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Sports Minister Dare: Rohr Must Deliver

Sports Minister Dare:  Rohr Must Deliver

Minister of Youth And Sports Development, Sunday Dare, says he was not averse
to the contract extension of Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr but insisted that the German must get results to stay on.

Rohr recently penned a new contract with the Nigeria Football Federation that will see him remain in charge of the Super Eagles for the next two-and-a- half-years.

“The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is statutorily in charge of the growth and development of football in Nigeria. Of course under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” Dare was quoted by NFF.com.

“Even before I became Minister, there are processes and procedures that are followed when it comes to bringing on a new national coach or renewing the contract of a coach who is already in the house and I think it was important for us to follow the processes and procedures in place.

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“For Rohr, because he had been signed on earlier, he deserved to be given the right of first refusal, that was what the NFF did and that was what I also allowed to happen. ”

It is best practices, it is global practices but the NFF also had a review of his performance in the last three to four years and based on that review, his new contract had new conditions that never existed before. Some of them bordering on mode of payment, some of them bordering technical issues regarding the development of our football and that to me, is fundamental.”

Dare added that it would not be business as usual, insisting that the coach would be held to a higher depth of responsibility, a greater depth of technicality and a greater level of success where he could have his contract reviewed if he falls short of the direction outlined in the terms of his contract.

Rohr was appointed Super Eagles head coach in 2016 and qualified the three-time African champions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

He also led the team to a third place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

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  • Godsown 1 year ago

    Mr Dare you too must deliver as a sports minister, use you’re your ministry to help the various leagues in Nigerian Sports, Mr Rohr passed his first test.
    Cameroon outplayed Nigeria in the first half, I was even afraid of the 2nd half, but Nigeria came out and decimated the pride of Eto in our very own eyes,they said he can’t read games, he doesn’t have tactics, what did he use to foil the threat of Cameroon especially that their strong right winger that bullied Collins in the first half, where did Collins get the tactic he used to stop a player who bullied him in the first half, come to the semi final, Algeria scored us first again, we came back again, only for our supposed best player to make an error of fouling a player at the edge of the box at that crucial time. There is no perfect coach anywhere in the world, the coach that won Germany a world cup, struggled in the next world cup.
    Is Nigeria capable of winning the nations cup? Yes, but luck counted for Algeria against us, we also need such luck.

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    Good one from the Sports minister. I salute you sir.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    “Dare added that it would not be business as usual, insisting that the coach would be held to a higher depth of responsibility, a greater depth of technicality and a greater level of success where he could have his contract reviewed if he falls short of the direction outlined in the terms of his contract”.

    “it would not be business as usual”. NFF are the real business group of Nigeria limited. God bless you Mr. Dare. this is what we need in Nigeria. Transparency. We need more of the sports minister in our country.

    He is playing his role smartly and we can see what he is trying to do. This is a true leader that wants the best for his country.

    Mr. Dare wasn’t moved by saying the coach qualified Nigeria for both Afcon and world cup with some games left to be played rather, he wanted the gaffer to do more because we are Nigeria not Gabon. We deserves to win trophies from now on.

    I am pretty sure that if NFF president knew that the new sports minister would be like this, he would have kept the former sports minister.

    This is the best Nigerian sports minister so far.

    Enough is enough. I am calling on all Nigerians to come out and support the sports minister. Our oppressors are feeling the heat already. Until we take our country back from these our oppressors. No going back. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Elijah samson 1 year ago

    Let me say this here. We all want the coach to deliver and that is all we want. Mr Dare sir, let me bring this to your notice.(1) Please tell NFF to stay clear from players selection. Let the coach do his selection himself. (2) as much as we want the coach to deliver, with all due respect Sir, what are your plans for our local league? Our NFPL is not televised outside Nigeria or Africa. What you do have in mind to do so that the European countries can watch our league? We saw Rhor doesn’t invite them that is why no foreign clubs knows about the talent we have. Between watching them on television and inviting few of them, which of the advert is better? Mr Dara sir, Nigeria sports need good stadium, coaches with interference in the business of the coaches, publicity which is being televised. my sports loving brothers you can please add to the list.

