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South Korea Vs Ghana Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Group H

South Korea Vs Ghana Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Group H

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Group H match between the Taegeuk Warriors
of South Korea and The Black Stars of Ghana at Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan.

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  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago


    Let’s go Ghana  

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Fun fact: the South Korea goalie and his back four all share the same last name KIM.
    And Kim gets the ball, he gives the ball to Kim, Kim on the move, Kim releases a pass to Kim.
    Interesting problem for the commentator!

  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

    We know how to PLAY THE WC!! I told y’all 

    We don’t know how to win the afcon because it’s too physical and the refs doesn’t protect us but in the wc we show the world that we are the MOST TECHNICAL TEAM FROM AFRICA 

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Your team are impressive with great work ethics.Addo is a very good coach I’m impressed with his work.I think he would have done well had he took Ghana to the last Afcon.Credit to your defence which has been fantastic so far.I think Ghana and Morocco have the best sides representing Africa in this tournament.
      I wish Ghana good-luck hopefully another great performance like todays in their final game against Uruguay is all they need to qualify for the next round.

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        Thanks bro… we know how to play the wc and this is a fact tho 

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    I Dey collect money like crazy, thanks black stars pls don’t let me down. I ve my money on u from day one. 

  • Greenturf 2 months ago

    Your team are impressive with great work ethics.Addo is a very good coach I’m impressed with his work.I think he would have done well had he took Ghana to the last Afcon.Credit to your defence which has been fantastic so far.I think Ghana and Morocco have the best sides representing Africa in this tournament.
    I wish Ghana good-luck hopefully another great performance like todays in their final game against Uruguay is all they need to qualify for the next round.

  • They said we are the worst ranked team in the world cup at 61st. On the back of what we have seen in the two games, is that the case? We know who we are; we are Ghana! Go Ghana!

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Bro am in America and people that I meet are saying GHANA IS THE MOST BALL PLAYING TEAM in this wc and that it seems our talent is on par with the likes of Brazil 

      We aren’t called the BRAZIL OF AFRICA for nothing 

      There’s truly a MEANING TO A NAME 

      Since our first wc appearance,a lot of unbiased people realized how SUPER TALENTED Ghanaian players are and it seem it’s becoming like A worldcup legend now!!

      We MOVE……

      We don’t have a lot of people on our side but we ARE GHANA

      • rocky 2 months ago

        Nonsense, which brazil, una still no go qualify that i can guarantee you.

  • Unique 2 months ago

    Truth be told, Ghana will be difficult to beat in this tournament. Their passing skills are amazing. I’m routing for them to go far. Goodluck to the blackstars

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      We have said it here several times here, GHANA IS AFRICA MOST TECHNICALLY GIFTED TEAM and this is no disrespect to Nigerians tho

      All our footballers are MIDFIELDERS and they are innately technical 

      • Unique 2 months ago

        OMG Ghana why na? U don fall our hands. Coach Addo should have sub off the Ayew brothers and Williams before things got worsed, infact Williams is minus one from the start, I think Gyan will be better than him. Still goodluck

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          U aren’t watching the game … Williams has hold the lines tremendously 

      • Greenturf 2 months ago

        Do not be proud.You aren’t the most technically gifted side in Africa.
        Be humble.A few African sides have shown good qualities in the world cup even far back as 1982.
        South Korea created lots of chances which they didn’t take,it wasn’t a game dominated by Ghana rather Ghana benefited with their physical advantage speed and strength.

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          U didn’t watched the match then….

          It wasn’t a physical play from Ghana 

          We were technically good in the first half but their two equalizing goals changed the rhythm of the team 

          Stop the hate and congratulate Ghana 

          With the pressure in the second, a lot of African teams wldnt have been able to maintained their shape but we did but becasue of our passing game 

          Again, which chances did they created in this game?

          Crossing into our box hoping for someone to commit a penalty or head isn’t chances!!

