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Sports Minister Enoh Questions Hunger Of Foreign-Born Super Eagles Players

Sports Minister Enoh  Questions Hunger Of Foreign-Born Super Eagles Players

Nigeria’s Sports Minister, John Enoh, has questioned the desire and commitment of Super Eagles players, who were born abroad.

The Super Eagles faltered in their last two outings against South Africa and Benin Republic.

The commitment and hunger of some of the players, especially those born abroad was questioned afterwards by fans and pundits.

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“We have in the Super Eagles about 90 per cent of players not born in Nigeria. Do they have the spirit, the fire of a Nigerian player born in Nigeria?,” the Sports Minister asked in an interview with Eagle7 FM.

“There are some players in the team who are not good enough for the Super Eagles

“We talk of the quality of the coach, but what of the quality of the players in the team?”

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  • Mr minister am sorry to say this but you are an idiot for saying this.you are one of the worst thing that has happened to Nigerian football.you are not different from people like monkey and his cohortes.

    • Innoma 3 weeks ago

      “We talk of the quality of the coach, but what of the quality of the players in the team.” Wow! The sport minister really asked this? Very surprising question! Who selects the players in the team?

  • Sammy 3 weeks ago

    This guy is really really dull. He is a disaster. My God, where on earth did APC dig up this fossil they have afflicted on Nigerian sports.

    If this fossil was well advised he would have known that the present malaise in our sports sector is due to the underinvestment in school/youth sports and academies in Nigerian. Our Athlets (not just footballers), have to go through the finishing schools (academies) abroad to attain the quality required to compete at international level.

    How well have the athletes produced in Nigeria done at continental competitions in the last 10 years?

    Besides, whose commitment is this man questioning? Is it Lookman, who was our best player at the last Afcon and one of the favourites for the African footballer of the year? Is it Iwobi, or Osayi, or Bassey? Is it the team captain Ekong? Men who have made more sacrifices to play for Nigeria than this man who will ever make?

    May Nigeria never be unfortunate in Jesus name; but my God this nation needs help.

    • Michael Olaleye 3 weeks ago

      Thank you for saying this, he the minister should have questioned the contribution of the football administrators in the glass house. How did they get to that post, don’t we have better people to manage and prepare the team for big tournaments? This present group approach is just fire brigade approach, rushing like a headless chicken to prepare for big tournament in the 97th minutes out of minutes. We keep recycling glorious failures as administrators and coaches, demanding cut if some percentage of footballers rewards. The minister should think properly before criticising committed players rather than killing their appetite to play for Nigeria. We have lost so many good players to European countries because of our bad management. Find the best coach for this players, pay them and let Nigeria football flourish. Enough if making Nigeria the laughing stock of world football.

  • Diran 3 weeks ago

    Mr sports minister, please get your facts right. Most of the unserious players in the Super Eagles (or Super Chickens) are the Nigerian born foreign based players, and not the foreign born, foreign based players. We have people like Leon Balogun, Troost Ekong, Iwobi, Semi Ajayi and Lookman who have always shown great commitment to play for Nigeria . The present malaise in Nigerian soccer and sports generally is partly due to under-investment in school/youth sports and soccer and the lack of good training facilities in the country.

    • You keep mentioning underdevelopement in Youth Schools bla bla bla.. Yet Nigeria has one of the best Academy Systems in Africa. Which other countries have players like Osimhen, Boniface coming out of their countries academies like Nigeria in the same period not just them what of Awoniyi, Chukwueze, Ndidi… Let me tell you the sports minister is cooking something good. What he is saying is Nigeria has so many overseas talents and we are getting it wrong because of our greedy officials.. He means instead of the Osayi-Samuels why can’t we get the Eze’s or Saka’s or Oliseh’s or Musiala’s of this world that is what he means. Instead of settling for the ones who can’t make the european teams. so it is not about committment it is about Nigeria’s NFF always choosing the easy way out. Instead f getting a Quality Foreign coach we will get the average ones and pay less. Instead of making the required efforts to get the quality Dual National Players(this will require promises and commitments that needs to be kept) let us settle for the ones that will only have Nigeria as an Option because they can’t make England or France or Germany Squads.

      • Dunjay 3 weeks ago

        Senegal,Ivory Coast and Mali have better nurtured academy players than Nigeria. It’s only the crops in your garden you know, others may have better ones. Do a proper research and stop being jingoistic.

