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Three-Cap Defender Madu Fancies Return to Super Eagles

Three-Cap Defender Madu Fancies Return to Super Eagles

Odense Boldklub (OB) of Denmark left-back Kingsley Madu has revealed his desire to play for Nigeria again ahead of the Super Eagles’ Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2021 AFCON qualifiers.

Madu, the 2016 Rio Olympics bronze medallist says he is very optimistic he still has a vital role to play in the present crop of young talented players gaffer, Gernot Rohr has assembled.

The 24-year-old started his career at El-Kanemi Warriors F.C and moved to Slovakian club AS Trenčín with Super Eagles attacker Moses Simon in 2014 where he penned a three-year contract.

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He also played in the Belgian league with Zulte Waregem and was later loaned out for six months to Rosalare in the second division after sustaining a career threatening injury.


Kingsley Madu in action for Odense Boldklub

Madu joined Danish top flight side Odense Boldklub in August 2019 as a free agent after declining offers from clubs from Spain and France. He is now making impact at the club after a challenging start and has played six games in all competitions so far, registering one goal assist.

“My coming to Denmark to play for the former champions of the Danish football to me is very good for my development,” Madu said.

“I am back on track by playing regularly with Odense Boldkulb and based on my performances, I hope to get myself back into the Super Eagles.”

Madu started his national team career with the National Under -17 team, then graduated into the Under-20 and the Olympic teams before making it to the super Eagles where he has been capped three times.

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  • daniel 4 years ago

    at 24 you still developing? come to france league or spain So that super Eagles coaches will notice you

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Let’s hope it pans out for Madu. What about his olympic team mate STANLEY AMUZIE? Dude currently plays for a Slovenian club called NK Aluminij. Hmmmm. This guy was dubbed TAYE TAIWO part 2 due to his penchant for bombing up and down the left flank, and for his ferocious shots, with both feet I might add. Good dribbler, crosses the ball well. Energetic displays. His last game for the Super Eagles was the Afcon qualifier in 2014 against Egypt, where he held his own against Salah. I just don’t get it. He seemed to be going places. Perhaps Rohr might want to inquire about this guy, to find out what his current situation is. Unless he has suffered a horrendous loss of form, Amuzie should be in the pool of players Rohr examines for selection. Some would argue that if Amuzie was good, he should be in a better club by now. That doesn’t always hold true. Some top players end up languishing in small clubs for all kinds of reasons. If we can help Amuzie find his feet again, this is one guy that can bring a lot of value to the Super Eagles.

    • Galax 4 years ago

      The match he allowed Salah to score because he didn’t know when free kick was taken

    • onwajunior 4 years ago

      Who held his own against Salah? Salah used him to dance. In fact he was part of the reason we didn’t qualify. When Sia1 kept Echiejile on the Bench. He should relax for now. We have moved on.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Honestly, when you look at the career of this STANLEY AMUZIE of a guy, it begs a lot of questions. It’s not as if we have a plethora of options in the left back position. And he obviously has done well in the past for us, at the Olympics and in the game against Egypt. So it begs the question – what happened? How can a quality left back just fall off the radar, just like that? If his current form is not good enough, then his exclusion is justified. But I think he showed great potential in the past. I hope to read an article soon on STANLEY AMUZIE. We need to know what the deal is with this guy!

  • Pompei 4 years ago


    Interesting interview of Amuzie. Note how he reserves praise for Samuel Etoo of Cameroun for his mentorship while they were both at Sampdoria. Also watch the clip showing him taking a shot at goal. A player with this kind of ability left out of the SE? There better be a solid explanation!

    • this Amuzie guy dun pay you for publicity? Lol take it easy and don’t be so obvious

      • Lol! @Rich,I wonder o! The match against Egypt that I watched Salah equalized and almost score the winning goal at the last minute if not for the referee and this same Amuzie was dropped in the second leg away for Echiejile because he was too slugished…so, I’m a little bit confuse here.

        • Pompei 4 years ago

          No be only “a little bit confused”. Your confusion has become major one. Salah equalized due to a failed offside trap. The entire back four share the blame. And even if we accept that Amuzie was at fault for the Salah equalizer, something you are so quick to notice, how about the 89 minutes that Amuzie kept Salah at bay? How come you kept quiet about that? Your TV was not working properly during that time? Abi kerosene don finish? Nonsense unlimited!