          I am now convinced u know nothing about football!!

          A draw wldve disjointed our play and we tactically maintained our shape 

          • Greenturf 2 months ago

            I saw the game it’s from an honest assessment.Koreans where better with the ball created more chances but Ghana defended well and passed well especially when they attacked.It was a very strong performance from Ghana who took their chances whereas their opponent who passed better and created more was wasteful.
            The small frame of the Koreans couldn’t match the strength and speed of Ghana.
            In football the team that scores better wins so I give it to Ghana but it wasn’t a dominant performance I’m afraid.
            I expect Ghana to win anyway I would have been surprised they didn’t.Ghana is more experienced in high level football compare to Korea,I know it does not count all the time but this time it counted.
            Congratulations Ghana but be humble.

        • Socrates 2 months ago

          God bless you for this, Ghana was not fantastic one bit, there height also helped them to win the game. If south korea had not given up in the first half. It would have being a different story

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Amartey and Salisu Sub Sahara Africa new ministers of defense, see how Partey dey run the defensive midfield, see small but mighty lamptey shut down Son.see kudus the next JJ controlling the entire midfield.  Go black stars  make us proud we’re rooting for u. Ur win today is a win for Africa. I said it from day one I’m saying it again Uruguay will not not beat Ghana. 

  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

    Portugal wldnt have beaten us if not becasue of the racist referee 

    We are in the most difficult group in all the AFRICA nations but we move and we have truly SHOWN that Africans can compete with the best!!

    • Baller 101 2 months ago

      At self made king, you are 11% correct! The penalty awarded to Portugal against Ghana was a bad call. Anyways congrats to Ghana! You guys have really proven your worth. Fifa ranking or world cup ranking is not a yardstick to be used in measuring a team’s qualification to the next round. EGUAVOEN! NFF! hope you guys are learning?

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago


  • 🙂

    When less means more.

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Coach, pls remove the Ayew  brothers now before is too late.

  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

    We moved now … 

  • Awesome!
    Ghana, please, manage this game well from here.
    No gung-ho approach. Slow the game down as much as possible. Keep your shape defensively.

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Guys these guys go kill themselves, this’s war. 

  • Where is wotowoto?
    Any misgivings about how far dogged determination and total commitment can get one in life?

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Majority of our players are PLAYING NATIONAL FOOTBALL for the first time and some of them, this is their DEBUT MATCHES but u can see how determined they want to impressed!

      Tariq, Williams, samid are debutants and they are playing infront of millions of fans and this shows how determined we are 

      They say we are the 61st ranked team but so far the difference is there for anyone to see!! 

  • Congratulations to Ghana… Brave fight, I wonder why the referee didn’t stop at 10min of extra time… Hmmm

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Is even crazy!  A whopping 10 mins and he still was allowing play to go on!! 

  • Some people here don’t like to face reality. The fact is, based on all performances of African teams to this world cup, Ghana is the weakest team. This is a fact and it is a surprise because I expected more from Ghana.

    Ghana may have won today and I earnestly hope they qualify from their group. But because “wishes are not horses and beggers for that reason don’t fly,” I do not think Ghana will make it out of their group.

    Again, Otto Addo has shown that his technical ability as coach of Ghana is suspect. He was solely responsible for Ghana’s loss against Portugal. Today he made the same naïve mistake by taking out his two most useful players in the persons of Ayew and Kudus. You don’t take out the engine room of your team, especially in the midfield in a match that all you needed to do was to game manage.

    Otto Addo by taking out Kudus and Ayew just relinquished the midfield and invited unnecessary pressure to Ghana. This is very wrong. Imagine defending for more than 15 minutes in a game like this. Against better teams, Ghana will definitely lose if Otto Addo decides to do what he did today.

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      They were tired and besides Dede wasn’t himself in this match 

      Again, the coach made the tactical switch with the sole intent of defending his lead which work for us!