        • Is this a senegalese website or Nigerian name a senegalese youth stronger than Nigerians in England squad. Name Seneglese players eligible for Senegal that are stronger than Michael Olise and Tosin Adarabioyo even ones not eligigable better than Saka and Eze

      • Four four two 3 weeks ago

        Bros , you started well but ended badly. Till date ,England regrets the loss of Victor Moses, Ademola lukman, Iwobi , Bassey , Ola aina, etc to Nigeria. I dont think Eze and Oliseh are top players that can easily walk into any team in the world or better than any present SE player.Dont be caught up in the paradigm that people always crave and value what they cannot get. Saka cannot bench moses simon in any team any time , any day. Even Chukwekese can be far more dangerous that Saka if he puts his head down. So pls dont ever u think players commit to Nigeria Because they cannot other teams.

        • @Four Four Two just like you have Top Tier Teams in the Top Leagues let us say the big 5 Leagues in those same leagues you have Mid Tier Teams, Teams that maybe able to surprise the top teams and win the league i.e. Leicester City, West Ham etc. (England) or Sevilla, Villareal (Spain) etc. and Lower Tier Teams (teams that languish in the bottom half of the table and constantly battle Relegation and bounce up and down from championship to Prem. Same goes with players you have, X -factor Players, Top Tier, Mid Tier and Low tier, Players of top teir quality will bounce between top teams even though they can’t make the starting 11 but they are good enough too, it may just mean that coach prefers something specific from the starter. Mid Teir Players will bounce from Mid Teams to top teams depending on focus (these players have the ability to reach Top quality with a bit of Hard Work, focus, it really is up to hard work i.e Ademola Lookman, Calvin Bassey, Wilfred Ndidi, CHukwueze, Victor Moses, Tosin Adarabioyo and so on. Low Tier players they are Championship players or relegation club players (Premier Leagues) who may bounce up and down the championship and low teir of Premier League. i.e Semi Ajayi, Bright Osayi Samuels, Troost Ekong you name it. Players of Xfactor I.e. CR7, Messi, Osimhen, Vinicius, Boniface, Bellingham, Haaland you name it. these players are another level. Note Nigeria only has two in our current Rooster rankings (Teams usually have 2 or max 4 -5 if they are lucky per team these are generational talents).

          There is levels in this game. I would Have Put Awoniyi in the Mid Tier but Injury Prone and that is hampering his game if he can stay fit a full season the boy can work himself to Top Tier!

          Nigeria NFF and Nigerian’s for some reason cannot differentiate this fact, I wonder Why!

          • @four Four Two. It is possible for players to work themselves up a tier however very rarley do you see players jumping 3 tiers, Because generally X-Factor Players are born that way and it is usually a special Trait, i.e. Execessive speed, Power, Dribbling Technique you name it.

            So you can see a Top – Tier player honing his skills to the point he gets an X Factor Trait. I.e. Kevin De Bruyne, Didier Drogba (this Usually is if they meet a coach that has somuch faith in them and takes thier game up a level, De Bruyne found that in Pep and Drogba in Mourinho!..
            Another reason why it is important to have a good coach both Club and International thank you

          • @Four Four Two based on the insight I gave you, I won’t need to. highlight t what tier Moses Simon Falls in as oppose to Saka I think the trajectory of their careers is easy to place them in a certain tier. These facts are clear as day however Sentiments and favouritism makes coaches and some fans alike delude themselves as to which teir their favourites belong. Eze for instance was always top tier I can attest to this as to how he dominated the Championship in his final season with QPR! Dele Alli was also Top Tier however as I said it is down to Players themselves to push themselves either up or down a teir!

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    “…Do they have the spirit, the fire of a Nigerian player born in Nigeria…”

    So what fire and spirit do the likes of Iheanacho, chuwkueze, Ndidi, Omeruo or Onuachu have that the foreign-borns do not have….?

    Apart from Osimhen whom they all now want to be expelled from the SE, no other Nigerian-born player has any fire in their approach.

    Ademola Lookman even plays with more fire than any other Nigerian-born player in that team.

    Mr Minister of Sports should look for someone else to scapegoat for the poor performances of the SE, and not our foreign borns who have earned their place in the SE by being the best of the best we have in their position.

    These same players without fire in them did well under Rorh and Peserio.

    When the team fails with their local coaches they start looking for whom to scapegoat.

    Fire my foot….!

    What will fire and spirit do when players have been given the wrong tactical instructions to go execute on the field of play.

    This clueless Minister is just regurgitating the sweet nothings some fifth columnists have poured into his ears. People like Eguavoen and Odegbami have never hidden their disdain for foreign-born players in the SE.

    Once again, Fire my foot…!!!

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    The 3 Nigerian players who made the last AFCON team of the tournament are Ola Aina, Troost-Ekong and Ademola Lookman. And none of them was Nigerian-born the last time I checked.

    What happened to the ‘Yaba-market’-fire and ‘mammy-water’-spirit in their Nigerian-born teammates in the tournamnet…??

    Some of these administrators need a crash course in having common sense.

