Super Eagles Face Cameroon In AFCON 2019 Round Of 16

Super Eagles Face Cameroon In AFCON 2019 Round Of 16

The Super Eagles will face perennial rivals Cameroon in their Round of 16 fixture at the Alexandria Stadium on Saturday, Completesports.com reports.

The Indomitable Lions who are the defending champions finished in second position in Group F with five points behind the Black Stars of Ghana.

Clarence Seedorf’s men were held to a 0-0 draw by the Squirrels of Benin in their last Group F match at the Suez Stadium on Tuesday. The Black Stars of Ghana defeated Guinea-Bissau 2-0 in the other Group F match also played on Tuesday

The Cameroonians recorded one win and two draws from their three group games.

The Super Eagles also finished in second position in Group B behind the Barea of Madagascar.

Gernot Rohr’s men won their opening two games in the competition but fell to a shocking 2-0 loss to Madagascar at the Alexandria Stadium last Sunday.

The game will see both teams rekindle their rivalry in the competition with the winner guaranteed a place in the quarter-finals.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Fqtee 5 years ago

    Morale of fans is quite low, but who knows maybe the super eagles can pull a rabbit out of the hat!!!

    • i think the only problem super eagle have is the away jersey several times they put on the jersey they lost, please rohr don’t use the full green jersey in the tournament anymore for you to make a victory

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    I honestly prefer Cameroon to Dr. Congo.. The Dr Congo team is a very good side.. Winning 4 zero in this competition is not so easy while Cameroon has failed to score a single since their first match against a minor team.. We stand a good chance if we play our normal game

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    I the above cos Madagascar would face Dr Congo

  • I think it’s going to be a very difficult game for the super eagles of Nigeria..Cameroon have a very strong team and they are the defending champion..it’s going to be 50:50 game.I wish the super eagles all the best on Saturday.

  • taiwo 5 years ago

    Nigeria will win full stop. We’ve learned our lessons

  • Listen Nigerian team need to know that to defeat Cameroon is easy as A,B,C,D if only they will put there mind and open the game for victory. Not to wait 2half before they soccer them and they will be looking a way to pay back which will be lose to them. Let them be first to score at 1st half them they defend it and win the game. If they relaxed that means we will lose the Game.

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    I’m so glad we got Cameroon… What a team won 1st game against minors(okay), draw against Ghana- a good side (average), couldn’t win by a single goal against Benin with 75percent of possession. Plz Madagascar carry Dr. Congo who won (4:0) against a good Zimbabwe side.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    Ghana and Cameroon did everything today to avoid the SuperEagles, but Ghana were more clinical upfront while Cameroon missed some glittering chances. I think it’s better that we’re not facing Ghana at this time because they seems to be peaking, although I don’t see them beating the SuperEagles. Cameroon and Nigeria will be a 50-50 game because the Indomitable Lions are the defending champions. However, recent meetings favors the SuperEagles so it’s going to be a blast. I believe in my SuperEagles and I hope they take this match very seriously and play with every sweat of their blood. VAMOS ARRIBA SUPEREAGLES!!!! FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE. 

    • Bomboy 5 years ago

      I agree with you on this one Ayphilly…. Hope the ga,e goes in our favour. A win will do so much for the fans from both sides of the divide (you know what I mean).

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Yes Bomboy I know what you mean lol! a win will do a lot of good on both side of the divide. No match is easy in the knockout stage. Every team paired against each other can beat each other. Cameroon front four of Njie, Ekambi, Choupo Motín and Basogog have been toothless since their 2-0 win in the first match against Mauritania. SuperEagles too haven’t faired better in terms of converting chances mostly due to Rohr been a defensive coach, but I expect that to change from the next round. Our tactics and formation must be on point. I hope the SuperEagles will carry the day. It won’t be easy but I think we have a slight edge. 

    • You just spoke my mind @Ayphilly. Plus Cameroon has a baby/rookie coach. Kanu, Seedorf/Kluivert’s clubmate at Ajax back then, can provide further insight to how they think.

  • This is a blessing in disguise. The super eagles get really serious when playing a good team. I don’t expect them to do the nonsense they did in the first round.

  • Usman 5 years ago

    As far as am concerned Nigeria team is a very weak team, no good and tactical playing from them, Cameronians are the better side.

  • Edoman 5 years ago

    Look folks, Cameroon is tougher than Madagascar by any standard. When we play them couple of years ago, Victor Moses was there for Nigeria, and he single handedly destroyed the Cameroonians in Uyo. Presently, Moses has since quite and run to the hills. Who among these average players can do what Moses did ?. The stupid coach aren’t allow the talented players out to play accept those who can bribe him under the table. Cameroon will overrun this Rohr’s team and finish them off what the strong Madagascar started. Please, NFF officials, start to advertise for the vacant position of a National coach in
    Europe before all other AFCON losers snitch the highly rated coach out there thus leaving us with a coach like this old coach to acquire.

  • Presh 5 years ago

    They should bring it on. Super Eagles all the way.

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Cameroon is not the better side for me.. But the problem is even if we beat camerron we have Egypt to contend with if they also win theirs

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    Both teams are average.  Cameroon is an awkward and physical team with a decent goalkeeper while Nigeria is a team that is unable to break down stoic defenses.  I see this match ending in a draw and most likely going to penalties

    • Edoman 5 years ago

      If it comes to penalties, Etebo will play the 1st one. I will appeal to the AFCON Officials to expend the goal post so as to allow Etebo to score. All the free-kicks he has been shooting have not yet been recovered from the River Nile up-till-now.

      • Hahahaha. Abeg, who will be our set piece taker in the absence of Moses and Iheanacho? Moses Simon is the other candidate but it’s obvious he’s not 100% fit, same with Kalu. I simply don’t understand why Rohr assigned that role to Etebo. He’s a hard and decent tackler and works hard in the midfield, but when it comes to set pieces, dude is still green.

      • Lord AMO 5 years ago

        @edoman, abeg no kill person with laff.  Lol

  • Patrick 5 years ago

    If cameroun can afford the services of serdof and kluvet Nigeria should look for a competent coach. The two Dutch coaches will bury super eagles on Saturday. Our coach is not only incompetent but also He is stubborn.

    • Omaskels 5 years ago

      Wat has seedorf/kluivert achieve as a coach?? Seedorf went to Ac Milan as a coach, flopped n was chased away..name doesn’t coach football..dey r baby coaches n has nothing to offer..wait n see how Cameroon will chased dem after AFCON ouster.. Super eagles has a gud coach n a better team than dem.. believe me.

      • How did he flop at AC Milan?How was he chased away? Till today,AC Milan fans and directors won’t refer to Seedorf like that. He stabilized the team and the team was playing good football under his tutorship. They sacked him and brought in Nzaghi I think,and they sacked him too and kept sacking till they got Gattuso,who has resigned now. Ask Gattuso or anyone Seedorf played with,they will tell you that even as a player,he knew the game like a coach. They called him Professor. When fellow world class players talk of their colleague,listen to them,they know better than you.The other day a former colleague of John Terry at Chelsea said Terry was top notch in understanding the coaching part of the game,even as a player. Are you now surprised he is coaching?I like the way,he is taking his time; if he wanted to be headcoach in a decent team,he can achieve that today,but he chooses to take it slowly.