  • Ikeben 1 year ago

    Minister Dare well-done for allowing Rohr renew his contract. I knew immediately he stepped into the matter and insisted only qualified sound coaches should handle the Super Eagles. That position knocked all their plans to rush a local coach to do their bidding. If you also hear him now, he dropped the same notion;

    “For Rohr, because he had been signed on earlier, he deserved to be given the right of first refusal, that was what the NFF did AND THAT WAS WHAT I ALSO ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.”

    Well-done you are breath of fresh air to Nigerian Sports in general not just football. What you are doing in Football, Atletics and other sports is commendable and even remembering the families of our fallen heroes is a proof, you came to save our sports from total decay.
    At least for saving the Super Eagles coach from the cabal that already had a script written whose agenda was to send him packing and to install their own to do their bidding. We pray that God will protect you and allow you to lay a solid foundation for Nigerian Sports in general, so that we can once again regain our place of pride among the nations of the world.

  • Collins id 1 year ago

    No more briks laying and building anymore, its time to go and see your brothers in the game (luv,klopp,kingsman,etc) let them teach you tactics and offensice approaches towards game you will get atlist two steps ahead of your previours ideas, no rooms for excuses as you now have your last chance you better put in all you can to put your name in history bcos after eagles i doubt if you can. Dont be timid trow in everything we will understand if you fail while fighting not while looking, we are not against you we are with you. When boffery lost in lagos it was equal as victory for us as everybody saw that how he fought back two goals and lost in penalties. Wen chris chukwu lost tunisia in 2004 it was a victory to us bcos we saw how he defeated a star ranger cameroun team and he went down to penalties to the host, so we are not saying you cant lose games but you must not lose games even before you playthem, the manner of your lost means alot to eagles fans. If you lose like a coward there you have problem if you lose like a man believe you might be giving the chance to play your second worldcup. Try and understand your boss which we are.

  • Prince 1 year ago

    Gernot Rohr will deliver!!!

    I became a fan after watching his progress and how better he has build our national team !!!

    If you are one of the right thinking, positive minded fans, he will need your support to move the team to the next level.
    If his performance needs criticizing, we should do it constructively!!

    If you are one of the enemies of progress and filled with myopic and self-centredness, STAY AWAY FROM THE AFFAIRS OF THE SUPER EAGLES FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF YEARS!!!

    I trust Dare and I believe in Rohr!!!

    God bless 9ja!!!

  • “Man can change”
    If Rohr watches a clip of the USA 1994 SE matches or those of Atlanta 1996 Olympics he will realise what is expected of him.

    We have not been in this go slow mode of the APC govt before!
    We are nation with high sense of pride and accomplishments.

    Pls do not offer us the “Buhari -APC next level” of nonsense and mediocrity.
    The array of stars you have now are far more than the Ejike Uzoenyi, Sunday Mbah, Obobona, etc that Baba Keshi (RIP) used to win the 2013 AFCON.
    That team of 2013 was not the best team in Africa, but they beat the bests to win the cup.

    So no more building, no more excuses.
    We need results and entertaining football.
    Soccer made in Nigeria.

    Good luck to coach Rohr and the SE of nigeria.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    …. No BUSINESS AS USUAL, This current Sports Minister is the only positive in the timid and  non inspiring PMB 2019 re-election .

    I am totally convinced that Mr Sports Dare is seriously paying rapt attention to the contribution of the great minds in this platform, no wonder all our brilliant submissions in this platform were inserted in the new contract extension devoid of the fraudulent contract extension of 2 years ago where Rohr’s mediocrity achievement of being bundled out in the first round of WC and well tutored in the Afcon by the local coach of Algeria was fraudulently rewarded with 95% salary increment. 