    It isn’t shocking why our sports keeps moving a step forward and tens backwards.

    Other countries are using their foreign-borns (both players and coaches) to achieve great things, it is only Nigeria that sees them as outcasts who have no right to their country’s national teams.

  • Nnamdi Mordi 3 weeks ago

    The minister has no idea of what he is talking about. The best players of AFCON 2024

    1. William ekong – Foreign born
    2. Calvin Bassey – Foreign Born
    3. Ola Aina – Foreign Born
    4. Ademola Lookman – Foreign-Born

    This one na mumu already.

    • Larry 3 weeks ago

      Bassey tried but I’ll rate the top 5 performers in tournament in this order:

      1. Ekong
      2. Lookman
      3. Aina
      4. Nwabali
      5. Osimhen

      I don’t believe there should be discrimination with birth. The most in-form players in every position should be invited at all time.

  • Larry 3 weeks ago

    I hope this is fake news cuz you dont know what’s true tese days.
    If it’s confirmed then.
    Enoh should be fired. Instead of focusing on allegation of Godfatjerism and bribery, he is talking crap.
    Because some nigerians are daft and lack second or deep thought, they fall for these Gimmicks. The nff and this Enoh are working hard to remove the major clog in the way of their corrupt practices. They started with Balogun who exposed their evil practices, they used Finishit to intimate Ekong just to install their stooges. The main issue is the $4 million & #8 billion recieved from CAF and Govt. The EFCC should investigate how the funds were managed? I suspect some cover-up.
    Enoh is too dumb to understand the real issue with the national team. They don’t like foreign born(FB) because it’s becoming difficult for things to go as usual.

    Like Picnic, Gusau, the nff gangs, Enoh you are devil’s advocate.


    1. Has any FB ever left national team cam to hang out with friends in another state(Nddidi&Kelechi).

    2. Has any FB ever been alleged to camp olosho in their rooms in national team camp (Awaziem, Kelechi)

    3. Has any injured FB coarsed with the while injured just to be in the team or tournament at the expense of the nation (Awaziem,Kelechi, Onyeka)

    4. Unlike other players that rely on Godfathers, FB are invited based on performance.

    1. FB players scored more than 70% of the last ten goal scored by the Super Eagles

    2. All our representatives in the current Africa are FB (Ekong, Lookman,Aina).

    If the nff decides today to allow a neutral person conduct three years evaluation of Suoer Eagles players based on performance. discipline, ethics, and team work, I’m sure more 60% of the local born players will be affethics, Majority of the HB rely on all sorts of evils (bribery, godfarherism) to get invitation.

  • Larry 3 weeks ago

    Spotted some typos.

    3. Has any injured FB coarsed with the team handlers to be in the team or tournament at the expense of the nation (Awaziem,Kelechi, Onyeka)

    If the nff decides today to allow a neutral person conduct three years evaluation of Suoer Eagles players based on performance. discipline, ethics, and team work, I’m sure more 60% of the local born players will be affected, Majority of these HBs rely on all sorts of evils (bribery, godfarherism) to get invitation.

  • MONKEY POST 3 weeks ago

    OGA LEAVE FOREIGN BORN PLAYERS ALONE. Talk about the ones wey dem BORN for HOME wey no get DISCIPLINE like OSIMHEN….

    If those FOREIGN BORN no get HUNGER like you talk but at least dem get DISCIPLINE which to me is the GREATEST of them all..(and we go manage am so)

    Cos all the TALENT in the WORLD with ZERO DISCIPLINE na RUBBISH…..

    • Detruth 3 weeks ago

      This man has no common sense. I guess common sense is not common.

  • Sammy 3 weeks ago


  • In fact,this incompetent Minister of Sports just shot himself on the legs. It shows he lacks charismatic approach and attitude to manage Nigeria sports for saying such irrational statement.
    How many HB players are as dedicated as FB in SE?
    This is a flimsy excuse from pit of hell.NFF and John Enoch are the bane of Nigeria football. What was the track records of this clueless Minister in Sports circle before his appointment?
    Pertinently , politics is affecting Nigeria in all sphere of things emanating from useless policy

  • Ralph Palmer 3 weeks ago

    I hope he will come out tomorrow and denied this abomination. As a sport minister you are not supposed to utter such a statement, is there any criteria used in selecting these people as a minister? . You are not talking about the incompetence in the football association, I can’t remember the last time we had a proper grade a friendly, instead we are expert in playing 2 matches in a week with the same African team in another African country and you want to talk about foreign and local born player? If he truly say this then he is not fit for that office.

