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‘Thank You For Everything’ — Osimhen Pays Tribute To Rohr After Nigeria Sacking

‘Thank You For Everything’ — Osimhen Pays Tribute To Rohr After Nigeria Sacking

Victor Osimhen has paid tribute to former Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr following his sacking by the Nigeria Football Federation, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr was sacked on Sunday as a result of poor performances.


Sparta Rotterdam goalkeeper Maduka Okoye was the first player to pay tribute to the 68- year-old, and Osimhen has now joined his international teammate in eulogising the coach.

”Thank You For Everything Coach And I Wish You All The Best,” the Napoli forward wrote on his Twitter handle.

The 22-year-old made his Super Eagles debut under Rohr and has scored 10 goals in 18 appearances for the team.

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  • Richie 12 months ago

    Osimhen’s meteoric rise under Rohr won’t be forgotten in a hurry by the young man…the numbers speak for themselves, double-digit golazos in such a short time, I’m not sure if even Yekini himself moved that fast with Westerhof!
    Maybe someone in the comments underneath can help clear that up, hopefully

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      10 goals in 18 matches is even being modest when you consider the fact that Osimhen didn’t score in open play until his match no 9 for Nigeria.
      This same Rohr gave Osimhen his chance at the age of 18 when the boy was still struggling at Wolfsburg. Same Rohr was influential in his loan move away from Wolfsburg after speaking with the coaches at the club.

      Same Rohr toughened Osimhen up to the ‘gong-ho’ Didier Drogba-esque styled striker we know him to be now by advising him to stop falling to the ground too easily and man-up in the face of opposition. Victor Osimhen and many others in the current SE sure have a lot to be thankful to Gernot Rohr for.

      That is the Gernot Rohr liars claim does not trust young players….LMAOOoo…. yet we have paraded the youngest team in the 2 tournaments he led us to. Lies may be on the run for ages, the truth just needs a day to catch up…..LMAOooo…and it is already catching up so fast.

      • Richie 12 months ago

        Hmmmm…at the end of the day, facts are, indeed, sacred

      • @Dr.Drey yes we understand Rohr was good initially and has helped in a way however modest to move the needle forward on Nigeria football and players development. Unlike most ppl with agendas or just want to criticize for the sake of it Rohr did loose a lot of the goodwill he had amongst most fans with his questionable decisions both in player call ups and in game tactics and management . For some reason he became timid, very unsure of himself and lacked the conviction to lead a team like SE and in all honesty if he kept going the way he did Nigeria will definitely have won nothing under him. Mentality and tactics is everything in today’s football and we see it from all the successful teams from England (Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea), Italy (Napoli, Inter Milan, AC, Atalanta), Germany (Bayern, Dortmund, Hoffenheim) I could go on. Everywhere you look all the successful teams wether club or country have a playing strategy/philosophy and almost all play an aggressive, high press, high energy, attacking system).

        In every aspect of the modern game if we want to be honest with ourselves Rohr lacked the ability to compete at a high standard. If you cannot play with freedom, impose and assert yourselves against teams like CAR, Cape Verde etc is it when you face the likes of Argentina, Spain, Germany, France eta that you will play with belief and conviction? A lot of us liked Rohr and I was one of his fierce supporters and when his contract renewal was up I wanted him to continue but boy did he disappoint. This is a time Nigeria has very talented, hungry for success, fast and dynamic players that I have ever seen in my lifetime and I fully watched the Kanu and Okocha era. I remember getting up at 1-2am in morning to watch the games then. Those of us looking objectively just know Rohr lost something a long the way and if it was Pinnick and co influencing him unduly he could have spoken out, kept his integrity all of us fans would have stood by him and push comes to shove he would have worked away with his head held high and still got paid for the remainder of his contract.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    Hmmmmmmm… Osigoal!! I Know as you were putting that up on Twitter, heavy tears was rushing down your cheek! But hope Eguavon will manage you well like Rohr??? Wish you all the best bro!

  • Francis Eluba 12 months ago

    10 goals in 18 appearances for the team?? That’s massive. Well, Rohr, a great tactician brought the good out of many Super Eagles players. Yesterday was Okoye, today Osimhen. Who knows who will be next? For us Rohr fans, there can’t be a vacuum so we move on with the SE crew led by Eguavoen, to prosecute Afcon and the WC playoffs. Good luck Osimhen, God bless our ex Coach, Rohr.

  • Rohr really wanted Osimhen to rule Africa football wise, hopefully, Coach Egu will continue. Good luck Rohr.

  • And here it is Again, No 2 and counting. We ate waiting for the rest to speak.

  • Mallon 12 months ago

    Coach Austine Eguavoen, over to you.

  • One thing can’t be taking away from rohr. He help most of the se present career wise. I knew this was worried about many se players not having a good club and how he giuded balogun, etobo, even at a time mikel when he was frozen out of chelsea squad.

    He was like a father to them all, up until we stared hearing the sound bits of include local players in your plan.

    He brought back discipline and humbliness to the team compare to days of maphia that we have before.

    How come this same man lost control of dressing room as cliamed by pinnick or picknic i don’t get it.