        AC Milan were confused,they settled finally settled for Gattuso who is no way better than Seedorf.
        Seedorf from there went to Spain and with a struggling team fighting for survival,and the team didn’t survive.

        I hate it when we just analyse a coach unfairly,without looking at what he had to work with. What players did he have at AC Milan then,didn’t you see the coaches after him didn’t do any better. Gattuso had much more access to funds than Seedorf. See don’t try players who were educated in Ajax,don’t try it. Can’t you see them, eg the coach of Holland,his twin,Van Bomel,even Guardiola is a product of the Ajax influence.

        Cameroon are our neighbours here,you can easily find out.Tge players have not seen a thing like this on home soil. Eg they are amazed at the attention to details this regime has brought. They are saying that the professionalism in the work of these coaches are just like it is in their European clubs.
        The goalkeeper Onana,a Champions league finalist, said the team is really similar in organization and playing style to his club– Ajax.

        How can you see a Seedorf and Kluivert ordinarily sef and call them baby coaches. You won’t call Zidane and Pep baby coaches. You forget that they had the players Seedorf didn’t.
        Cameroon employing such a coaching staff,have employed a top notch team that are respected anywhere in the World.

        I still wish the Super Eagles victory over them, but I can’t insult Seedorf because of this.

      • Destiny 5 years ago

        Omaskels or whatever you call yourself you are saying total rubbish Nigeria does not have a good coach and you are foolish to say that rohr is a good coach

        Rohr is nothing’ but a blind, clueless, stubborn and empty head bastard plus a failure

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Is not by Dutch coach.. Names don’t matter anymore.. They should at least bury Benin Republic today.. They knew they wanted to avoid Nigeria but we’re helpless..

  • Mister 5 years ago

    But to me  is 50-50 Edoman remind us what Moses did to them is true but I think chuckweze can replicate that by God grace. The coach shouldn’t make mistake selection again. I think he might change all the attacking line with new player I mean onyekuru and chukweze and Onuachu the camerounian doesn’t know their playing style and in milfied Ndidi Etebo and Iwobi but pleaz Iwobi you hav to be very strong bkoz this not child party it’s physical game in defense Omeruo Balogun or Ekong but I think Ekong bkoz Balogun lost confidence and Collins and maybe Shehu one condition if is fit and ready oh otherwise Aina in goal what can I say I don’t hav choice only to choose that Akpeyi. Inchallah we Will win this game at the End 

    • Edoguy 5 years ago

      In response to Edoman, Cameroon has a reason to play that game, that is my greatest fear. and if the SE concede first, it will be difficult ooo. I have a problem with SE when they concede first, there seem to be no way back into the match for them. Not just the SE team also the Super Falcons and the age grade team. In Rio 2016, when we lost to Germany and Colombia, it was the same kind of play. Teams no how to read SE’s play now.

      There are things which we must change in our playing pattern.

      1.) coordinated attack. Gernot Rohr being a defender in his playing days is a disadvantage to us attaching. The one thing he has brought to SE is core team stability. this means the defenders are abit more aware about not conceding goals. The SE have not played well in this AFCON but there is a sense of urgency when defending whether in set play or neutralising opponents attacking play. Now we must learn to attack more as a unit. Isolating our #9 or wingers doesn’t help anymore. No one plays a traditional #10 anymore or a traditional #7 and 11. That must change from the grass root to the top

      2.) Attacking play movement practice; Nigeria’s SE must learn from Morocco. In certain situations what do you do when attacking. How do you move in a counter attacking situation. Which player cause the diversion. My problem with Ighalo is simple, right from the U-20 level, his movement in APP I never liked. Remember U-20 under siasia against Germany. Also, remember Nigeria vs Poland, first half around the 40 mins mark when Victor moses ran with the ball from the defense. Ighalo did not move properly. As a #9 you need to open space for yourself with your movement. Ighalo wasnt even anticipating the play from Aina against Burundi and if there was VAR, he would have been ruled offside. That is the reason I liked Iheanacho, because of his training at Man city, his technique in utilising space is much more better, but confidence in finishing is lacking

      3.) Midfield Play; There is this Etebo-like attitude in Nigeria of wanting to play like an Okocha. Which most coached do not like. It takes you no – where. Etebo keeps the ball well but he is always keeping the ball to the wrong side of the pitch. Etebo for me is taking Mikel’s position of connecting DM to AM, meaning the expert in transition play. However, Etebo never release the ball early. Gone are those days when teams use that traditional no 10 role. Etebo must also overcome that and play quick to players even when the offensive player seem to be in a tight spot. Etebo should look at Luka modric playing for madrid and pattern his game after him.

      4.) Attacking Midfield; Attacking midfield is not #10. it is the “3” in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The match against Burundi was the only time I saw a good attacking midfielder in Chukwueze. Thats how a modern winger inverts his game to play like a 10 or a 11 as you may know. Messi started out like that, Mahrez plays like that, Silva plays like that, Robben plays like that and Ozil started that way. Our wingers must understand that they need to invert their game sometimes to drop in the midfield and centre of the box and allow our #9 go wide so to create space for everyone else. This will allow our full backs push forward for those crosses into the box. Simon, Kalu and even Henry play too wide attimes when they play for Nigeria. Ighalo must also invert his game and go wide attimes allowing wingers comein, this will improve transition play.

      5.) Full backs; Finally, this is a missing piece in the puzzle for nigeria. Our full backs do not know how to cross deadly crosses. the only full back that cross well in Africa is Serge Aurier but his defensive thinking is poor. The only time Aina came forward against Burundi, a deadly pass was given to Ighalo. When ever full backs come forward, it gives the wingers a chance to join the attack and invert their game. Then the full backs must learn to give the perfect cross and balls into the box. Remember Nig-Zambia world cup qualifier when Shehu pulled back that cross to Iwobi. Exactly what a full back must do

      In conclusion, Rohr is rewarding loyalty and training well over performance. This I do not agree with, some players give their all in a match and they never train well. This season, Etebo’s coach accussed Etebo of not training well, but later admitted he is just a guy that gives all in actual game play. Yes footballers must train well in to prevent injuries but remember, this is the national team. They expect that you pick them based on what they ve been doing in Europe for their clubs where they play all season. Ighalo with all due respect to him, must always be staring from the bench. I do not feel Iheanacho should be dropped against popular back drop. Iheanacho has good technique and match doggedness sometimes. If there is a player that can start a comeback it is him. Onuachu will not score a goal in this AFCON, he is not the kind of attacker that is fitted to the africa’s game. Yes in any other team he will score, but there have been no service from the full backs, how will he score. Iheanacho has match doggedness and has played in more bigger games and scored, he is not scared anymore. Why the hell was shehu selected for AFCON, the only reason is quota. To please the North because Shehu gets injured and and missed training due to fasting. His value is different. He plays in Turkey and didnt even play much games this year I believe. Semi Ajayi will add aerial threat alongside Ndidi in those time when you need it most.