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    I laugh in Azerbaijan.
    He did not question the gross incompetence and corruption in the NFF.
    He did not question NFF’s nonpayment of match bonuses, which is likely killing the morale of players, both foreign born and Nigeria born.
    He did not question NFF’s owing of coaches’ salaries.
    The only thing he sees to question is the fire of foreign born players?
    Kuku pour petrol on them and light them up na, so they can have fire.
    If NFF was doing their jobs, we would not have these issues the minister is talking about. NFF would ensure that only our best players are invited. And talking about fire, fire does not come from nowhere. It starts from somewhere. Fire, hunger, desire for success should start in the NFF, and then spread down to the coaches and the players.
    Mr. Minister, the problem is the NFF. Fix that, and we will do much better.

  • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

    This fool will ruin our football or get us banned soon with his direct intereference.

  • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

    NFF is dragging $4 million Afcon largesse with super eagles. Did this fool take a look into the finances of the NFF? of course not but is here talking crap.

  • do I say no comment”!? these people no nothing of football this is not the players’ fault or the coach, you can bring a world-class coach or 10 Messi on the ground without good organization you not going anywhere. like the players coming to camp two days before the matches, the place you are playing is very near to when the plane lands from international with players so that they will not need to be boarding local flights to somewhere all this is tiring employing coach a month or few days to the match, so many things wrong!!!!

  • chyke 3 weeks ago

    We are still talking about coach ,while other nations are already preparing for their next grade A friendly matches.
    What is wrong with US?
    Mr minister please wake up, and be in line with others,please don`t say what you don`t know biko.
    Tell Nigerians that the federal govt will pay for the best coach,for SE to go to WC in2026 please.

  • Many administrative persons in Nigeria are not fit for the position they hold. Comment like this coming from a supposedly Minister is enough to dampen the morale of such players. He is not the coach. He should stick to his job which he isn’t doing so well at.

  • People keep mentioning underdevelopement in Youth Schools bla bla bla.. Yet Nigeria has one of the best Academy Systems in Africa. Which other countries have players like Osimhen, Boniface coming out of their countries academies like Nigeria in the same period not just them what of Awoniyi, Chukwueze, Ndidi… Let me tell you the sports minister is cooking something good. What he is saying is Nigeria has so many overseas talents and we are getting it wrong because of our greedy officials.. He means instead of the Osayi-Samuels why can’t we get the Eze’s or Saka’s or Oliseh’s or Musiala’s of this world that is what he means. Instead of settling for the ones who can’t make the european teams. so it is not about committment it is about Nigeria’s NFF always choosing the easy way out. Instead f getting a Quality Foreign coach we will get the average ones and pay less.

    In the past the NFF, Instead of making the required efforts to get the quality Dual National Players(this will require promises and commitments that needs to be kept) let us settle for the ones that will only have Nigeria as an Option because they can’t make England or France or Germany Squads.

  • SPorts Minister I have said this many times. You want good Quality players coming out of Nigeria it is simple.. Make the League attractive so they can be a transition of Academy products into NPFL so they do not have to go to Europe to hone their Qualities.. Make the League good Enough so we can Win CAF Cups which requires Nigeria League teams retaining their Best players. Make the LEague Strong enough to attract overseas coaches make the league strong enough so we can dominate CHAN, take CHAN seriously for now it will help Local players reach the required levels at least if they cannot make CAF semi’s they can kick about with players from the SA’s and Egypts who do regualry) But NFF does not want to hear word all the know is Super Eagles Home base Home Base Mtcheeew!… We need NPFL Players to play 11 v 11 against our foreign exports and hold their own by drawing or even winning then the league is ready as of now that league is way below par and an embarrassment to so called Giant of Africa lol!!

  • Just another politician othering Nigerians. To deflect criticism and avoid accountability.

    Talk this kind talk for some countries and you’ll lose your job

  • HenryR 3 weeks ago

    How did that man become a Minister? What a shameful comment to make. The ones showing total lack of commitment are those born in Nigeria. This is why itell people to avoid anything that have to do with Nigeria.

  • Mr Hush 3 weeks ago

    And here I am thinking this incompetent dunce has resigned alongside his ‘mistake ‘ Finidi.
    Blaming Players that have put in work and sacrifices for his and he FA’s incompetency. If this is not lack of awareness then it must be stupidity or maybe both.

  • Larry 3 weeks ago

    Sportless Minister and his nff thieves!!

    Now, another crisis is rocking the Super Falcons. Nff officials interfering with team selection. The same nff that rejected Waldrum initial request and insisted on the standard 18 players due stating lack of fund is now exploring the option of additional 4 players because they want one of their baby girl Ordega to be part of the team. I’m sure Waldrum the American Sniper will give it to them like ge did before.