      This isn’t a match we played to impresses but rather a match we played to NICK THE POINTS

      That tactical switch was necessary at that period of the game!!

      Unles u don’t know football, the players that he brought on was to come and defend by throwing numbers behind the ball!!

      Ghana is still the WEAKEST TEAM? What drug are u taking bosss?

      U can pass me some because it seems u hallucinating tho!!

      Of all the African teams, Ghana  is in the TOUGHEST GROUP and for u to say that Ghana is the weakest make u looked stupid for real!!

      Playing and winning against QATAR isn’t the same as losing to Portugal!!

      Drawing with Serbia and losing to Switzerland  makes them the strongest team? 

      Dude stop the hate and congratulate us!! 

      • Congratulations to Ghana, however I don’t agree that their team is a technically skilled side. The Koreans were far better than Ghana in that game and had they had the height and physical presence like the Ghanaians they would have beaten Ghana by atleast 5 goals.

        The Korea goalkeeper was poor and let Ghana score 3 goals from their only 3 shots on target. Your 1st goal should have been ruled out as Andre Ayew used his left arm to flick the ball to Salisu to kick into the net. Now that the referee allowed that illegal goal you did not blame referee for favouring Ghana like you moaned against Portugal who outclassed Ghana throughout the game and deserved their win.

        Check the match statistics: 63% to 37% in favour of South Korea; 12 Shots on goal and 7 on target to Ghana’s 7 shots and only 3 on target; Korea had 12 Corner kicks to Ghana’s 4- Your Goalkeeper and defence saved you from real beating by Korea.

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          The Korean equalizer was OFFSIDE too 

          Go and watch again bro 

          Portugal outclassed Ghana lol?

          Maybe u think and see different bro and I don’t have an thing to say about that 

          Did u watched the Ghana/Portugal match or ur just saying anything?

      • I discuss football pure and simple and I don’t rain tirade on people just because their opinion differs from mine. So, show yourself some respect and discuss football instead of throwing tirade here and there.

        I know how you felt and how humble you were when Ghana lost to Portugal. I also know a lot of people on this site were very happy when Ghana lost to Portugal. Unfortunately, and sadly so, your response to my post just vindicated those who made fun of you and were rejoicing when Ghana lost that match against Portugal.

        If Korea was a better team do you think Otto Addo’s strategy of defending with 10 men in the last 10 to 15 minutes was a good strategy? Or do you think deciding to yield possession to your opponent for roughly 15 minutes without making any attempt to push them back is a good enough strategy in a world cup match? Now you wonder why a player like Ronaldo was able to get that cheap penalty against Ghana. Continue to let the win prevent you from being realistic. I won’t talk more than that.

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          Ok bro …. I apologized tho 

          U are a great contributor here….. 

          Sorry my bro 

          • No whahala. I just want an atmosphere where everyone of us can learn from one another. Thanks for your understanding

  • Greenturf 2 months ago

    I think if Samson Siasia is given the super eagles to manage from the scratch just like Peseiro with all this friendlies he would have built a solid team to challenge for the world cup trophy in 2026.
    The players are there what we lack is the right manager to manage the team.
    Siasia was unfortunate to get his opportunity when he did in a very difficult circumstances because the playoffs was past halfway with super eagles struggling yet he couldn’t lead them to the afcon what a shame because many fans don’t trust him based on that failed attempt as well the loss to Egypt.
    I still think he’s the go to coach of the super eagles should he get the job early enough to build his team with the identity he’s known for.
    You can tell when you see his team play.I love to watch Siaone’s team.

    • 100% in support of your position. Either they give Siasia or Amuneke the super eagles job. We know NFF can’t pay and won’t pay good coaches the money they want. so better use local coaches that will rough it out with them and still produce result.

