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Tokyo 2020: Odunayo Adekuroye Crashes Out In Wrestling

Tokyo 2020: Odunayo Adekuroye Crashes Out In Wrestling

Team Nigeria’s Odunayo Adekuroye crashed out of the wrestling event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after losing to Anastasia Nichita of Mongolia, reports

Adekuroye was leading her opponent 8-2 but was defeated by fall in the Round of 16 clash.

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If Nichita reaches the final, Adekuoroye may have an opportunity to vie for a bronze medal through the repechage.

In his first bout of the Men’s freestyle 86kg quarter finals, Nigeria’s only male wrestler to Tokyo, Ekerekeme Agiomor lost by superiority 1-12 to Deepak Punia of India.

In the canoeing event, Nigeria’s first ever female canoeist to the Olympics, Ayomide Bello placed 3rd, consequently missing out of a place in the semi finals of the women’s singles 200m despite finishing with a faster time of 47.326s in the quarter final.

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  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Sums up everything Gold medal hope gone into flames. After leading by 6 points in the last round only for a awkward fall. Are we sure this wrestlers were well fed? because the technique is there but no energy. My country just finished the dance of shame. With Blessing out of 100m relay I don’t think I will be watching to see any more humiliation.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hohahahaha….All Hail Mr Sunday Dare and his puppies….LMAOOOoo…the revolutionary sports minister who has turned our mourning into dancing in Nigeria’s sports….LMAOooo. Bunch of pathetic clueless loosers…LMAOOoo. We are waiting for them to return home and come and blow big big grammar for us once more…LMAOOoo

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      You see my problem with you is you don’t have sense, is it minister Dare that will provide them food or their respective federation. I don’t think I will continue arguing with weak minds that just make gossip attestations. Only a witch will prefer Dalung to Dare!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahah…Idiot….bloody fool. You get sense naim you turn to blatant lair for public…? LMAOOooo. You get sense naim you dey brag for public say na you dey feed your entire kindred. You get sense naim “getting married to a lawyer” be lifetime achievement for you..? Wretched bloody waste of ovary.

        When things seemed to be going well you were here rolling on the floor for Dare to walk over you….LMAOOo….attributing successes we have recorded even before he ever became a minister to him….LMAOOo…now the true state of things are being blown to bare in public it suddenly is no longer his problem…? Idiot…please tell us under whose custody TEAM NIGERIA is…? Fool.

        Idiot that has a “strong mind” Please tell us, who is the person saddled with the task of supervising all activities of all sporting bodies in Nigeria and ensuring they are all up and doing…? LMAOoooo. Iberibe. Onuku claiming to have 2 degrees in Oil and gas economics….LMAOOooo. You think that 5 days forex trading seminar you attended is what qualifies as a degree….LMAOOO….bloody illiterate….LMAOOo. You dont even qualify to hold a discussion with me in the first place. What sensible discussions have you ever held on this forum other than bragging about status you only wish you had….LMAOOoo. Who has time with someone with such Low IQ.

        When it comes to football, the money spinner, your tin-god comes alive to his duties…LMAOooo. Only few months ago he was bragging about his duties as a minister and his right to step into any association and ensure things are properly done. I guess his duties are restricted to football alone….LMAOooo. When the bunch of clueless idiots saw that we were heading for doom they quickly tripled price money for medals won as if Olympics is politics where you throw money around to rig your way to the top. LMAOoooo

        Pls tell us what how our outing now has differed from under dalung. The last time I checked our athletes were not being banned left right and centre under dalung, neither were officials and athletes fighting over samsung phones…..LMAOOoo. Its even more shameful they are trying to use money to entice athletes to win medals in other to cover their shame….LMAOooo….as if money can replace proper and adequate preparations and competent administration. Things have become this worse under the supervision of you god, that even the athletes cant even bear it anymore and are beginning to cry out 1 by 1 more than ever. Even right there in the games village its one crises to the other….one complain to the other….one administrative inefficiency to the other. Yet the noisemaker is there in Tokyo camped in 5 star hotels and enjoying executive treatment while the athletes are suffering and being mistreated right under his nostrils….LMAooo. Pls minus his queens english how is your hero better than Dalung….LMAOoo. Idiot.

        Imbecile threatening to leave CSN as if he is of any use to the forum in the first place……LMAOooo….and in his own eyes he has sense o….LMAOooo

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Idiot….Ewu gambia…read what your tin-god himself said a few months ago.

        Dare dismissed the claim in some quarters that he has no power to wade into the Super Eagles since there are elected officers in charge of the country’s football.

        According to the minister, as the chief custodian of Nigeria’s sports sector, he has the powers to correct any shortcomings he discovers in ANY ARM of the sector, including football.

        He added: “The Super Eagles represent Nigeria, sing Nigeria’s national anthem and wear Nigerian jerseys. So, without Nigeria as a sovereign country, they have nobody to represent.

        “When we look at their operations to make them better, it is no interference. They represent 200 million Nigerians and not any association or any individual. They carry our hopes and aspirations and as minister of sports of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is my responsibility to ensure that the interest of Nigerians is protected.”

        “You see when you fail to do the necessary checks, then you run the risk of repeating the same mistakes, failures and disappointments.”
        Hahahahaha…I guess all these only applies to football. Your daddy only knows his job when it comes to football.

        Pls underline the following statement……“You see when you fail to do the necessary checks, then you run the risk of repeating the same mistakes, failures and disappointments”.

        Have the same mistakes, failures and disappointments not been repeated in Tokyo…??? LMAOOoo. This time around they’ve even tarnished our image the more….LMAOOoo.

        Once again ALL HAIL MR SUNDAY DARE, Chima Ewu Samuels’ lord and personal savior.

        Idiot….dont run away as usual because you already know your IQ cannot cope. Come here with your “strong mind” let a “weak mind” lecture you properly. Fool

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