  • Oga sports minister put your money where your mouth is go and Convince Chelsea new recruit Tosin Adarabioyo to come and play convince Michael Olise the likes of Lesley Ugochukwu put your money where your mouth is you are to scared to persude Nigerians immediately you hear they are playing for Man City and Man Utd and Arsenal or Barca because of Money and inferiority complex,you will rather wait for the ones who can not make those teams from the go or you will see them and say they should come and beg Nigeria at the same time you will go and hone the whole of Belguim league and English championship for Dual nationals but won’t take even 1 minute to realise it wont be so hard because they only have Nigeria as an option, then come and cry they are not good enough we were so lucky with Ademola Lookman that Pinnick and Rohr initiated and Eguavoen finished it off and he took longer to blow but I always knew he would I think we all did. But England had too many talents. Nigeria needs to find a way to crack those Musiala’s that type of quality, that is what the NFF and sports minister needs to reason instead of Crying stories that the answers are starring you in the face. PULL OUT THE MONEY WHICH EVRR WAY YOU WANT ROCK THE BOAT. IS IT NPFL WELL MORE INVESTMENT MORE MONEY, IS IT THE BEST QUALITY OF OUR DUAL NATIONALS OFFER THEM GOOD PACKAGES WITH BETTER INCENTIVES.. IS IT COACHES WELL PAY FOR A HIGHER QUALITY ONE..

    But the dont want instead coming out to media and embarrassing himself by crying over a problem that they are still creating is that not funny lol

  • Commissioner of Police Arara Kumbie 3 weeks ago

    This minister is not serious.

  • Hassan Tia 3 weeks ago

    I think this clueless Sport Minister John Enoh will destory Nigeria Football with his stupidity managing Nigeria football , if is in his post , he will hinder Super Eagles to go to the next World Cup 2026 , he has refused NFF to hire World Class coach for SE then he has insisted on NFF to hire the loser and clueless coach Finidi George after that Finidi has wasted six points for SE with drawing South Africa in Uyo 1-1 , then lost to Benin 2-1 these results has trimmed SE to qualify to the next World Cup 2026 in USA , Canada, Mexico ; so he also would like to target dual- nationalities players or born abroad players , born abroad players have realized many succissions for SE just as Alex Iwobi has scored the goal qualified SE to the ex World Cup 2018, Ademola Lookman has scored goals which qualified SE to the round 16 and round 8 in the last AFCON. final 2024 in Cote De Ivore he has scored three goals two versus Cameroon and one versus Angola , also Willam Troost Ekong has scored three goals two versus Cote De Ivore in the frist match of group and the final match of the tournament , Ola Aina and Calvin Bassey have done good job in this tournament, so I think Sport Minister should encourge NFF to contact with born abroad players to strengthen SE in order to reinforce their lucks to qualify to the next World Cup , thoes players are as follows: Tosin Adarabioyo, Dominic Solanke , Michael Oliseh, Caleb Okoli, Ifeanyi Matthew , alex Udoukhia, Aruthur Okonkwo and so on …

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    The NFF as we know it today is an assemblage of dunces.
    The Sports Minister is not the sharpest tool in the shed either.
    Our sports is run by abject mediocrities.
    Clueless, incompetent, corrupt dullards.
    At least, this sports minister is not showing up in SE training sessions to constitute nuisance, like his predecessor and the then NFF president did while the SE were preparing for a crucial match! I’ll take that as a positive.
    Sports minister, stick to your job. Wetin concern fowl with toothpaste?
    Handle your business, and let the coaches handle the players.

    • Quite an interesting statement attributed to Sports Minister John Enoh in this article.

      In a period where Super Eagles are faltering on the pitch and sliding in Fifa rankings, it is controversial quotes allegedly from administrators making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

      And there appears to be a pattern here of questioning the competency, hunger and drive of the players.

      “We have in the Super Eagles about 90 per cent of players not born in Nigeria. Do they have the spirit, the fire of a Nigerian player born in Nigeria?,” the Sports Minister asked in an interview with Eagle7 FM.

      It is hard for me to comment on this rethorical question because it deserves an answer from the Honourable Sports Minister himself before I render my opinion.

      And the question is simple: what is the spirit of a Nigerian player born in Nigeria? Somebody should please obtain an answer from him to this question.

      Nigeria spirit of what? Focus, concentration, drive, determination, never say die attitude, patriotism, commitment, painstaking or chivalry or even physicality?

      No one player can exhibit all of these attributes. But there are very many on these I can boldly slap the names of all the dual nationality players called up in the last Super Eagles assignment against.

      Lookman, Iwobi, Bassey, Ajayi and Osayi-Samuel all showed heart and dedication in the last games.

      Skills are different from the Nigerian spirit that I think the Sports Minister is alluding to. So, I will not speak to the skills of dual nationality players even though their talents are undeniable.

