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Tinubu, Atiku Hail Messi After Argentina World Cup Title Win

Tinubu, Atiku Hail Messi After Argentina World Cup Title Win

Nigeria’s presidential candidates, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar have congratulated Lionel Messi after the forward led Argentina to a third World Cup title on Sunday night.

Messi scored a brace in the thrilling encounter at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

La Albiceleste squandered a two-goal lead with the game ending in a 3-3 draw after 120 minutes.

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Argentina prevailed 4-2 in the shootout.

“Emi lo kan of Doha,” All Progressive Congress candidates Tinubu tweeted after the game

His People’s Democratic Party counterpart, Atiku also took to the social media to also eulogize Messi.

“Congratulations, Argentina. Messi is why you must never give up, no matter the situation. He was saving the ultimate last for the ultimate best👏👏.”

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  • Oga Tinubu and Atiku, you guys know how to congratulate Messi but know next to nothing about the numerous Messi’s languishing in Nigeria with no developmental plans anywhere for them in Nigeria. Oga Tinubu you spent eight years in Lagos as their Governor , WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT FOOTBALL DEVELOPENT IN THE 5TH LARGEST ECONOMY IN AFRICA. Now that you are running for the office of the President , i have not heard you said anything about sports development. As for you Mr Atiku all you know how to do is arrogating the good work either Chief Obasanjo did or that of Mrs Okonjo Iweala to yourself, As the Vice President of Nigeria for 4yrs what did you do for football in Nigeria? Since you have been running for the office of the President i have not heard anything about football development from you, What are your plans for the development of sports in Nigeria and stop focusing on how you are going to make your friends rich from the sale of our refinaries.

  • Nigeria’s biggest problem is that it is being ruled by the wrong people. As long as we continue to vote in unfit people just based on sentiment, our country will continue to languish in almost every sector including of course soccer.
    We can complain all we want. We can call them every name in the book. It won’t matter much because we are collaborators as well, a majority of us, anyway. Because we help them get in, just because they speak our dialect or are from our hometown.
    We are the captains of our own fate!

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Just because they heard from Obi side that he would take soccer very serious whey he assumes power, that was why Pa Tinubu and thief Atiku come out to make pronouncements such as they did. Tinubu is 84 years old. What concern him with football, for God’s sake.
    If 100 million Nigerian voters are foolish enough to vote for 84/85 old man or Atiku, who was banned from visiting the U.S because of Drug related issues, then, they deserve ‘all evils’ that will befall the Nigeria Nation.
    Obi is the ANSWER. Edo State is Obi all the way. Everybody saw how well Obi was received by the Palace during his recent visit to Benin City.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

      Mind your FOOTBALL analysis oga and steer clear of MURKY WATERS of politics. You have come again with your PALACE….tells how very LOCAL You are. We all recalled how you were DANCING NAKED on this platform hailing EGUADIOLA as EGUAPALACE until the guy failed and you SHAMELESSLY turned 360 degrees shouting ROHR ROHR.

      You claim TINUBU is 84 as though you were the DOCTOR who supervised his BIRTH.

      Can you tell this house the name of the FOOTBALL TEAM that represented ANAMBRA STATE when PETER OBI held sway and if Amy; what did the CLUB(S) achieved?

      Mind you SENATOR ORJI KALU renovated ABA TOWNSHIP and renamed it ENYINBA INTL STADIUM and under his watch, ENYINBA won back to back CAF CHMPIONS LEAGUE for the FIRST and ONLY time in our soccer history. If I may ask you; how is ORJI UZOR KALU viewed MAJORITY ABIANS? He’s regarded as a CORRUPT POLITICIAN who did nothing to better their lots..To further support that wide held notion, he was tried and found guilty of EMBEZZLEMENT and subsequently went to PRISON!

      It should tell you that GOOD GOVERNANCE shouldn’t be viwed from a narrow and myopic PRISM only.

      TINUBU set the motion in place that has seen successive administrations improved on that moved LAGOS from a once RUSTY, CONFUSION BREAK BONE SLUM to what is regarded as the 5TH BIGGEST ECONOMY!

      ABACHA was evil but under his watch NIGERIA made it to it’s FIRST WORLD CUP, played in the SECOND ROUND, won it’s SECOND AFCON, WON AFRICA’S FIRST FOOTBALL OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL etc.

      Let the best man win!

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