      No one is reading this anyway and I hope the SE comes good against Cameroon and then Egypt

      • Lord AMO 5 years ago

        I read it!

      • Brilliant analysis, edoguy. Haha, we now have edoman and edoguy. Cool. I think you’re spot on with regard to Shehu and quota system, despite his injuries. Rohr must have been given the instruction from above. Also with regard to Rohr rewarding loyalty at the detriment of other factors. Be that as it may, having watched all the teams at play, if it isn’t Senegal, Egypt, or Morrocco (and maybe Mali), NO SHAKING! Cameroon has a baby coach who doesn’t have the experience Rohr has. That counts.

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Very articulate vibrant analysis. My jury is still out on Onuachu, I’m not sure he’s better than Iheanacho. One or two of all these wasteful free kicks could’ve been converted. Most of the fans that doesn’t want Iheanacho in Egypt are now the ones blaming the coach for dropping Iheanacho. I really hope Onuachu can at least come good in the knockout stage if given another chance. But I don’t have any confidence in him when it really matters I hope I’m wrong for the sake of this AFCON. 

        Based on our options in attack I think Osimhen is that striker in the current SuperEagles squad in Egypt who can utilize space and convert chances. This AFCON is really passing Ighalo by. He’s more of a SISI striker falling like Naira. The only thing he’s good at is getting defenders booked. It’s better he starts from the bench. I will really like to see Osimhen and Chukwueze start together. If possible bench Musa for Onyekuru to free up the attack with Etebo and Ndidi with Iwobi in front. Any of Aina, Collins, Omeruo, Ekong/Balogun should be able to pocket the Cameroon frontline. 

      • You get too much football sense, even though I don’t agree with all you said.

  • beejay 5 years ago

    when are they playing

  • Footballfanatic 5 years ago

    African football is dynamic…underrepresente Cameroon at your own peril

  • Edoman 5 years ago

    Saturday. l will not watch it. l will just go to the beach or even go to the mull and let you guys tell me when it is all over.

  • Cameroon is a team to beat but Nigeria is a good team although lack of scoring ability in the attacking prowess

  • frank 5 years ago

    Cam will fall Saturday

  • Super Eagles match dey tire person. Nawa ohh they could not put their fans in to consideration. God help us.

  • absolutely if Nigeria team out to play against team like Cameroon in this special tournament and hopefully Nigeria will win the trophy and make it four in history.
    and I wish my dear country to beat my first African rival,let ensure you I hate Cameroon at all in my life.

  • Quadri 5 years ago

    Rohr can you see what the loss against madagascar has caused? Even if we win, egypt will be there waiting for u in front of their home fans, what we could have avoided

    • Kai,u mean Egypt is in front? This is serious. Didn’t want any of Ghana or Cameroon. DR Congo has individual talents,but not a great team chemistry like Cameroon. The four goals they scored against Zimbabwe,doesn’t make them a dangerous side. Madagascar certainly got the weaker team.

      The Prof will mobilise his Ajax-like squad against us. Make no mistake about it,a really tough match and yet Egypt awaits.What a route, we have found ourselves.Two finals are in front of us before we land in the semifinal. We need ALL players now,news of a couple getting injured is not desirable now.

      SEagles will come out ready,but it’s not just the mindset they need now,they need a coach who has done his homework well. I hope he does.
      Wish them the best.

  • @beejay on Saturday by 5 pm

  • Samson 5 years ago

    To me, anything can happen in football. If you want to be the champions you must should ready to beat the best.however, my fair is the technical crew lead by GN. The best attacking MF we have in this Country is Kelechi Nwakali. Please go back and watch Nigeria Vs athletico Madrid and confirm what am saying. We need a coach who will blend our young and talented footballers like Iwobi, Indidi, Chukweze, Kalu, Osimeh, Onyekuru ,Aina, Nwakali etc together and instill courage in them like the youthful and fairless Ajax team. I tell you Nigeria will be a force to reckon with in World football.

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    bcos we slipped,everybody has started fidgeting like electric fish. Come on guys, u can’t utterly write of Nigeria with 2 competitive losses in a very Long time. Let’s not forget that Nigeria tend to perform very well when they face tought teams, check our record over the years. I see no reason why we should be scared. Rember what happened in 2013 when we won the nation’s cup against all odds. Nobody gave us a chance. In fact, keshi’s sack letter was already waiting for him after the gruoup stage matches. But they turned the table around and the nff hurriedly tore keshi’s sack letter and begged him not to resign but to stay and take us to the world cup. This scenario is no different from that of 2013. Never u underestimate the eagles no matter how bad things are. The result against Madagascar would send the wrong signal to cameroun which will make them relax and feel they can easily walk over us just like Madagascar did but this would be their undoing.

    • Lord AMO 5 years ago

      Cameroon can’t feel like they can walk over anybody.  I’d imagine the last thing on their mind is to take us for granted.  If anything there’d be extra motivation for them as they’d be keen to make amends for the 4-0 drubbing they received in uyo during WC qualification.

      I hope Chukwueze starts this match.  He might be the one player able to unlock their defence

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    Beat Cameroon, lose to cameroon, to me it doesn’t matter but if we play the same rubbish we’ve been playing then there’s nothing to celebrate 

  • Samson 5 years ago

    Kelechi Nwakali is also a dead ball specialist. Unlike Etebo trier and error free kicks . A good team should have a dead ball specialist because their are some matches in which just a little brilliant from a player from free kick is what a team needed to win.

  • Proudly 9ja 5 years ago

    I don’t think we should be worrying ourselves with Egypt when we haven’t played Cameroon and Egypt haven’t played dia opponent. How are we sure Egypt will win dia match and 9ja its. I have not been impressed with Egypt, the have struggled in all dia matches, Uganda outplayed them in my opinion and were unlucky to concede those 2 goals, in dia opening match they laboured to a 1:0 win against Zimbabwe. They struggle against DR Congo even though they still won by 2:0. In my opinion d only thing going for Egypt is d fact that they have a game changer in mo Salah aside dat it’s an average team. Dat being said 9ja is an average team as well but compared to d Egyptians we have better individual players and better recognized players so guys let’s calm down and try to beat Cameroon before worrying about who our next opponent will be. If d coach is smart, he and d team should know Nigerians aren’t happy with d abysmal display against Madagascar and anything short of victory is not acceptable. The reason we beat dem in lagos badly was cos dey were overconfident being African champs and we used our God given speed to counter dem, so b4 dey realized what hit dem it was already 4:0. This time around they won’t be dat complacent so I think we should unleash onyekuru-onuachu-chukweze on them in d 1st half, onuachu needs to use his strength and skill well against Ngadeus. My fear is d cameroonians are going to shatter chukwueze and onyekurus legs as they will play taekwondo. In d 2nd half we can bring in Musa-igalo-moses depending on how d game is going for dia pace (not igalo tho lol). if we are leading and need to manage d game then bring in mikel to shore up the midfield but only as a defensive midfielder and then push etebo further up but he must realize dat we are managing the game and his main role is to control d midfield. Their main threat upfront will be Njie (very tricky)-ekambi-chipo moting-bassogog. I blif a backline of aina-ekong-omeruo-Collins can pocket these guys. This match is not for balogun as he rarely played dis season and from d last game it’s obvious he is not match ready. my humble opinion

    • Quit interesting reading inspiring comments here. Nigeria got avalanche of talented analysts, talking about the round leather game! Please, more of your constructive criticism and less of foul languages. God help Nigeria!