      The minister went on to suggest that some of the players called up recently are not good enough for the Super Eagles. Again, against which standard is he measuring these players against?

      Also, I don’t think he Sports Minister got his maths right. He said 90% of the Super Eagles team comprise of dual nationality players but my maths reveal that just 26% of Finidi’s Super Eagles are dual nationality players.

      Even at the last Afcon, only 35% of the entire squad are made up of dual nationality players.

      So, where did our honorable sports minister get his sums from?

      Saying 90% of the Super Eagles are made up of dual nationality players and that some players in the are not good enough only presupposes that certain dual nationality players aren’t good enough.

      If this reading of mine is accurate, then it is very disappointing that our sports minister can make such an inaccurate statement.

      Also, that statement can stoke division among the team at a time when the seeds of unity and love are to planted.

      No section of the Super Eagles should be scapegoated for recent failings. Where dual nationality or indigenous, all the players should be pulling their weight. And, under Peseiro, Rohr and Eguavoen (in Afcon group stages) we know these players can be high achievers.

      But, when the coaches run out of ideas or the NFF doesn’t lay the management or financial motivational groundwork for success, then the same players start to struggle.

      So, rather than unfairly focus on dual nationality players, perhaps the sports minister should look closer at the administrative aspect of the game and work to get that right.

      Dual nationality players are definitely pulling their weight on the pitch. Off the pitch, well that is quite another matter. I seem to recollect Rohr having indiscipline issues with some players during his reign including players sneaking off to see women when in camp. Incidentally, quite a number of players implicated in these acts are indigenous players. In fact it is an indigenous star players who insulted the coach and a section of fans recently.

      Are these elements of the Nigerian spirit the minister is talking about?

      As the Super Eagles plan for future assignments, this is not the time to segment players along birthplaces for criticisms. Rather, all efforts should be directed at unifying all the players behind the common objectives of reviving our world cup qualification hopes and raising the profile of the national team on the continent and beyond.

  • This is how you drive away Nigerian talents who are foreign born and discourage them from pledging their allegiance to Nigeria in competitive sports. How many NIgerian born talents in all sports and not just football, have the skills and qualities that surpass our foreign born athletes.
    Im just sick of the way all these administrators talk. It’s like they don’t reason before they talk.

    • Ignacious Abo 3 weeks ago

      Josh men. Great comment as usual. You are highly respected.

  • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

    Nothing else to add minister. You have nailed it. When we questioned their hunger for the national team, they keep making excuses for them. The coach will always to blame. Many were just blind to see the shambolic display of some of this so called foreign born. Most especially Seyi Ajayi. Giving away needless passes to the opponent. You can all pretend all you like, all this European rejects are below average.

    • @Keneth so if Semi Ajayi is average why have they not contacted Tosin Adarabioyo.. or is every player of the same quality. While Semi is languishing in English Championship Tosin just signed for Chelsea, He is not In Euro 24, neither did Finidi extend an invite to him, yet the sport Minister will come and cry over spilt milk as if Nigeria does not have all sorts of players abroad of dual nationals both the ones able to make the starting line up of England and France and the ones only able to languish in english Championship, but if NFF and Sports minister are too stingy to court the correct quality while there is time WC is still 2 years away and Olise and Tosin have not filed out for France and England respectively niether has Noni MAdueke or Lesely Ugochukwu for eg, but when the make England now and we are still stuck with the Ajayi’s and they don’t perform does it mean dual nationals are not good or e just courting the wrong ones? you people should reason well NFF and Sports Minister know the solution PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THE MOUTH IS AND STOP STEALING MONEY MEANT FOR FOOTBALL!!

      Is it NPFL they want to improve invest money make the league more attractive to both players and foreign coaches alike. SIMPLE!!!!!!

      • @Iwunze you are so right, NFF should improve our local league for more credible talents coming from Nigeria. With Regards to Dual Nationals. NFF should find a way to be getting the calibers of the likes of Saka and Olise to switch not players languishing in English League 2 of Dual national. It becomes counter productive and very stagnant.

        Objective of scouting talent is uncovering the best not average ones.

  • Omoh Dr. Drey said it all

  • The functional aim of such statements na to Stoke division and we’ve seen this play out in the past . When we win, we be Naija but when we lose, foreign born and orisirisi labels go pop up. This can only lead to a formation of prejudice.

    Later we go hear say Na players from North or South make our team de underperform.
    Ignore the destructiveness of such a statement or defend the minister at your peril

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    Kenneth, I know you always like to go against the grain. If people are saying something, you will be saying the opposite. Once an opinion is widely embraced, Kenneth must oppose that opinion.
    Na your confirmed way be dat.
    But seriously, is this a joke? You call Lookman, Bassey, Iwobi, Ekong, Aina and other foreign born SE players EUROPEAN REJECTS?
    Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion!