        • Pompei 4 years ago

          I just can’t understand how unreasonable some people can be. Mo Salah that destroyed defenders in the Serie A during his Roma days, Mo Salah that has defenders for lunch in the English premier league, got past Amuzie ONCE in a 90 minute encounter to score an equalizer. If Amuzie is useless for this reason, then how do you describe other defenders who fared even worse against Salah? And pray tell, what is the meaning of SLUGISHED? Is that English you’re trying to type? You obviously made a mistake that could happen to anyone. But if I were to judge you harshly like you are judging Amuzie, I might as well conclude that you’re an illiterate with pathetic USE OF ENGLISH capacity. There you have it!

          • greenturf 4 years ago

            I’m a huge fan of Amuzie,i think he was phenomenal against Egypt.He gave the Egyptians hard times with his attacking threat,a modern day full back with a lot of energy and flair,sadly his European journey has been a let down.
            Wherever he goes never seems to be on the good books of his managers despite his obvious qualities it’s rather unfortunate.
            I’m surprise people have forgotten quickly his performances at the Olympics.I have not seen a better left back than this fellow since he was last invited to the super eagles.
            Truthfully,he has to work his way up the ladder to get Rohr’s attention because no matter how good he is players playing in the top five European leagues will get the nod ahead of him,it’s just what it’s sadly.

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        Lol, I no collect quid pro quo from Amuzie oooo. It just pains me that such a talented player can just disappear like that. Like I said, if the guy has lost form, so be it. But if he is still good, then the situation is worth a look.

    • Phynum 4 years ago

      U fall my hand sha

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        Phynum my brother, I was just wondering what happened to the guy. A guy who kept Salah in check for almost 90 mins can’t be so bad na? However, you get am before no be property. If Amuzie of today is not good enough, so be it. But if he is, I hope he gets the help he needs!

  • OmoEsan 4 years ago

    Na Amuzie person dey praise like this. Fielding Amuzie against Egypt was one of Samson Siasia’s major undoing.The guy was poor throughout that encounter and his slept off on duty while Salah sneaked in from behind him, took plenty time to control the ball before finding the net.
    Even at the Olympic game I never liked his game and I have heard many good analysts say that Amuzie is not a Super Eagles material.
    With Aina & Collins’ doing well with SE and both of them playing against world’s top players in Europe’s top five leagues, coupled with Saka’s recent form, please let Amuzie just enjoy his life in Slovenia.
    Amuzie ko, Amuzie ni.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Many good analysts said Amuzie is not SE material? Yet, Siasia invited him and played him against Egypt? Deploying him against the dreaded Mo Salah, who he kept quiet for most of the game? So your “good analysts” are now more knowledgable than Siasia, abi?
      No be my mouth I take dey praise Amuzie? So why e come dey pain you?
      You said you didn’t like his game at the Olympics. Hehehehe, that right there tells me you’re clueless. So Sampdoria that signed him after the Olympics, you sabi something pass dem, abi? 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Yes, we have Aina and Collins doing well in the left back position. Saka will soon be available too if he switches to us. But is it a bad thing if Amuzie makes himself an option as well?
      You are entitled to your opinion that Amuzie is USELESS AND FINISHED. For me, I disagree with you COMPLETELY. I hope Amuzie will prove detractors like you wrong, and soon!

  • Gideon S 4 years ago

    Amuzie got lost!

    THAT’S ALL..

    • Well..@ Pompei, I understand your pain but if you know me very well, I don’t exchange words with people so sorry for seeing something different to yours.
      And for the use of English, I can only blame myself for trying to shorten what I supposed to write in full for better understanding.
      Here’s what you asked for …I mean what SLUGGISHED means to me…
      May be u should tell me yours.

      • Pompei 4 years ago

        Which pain are you talking about? I don’t know you, and I’m not sure I care to know someone who judges others so harshly. You infer that Amuzie is useless, yet you obviously are a mediocrity going by your use of english. Why don’t you demand the same perfection you ask from Amuzie from yourself in your business and personal life?
        Anyway, to your tents, O Israel. You say Amuzie is useless. I stand GIDIGBA on my own viewpoint that he is a good player. Let’s agree to disagree. Cheers.

  • Amuzie: Italy to Switzerland to Slovenia, Madu: Slovakia to Belgian Premier League to first division to Denmark.

    One can argue that they have now found their level.

    Kingsley Madu season has not started, he has not kicked a football yet but it’s talking about Super Eagles. How about letting his football performances speak for themselves?