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Every team that made it to the next round got a very tough side.. For me whether first or second or third doesn’t even count.. Imagine Egypt after wining all their group matches got South Africa.. So sorry for Angola today and I don’t really understand Tunisia in this tournament. Second in group with just 3 points..
    For me morroca is the best team in this tournament from the games I saw..

  • Why are people already blaming the super eagles that their loss against Madagascar will make us meet Egypt. How sure is anyone? And Whether they lost or not we might still meet Egypt if we advance to the finals so whats the complaint abt

    • The complain is that Nigeria now run the risk of going out early. Why should we make our journey difficult when we could have taken an easier route to our destination?
      Football is more like a game of chess, you plan every move you make!

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        How are you sure that we can beat DR Congo?? And how are you sure that Egypt will beat South Africa?? Even at that if we go that route we will still meet Egypt in the final anyway. We can only speculate, but we can’t jump into a conclusion for games that hasn’t even been played. What we have in front of us now is Cameroon let’s focus on that first before even thinking about Egypt. 

  • even if we beat Cameroon we will most likely face Egypt in the Quarterfinals. As you all know facing the host is always an uphill battle of which I’m not confident with the way the team is now that we would be able to beat Eygpt. But let’s see!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Egypt hasn’t particularly been spectacular, Uganda dominated them they were just unlucky not to score. The only thing they have going for them is Moh Salah who can singlehandedly decide a match and it will be a battle between and Omeruo. However let’s focus on Cameroon first before even thinking about Egypt. 

  • Having watched Cameroon and Ghana play, I think it is better we play Cameroon. I not even worried about Cameroon or Ghana. My main concern is Egypt. Are our players ready to fight for a win against Egypt if they eventually beat Cameroon? Honestly, with the way they played against Madagascar, I don’t think so. They have to prove me wrong.
    People keep saying there are no pushovers anymore in Africa, I don’t also buy that. In this nations cup alone, countries like Burundi, Tanzania, Mauritania, DR. Congo, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Guinea Bissau, Namibia, Uganda, Angola, and even South Africa, all lost to the perennial soccer power houses in Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Ghana). It is only Nigeria that decided to lose to a nation like Madagascar.
    That loss to Madagascar is attributable to nothing but share arrogance, pride, and ill-informed overconfidence. The blame of the loss to Madagascar rest squarely on the desk of Rohr. The players are already familiar with his psychology, so they don’t take him serious. Again, Rohr’s pattern of playing a lone striker will never break down a team that decides to lock down its defense.
    Westerhof never used a lone striker when he coached super eagles. Majority of Nigerian’s indigenous coaches also never used a lone striker when they coached the super eagles. So, why would Rohr be coaching super eagles like that. He is too defensive minded and I must say, it is cowardice to pattern a team to play with a lone striker. Anybody ever wondered why Jose Mourinho was let go at Man. United?
    When you play with a lone striker or pattern your team to play defensive game, the only strategy that becomes applicable to that type of game plan is, long trust (or what you call long ball) directly into your opponent half of the field. That kind of pattern makes your team a predictable team. Against Madagascar, Ighalo was shut down and those long balls directed at him were just wasted.
    Westerhof had Amunike, Elaho, and Finidi who were wide players and could cut into the 18 yard box of opponents. In 1980 we also had Felix Owolabi, Adokie Amesiemeka, and Segun Odegbami who were wide players and could cut into the opponent’s 18 yard box. On those occasions, Nigeria not only won Nations cups but also played exciting football. That is how Nigeria plays and that is our tradition. When we play like that nations like Ghana, Cameroon, Algeria, and Egypt fear us.
    Ever since Rohr and Dennerby of super falcons came to Nigeria, they have refused to allow our national teams play like that. The result is that we now struggle to score goals, no more exciting football, and nations no longer fear us.
    Another thing with all this defensive and lone striker minded coaches is that they all have good wide players in their teams but they will never allow these players to player from the wide areas. Instead they convert these wide players and play them out of position.
    As long as these coaches continue to play lone striker football, we should expect nothing less than 1-0 scoreline when super eagles and super falcons play. Also, with that type of pattern, if opponents score us first, we should all go to bed because there is no assurance that we would be able to score.

  • My people let us sheath our sword, let get behind the boys. I have said it before that if we win this trophy it will be inspite of the coach. I still believe the boys can rally the naija spirit and bring the cup back home. Up eagles.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Finally something I was  hoping for Nigeria facing Cameroon in second round, this match would determine Rohr’s fate with super Eagles, if he loses the match is toast, if he wins he would continue to keep is job until we found a better replacement.  This match would be decided on the flanks, the team with the better wingers would win this game. Rohr must not turn Njie and Bessong to overnight superstars he should please starts wingers than can track back to help our fullbacks.

  • Destiny 5 years ago

    Rohr is a madman footstop

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    South Africa beats Nigeria in Uyo 2:0
    Before Cameroon match.

    Against Cameroon, Nigeria 4: Cameroon 0

    Madagascar beats Nigeria 2:0
    Next match is Cameroon.

    Now, can this team beating Cameroon this weekend?

    With God and right tactics and self confidence, yes we can.

    For me, I prefer Cameroon to Ghana.
    If Oga Rohr doesn’t make mistakes this weekend, by God’s grace, victory is ours. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • ADEYEMI Temitope 5 years ago

    Indeed he is Supermad!!! Even if we win against Cameroon, Egypt is waiting for us in the Quarter finals. I don’t understand why Nigeria will be losing to Madawhat? Not in 20 years time, not in a century to come. Forget what they say ” that no smaller footballing team in Africa anymore ” not Nigeria to some countries in east and Southern Africa please not madagini? I will be surprised if nff leaves this (want to control my anger) coach even if he wins the nation’s cup in which I doubt. There should be a don’t loose point and mada…. is one of this country. He should only be forgiven if mada… wins the nation’s cup. Believe me if nff get Nigeria football the combo of westerhof and bonfrere reconcile their different and ask them to do it for Nigeria, forget their football coaching updates… bill gates is one of the richest without degrees, President Buhari is managing the affairs of the strongest economy in Africa. I believe given their entitlement after two decades bring back their love back to this country and they can do it for Nigeria even without proper salary BELIEVE me. Siasia is another good option and if Westerhof/Bonfrere is guaranteed please put siasia as their Nigerian coach and let bonfrere/siasia be under 23 coach. Quote, Nigerians, will thank me ADEYEMI Temitope in few years time. Octopus that has NEVER fail has spoken.

