Soccer Elites Backed A Loser With The Super League Gamble

Soccer Elites Backed A Loser With The Super League Gamble

We humans can be an extraordinary bunch at times. When there are political scandals, with people who run our countries saying or doing unimaginable things, we often tend to frown and then forget about it. Celebrities do something crazy and, for a little while, that grabs our attention, before the next hot gossip hits the headlines.

However, when soccer elites attempted to mess with the very fabric of our favorite sport recently, it practically caused a meltdown on social networks. Unhappy with already commanding the biggest piece of the financial pie, the owners of Europe’s biggest clubs wanted even more. Branded as the ‘Super League’ and outlined as an entirely new competition, club owners essentially wanted to assert total control.


Apparently backed with a massive investment of billions from JP Morgan, the American financial institution, The Super League concept was forged amongst 12 initial founding members. They included six from the English Premier League, three from LaLiga in Spain, and three from the Serie A in Italy. Nevertheless, within 48 hours, the whole thing was tumbling like a house of cards.

If not for the angry reactions and messages of outright rejection throughout Europe, soccer would be on a different path today. Fans gathered outside the stadiums of teams involved, furiously venting their opposition to the idea. Current and former players publicly expressed their concerns, insisting the Super League was against the very essence of soccer itself. Even the British prime minister weighed in, with Boris Johnson vocally against the idea.

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Thankfully, the sheer volume and vehemence of opposition caused club owners to rethink. Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal – the ‘big six’ English clubs – all withdrew from the Super League. Some uncomfortable apologies followed, along with acknowledgements the whole thing had been a mistake. They greatly had underestimated the passion of soccer supporters.

Meanwhile, in Spain, Real Madrid supremo Florentino Perez insists the Super League concept lives on, as the self-appointed president and ringleader of the new competition. He claimed the new elite competition would save soccer financially, as his own and other clubs endure tough economic times. Such views were ridiculed by the wider game, highly dubious the rest of soccer would gain any benefits, regarding this as an opportunity for the rich to get even richer.

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Given that betting and soccer are so closely tied, with fans keen to enhance their entertainment by wagering on the outcome of matches, any sudden changes to traditional competitions would always meet with resistance. Part of the appeal of watching soccer is the variety, with hundreds of league and cup games being played every day, everywhere around the world. Those domestic games are the bread and butter of the sport we love.

Furthermore, the concept of the Super League itself was fatally flawed. The idea was that the 12 most powerful clubs would always be there, without having to qualify and with no fear of relegation. That flies completely in the face of what soccer is about, which is fair competition on the pitch, eleven against eleven, and the chance that even underdogs can win. It is the very reason soccer has more than 4 billion fans around the world.

Now the dust begins to settle on this whole debacle surrounding the Super League, for now, it seems like the underdogs have won. Genuine soccer fans of all colors and stripes have sent a loud and clear message to the elite club owners. Even more interestingly, this could be the platform for enhancing and improving the sport, as fans make it clear they are much more than just consumers of a product.

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