    These are the questions we should ask NFF. What are the factors that responsible for that. Is it players, Rohr himself, members of technician crew or government officials.

    • Bros, you know the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. This is the case with Rohr. This man was sometimes owed 10 months salaries and 18 months allowances and he never trashed the NFF in the media.

      Even now he has left the job, he’s still not trash talking them. He has also done an interview defending Iheanacho and co against charges of indiscipline before the match with Cape Verde.

      To be fair this man is not perfect, but anyone who says he didn’t do a good job is just being economical with the truth. The mantle has now been handed over to this so-called consortium of coaches. We will support them 100%, and we look forward to good results.

      The so-called NFF that has trashed Nigerian football at every level bar the Super Eagles and Falcons will have their comeuppance some day; because not long from now “a Pharaoh who doesn’t know Joseph” will ascend the throne, and they’ll surely account for what they’ve done to Nigerian football development in the last six years.

    • @Yinkus.
      Yes discipline and humbleness is correct. Rohr guided his wards and even went as far as opening new frontiers in their careers.
      Then came Algeria coach Belmadi who admonished African FAs to trust in their local coaches this was before Algeria and Senegal clashed at the final of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.
      It’s a candid opinion that we need to build on the local content dotting our space. So far, Eguavoen crew has taken some steps coming within hours.

  • Dennis 12 months ago

    Under Rohr’s reign, players reported early to camp and if you came late, you were rightly dropped (okoye against CAR). Never did we hear of players fighting in camp as we heard under the reign of other coaches. Rohr had his shortcomings but then I ask, did the NFF do anything to help him overcome his shortcomings? Do you guys really think Rohr was the one who invited noble to eagles camp? Rohr who has always been sceptical of our league players would suddenly invite a goalkeeper that had been inactive for months?
    I hope we do not fall back to where he picked us from because the writings is on the wall

  • Chai Ndi Rohr hahahahahahahahahahah!!!! see as you all are making a mountain out of a molehill Osimhen was doing a normal thing that was a very straight forward message I feel if he really loved Roar as ndi roar are claiming, the message should nave been a paragraph not a line. Roar people una to dey over do tins..

    Up Nigeria we move to the next level.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      Hahahahaha….Who sent any messages to African Guadiola after he dumped our team in the middle of the ocean and ran away…? Who sent messages to Siasia + Amuneke after both of them combined were relived of their duties when they couldnt guide us to ordinary AFCON….? Which of the current players has dropped even one word of congratulations to Eguavoen after his appointment, except Kelechi Nwakali who is trying to lobby his way into the SE despite not having made any impact at a lowly SD Huesca in Spanish 2nd division even till in his 3rd season at his club…?

      Please if “ndi Rohr” have told any lies up there point them out….LMAOOoo. But if all they are saying up there a truths that are verifiable even in the public domain then deal with your shame of successfully tossing the future of our national team from frying pan to fire…LMAOooo.

      For the 1st time in decades, we are going to AFCON completely hopeless. LMAOoooo. 4 of the major contenders for the AFCON are already shaping up with scintilatting performances at that ARAB cup, we dont even know where we will be camping….LMAOOoo…41 man list is being inflated with 6 additional invitees with 25 days to AFCON….LMAOOoo.

      Lets not even talk about what will happen to our FIFA rankings and the imminent failure of not making it to qatar as we will most eventually be meeting any 4 north African teams or Senegal in the WCQ playoffs.

      Afterall, your liar and fraud of a team leader as told us y’all are content with failing with your own…..LMAOOoo

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    @Ugo Iwunze The best fareware messages to show how a person will be greatly missed either he got relocated, transferred or got a new job is not the longest but the shortest. Fact! Have a nice day.

  • Prince Chizor 12 months ago

    Osimhen only said, “Thank You For Everything”. In his Tribute To Rohr After Nigeria Sacking.

  • Marvelous 12 months ago

    I wonder why no player in the current super eagle set up have congratulated the current coaching.

  • I hope we do not go backwards with this highly stupid decision we just took…..Cos i remember vividly how we couldnt qualify for competitions after the proud african Guardiola left us for dead…..And P.S i am really disappointed in Mr Odegbami and some people with their ganging up against Rohr….He was not flawless, but the players respected him and i cant remember any player rejecting call ups unless injured unlike under our bribe taking contingent and people saying they cant see a style of play are simply oblivious, our style of play is simply a reflection of the low standards and skill set of our players compared to legends like Rashidi Yekini(may his soul rest in peace), okocha, Kanu, West, Oruma e.t.c and yes to people who think the populace do not believe in Nigerian coaches. they are simply all corrupt which is sadly a reflection of the nation we live in

  • Elijah Samson 12 months ago

    The same thing that happened to Osigoal at Wolfsburg happened to Christatus Macaulay and the then coach couldn’t help him. Rohr is not just a coach but a father. You and I know what would have long become of Samuel kalu if not for Rohr’s intervention. I rest my case.

  • Muyiwa 12 months ago

    Sooner or later Nigeria will regret sacking Rohr… Finger cross…