  • D only thing I dont know is wat d coach is yelling his players. I hope rohr has not develop inner fears dat could lead to wrong decision

  • @Omo9ja,
    “With God and right tactics and self confidence, yes we can.”
    God will be on our side.
    The tactics will be wrong.
    Self confidence is out of the window, because Rhor has not got that.

    So out of three parameters to win Cameroon, The SE has only one.
    so 1/3 is a failure.

    I feel for the boys, but I really will like them to come home early so that we can have a family meeting where we tell ourselves the truth, unfortunately this is naija, where you can lie your way to hell and still pretend like you are in heaven.

    Good luck to the boys.

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Ahahaha. You are so funny bro. I still believe we can beat Cameroon again comes on Saturday. My only fear is the coach. Let’s wait and see how it’s going to end. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • there are two ways to prepare banana, u either roast it or cook it… if u dont know where u re going, u must know where u come from… the quality we sees in iwobi at arsenal, why he was tag nigeria messi why he was king of nutmeg and why he was ar7enal most used player and a best dribb2ler last season and creative. let the coach bring those things back to iwobi just let him to play left wing, so he can use his direct style of play to drive the team forward and create a lot… and let etebo play that attacking midfield… we miss iheanacho . etebo shld play @10 and iwobi and chukwueze flank diz is de only solution to win afcon period. aside from this the coach rhor should forget anything about reaching quater final.

  • _ The Indisputable Cubs vs The Fledgling Eagles _

    Not that long ago, a Cameroon v Nigeria fixture would be one of the most eagerly anticipated encounters in world football, not just Africa.

    However, With a Super Eagles that have been anything but Super since the tournament started or an Indomitable Lions whose roar hasn’t been frightened enough to scare squirrels, this is surely a ‘boys against boys’ encounter.

    But, come Saturday the 6th of July, one of these teams will emerge as Men. The erstwhile tame lions may all of a sudden roar again or the Super Eagles may (re-)discover their wings and soar to the skies of the quarter finals.

    Which would it be?

    With the sort of form we have shown of late, I was desperately hoping for us to avoid Ghana and the stats back up my fear: out of 49 encounters against Ghana, we have won 10, lost 21 and drawn 18.

    Against Cameroon however, we have won 11, drawn 7 and lost only 4. Now, don’t let get carried away by that stats because some of the matches that we lost against Cameroon were crucial Afcon matches (3 final matches that condemned us to second place).

    Cameroon are the ‘steady-form’ team coming into this encounter because they haven’t tasted defeat in their last 6 matches. The Super Eagles on our part have been defeated twice in 6 matches with the most recent being the monumental loss to Madagascar.

    This is going to be curious encounter because I am not really sure of what to expect or who will turn up for either side.

    Although Cameroon are undefeated in 6 matches, they have been far from spectacular while the Super Eagles loss to Madagascar exposed structural flaws in the team’s make-up.

    Obviously as Super Eagles supporter I am rooting for Nigeria to win but will we see a fascinating continental encounter? I am not so sure at this point.

  • Gk

    Aina, Omeruo, Ekong, Jamilu

    Ndidi, mikel, iwobi/etebo

    Musa, kalu


    We’ll be just fine

    • Cuteprince, I don’t think it is necessarily about personnel but more about structure and approach.

      What manner of football will Rohr play? will he play a high press? will seek to use adopt a patient build-up and then revert to long-balls or route one when the conditions allow his team to take advantage of this?

      What is the Super Eagles signature move? what is their identity? what are training ground routines that would work to devastating effects?

      Or will it be more of the same i.e.: Midfield lacking in creativity; a lone striker that is well shackled by opposing defenders; Wingers that are far too wide to make meaningful contributions; wingers whose predictable moves are to try to force their ways to the by-line and then cross to the legs of the opposing defenders; a defence that is error prone; a team-rhythm that comes across as being disjointed; or a brand of football lacking conviction in build-ups and creation of goal scoring possibilities.

      I think Rohr should make his Super Eagles more ‘compact’ as a unit. I think they adopt a 1-touch give-and-go fluid type of play.

      Wingers don’t need to always attempt to go to by-lines while being a lone striker will not bring out the best in Ighalo or Onuachu.

      I think a 3-5-2 formation will suffice.

      Akpeyi will get adequate cover from Awaziem, Ekong and Omeruo who will stay back.

      Ndidi will be the sole defensive midfielder (he has the legs and energy to maraud)

      Moses Simon and Kalu would be wingbacks who will be bombing forward and backward at will.

      Iwobi and Etebo will be the attacking and centre midfilders. Etebo would fall back to help and provide outlets for Ndidi. A lot will be riding on Etebo as he will need to transition defence to attack linking the midfield with either wingback and Iwobi.

      Oshimen will be supported by Onykuru whose trickery should be key in winning free kicks, penalties and unlocking the defence for others around him including the 2 wingbacks who should be prepared to cut-in from deep. Both forwards should be well drilled and oiled in 1-2 routines also designed to bring Iwobi into the picture.

      We should be able to identify a discernible, desirable and well-rehearsed pattern and rhythm for the Super Eagles and I am not seeing that anywhere near enough in this tournament this far.

      • @Deo,finally you have also listed personnel like @Cuteprince did. Hehe.
        Like you said the key is structure and approach, not necessarily personnel, but by your suggesting personnel, you are inadvertently subtly saying that personnel isn’t totally out of the picture.
        Your personnel suggestion is good as well as other people’s: someone said of the 4-1-2-1-2, another brilliant concept.

        So well, we hope the coach will come out with a new approach. Now the players themselves have protested to him in Egypt, so he has no choice but to change his ways.
        With all due respect, the man is so stubborn. People have been screaming for change, even during the World Cup, but he listened not. We recall how he persisted with Onazi in the starting eleven when it was clear Onazi was no more at the races. It was just before the WCup he listened bcos it was becoming shameful. Now his own players in Egypt have now registering displeasure. Must he wait till when it looks shameful?

        I guess guys who say everything about Rohr is okay should take a cue from the players themselves. The players can’t be wrong na.
        @Deo,let’s expect the coach to listen, the personnel won’t be a problem.

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

          Apart from owngoalnigeria which other website did you read that the players are revolting against Rohr tactics?? The other day Ugo put the link on here CSN deleted it because they know it’s a busy body news. A story that will say according to an anonymous source so so so and so. That’s what you come here to talk about. Bro you no dey camp with them. We all know omo9ja that he will say coach Rohr I love you today after a win tomorrow he will change that he should be sacked after a loss. I believe the gaffer will go with the line up against Guinea with one or two changes if any. We can only speculate but the coach is the one in camp with them who knows his best personnel. 