    God bless you Mr Sports, that is what we have been shouting in this platform that “ it is not a pride Lion will never eat grass “  It is good Rohr and his business partners NFF not leaving out many of his promoters that Nigeria is not tiny Togo , not Gabon , not even Senegal that has never won  Afcon to be celebrating bronze medal . Even the football mosquitoes nations in Africa like Gabon that has never gone beyond quarterfinals sack Rohr for not surpassing quarterfinals that Gabon has achieved just once in the  past ( not celebrating Rohr’s mediocrity achievement) , the tiny Tanzania that that never qualified for Afcon 40 years ago where none of the players were born when the coach last qualified for Afcon did not celebrate the perceived Amunike mediocrity achievement, despite backlog of unpaid salary.
    Yes Oga Rohr has every right to celebrate the surprise greatest achievement in his country coaching career of the first ever medal of bronze, not Nigeria joining him in the ridiculous celebration 

    NFF should help Rohr with skilled assistants especially in the goalkeeping department, the weakest in the Super eagles,  it is never done that a coach cannot get a reliable and dependable goalkeeper for four years , less than 1 year Onigbinde believe in future dropped Ike Shorumu that was in his prime and first team player in Europe for a local boy Enyama , Oliseh less than a year cane up with reliable and dependable Cal Ikpeme ( to whom much is given , much is expected ) .

    No more BUSINESS AS USUAL, new sheriff in town , period !!

    • KangA 1 year ago

      I strongly suggest that Rohr should bring Oliver Khan out of retirement and encourage him to get Nigerian passport to solve our goalkeeping problems. After all Crouch of England has already switched.  He’ll greatly bolster our defence. 

      Rohr could also be tasked with getting a goalkeeper from anywhere in the world. See, the world is now a global village. Very soon Akpeyi will donn the yellow SA jersey. Or our thriving league which has many sterling keepers. I don’t think it’s late; let’s revise his contract and insert these requirements into it. 

      • You are about breaking ribs with laughter @Kanga..do u mind that Mr know all, can u imagine someone saying its their nonsense contribution that NFF uses to prepare Rohr new contract? I have warned many of them to stop the substance their are smoking, it’s seriously affecting their brain

        • KangA 1 year ago

          These guys are jesters. They like taking credit for nothing. Imagine the false claim that their recommendations were inserted into Rohr’s contract. This was a man they NEVER wanted. Why can’t they be sincere for once. 

          The good thing is that Rohr stays. He shall guide us to those evasive trophies. 

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        “…it is never done that a coach cannot get a reliable and dependable goalkeeper for four years , less than 1 year Onigbinde believe in future dropped Ike Shorumu that was in his prime and first team player in Europe for a local boy Enyama , Oliseh less than a year cane up with reliable and dependable Cal Ikpeme….”

        @KangA Pls help us ask the owner of that quote if Francis Uzoho is SE bus driver…???


    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      “….no wonder all our brilliant submissions in this platform were inserted in the new contract extension…”

      Their brilliant submissions in April/May 2020 was inserted in a contract that was already drafted as far back as December 2019….LMAO…after FAILING WOEFULLY TO get Rohr sacked and replaced with their African Guadiolas, they’ve been scratching at claws trying to allot false victories to themselves to hide their shame….LMAO. Lies can never prevail against the truth. We asked them to provided verified sources for all the lies they cooked up against Rohr back then but they still seem to be looking for the sources till now….Lolz

      Ndi 4/5 = 95%…may the bond of lies which binds you all together continue to wax stronger….LMAO

      I just cant stop laughing at the depth of the self-deceit….Lolz


    • Dr Tee 1 year ago

      This man what are you always saying sef….sentiment have just beclouded your sense of judgement, you always want to be right even when in the real sense you are always wrong…chaiiii I tire o

    • @omo9ja who is the director General of your group is “SE CHIEF SCOUT” how come he hasn’t able to get us a reliable goalkeeper for 4yrs? Less I forget, I saw PETER RUFAI and DOSU JOSEPH training at the National stadium in Abuja yesterday, maybe he can go there to scout for potential invitation to the national team. Don’t thank me for this info, what are friends for…. Laugh Wan kill person

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        LMAO!! You guys don make me laugh tire. I think Okoye too is the ball boy or laundry boy of the team. I just can’t stop laughing. After trying everything to get Rohr sacked they’re now trying to take credit for the contract renewal. Bro no prob what matters to us SuperEagles genuine fans is that Rohr is staying and will continue is job with the team. You and omo9ja the chief scout of the team can keep looking for a reliable goalkeeper because we never had none since Rohr took over the team. Incredibly laughable. 