  • Hassan Tia 3 weeks ago

    John Enoh is an ox breaks decorated

    porcelain , I think he would like to destroy or remove remaindered of Nigeria football relics , his ignorance and clueless made him returns back to hire World Class for Super Eagles after his favoured clueless coach Finidi George has dishearten him with wasting six points in two matches versus South Africa and Benin, so an ox minister Enoh must now present or adduce his resignation to an excellency president of the Republic Tanibu cause he has shown his failure and ignorance of managing football in great country as Nigeria …

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    These lads you so hatefully and spitefully refer to as EUROPEAN REJECTS.
    I wonder.
    What if these same lads against all odds, manage to qualify Nigeria for the 2026 world cup?
    And what if they go there and WIN THE TROPHY?
    I hope these lads can see your unfortunate post, and become motivated to prove to you and all other naysayers that they are not rejects.
    Come on boys!

  • Detruth 3 weeks ago

    This man has no common sense. I guess common sense is not common.

  • This is the thing: if dual nationality players have the ‘Nigerian fire and spirit in their bellies’ like the sports minister expects, then he should be expecting a torrent of abuse and insults coming his way shortly.

    These are the sort of statements sure to provoke anger in players who turn up to sacrifice themselves for their country despite being owed many months of wages and bonuses.

    If these players should do the Osimhen-uncouth-rants who will blame them?

    But I doubt dual nationality players will stoop so low as to use filthy, disgraceful language on social media to express displeasure at misguided statements from officials and coaches old enough to be their parents.

    Methinks they are just too classy, well groomed and finely cultured to produce such crass.

    But in fairness to Osimhen, we are all human beings who can be hurt by unfair criticisms. In such a situation, nobody can predict for cer how exactly they would behave. Which lays responsibility clearly on the court of others to be careful when criticising and laying blame.

  • Sports minister pls withdraw ur comment it’s abusive

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    The same players who were so good they would win AFCON under any coach in 2 weeks…..LMAOoo….the same players who are current AFCON vice champions have suddenly become unfit for the national team….LMAOoo

    As the wise old African saying goes….a bad workman will always blame his tools.

    According to Napoleon, “…in a failing army, there are no bad soldiers, there are only bad commanders…”

    From day 1, the NFF and some fifth columnists have been looking for everyone but themselves to throw under the bus for their incompetence in hiring an incompetent coach for the SE…..a coach who has nothing to offer….a coach whom by his statements pushed all his responsibility to the players and never for once mentioned what he brings to the table…..a coach who believes there is no formula for winning games, tactics and formations do not matter in football, the players (once again) must just know when to defend and when to attack.

    They first tried it with Osimhen and he rightfully took them to the cleaners….LMAOoo, now they have shifted blames to “soft targets” who will be of good behavior as their e-rats on CSN have once requested.

    I knew something sinister was brewing when Segun Odegami (the usual henchman of saboteurs of our football) circulated his article questioning the “quality” of the SE players 2 weeks ago which FAILED TO GAIN TRACTION here on CSN to other media houses for publication. I read same article word for word on the websites of 3 other dailies. Then I knew an agenda was brewing.

    The minister from the first day he was appointed as minister admitted himself that he is clueless about sports…..so it’s evident he only listens to whatever sweet nothings jobbers pour into his ears. Otherwise how would any sane administrator claim 90% of players in our current SE are foreign born….?! That for me is the height of ignorance and cluelessness.

    When Rohr/Peserio was on board, if we win games, Mr Odegbami and his e-diots on CSN would claim it was the players, the coach usualy had no input. But even a draw in games would usually be ascribed to the coach….talk more of a loss

    But because they are looking for everyone else to blame, except their incompetent local stooge, the reverse is now the case. The games we’ve lost are solely due to the “quality, commitment, fire, spirit and every other factor” concerning the players….no more, no less. As of we have another set of 25 players anywhere in the would who are better than these ones.

    Now we need army officers in the SE to avoid defeat against Benin republic 4 months after winning silver at a 24 team AFCON. Same players are no longer good and committed enough 4 months after. Odegbami even went all the way to cla we got to the AFCON final by sheer luck and providence….LMAOoo.

    If the players are to blame, why then are we shopping for a new “world class” coach….LMAOoo.

    We should be thinking for expelling the 90% without fire and spirit and recruiting the descendants of Sango the god of thunder into the SE and not changing coaches.

    An ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free.

    I have never seen a country where the truth stares them in the face, yet the settle for lies….and then start crying to God for help when they start feeling the repercussions of their choices.