  • Baller 101 2 months ago


  • Razak 2 months ago

    The problem with Nigeria is that every one wants to be a coach, you thought that Benhot Rohr was the problem, now you are saying that the players are not patriotic face you employ sub standard coaches and then you find someone to blame face it Equavon is a failure and a disaster in the making please stop blaming the players and blame yourselves tell the truth or is it so hard to face facts in Nigeria

    • Anthony 2 months ago

      Super Eagles players are mediocres and very lazy and lackadesical in the pitch, apart from Osihmen, Lukeman and 1 or 2 others, the current team is overrated, very slow and lack the speed, desire and spirit Nigerian team are known for.

      I can’t see how this team can get to Qtr final of the 2023 Afcon, it doesn’t matter who the Coach is- that’s if they continue with same personnel especially the non-existent midfield.

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    Congratulations to Ghana. I am super proud of you.

    However, what an elderly man seen when sitting, if NFF and Oga Rohr followers climb ilimanjaro from now till 2050, I bet you my people, they will not see anything.

    However, all these Oga Paseiro and Oga Rohr can not do anything for Nigeria, NFF and the foriegn coaches are using Super Eagles to do business.

    We have to start from NFF first. We have to make a move by replacing with our ex players then, the new NFF have to set a new law.

    We need local coach in charge of the Super Eagles period. Senegal, Cameron, Tunisia and now Ghana are doing well with local coaches but why Nigeria refuse to do such?

    Even if the current NFF want to do so, they will rather call on Salisu Yusuf.

    Is that the best option? I don’t think so. Let’s get Amunike, Egbo, Siasia on board and send them for a refresher course. I know Siasia has issues with FIFA but NFF should get involve and solve Siasia issues with FIFA.

    Nigeria failed to qualify for Qatar while Nigerians are sitting at home watching the world cup on TV while Amaju is in Qatar presently representing himself or FIFA kai, we have law but carbals in Nigeria are above the law otherwise, Amaju should be in the prison yard by now. I saw him in the stadium watching Brazil match live and direct. What a shame.

    Now, only we the fan can do the job. We have to rise up and kick out the current NFF if we truly want change for our sports.

    We have to make the move otherwise, NFF and Oga Paseiro will destroy our football beyond our expectation.

    Oga Rohr has failed woefully in charge of the Super Eagles over five years of his services while the current coach will finish up the work from Oga Rohr. I can’t keep quiet kę.

    NFF will not ask Oga Paseiro to go until when it’s getting too late like during Oga Rohr. NFF has never learned their lessons.

    Hmmm. Fellow Patriotic Nigerians, I am here now begging you all to rescue our Super Eagles from NFF. NFF won’t do the right thing except we ask them to do so.

    We want our ex footballers to replace the current NFF then, we also want the best indigenous coach to take over from Oga Paseiro as soon as possible. Shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

    The solution of Nigeria football is not in coaches only it’s on versified football on NPFL, on player’s qualification, on coaches qualification with high courses of modern footbal, on how to develop football infarstructures, inhancing football facilities, building excellent juvnile then youth teams; inact strong law for organizing football that prohibit any club must not approve it’s position must be exccluded from the leauge , prohibit any coach to train a club if he hasn’t football coaching licence, any player from academy must play in NPFL then go abroad after 20 year he can play 4 or 3 or 2 seasons from his 16 age; any club must put insurance for any one of his players, grant an excellent contracts and wages for their players , coaches, grant them their rights in time( wages, bonuses).Any administrator in NFF and NPFL must be technocrat and has huge exprience in football administration, NFF must creat a new juvinle and youth NPLF which will build from it juvinle and youth national teams. In Super Eagles team NFF must hire a high quality coach who can creat strong and agressive SE who has defensive mentality; I think SE need France coach who has championship mentality like emmet jackie or a coach has coached a great team like Ronald Deboer who has coached Netherland team or local coach like Samson siasia assitd by Daniel Amokache , Ike Shornmu, Tijani Babanjida, Amosa Idissa; if NFF do these things I think we will see new excellent Nigeria football with clubs and national teams espcially SE.