    That we should take them over players in top 5 leagues who are performing week in, week out is laughable. There are other options in top ten leagues also ahead of them. I’d rather take a player who is a regular starter in Italy, Germany, Portugal, England before I look at players who did not cut it in Belgium and have to go to leagues ranked 25 to 35 and are not sure of a starting place or regular football

  • Stanley Amuzie has even been released from his contract with Aliminij after less than a year.
    The downward spiral continues

    • Thanks @BigD..was about to tell his fan here.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Please what is your source? I don check internet taya, I no see any news confirming your statement. Please copy and paste the link make we see. Thanks in advance.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Still waiting for the source link showing that Amuzie has been released by NK Aluminij…..

      • Pompei follow the link here to his profile on transfermarkt. He was released on 30th January 2020. I Wish I could post a screenshot


        • Pompei 4 years ago

          Thanks very much, BigD. If this is true, then it is likely that the guy is off form at the moment. I wonder what happened. He seemed such a promising player. Anyway, SE is not a rehabilitation camp for players. Amuzie needs to roll up his sleeves, find a good club in a good league, and start playing the kind of football I believe he is capable of.

          • Sunny 4 years ago

            Pompei, Belgium or Portugal would be a good league for Amuzie to kickstart his career. I had a lot of expectations for this guy especially after the Olympics. He did well and got a chance at Sampdoria. Disappointingly, he couldn’t brake into the team. His case was not helped by the fact that he was competing with the captain of the team for the left back position. He started on a downward spiral from there. I guess, he lost confidence in himself. Matter of fact, Amuzie is currently not in the top 5 left back we have now, with the likes of Jamilu, Ola Aina, Sanusi, Okas etc firmly ahead of him. I wish him a career renaissance.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Greeturf, thanks for your honest appraisal of Amuzie’s situation. Your TV obviously works properly. Perhaps you can donate it to some folks here who are badly in need of a functioning TV set. Can you imagine someone here saying Amuzie performed badly at the Olympics? Hehehehehehe! Abeg, that is just too funny! Ignorance advertised to the maximum!
    You said Amuzie has a lot of work to do to get noticed by Rohr. I agree. At the moment, we have 2 good left backs, Aina and Collins. Upstaging these two would be a herculean task. However, I believe there is nothing wrong with having another quality left back on standby. The more quality we have in each position, the stronger the team is as a whole. If Amuzie is still anywhere near what he used to be skillwise, then his agent should try and get him a club in leagues like Belgium, France, Germany, or any good European league, where he can continue his development. Best wishes to him.

    • Another up and coming left back is Zaidu Sanisi with Santa Clara in the Portuguese premier league. This season he has 12 matches in all competitions and one assist. He is still developing though and will need to grow further in order to challenge at least Collins.

      This Saturday in the Portuguese premier league sees both left backs Zaidu And Chima Akas going head to head in the match between Belenenses vs Santa Clara 

      The Portuguese premier league is of a similar strength with the Belgian Premier League

  • Tancosports 4 years ago

    Wait o, @pompei, are you talking about the same Amuzie that played against Egypt in Kaduna in 2016? The Guy in number 16 shirt. If you actually talking about that guy then I’m highly disappointed sir. Salah made a good meal of him that day, I remember I watched that game alone in my room, I’m almost developed hypertension. My Brother don’t let’s be emotional about this, if the guy is good he will be playing in a good club by now, quality will never hide itself. Just my own opinion sir.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Tancosports, I will not attack you because you have a different opinion. That’s not my way. Now to the issue on ground. You said Salah made a meal of Amuzie on that day. My question to you is – who does Salah not make a meal out of? Can you think of any defender in the last 4 yrs that survived Salah comfortably? So why are we being so harsh in judging Amuzie? Think about this, Tancosports! Like I already mentioned, if Amuzie is not good, case closed. But if he is good and just being frustrated, a little help might be all he needs. Look at what Balogun suffered at Brighton and Hove. Sometimes, good players struggle in their clubs. Just saying.

  • Thank you @Tancosports Amuzie played very well and got dropped for the away game because he over performed Lol.
    Out of Eleven comments here, only 2 saw Amuzie as Roberto Carlos in that match . Just be careful so that prof won’t attack you..Lol.

