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South African Club Banned For Life After Beating Opponent 59-1

South African Club Banned For Life After Beating Opponent 59-1

A South African club in the lower division of the county’s football system, Matiyasi FC, has been banned for life after scoring fifty-nine goals in one match.

Matiyasi FC, who were vying for promotion to the Provincial ABC Motsepe League, beat Nsami Mighty Birds 59-1, with forty-one of the goals scored as own-goals.

A player who was recorded to have been given a red card in the first half was also recorded to have scored a goal in the second half.

The incident occurred last week and the South African Football Association (SAFA) has swiftly reacted.

According to FarPost.co.za, SAFA’s regional office in Limpopo summoned both Matiyasi FC and Nsami Mighty Birds to a Disciplinary Committee hearing on 25 May 2022 in Giyani.

Both teams were charged and found guilty of corruption and contravening the association’s statutes.

In the verdict, the clubs have been permanently banned from all football activities while the officials implicated from both teams have also been given a five-year suspension within the region.

Also, in another match from the same league, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers beat Kototo Happy Boys 33-1 on the same date. Seven own goals were recorded.

The teams were also found guilty of contravening the SAFA rules and were handed a life-ban from all football activities.

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  • Lesson to our handlers, a Nigerian player will score 40 goals in this kind of a league, then our former footballers and minister will want them to compete with iheanacho and co…u see am now? No wonder they have good league but now sound players.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Anything can happen in South Africa when it comes to football. This must be a World record to be published the ” Guinness book of record”

    • Efekudje okiemute obahor 2 years ago

      Even the league should also be investigated some officials will gain from this football basket ball game

  • Yup , it sounds like corruption but it is not on the player level.  The team has been banned. This is a knee jerk reaction. The corruption is actually at the top.  The reason they felt they had to do this to elevate is the problem.. ahhh  that is the definitive point of  the why..  Well the governing body makes the rules.  You are taught to abide by the rules to play , compete and rise to the upper ranks.  If the rules are designed to make it difficult or impossible for certain teams to rise above mediocrity to play in a superior league then that will cause a situation that this very team is being penalized for.   So in this instance the team is banned, The team management is chastised and the town where the team came from is embarrasse.  The League management and the rule makers and governing body policy disciplinarians walk away happy because the plan was to keep out certain teams or cities from upper level competition and that goal was accomplished.    This is under the white vail and rule of strict guidelines  and adherences for  proper competition.  These are call rules that all teams dont really abide by.  Because they donot have to. You have no need for an umbrella if it never rains on you..  You will need an umbrella and a rain coat  and boots if the weather is designed to always rain on you.. Yup corruption.  even in sports competition.    an Old american saying…  This is tore up from the floor up..   

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