  • Dr Tee 1 year ago

    My statement is to @ de star

  • But how far can Rohr take us? He has already taken us far in the Fifa rankings, he has already ensured that Nigerian flag flew at a world cup. He has already restored us back to our customary position in the biannual Afcon which is 3rd place.

    So what else do we want?

    That much is clear. We want to not only qualify for another world cup but to reach the quarter finals. We are no longer contented with 3rd place in Afcon, we want the ultimate…. Hmmm

    How is Rohr feeling right now. Has he got broad enough shoulders for these responsibilities?

    “We are going to warn him [Rohr] to a great standard of responsibility, a greater depth in our football and a greater level of success.

    In that contract, there are points that if he does not meet the desired standard, we can terminate his contract. So we are not stuck with him. He has an opportunity to prove himself.” said Sports Minister Sunday Dare in stern language.

    They say ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown’.

    So I ask again, how far can Rohr take us? If someone had said we would qualify for the last World Cup with the relative ease that we did, I would not have believed them.

    But the landscape is a bit different and the stakes much higher. Plus, I don’t think things are as rosy between him and his employers now as they were in 2017.

    But the German has had time. He has the knowledge. He is building a team and he seems very determined, he seems very focused and resilient.

    The next 2 and a half years will be very interesting indeed.

    Many (local and foreign coaches) are called but few are chosen. Will Rohr be the chosen one? time will tell.

    • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

      Master Deo always. Thumbs up.

      This matter ehn, me I no wan bother myself with Team Odegbami pipu again o!

      The answer to “Does Rohr have what it takes to deliver?? Is he Confident enough? Will he deliver?” is not far-fetched. Now, take a look at the stern talks that the Minister himself gave concerning the New contract coupled with NFF President Amaju’s statement about the new contract too. This statements sums up what was written in the Contract they presented to Rohr. And am sure COACH GERNOT ROHR is not blind nor we say he can’t read i.e He read through the new clause on his contract himself and he knows his abilities and the team he has built since he came on, and after merging both together with Full Confidence in him, He replied Minister Dare and NFF, YES! I CAN DO IT. YES I CAN MEET UP WITH THIS TARGETS. E never finish?? Case closed.

      So whatever he comes out to say after we all know he agreed to this clause like “We’re not the Best in Africa”, “We respect other teams”, “Our team is full of Young and Promising talents”, WE should know it’s just Mind games naw. Me I just dey laugh whenever I see all those headlines cuz I know other countries are reading and there Coach inclusive. So when we meet, they come out with that mindset and what happens? Coach Rohr will humble them like he did to Stuart Baxter and got him packing out of RSA at AFCON after Stuart boasted and mocked the National team because he managed an away victory against us years back.

      So my people, Just calm down and let’s watch as the Drama unfolds


  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    The man has been given a new contract, let’s give him all the necessary tools he needs to succeed, including better scouting systems, a better goalkeeper trainer, more friendly matches to test our new guys.i sincerely applaud U guys either for rohr or against him, it’s been a great debate. Great debates are necessary to build a great nation, I wish our worthless lawmakers can learn from you guys. You guys are the real patriots.

  • Sir Chairmanfemi, you are too much. Indeed, it is turning out to be quite a soap opera. If made into a film, it will attract audiences in many cinemas.

    From here on, I approach every Super Eagles match (as a fan) with much anticipation of how things will play out (and not just on the pitch).

    Imagine if Rohr falters and is swiftly discarded, will they thrust Joseph Yobo on us? Will they seek another foreign Expatriate Coach or will they employ a more experienced local coach to work with Joseph Yobo?

    If Rohr delivers Afcon glory and adds spice to the national team jollof rice by reaching the semi-finals of the world cup, will he accept the gratitude of those who showed little faith in his abilities to deliver on such cut-throat targets?

    Will he ever satisfy the yearnings of those who would like to see homebased players feature in “Competitive Fixtures” for the Super Eagles? Yes Rohr has used many home based players in his time here but has these been in competitive fixtures? In this matter of homebased players, I still feel organised of the league need to take a long hard look at themselves first because the way they have managed the league has left Rohr with very little (if anything at all) to work with.

    But, I have to adopt your posture of just being patient to see how events unfold.

    Interesting times ahead my brother.

    Stay blessed and stay safe as always.