          • “… The Prof will mobilise his Ajax-like squad against us. Make no mistake about it,a really tough match and yet Egypt awaits.What a route, we have found ourselves.Two finals are in front of us before we land in the semifinal. We need ALL players now,news of a couple getting injured is not desirable now.

            SEagles will come out ready,but it’s not just the mindset they need now,they need a coach who has done his homework well. I hope he does.
            Wish them the best. ”

            Thanks @ Deo,we hoped and we can smile now.
            We still hang on his kneck,till it stoops.
            But lemme give kudos to my favorite player Ndidi and then Iwobi. For me b4 d nations cup,I was not confident in Mikel as a 10,so in the absence of a Nwakali(who ought to be in that team) I urged that Iwobi be used as a 10 and it’s happening.

            Congrats da Super Eagles.

        • Oge my brother, you have said it all. Let’s hope for the best.

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Mada-what? Mada-gini? Well, if we did not know before, now we know. They are MADAGSCAR. They beat us 2 nil. What they did to us, we have also done to others in the past. When we crushed Brazilian hopes of winning the 1996 Olympic soccer tournament, I’m sure Brazilians were also saying NAIJA-WHAT? NAIJA-GINI? But from that day on, they know who we are. It’s the nature of sports. Sometimes, the underdogs win. If we meet Madagascar again, we will likely bury them in an avalanche of goals. But we can never take from them what they achieved against us in this Afcon. They earned it. Cameroun beckons.

    • Pompei 5 years ago

      They are MADAGASCAR. I may struggle to spell the name of the country, but I definitely know who they are now!

  • BestSports 5 years ago

    Na now fowl yash go blow up open yakata!!! I love it so because let rohr prove himself more competitively against the physical lions! If lucky? Egypt awaits us. In fact no hope for Nigeria let’s be honest but fans should enjoy it while it lasts

  • This ur Egypt self, what of if South Africa drag them to penalties and win?
    Before we won our last Nation’s Cup, we beat ivory coast with Drogba, Yaya Toure(the reigning African footballer of the year) and Mali..so I can’t win nation’s cup without beating the best. Salah is the best in Africa now…so, I still believe in the spirit of Naija.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    Super Eagles Players Unhappy With Rohr Over Team Selection And Formation

    As many as five players of the senior national team of Nigeria have voiced out their unhappiness with the team selection of coach of the senior national team of Nigeria Gernot Rohr at the ongoing 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

    The 0-2 defeat suffered against Madagascar saw them finish second in their group with coach Gernot Rohr for the third game running making as many as five changes to his starting lineup for the game.

    Players of the team are not bothered by the tactics of the team but most of them feel he has not been fair to some players base‎ on how he has instructed them to play while he hasn’t given the chance to others to play, notably Victor Osimhen and Henry Onyekuru.

    Rohr according to the players is too defensive in his approach and keeps on insisting that the players play close to the defence and even the attack minded players are usually asked to track back with just one striker playing upfront.

    Already the players have decided that they will hold showdown talks with the coach over tactics for the knock out round game on Saturday as they want a formation that will help them express themselves on the pitch of play.

    We can now see that we knew what we were saying?
    Same thing we have been saying here also, our players were following the same direction.

    Coach Rohr is the main problem of the Super Eagles.

    Still, some of us here are pretending and siding the coach. They said he qualified us with a game to spare both world cup and Afcon, in the end, what happened? Disgraced abi? Shio.

    What a pity. Madagascar 2 Nigeria 0. Ehhhhw. Very disgusting and shameful to see.

    If I were coach Rohr fans, I will keep my mouth shut at this moment. The disgrace is too much for Nigerians to swallow. If the coach wins the tournament in the end, he should resign right away in Egypt. Enough is enough. We can’t continue like this. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Thanks Omo9ja for this info.
      I hope no more quarrel here again. The players have spoken what people like Omo9ja have been saying.
      Our popular word here: Let’s call a spade a SPADE.
      Well done Super Eagles players,that’s patriotism.

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        Apart from owngoalnigeria which other website did you read that the players are revolting against Rohr tactics?? The other day Ugo put the link on here CSN deleted it because they know it’s a busy body news. A story that will say according to an anonymous source so so so and so. That’s what you come here to talk about. Bro you no dey camp with them. We all know omo9ja that he will say coach Rohr I love you today after a win tomorrow he will change that he should be sacked after a loss. I believe the gaffer will go with the line up against Guinea with one or two changes if any. We can only speculate but the coach is the one in camp with them who knows his best personnel. 

  • Samson 5 years ago

    For me, this Saturday match against Cameroon is a must win.
    Goal Keeper: Akpeyi
    Defenders :Ola Aina, Trootst Ekonh, Omuero and Collins
    Midfielders: Ndidi, Etebo and Iwobi
    Attack: Osimehen, Henry and Chukwueze
    Bring in Ighalo and Musa if there are no goals and keep Mikel ready to help in midfield if any of them is tired

    With this we will win with 2 goals to 1.

  • Mr. Cole 5 years ago

    There are only 2 teams which i think we should be worried about in this tournament so far,

    1. Morocco because to me they have the most powerful attack in terms of display and they play a total attacking football, their coach is a grand master when talking about African football and achiever as well.

    2. Mali, those boys can score from anywhere, most of their goals so far in this tournament is from outside the box and as we all know that we don’t have good goalkeepers.

    Any other team including the host (Egypt) are not a treat , just the we the fans are losing confidence in our Oga Rohr.

  • to me that’s our last Game of the competition because Nigerian Coaches don’t advise the players to shoot the way every other country teams are shooting from all angles of the pitch, since our coach is so happy when his team can not try openest team goalkeeper for all duration of a game yet he won’t think of change or call one person out to plead to start shooting,lucky them they avoided Ghana else they would park plenty of the goals because that’s what Ghana team were trained to do on the pitch whenever they have a match to play.if Super Eagles like them them have Mesi/Ronaldo as strikers nothing will change till the coach teach them or advise them consciously how to play a fast and long ball that can link to front men else we continue to depend luck of a Game which is not a guarantee,Amunike Tanzania team that was able to score 2 goals in one match is is not far better,going to play Cameroon with our coach formation and tactics dose not fit playing any good team thanks

  • Aauxtyne 5 years ago

    So much has been said and quite a lot of analyses. The truth is if and if only the Super Eagles can put themselves together and make up their minds to play their hearts out coupled with the right formation and putting the right peg in the right hole, no team can stand their way of lifting their 4th AFCON! Person!

  • Whatever happened to the diamond 4-4-2 otherwise known as the 4-1-2-1-2 formation we played b/w 1998 & 2006?
    If I’m to coach this SEs team I’ll implement the above formation cos we have the playing personnel. Team list below:






    • Attackers
      Ighalo(striker) Osimhen/Onuachu(Cf)
      This to me is massive defence and massive attack.
      Heck this is wat i call playing to your strength since we don’t have overtly creative midfielders

  • Thank u Omo9ja and deo.

