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Swedish Club Mjallby Sign 18-Year-Old NPFL Top Scorer Nwankwo

Swedish Club Mjallby Sign 18-Year-Old NPFL Top Scorer Nwankwo

Top Swedish club Mjallby AIF have signed 18-year-old NPFL top scorer for season Silas Nwankwo from Nasarawa United.

The club made the announcement in a statement on their official website on Thursday.

Nwankwo signed a deal with the Swedish top flight side that will run till 2025.

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In the 2020/2021 NPFL season, Nwankwo recorded 19 goals and provided eight assists to share the golden boot with Akwa United’s Charles Arshimene.

He is expected to make his debut for Mjallby against Akropolis in the Swedish Cup billed for Sunday, February 20.

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  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Lmao!! Is this the 18 year old Eguavoen want to call up to replace Ighalo?? 18 years indeed!! Abi na him papa be this??

    • Jah wadada 2 years ago

      Haba, this one too much 18yrs. E no fear God at all. He for be fair to him self at least say he us 24yrs e for make small sence than say 18ys.

      • Dzero kulikunu 2 years ago

        Nwankwo is a cheat just like Kalu of Watford who claimed to be 24.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          I can understand that Kalu is at least 27 or 28 real life age. Which is not that too bad even though age cheat is age cheat. It’s only those born abroad that you can ascertain their age. But my o my this dude can never be 18 na.

    • Dondada 2 years ago

      You dey see wetin i dey see .18 years indeed..Abeeg make all this footballers stop all this lies…its so glaring and a big shame

  • China San 2 years ago

    18 or 28 years old??? Definitely, Nwankwo is not 18. There might be a mistake somewhere.

  • Gqw ku 2 years ago

    There’s no way the guy outa here is 18yrs! The next one to find out he’s got 4 different birth certificates. Kalu who recently signed for Watford is undergoing investigation.

  • Van ubba 2 years ago

    I would request to see his birth certificate, exactly what the whites would do. Something isn’t adding up

  • Nelsonlina 2 years ago

    How old was he when he started playing NPFL? Nwankwo is a cheat.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      He was the highest goalscorer in the league when he was 16/17 years old lmaoooo Nigerian league for that matter. There are people online who claimed they graduated with this guy from ESUT. SHAME ON THESE DUDE BRO….THIS IS A BLATANT LIE.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Wow. Mjallby just got scammed thinking they’ve just signed a “teenager”.
    So after playing for crown FC, sunshine stars and Massarawa utd, this man is still 18….. LMAOoo

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Enough of this Bullshit, how on earth do you call this 18years? They should continue disgracing the country and continent.

  • Silas Should have at least used some sense na wa o.. even if this 37 year old man.. said he was 27 eh heh we for believe am, the guy is greedy so he wants to chop money in Sweden for 15 years until he is 52 wonders shall never end… And NFF and my people for all those clamoring for NPFL so called stars in the current league.. point to be made if this 37 year old can outscore all the strikers in the league this is just to show you. the current crop in our local league have no business in the Super Eagles. Nigeria and Nigerians had better wake up seriously we are really going backwards in a lot of aspects..

  • Elijah Samson 2 years ago

    If this man is 18yrs,the Akinwumi Amoo should be 3yrs and not 19yrs that he is now. This man no go father Amoo? I just sidon dey look

  • Elijah Samson 2 years ago


  • Agbonkhifo 2 years ago

    Let’s be happy for his and not debating his age

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      He is a shit. He should be exposed now before all Nigerians be judged in the same fold. Look at him again.

  • Lol 18yrs. E shock you!!

  • Glory 2 years ago

    CSN just wanna tell the world how our HOMEBASED players can never stop lying about their age. THE WRINKLES, THE DEEP CIRCLE AROUND THE EYES SAYS EVERYTHING. THOSE THINGS STARTS APPEARING FROM ATLEAST AGE 28. I think CSN might have unknowingly put somebody else’s picture on here.

    • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

      Glory a beg go and sit down. Those wrinkles on his skin and deep circle around his eyes are evidence of good living. Jealousy dey worry you. Lolzzzz

      • pompei 2 years ago

        No mind Glory.
        He dey jealous the guy’s “big boy wrinkles”. Wrinkles of person wey dey chop life.

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Good living for an 18-year-old football player with wrinkles like that?

  • Jesu!!! For this guy to say his 18year means there is no fear of God in Nigeria. lol

  • If this guy is 18, then I will successfully claim 15 be that, common this is not even funny anymore, it’s a disgrace to the entire country, this rubbish gat stop.

  • Salami Abdul. 2 years ago

    Hahahahahahaha, Silas Nwankwo 18years? Igbo kwenu hiaaa.

    • Remy Papip 2 years ago

      His fellow Igbo bro, Kalu has already confused Watford FC, UK. Like it’s in their blood.

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        @Remi you’re very very stupid. I shouldn’t tell you not to insult the whole tribe if there’s no stretchmarks on your brain

        • Remy Papip 2 years ago

          Stop the rant, will you. Is age falsication not in Igbo DNA? Before Simon Kalu age cheat were others, now it is Silas Nwankwo cheating or are telling us these aren’t Igbo guys?

          • onwajunior 2 years ago

            Baba relax… Stop this tribalistic rant! You remember what happened with Martins at Newcastle, Akintola, Christiantus and co. This is an African problem!