    The first step in finding solution to a problem is admitting and taking responsibility for it causes. Those involved in how we got here are not ready to take responsibility….this is the more reason why we will not qualify for the 2026 WC….

  • Sunnyb 3 weeks ago

    The minister of Ogogoto has spoken just like finidi, guys these clowns are non to be very daft and uncivilized, I wouldn’t waste my time taking  them serious. I’m sure the clown  minister  is not alone with this moronic mindset.

  • Sugar Daddy 3 weeks ago

    The so-called minister erred in his dispositions if it’s adduced correctly to him that he made those filthy statements.

    It’s a shame the Caliber of those apportioned with the position of ministers in Nigeria. How can this man, who’s clueless about football and that, stupidly encourage the appointment of the like of Finidi by listening to Segun Odegbami’s counselling, now come out to lay blame on patriotism of our foreign born players.

    In all honesty, Mr Enor ought to have resigned in a more civilised clime. He has no idea of what he is up against….he hasn’t got the qualifications to minister in Nigeria.

    We adviced in the appointment of coaches like Torrence Domenec and Topsy Mosimane for the super eagles but you decided to listen to Segun Odegbami and his cohort. You have refused to confess to Nigerians how and why Finidi was appointed. Now the shame is coming to you soon and I promise you, Nigerians would react and your Odegbami will not be there to save your ass… nonsense!

  • Papemfem 3 weeks ago

    This minister is a relic of the bygone era of decay in Nigerian political appointments within sports administration. If there’s any ministerial post the government has been hilariously lackadaisical and monumentally unserious about, it’s the sports minister. They treat this position with the same “meticulous care” you’d reserve for picking out mismatched socks.

    Since I started following Nigerian sports, I haven’t seen a single occupant of this post who actually knows the difference between a football and a hand grenade. Whether it’s Jim Nwobodo, Akiga, Sunday Dare or the current clown, the role always seems to go to someone who got the job as a political consolation prize after the prime ministerial cuts were handed out to the president’s pals like Wike.

    If the presidency put even a fraction of the effort into selecting a sports minister as they do for positions like Finance Minister or CBN Governor, maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be witnessing the ongoing circus in Nigerian sports. Instead, we have this disaster show, starring a minister who doesn’t know a touchdown from a home run.

    For crying out loud, look at what this sports minister is saying about athletes who’ve sacrificed so much for their country. He’s talking about fire. What fire did he have im him while lounging in his Abuja office, rubber-stamping the appointment of Finidi, with minimal international coaching experience, to steer Nigeria’s World Cup dreams? All this while the NFF had a better option in a foreign coach?

    The supposed father of Nigerian sports, who should be uniting the system, is instead making a section of the Nigerian national team look mentally inferior to others. Abd tomorrow, someone will wake after a shot of Alomo and accuse the team of being divided. Is this how this man runs his home too? One can only wonder if his household decisions are as laughably misguided as his professional ones. Just wondering, yeye man

    • The fact is Politicians have no business running Ministries, that should be left for the Technocrats, Experts in that field.
      Even if the needs be to ‘ thank ‘ Politicians with Ministerial appointment such Politicians should be saddled with a Ministry that suits his or her specialty. Why place a medical doctor in the Aviation ministry and place the farmer in Charge of Sports?!
      And the most annoying thing is the fact that this inept Ministers fail to acquire Knowledge and develop themselves in regard to the Ministry they run. They fail to appoint specialist lieutenants that could aid them in running the Ministry positively. So, we have an İncompetent Minister surrounded by incompetent aides. Tell me how do things function correctly when Dumb is supported by Dumber?

      The pain is that Nigeria is blessed with so much talent, loads of Top-notch experienced Experts in any field known to man yet we are led by the worst of us, such paradox.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    The worst of the sports ministers is undoubtedly SOLOMON DALUNG.
    SOLO was a total disaster.
    Under his watch, our Olympic football team was completely at sea. No lodging, not even feeding!
    Siasia nearly ran mad with worry.
    If not for Mikel stepping up to cover the bills, Nigeria would have been stranded at that event!
    Several Nigeria Olympic athletes struggled to raise money to fly to the Olympics.
    Regina George had to resort to GO FUND ME to raise funds to travel! It was so pathetic, reading the GO FUND ME, and seeing how the poor lady was begging for assistance. I have pasted the GO FUND ME link below:
    And what did SOLO have to say?
    Yes, that’s what SOLO said.
    If ordinary flight ticket was not provided, what exactly was provided to support the athletes? They were all completely ON THEIR OWN, yet they were expected to somehow “FIND THEIR WAY” to the Olympics and win medals. Against better prepared, better funded opponents.
    This is why I see the football bronze we won in that event as a gold medal. It was just down to the sheer grit and determination of Mikel and the rest of the squad.

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