  • OmoEsan 4 years ago

    Pompei, if Amuzie’s coach at Sampdoria was wrong for dropping him, what about his coaches at Belgium and now Slovenia. Why will an unknown Slovenian club declare our dear Amuzie surplus to requirements if he’s as good as you want to make us believe.
    I personally started to question Siasia’s uprightness when he started to feature players like Amuzie and Sincere Seth in his team. In the return leg in Egypt, he left Onazi, Omeruo and Echiejile on the bench.
    Not a single cross came off the boots
    of Amuzie, but Echiejile delivered two decent crosses within the space of about twenty minutes that he featured. I love Siasia, but as far as his temporary role is concerned, he just finished off the poor job that Oliseh started and abandoned.
    Amuzie’s case isn’t that of loss of form or downward spiral, he was just
    not good enough for the level/platform he wanted, hence he kept looking for regular features which he wouldn’t even get in Slovenia.
    Salah made a mince meat of Amuzie & yes, I reiterate this, he performed poorly at the Olympics. You may choose to help me with a new TV set if you insist that I don’t have one.
    Your client was NEVER a Super Eagles material.

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      OmoEsan, I am not in the football buisness in any way, shape or form, except as an avid fan and reader of sports news. I have never met Amuzie in my life. So for the record, Amuzie is not my client. Did you not read where I pointed out that if he has lost form, SE is not a rehab camp? Are those the words of a football agent trying to protect his client’s interest?
      Perhaps Amuzie refused to hire you as his agent, or maybe you were once his agent and he later fired you. That would definitely explain this ACRIMONIOUS BAD BELLE that you have developed for the guy. You say Salah made mincemeat out of him – that makes him one out of many good defenders who have been tormented by Salah over the years! And yet, with all the mincemeat making, Amuzie kept Salah at bay for almost 90 mins. How come you fall silent regarding the good work he did that day, but are willing to shout his mistakes from your rooftop with a loudspeaker?
      Amuzie performed badly at the Olympics? Chai, I insist that you need to have your TV replaced! He performed badly, yet emerged with a bronze medal. He was in the starting line up in all our games. So Siasia must be an ignoramus for taking Amuzie to Rio, abi? How come Sampdoria showed interest in him after the Olympics? Are they stupid at Sampdoria? You think they don’t know good football when they see it? Maybe you should go over there and organize a football seminar to better enlighten them at Sampdoria. O highly esteemed OmoEsan, wiser in football matters than Siasia and the Sampdoria scouts!
      Stanley Amuzie had (I repeat, HAD) great potential to play the game of football at the highest level. At the moment, the potential is not being realized. For him to be currently clubless, he has either lost form, or is going through some personal issues. If he can overcome this hump, I believe he can bounce back, based on what I saw him do in the past. I strongly believe in his ability as a footballer. And I don’t have to be his agent to say this.

  • Point of Correction
    Sunday Oliseh didn’t leaned in any precarious situation

  • Dioyik Hachton 4 years ago

    Make una dey here dey argue Madu and Amuzie. Gernot Rohr is warming up Okoroji and Felix Agu for the left back role.
    Let’s face facts at the now, if you must be in the Super Eagles team, you must be bringing in something special like Chukwueze, Ndidi, and Osimhen. So all these publicity stunts about some players both home based and abroad is just a waste of time. Gernot Rohr is not leaving anytime soon. Even if he does, it going to be even tougher to make the team for these kinda lads.

  • stanley amuzie is not a bad player he is better than jamilu collins.

    • onwajunior 4 years ago

      Agreed!!! That’s why Collins is roasting in Bundesliga while Amuzie is shining in Slovenia

  • Gideon S 4 years ago

    b:post-37949NigeriaThe Worst Nigerian Players After The First Half Of The Season In Europe – Maduka Okoye InFebruary 3, 202001186IMG_6356With the second half of the European season now up and running, Owngoalnigeria.com takes a look at the Nigerian players who failed to impress at their

    current Amuzie info: involve in the above link

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Sunny, nice comment. I join you in wishing Amuzie all the best.

  • OmoEsan 4 years ago

    @ Pompei, let’s leave this Amuzie’s matter abeg. We’re just sharing our thoughts here Bro, and no hard feelings at all. You have your say and I have mine. Apologies if I sounded rude , but I’m still expecting a TV from you as gift ooo!

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      Lol OmoEsan, what type of TV do you fancy? Samsung, Toshiba, Sony? Nice one bro. I tend to vigorously defend our players whenever I feel they are being unfairly assessed or treated. I agree the guy is not on form currently, but I also refuse to accept that he was never good or never showed potential.
      If you OmoEsan were a player, I would defend you too just like I am defending Amuzie, free of charge. I don’t need to be your agent 🙂
      Anyway, no hard feelings, brother. Wetin I wan carry hard feelings do? Dem dey chop hard feelings? Stay blessed, bro.

  • daniel 4 years ago

    Stanly is very good baller, i know him in person and some town with me in Mbaise imo state, Stanly is natural born talented player but his not lucky but i believe if he can play in france or Belguim and focus, he will shine again

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