    U na too make sense!

    Call a spade a spade.

    Any one taking sides with rohr must either be mentality docile or lost in self delusion and deceit!

    It is so clear the rohr guy is technically stagnant.

    Thank God the players have cried out. The same thing right thinking fans with no personal interest, have been saying

    Oh the players are also wrong abi?

    This is the same formation I advised the other day!
    Deo has said it again.


    Some of us can coach this team that a so called professional cannot.

    Am sure mourinho who criticised rohr is also wrong!
    Since westerhof and bonfrere Jo have personal interest.

    Guy check ur self for hospital to be sure your sight is intact or mind for uselu psychiatric hospital, before the next game for still staking ur neck our for rohr.

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    guyz u see what we ve been saying on this eagle technical crew, did u see the incompetent of our coach now everybody is not sure we can beat this or that? all this is as a result of tactical deficiency of rohr? how can a team like Nigeria with plenty talent both local and abroad but still struggle defeat we ve a foreign coach? I ve no doubt a sound trainer with the players we ve in this tournament will play final but not rohr expect some1 somewhere interfere like what happen during Nigeria vs Argentina friendly match before world, a good Samaritan advice rohr tactically that’s how Nigeria win that day but if anybody disputing please find out? NFF re right saying they giving him all the necessary support to success but they selfishly brought him in and now they re trying to put the blame on him while they surely know he cannot do what he don’t know his past record speak.

  • Mr.Naija D 5 years ago

    @ iszy u just made some candid sense up there although too aversise with strong language which is clear to see why,I was asking a friend of mine while we watching the Madagascar match why this coach didn’t try a 4-4-2 to change the game, bring on Osimhen to play with ighalo, personally he did nothing right to get a point out of that match’
    Talking about qualification 4 both world cup and this i think it was certain i mean with d nature of young stars we are parading nw (more like a Golden Generation of its own) we should get through, honestly Rohr has not got it, may be he’s good for Kenya and Tanzania playing defensively but not naija we attack our opponents be it Brazil or Bokinafaso.Hope the NFF is taking note. As for the Cameroon game it would be won or lost based on formation and tactical approach_ If he continues with that defensive rubbish then get ready to sweat through penalties the choice is his to make_

  • Mr.Naija D 5 years ago

    @ iszy u just made some candid sense up there although too aversise with strong language which is clear to see why,I was asking a friend of mine while we watching the Madagascar match why this coach didn’t try a 4-4-2 to change the game, bring on Osimhen to play with ighalo, personally he did nothing right to get a point out of that match’
    Talking about qualification 4 both world cup and this i think it was certain i mean with d nature of young stars we are parading nw (more like a Golden Generation of its own) we should get through, honestly Rohr has not got it, may be he’s good for Kenya and Tanzania playing defensively but not naija we attack our opponents be it Brazil or Bokinafaso.Hope the NFF is taking note. As for the Cameroon game it would be won or lost based on formation and tactical approach_ If he continues with that defensive rubbish then get ready to sweat through penalties the choice is his to make_

  • Fifa ranking nigeria 89 Burundi 98 malagassy 88

  • Shehu 5 years ago

    Na true o .caf preside nt didn’t say a word.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    The coach that qualified us for the WorldCup with a game to spare and qualified us for the nations cup with a game to spare, still in contention at the AFCON is a stupid coach, clueless, incompetent, ineptitude, bastard and doesn’t know anything. But the coaches that failed to qualify us for two consecutive AFCON are not. No problem after the AFCON they will hire Mourinho, Westerhof and Bonfrere will reunite and win the WorldCup. 

    In fact some are even calling for those coaches to come back and coach the team. Most of them are already praying for the SuperEagles to lose to Cameroon because all their favorite players are not in the squad. The same fans that doesn’t want Iheanacho at the AFCON are the ones blaming the coach for dropping Iheanacho. Instead of him to stick to his winning team he listened to fans and already he has used 19 out of the 23 players he took to Egypt in Just the first round.

    I don’t know any other team in this AFCON that have used 19 of their 23 players already at this stage of the tournament I stand to be corrected. By now I’m sure he should be able to identify his best 11 and there’s a possibility with Collins back from injury and Osimhen and Onyekuru pushing for game time 22 out the 23 will most likely be used during the course of the tournament.

    Are you telling me that  a coach that played about 3 different formations at the WorldCup doesn’t know about 3-5-2? Or doesn’t know how to play with 2 strikers? Understandably, he’s a defensive coach trying to be a little conservative and maybe rewarding performance in training and hard work over talent and I don’t know any reasonable coach who wouldn’t do that.

    How do the players get game time in Europe even though they have the talents? dey no born dem well make dem no train hard to get a spot in their various clubs. I understand it’s the national team where they believe that their performances in Europe should automatically earn them a starting shirt, but the players also need to know that they’re not dealing with a local coach who could be star struck and play them irrespective of their attitude in training. A foreign coach will only reward hardworking irrespective of how talented you are.

    However, Rohr will just have to do it the Nigerian and play to our strengths of pace, power and skill from the wings that will free up our strikers and still maintain the defensive solidity. I wish the SuperEagles all the best and I wish coach Rohr all the best in his preparation for this tie. I will continue to support the team and the gaffer till the end. Obviously, he will not coach the SuperEagles forever. If he decides to move on after the AFCON irrespective of the results I will wish him all the best and appreciate the few lights he brought to Nigerian football after we’ve reached bottom. whoever comes in afterwards I also continue to support and criticize constructively as at when due. VAMOS ARRIBA SUPEREAGLES!!!

    • Edoguy 5 years ago

      I agree with some point you raised but not all. Rohr loosing against Madagascar is the hallmark of his career with the super eagles and if he looses against Cameroon or Egypt, that will be the end of his career with the Eagles.

      I sometimes question his substitutions and ask why he makes them attimes. When Nigeria was loosing 1-0 to Madagascar, why throw in Ndidi. I still dont understand why? Is this a panick move. That game wasn’t one for a defensive midfielder. My preferred move would have been to remove Obi for Chukwueze or remove Ogu for an attacking midfielder.

      Does he intend to play Ogu again after that because you have dented his confidence. His tactics are old and out of date. He is typical German, very stubborn and stuck to his old ways. If you were gonna loose to Madagascar, why not throw in the new players and loose magnificently.

      Ighalo definitely has a personal vendetta to be top scorer in this tournament and I think he should have been benched. I want Nigeria to win but Cameroon has the psychological edge, and that is my greatest fear.

