qualify with a game or 2 games to spare?

      We nigerians lacks the real knowlege of this game….

      That is how samson siasia was struggling to beat equa. guinea in the last afcon qualifying match; but ended up drawing 2-2…. Meanwhile a 2-1 victory would have guarranteed us a place in 2012 afcon….

      I still remember when sir alex ferguson used almost 8 defenders and still defeated arsenal in the EPL…..




      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahhahaha…@UBFE. They have said you are my ” multiple profile name” o. Rohr has to invite an entirely different set of players who have not played together before to play the crucial double headed qualifiers we have ahead of us…LMAO. Leave dem make dem continue to nak head for wall…LMAO.

        Last year when Rohr said he wants to concentrate on bonding the team he already has together, that ONLY THOSE WHO ARE HEAD AND SHOULDERS BETTER than the ones on the team will be called up, these loudmouths were gnashing their teeth that Rohr does not want to create competition. Na dem still dey complain now say we no get stable team…LMAO. When NFF decided they will take the authority of invitations to the national team away from Rohr by inserting if officially into his renewed contract, they were jubilating that they have scored 4/5 = 90%….hahahahaha…little did they know that they were shooting themselves in the foot. Today wen all sort of jak and harry are getting invites na dem dey write SOS letter to CSN to help them return to status quo…as if na CSN draft the contract or as if na CSN employ Rohr…..LMAO. Dia sorrows never start…! I am truly loving this. Dem chop belleful finish come dey find pin to deflate their tummy…LMAO

      • @Dr Drey….

        Don’t mind them pls….

        They think every body will welcome their sentimental and clueless reasoning….

        So if one decides to say the truth as it is; the person is now @Dr Drey….
        See how low their mentality is???

        I started using this name(@UBFE) this year… It’s just the abreviation of my full names….

        B4 i use to comment with names like(KING UB, UBTEX, UBOTEX, Ub.F)… All these were short form of my names. “KING” is just a short interpretation of my native name.
        The likes of @OAKFIELD, @APHYLIDEGREAT, @DR DREY, @EMMANUEL et all the free and open minds have one goal, dream, ambition for our dear SUPER EAGLES….
        We say it the way we see it not minding who’s affected….

        Don’t blame us; we can’t join ur cliq and start developing hatred against a fellow human like us…
        We have conscience.

  • You pple are doing these average guys more harm than good.

    MANE, SALAH, MARHEZ all started from scratch in average clubs & leagues but today they are fighting to win CAF AWARDS; Even going extra miles in search of fifa awards.

    Their ambitions, dreams wasn’t just to be invited to the national team but to play & stand out in their clubs, leagues & continent.

    Continuous CRYING, ADVOCATING, WAILING, BEGGING & WEEPING for all our boys to be invited to the SE kills every ambition of playing to be recorgnize by either CAF, FIFA or the league they are playing in our boys.

    Our boys now feels relax and complacent once they are invited to the national team…

    No dream of winning AFRICAN BEST player in their minds any more….

    Is this how the likes of IKPEBA, AMUNIKE, OKOCHA, YEKINI, KANU were playing????

    Let’s stop this hype and allow this average boys to play their way to stardom….

    See what is happening in ENGLAND….
    Too much hype by their fans and FA is killing the potentials in their lads.

  • Kingston 4 years ago

    someone said we should invite kelechi nwakali, please don’t make me laugh! la liga has gone up to day 8 and above, but kelechi has not even scrapped up to 45 mins of game time all together and you are here clamoring for his call up
    even tijani? his case is funny because though admittedly he is good, but above who? frank onyeka is way better than tijani with gap. frank won his team best player of the year and it was his team that won Denmark league. if you say you don’t like onyeka style of play, that’s your opinion, (everyone has theirs), but you are not the coach neither are you the part of the people that deem it right to give him POTS.
    you compared nwakali and tijani to kroos and fati. this is a terrible comparison because the stakes differ greatly! fati plays regularly for Barcelona, and he is even younger than nwakali that is yet to have a start for a team that just left relegation! I don’t even have the strength to mention kroos own situation that warranted him to gain a German call up.
    and yes, peter olayinka is an average player – any player playing in his league is average. until he carries that performance to Europe top 5 league then yes we may begin to say he has the potential (emphasis on potential) to be above average. mind you only few players can claim the world class status quo.
    as for musa, I once stated that I would personally had selected Anthony nwakweam ahead to musa, but musa though has dropped in form is not certainly a write off! remember when Mikel didn’t get a single minute in Chelsea during Conte administration, Rohr still invited him and did Mikel prove rohr right? a thousand times yes! in the two world cup qualifier matches, Mikel scored 2 goals and provide an assist. at that time, fans kept complaining that Mikel time has passed and should be dropped but rohr saw what we couldn’t see and his stubbornness paid off. and we’ve musa who just last week turned clubless, but rohr still invited him. has musa proved rohr wrong? not yet, with an assist and involvement in creating a penalty opportunity, musa is sure still on rohr books. though I think his days at Super Eagles are numbered. once the likes of lookman switch allegiance successfully, and terem moffi scores regularly and olayinka become consistent and chuba akpom performs superb, rohr will have a thousand reason to drop musa and that’s if musa is yet to find a club. I personally think Rohr is one of the most heartless coach we have had, the way Mikel stayed on the bench during afcon and onazi during world cup and how he dropped shehu Abdullahi shows rohr rarely respect the profile of an individual!
    get this straight – kayode may never be called again because terem moffi and chuba akpom has his style of play and when you want to build a coherent squad you do it by young players. Anthony nwakweam may also never make the team again, because lookman and ejuke are in form and also fit into the overall goal of SE. even simy, what will stop simy from being called is an inform josh maja and a consistent dessers and that’s all for simy international career (maybe).
    fighting against rohr is fighting against progress! I support Super Eagles, and the only reason I stand with rohr decisions is because I see clearly progress happening in the team. let’s argue with respect to one another opinions, the moment insults begin this forum becomes boring!
    Super Eagles all the best!

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