      • Ur fada yansh

  • Densey chineyi 2 years ago

    I would rather advise the Swedish club, Mjallby AIF to carry out a Biological Age Test or any other test to ascertain if Nwankwo is 18. To be sincere, that age is falsified and one would have expected the interpol to be interested since he brought himself forward.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Come on guys, this is a young lad na.
    Look at his “baby” face. E fit be 16 sef.

    • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

      Pompei don’t be disrespectful. Me and this lad went to the same secondary school in 1999. He just looks very mature for his age because of his family genes…..

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha Igbekun Abo, I apologize. I didn’t mean to disrespect the young fellow.
        He does look “very mature”, as you said. Very, very mature.
        Abi na 18 yrs experience wey Majallby dey find?
        He will bring lots of “maturity” to their squad. Loooooool!

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        He was 23 to date plus when he was the secondary school with you 1999.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    The chap has just confessed his true age!! He is 81 years old not 18.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Based on reports, this dude played for ESUT and even scored the winning goal at NUGA 2015. He can’t be less than 28 yrs.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Many Nigerians including our leaders and those commenting on this forum are on false birth certificates and false names . I wish Silas Nwankwo good luck in Sweden! He’s a Winner!

  • Rasaq 2 years ago

    Exactly what they do here in Malaysia. Igbo tribe are always like tarnishing the name of the country. Tell me, what stops Nwankwo from declaring his real age?

    • Ololo 2 years ago

      Stop preaching hate against Igbo tribe.. Amoo akin is not 19,is he Igbo? Musa is not 29, is he Igbo? There are many countless other examples.. Use your Brain. There was a reason it was given to you.

      • Rasaq 2 years ago

        Since you know how to represent your tribe with your brain, tribalist, what stops your Igbo Silas Nwankwo from declaring his real age?

  • Biodun 2 years ago

    What concers Akin in your Igbo mess??? That is silly of you. You don’t have to defend what is obvious. Take a look at Nwankwo’s picture, does he look like an 18 years old? The mistake some of you make is, the moment the person in question is from your tribe, you begin to find subtle means for defense. Rasaq is right on point. I live in India and the bad eggs here by that I mean the criminals of Nigeria stock are 99% Igbo people, that is not saying there are no few others. You only need to Google search to see the mess Igbo people are causing here.

    • Chinenye 2 years ago

      @Biodun, @Agrante @MauriBlues you all can cry as much as you want. Igbos will also be ahead of you all.

      Some just uses any negative news about Igbos to vent your hatred towards them.

      Age cheat has been an African and Sourh American problems.
      Radamel Falcao was exposed by his sch teacher, Stephen Oddey was caught with 2 diff birth certificate. Taye taiwo’s twin brother is older than him. Ighalo’s classmate told us in a shopping mall that’s he’s way older.

      As for kidnapping, every part of Nigeria practices infact those in the North are more deadly than any others. They will kidnap, collect money and still kill their victim. 419? Recently 3 boys in Abeokuta were apprehended with a girl’s head for yahoo business. Young boys of 17 to 20yrs do you know their tribe? Yoruba

      Silas Nwankwo can be exposed for all I care but insulting the wohle tribe I won’t take it likely

      Because some of you are pained by Igbo success and has pour ur anger and bitterness using any slightest opportunity

      • Angrante Ellips 2 years ago

        Lolz! what successful cheaters? Who doesn’t know Igbo people are robbers at night and property owners at dawn. Get lost idiot.

      • Angrante Ellips 2 years ago

        Lolz! Successful cheaters? Who doesn’t know Igbo people are robbers at night and property owners at dawn. Get lost idiot.

  • Angrante Ellips 2 years ago

    Why are these people always on the wrong side of the news? Kinappping is one Evan Onwandiwe or whatever. 419 the same and now age falsification. The whole World is reading, let’s wait for what Watford decision on Simon Kalu another age cheat. Isn’t funny.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      There are no excuses for crime but i think the marginalisation in their own country where they have to live as second class citizens even in their own country.Where they have to survive eck a living with little or no support coming from leadership,where they are denied rights and have to do whatever all for their families to have food on the table a scran to help living to see the next day.
      Desperation indeed,but crime is never the answer because there are people worse off around the world still living clean.

      • ManuriBLUES 2 years ago

        I won’t argue with you. Ibo criminality has no class. Let’s say we leave kidnapping aside, rearing people children in the name of baby factory is prevalent there. It is like they are spoiling us to their disadvantage. Poor Nwankwo with huge premium now suffering, the poor boy is confused.

        • Ketub 2 years ago

          It is the heat not confusion. But really, why are they always in crime scene?

  • Martins 2 years ago

    Why the argument it’s not today that footballer reduced their age in Nigeria league so let’s leave the guy alone to make money for his family

    • benakay 2 years ago

      Typical warped Naija mentality…

      So, its okay for him to ‘make money for his family’, by intentionally lying about his age to gain an advantage? Not to mention the forged passport (falsified his age), as well as ITCs and other documents. He also lied to Swedish authorities by presenting falsified documents to enter the country and get employment. In civilized countries, that’s a criminal offence and he would be prosecuted and jailed.

      I guess you have no issues with the fact that his criminal actions have put a blight on NPFL players who might have had hopes of transfering to overseas clubs, because it paints ALL NPFL players as crooks who falsify their ages. Meaning a true 18 yr old in future will likely be passed over because of this fellows criminal act.

      But of course, its ‘okay’ with you since all he wants to do is provide money for his family.


  • Maxwell 2 years ago

    @Chinenye, poor you.. so you just realized Igbo are hated. He he he!!!

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