      If someone gave me a choice between loosing against Cameroon at this level or at a world cup qualifier, I will choose AFCON. Trust me this is not the last time we will meet Cameroon. I prefer this coach going now so we can hire an attack minded coach. Seedorf is there for the taking


      • Danurch 5 years ago

        @Edoguy. U be coach? BROS. U be coach?? I am terribly surprised at the way some of you make unprofessional and in-front of screen analyzes, projections and prescriptions. If Rohr had used those your Messi-like players earlier in the tournament and failed, the same you would definitely have condemned him to nothingness. You guys should allow this man Rohr to do the job is paid for in Egypt. If he fails finally, he will go back to his family. But if he does succeed, we celebrate with him. Bed-room coaches.

        • Edoguy 5 years ago

          @Danurch, actually I am a coach. I am not just a bedroom coach. I coach a team thats why I am not happy anytime I follow Nigeria and they loose with coaching errors like the match against argentina at the world cup.

          It is too much, I am not happy with Rohr’s changes so far and I am not happy with Nigeria’s play. It doesnt inspire any confidence with a team that has a reason to beat you.

          Lastly, NFF should note that only quater finalists are paid in this competition, so no pay for loosing in the second round. quater finalists-$1m, semis-$2m, runner up-$3m and winners-$4.5m unless it has changed

        • Pompei 5 years ago

          Danurch, you spoke well. The things wey dey shele for this forum, ehn? Na waya! People expressing their opinions so aggressively and vehemently, you will almost believe it is here on CSN that they earn their daily bread! And if you dare to disagree with them, you are drowned in insults and curses. If I were Rohr, win or lose, I will run like crazy away from this maddening crowd. This wicked, heartless people lacking in appreciation and respect. Westerhof that we are hailing today made so many errors when he first started. Unlike Rohr, he failed to qualify in his first world cup campaign in 1990. His first match at the 1990 Afcon ended in a 5-1 defeat! If it was up to the FAIR WEATHER FANS of today, Westerhof would be dead as we speak. Yes, they would have used him to prepare NKWOBI. Thankfully, the guys at the helm of affairs were reasonable people. They gave him attainable targets, and time to achieve those targets. The result – Westerhof produced a team that is arguably the best the African continent has ever seen. I’m not saying Rohr should be retained after the Afcon. That is left for the NFF to decide. However, no matter how unhappy we are with his recent performances (my humble self included. Yes, I’m also very unhappy), we realize that he has also done well, all things considered. He should thus be given all the necessary support while he remains the coach. Criticisms and suggestions should by all means be given, devoid of insults and curses! Hopefully, we will all smile at the end of the day!

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Well said, Ayphillydegreat. As far as NIG vs CAM is concerned, ACTIVATING SIDDON LOOK MODE. We shall see how far come Saturday!

  • @iszy,CLEAR AS CRYSTAL. I don’t support ur strong language, but it doesn’t take anything from the points you have raised- so many correct things you said.

    Now even the Super Eagles players themselves have voiced out their displeasure with the coach’s tactics, right there in Egypt . So are the players also wrong?
    We are seeing something is bad instead of telling ourselves the truth, some are saying the coach has a winning record. Kai!

  • Baddest 5 years ago

    Nigeria will win this Afton no matter what

  • Ayodele 5 years ago

    @EDOGUY I celebrate your hindsight and this is the reason(((((( (Ighalo definitely has a personal vendetta to be top scorer in this tournament and I think he should have been benched. I want Nigeria to win but Cameroon has the psychological edge, and that is my greatest fear.)))) I also was thinking alike ighalo has no biz playing that game.see wat Morrocco did and Algeria they gave other squard players chance to come in and prove themselves.one thing ABT us as a nation is we are selfish in ways of thinking and this reflect in the way we handle our fellow Nigerian.also am afraid for football and a time will come that it might turn to WWF wrestling wch overtime pple lost interest mainly bcos is acting more than a true contest and that mean is abt the ocean of sport betting companies all over the place so much so that they are now major sponsor of football events something that was not allowed at all some yrs back.abi have u seen a man that invest on somtin and does not have eye for profit ,is not possible, so I am afraid especially for African football as we all know black man tends to be selfish even when is apparent they are swimming in riches.so with this AFCON the profit seekers might be a determinant factor just as the referee did everything withing his power to protect the madagasca players against Nig any little touch he blows especially wen they scored the first goal.Sincerely am  afraid seeing that betting companies are the one sponsoring football now.And abt Cameroon and NIG match I just hope and pray that the PPLE that matters choose us ahead Cameroon or else be prepared to see one of the most frustrating officiating yet.

    • Edoguy 5 years ago

      You have a point Ayodele. The only match I have been appalled with in officiating is Algeria vs senegal apart from the women’s world cup..lol. I think the senegalese team was denied a penalty and a red card to an Algerian player. Contrary to popular believe, I think Senegal is the team to beat and this competition and they have played the best football. I hope the Zambian referee for Algeria vs Senegal is banned from the tournament. However, the final betters want is Egypt vs Senegal thats why everything was done to place Senegal in the opposite bracket (my opinion).

      Apart from that, I think the loss to Madagascar was simply poor motivation, carelessness and coaching error. That being said, beating Cameroon will confirm that we are better than them because they ve a reason to play Nigeria because of previous losses.

      I hope we come good against them on Saturday and we all be singing shouts of joy!!!

  • Tenyson 5 years ago

    The same way Nigerians accept mediocrity in governance, is the same way they do in Sports. Maybe that’s just who we are! Any one who has played or followed soccer at any competitive level, and has watched the Super Eagles in the past 3 years. Yet believes Rohr is a coach, is himself a joke. He’s only there because the NFF guys are all beneficiaries of his contract. And because Nigerians as I’ve mentioned live the life of “Miracle go happen”. We only do street and bedroom talks but we don’t make decisive demands on the folks in position of leadership. Nigerian Senators doing nothing but devising ways to out-loot one another, get paid more than most elected officials all over the world, yet we could never afford a world class coach for the national team that is more important to the ordinary Nigerians than the wishy-washy government. You listen to folks talking about qualifying for tournaments, but we all know that those qualifications are borne by the desires of these players 1. to participate in those tourneys, 2. The fear of criticism by football passionate Nigerians and 3. The fact that in comparison with other african Teams that we played against to qualify, our players have better football platform with foreign professional leagues. Even if eagles should by any means win AFCON. It has nothing to do with Rohr. He is just another spectator, privileged to be at the crew stand.

  • I am a Cameroonian. My 9ja guys, let’s just wait and see. Nigeria got a good team but Cameroon may not be a joke this time around. Note that Benin which you guys claimed Cameroon could not win just won Morocco. But Cameroon was hitting them 75%. You guys have cried a lot here. Sorry for the wasted tears
    NIG 0-1 CAM. But there are more chances that Cameroon may even score more. You can brag of the number of wins but know the Cameroon always sweep 9ja only at final stages n today is not an exempt. My goalkeeper is amongst the top 5 goalkeepers in the universe. We have a swift attack and a good defense. No need to flying so high SE.
    TILL 5PM my neighbours.

    • You know that a family is quarreling doesn’t necessarily mean they would make friends with strangers.
      Iceking sorry okay. Try again next time.

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