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Super Eagles Ranked Most Valuable National Team In Africa, 10th In The World

Super Eagles Ranked Most Valuable National Team In Africa, 10th In The World

Nigeria’s Super Eagles are now ranked the most valuable national team in Africa.

The information was made available in an infographic displayed on the Super Eagles official X handle.

Jose Peseiro’s side are valued at €451.60 million.

The three-time African champions are also now ranked the 10th most valuable national team in the world.

The Three Lions of England top the ranking and are followed by France, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

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Argentina, Germany, Italy and Netherlands completes the top 10.

The Super Eagles defeated the Mambas of Mozambique 3-2 in their last friendly.

Jose Peseiro’s side will be in action in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers next month.

The West Africans will host the Crocodiles of Lesotho at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo on November 13.

They will then travel to the Amarhoro Stadium, Kigali for a matchday two encounter five days later.

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  • Ako Amadi 8 months ago

    Most valuable team without trophies, means Nigeria underperforms

  • Tristan 8 months ago

    10th most valuable in the World, ahead of World Cup semifinalists like Croatia, should not be a source of pride but one for introspection. We clearly have the players, but we lack the tactics. There is no point blaming individual players for underperformance when attention should be focused on the tactics of the coaches.

    Teams like Saudi, USA, Japan, and Korea outperform with the player talent at their disposal because they have top-quality coaching staff.
    That we’re the 10th most valuable team and our FIFA ranking is 40th is a huge underperformance.

    For illustration, the USA is the 22nd most valuable team with a FIFA ranking of 11th, Croatia is the 16th most valuable team with a FIFA ranking of 6th, Japan is the 28th most valuable team with a FIFA ranking of 19th, S. Korea is the 35th most valuable team with a FIFA ranking of 26th. Practically every country’s FIFA ranking is higher than its valuation ranking except Nigeria.

    What is this telling us? It is telling us that even if you give the Brazilian team to our current coaches they will underperform and if you gave the SE to the coaching staff of Croatia, the US, Japan, or S. Korea the SE would become a world-beating team.

    It is only through the use of statistics, and not opinion, that we uncover mediocrity. This data is saying our players are top quality but our tactics are mediocre, and as it is the coaching staff that is responsible for tactics it means the coaching staff are mediocre.

    • Respect is reciprocal 8 months ago

      @Tristan. Rightly said , only that I want to add the ineptitude of the football administration. To some extent he way we organize our football will not attract good and top notch coaches . It is only a crooked coaches that will come to Nigeria. Do you know if we manage our football very well retired European club coaches should be begging NFA to lead the super eagles because we have the resources to beat any team in the world. The status of French National team is what the Super eagles would have been if properly managed. I chose France because 90% of that team is black . Each time I see France playing it brings both joy and sorrow to my hearts , sorrow because this how majority of Africans should be playing beating this whites dudes black and white if the continents is not crippled by corrupt leaders, and joy because at least we have the prototype of the teams African teams should have been producing. 
      If NFF are sensible they should be ashamed that 10 most valuables team is languishing in bottom 40 position. The players are there but unfortunately the heads are missing. Lastly believe it or not if Eagles really want the cup next year no country in Africa can stop them . That is the will of a  man which even God will not stop.

  • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

    A team with this value needs a befitting coach to compliment the team. I bet if the North African teams have the talents we have plus their coaches they’ll be winning the WC. North Africans have better coaches than west and this has become our biggest problem. NFF is cheap so they always tend to hire their caliber…

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 8 months ago

    I only have two things to say really –

    1) A team that is ranked 1st in Mama Africa and 10th in the world! – Anyhow you want to slice that- it’s HUGE! and to see the way our clueless and inept NFF (aka NFA – no future ambition) agbero’s treat that same team says a lot about the calibre of that particular Federation and to be fair it is also a very accurate reflection of the “bigger Federation” that it is a part of – namely the federation of Nigeria – Jesus tells us in the book of Proverbs “Cast not pearls before swine” meaning good things are wasted on people who will not appreciate them – The NFF and Nigeria as a whole are a very good case in point! – A prophet is without honour in his own hometown –
    It’s like Nigeria compounds all the undesirable qualities the Lord warned us away from- at this rate we might not be much better off than those jealous and misguided dark stars of ghanland! lool. And

    2) Speaking of Ghanland – I hope those mumu’s of dark star land can see and hear with their own two eyes and ears now? When we say khaki is not leather, it’s not something we made up just to monkey them, but pure facts! There are levels in life and those banku eaters ain’t just on our level. Simples! teehehehehehe!

    Any thickos who cannot decipher what it is I am getting at?, just keep it to yourself aight? and don’t come and make a weapon of yourself questioning me of the relevance of what I am saying to the topic capische?
    I have no time for didinrins and I won’t entertain stupidity!

    But on a serious note – How far Nigeria?!
    When will you learn to value your own self and put your best foot forward??
    When will you stop being penny wise and pound foolish? Or to break it down for unu because too many of unu are just too THICK even for y’all’s own good-
    When are y’all gonna stop being kobo kobo grabbing thieves and start collection real Naira?! Chaii! Unbelievable!

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