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Super Eagles New Coach Peseiro Gets One-Year Short-Term Contract With Performance-Related Clauses

Super Eagles New Coach Peseiro Gets One-Year Short-Term Contract With Performance-Related Clauses

Newly-appointed coach of Nigeria’s Super Eagles, Jose Peseiro, has been handed a one-year short term contract, as he begins his reign as the head coach of Nigeria’s Senior Men’s National team.

Contrary to speculations, the Portuguese coach was only handed a 12 months deal, which is subject to renewal based on performance-related clauses.


With the NFF facing a legal battle on payments for erstwhile coach of the team, Gernot Rohr, all pointers are the Federation are weary of allowing thunder strike in the same spot.

Peseiro will lead the Eagles in the United States when the team faces Mexico and Ecuador in international friendly games. He will be assisted by Ex-Eagles winger Finidi George, Salisu Yusuf and Usman Abdallah.

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The former Venezuela and Saudi Arabia national team coach comes in as the substantive replacement for Franco-German coach, Gernot Rohr, whose contract was terminated by the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, after five and half years of handling the three-time African champions.

The NFF Technical Director, Austine Eguavoen, last handled the Super Eagles as Interim Technical Adviser. He led the team to the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroun where the team failed to go beyond the Second Round. With Emmanuel Amuneke as his assistant, he led the Eagles through the 2022 World Cup African qualifiers playoffs, and failed to go past the Black Stars of Ghana.

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  • Peseiro should please invite good legs for the two friendlies. He may include three players from NPL.

    Mexico believe that Nigeria has strong team. We shouldn’t go there with weak team please.

    Though, both matches are friendly but Super Eagles need to win matches to win back the confidence and trust of football loving Nigerian.

    You are welcome Peseiro.

    • Muhammed 2 months ago

      You don’t give what you don’t have.
      Please build a team from home base, not inviting already made.
      If we can’t build our own team here, sorry! nothing for Lagbaja.

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

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  • Mr. Nice 2 months ago

    “The NFF Technical Director, Austine Eguavoen, last handled the Super Eagles as Interim Technical Adviser. He led the team to the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroun where the team failed to go beyond the Second Round. With Emmanuel Amuneke as his assistant, he led the Eagles through the 2022 World Cup African qualifiers playoffs, and failed to go past the Black Stars of Ghana”

    See as Austin Eguavoen name and failure now looks like Siamese twins, what a shame, technical director my foot!

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    This contract befits him. We will test him on this….

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

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        • Make this coach also play Ghana before you shower him praises. Black Stars be the reason why there was a vacancy

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  • Goddy 2 months ago

    Why is it that we will always fall a prey to Ghana black Stars. I always feel bad when it comes to us meeting them. If you look at it critically, I believe this Ghanaians always go the extra mile in making sure the win us.
     I think we shouldn’t blame Eguavoen all that much for  SE failure.
    They use our African Vodo  ( Otumokpo) to champion their cause especially when  meeting us.
    So let’s think and think again if not the goal Partey scored wasn’t anything to write home about but it went in.

  • Prince charming 2 months ago

    Welcome my coach, we love you please sir will need good tactics and a winning team

    • Willie Whitelaw 2 months ago

      Eguavoen won all the group stage matches in the Africa Cup of Nations. He was even named the best coach in the group stages. Rohr never achieved this sort of greatness. Eguavoen never lost to Ghana in 2 legs. This is an incredible achievement. It is beyond me that he is not allowed to continue as Super Eagles coach.
      Eguavoen will return to coach Nigeria after the 1 year tenure of Paseiro has expired.

      • Iboman obi 2 months ago

        The position of the Technical Director is higher than that of a coach. The coach actually reports to the TD. Eguavoen was mostly on the coaching job as a stop gap. He needs a position higher than a coach. We have started work on how to have him as the nff president or he goes to the sports ministry. For now, let’s give the new coach and his assistant, Finidi George all our supports. It is well here.

  • Willie Whitelaw 2 months ago

    Eguavoen is far better than Paseiro. NFF should recall Eguavoen at once.

  • Ghana be the reason why there was a vacancy. You for not shower praises on him now. Make he play Black Stars first. I no dey say Ghana be the bar or standards, but dem dey worry. They bring matter too much

  • Iboman obi 2 months ago

    Only patience we need to gain more with a domestic coach who certainly will bring others along. How much emphasis laid on it, and with a Peseiro we lose while others, setubal gain. Welcome there coach peseiro and make sure you report to your oga soon.

    • Luke Omanaenle 2 months ago

      I know you meant the NFF. Constitutionally, Jose Peseiro hasn’t other alternatives. God bless Nigeria.


  • Ebhohi 2 months ago

    For anything, I’m impressed with the clauses in the agreement papers. At least it gives the NFF a leverage of control besides having the coach reside in the country. Surely there is no better time than now to have a foreign coach eminently qualified like Peseiro to bring new tidings to SE squad. He is most welcome to this part of the World but what some of us elders saw while sitting under the tree is what the little bitter kids here can never see from the top of the iroko tree. It is well with our domestic coaches and the league.

  • Modayi Abby 2 months ago

    A masterstroke by the Amaju led NFF is clear sign the fans are happy over the development.

  • Ranti 2 months ago

    They want him as nff president.

  • Felix A Adams 2 months ago

    I think is a wise decision, thus was almost late for him to adequately prepare well.Better still group of good players are already on ground for him to utilise. Goodluck


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