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Toro Opposes NFF On Naira Salary Condition To Rohr For Contract Extension

Toro Opposes NFF On Naira Salary Condition To Rohr For Contract Extension

Former Secretary General of Nigeria Football Association Alhaji Sani Ahmed Toro has frowned at one of the conditions the NFF wants Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr to agree before his contract could be renewed, Completesports.com reports.

President of Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick had in a recent television interview declared that Gernot Rohr’s contract will be renewed only if he agrees to new conditions that included being paid in Nigeria’s local currency

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“I don’t have any problem with other conditions given to the coach but it is not appropriate to ask him to agree to be paid his salary in Naira, it is not right. It’s a subtle way of telling the coach that his time with the Super Eagles is up and his services are no longer required,” Toro said.


Alhaji Sani Toro

“Nigerian coaches have also worked outside the country and they were not paid in that country’s currency. I don’t know why it is just dawning on the NFF that Rohr should be paid in Naira and not in US dollars after three years in charge of the Super Eagles.”

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Toro continued: “In my opinion, Rohr has done well for Nigeria, qualifying for two major competitions and winning bronze at the last AFCON in Egypt. His qualification records are excellent and I think he has learnt his lessons from the World Cup exit in the First Round. If you consider the fact that he achieved these from the scratch after two AFCON misses, you cannot but score him high.

“If the NFF no longer want the coach to continue, they should just be bold to tell him that his services are no longer needed and start looking for another coach. But if you ask me, I will suggest Rohr is retained for the AFCON in Cameroon next year.

“I will advise that the NFF should not rock our qualification boat by allowing Rohr to run out his contract. A new coach at this time of the qualifications will not augur well for the team and the bonding will be affected.

“I support his residing in Nigeria and watching league matches, but he should earn his salary in dollars,” Toro , a former House of Representative member concluded.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Now tell me why I should not give this man his full respect. He has just said it as it is without mincing word and clearly exposing the evil plans of the wicked in the process. What has he got to lose, absolutely nothing! But rather , has gained a lot of respect and regard from the younger generation. Elders are meant to be guiding lights for the youth and not otherwise. But unfortunately, some people with no brains would tell me to respect someone who claims to be an elder but does not conduct himself in a manner that should command respect from younger ones. If that’s how some of you behave in your area, well, that’s not how we behave in ours. If U are an elder and happen to lose guard, we kick u into the bin, straight! No time for ass licking. That Nigeria is where she is today is bcs of this ‘elder respect’ syndrome which has done a lot of damage to the way we reason today. The day we start confronting our elders with the truth and rebuking them when they mistep, that’s when things will be done the right way in this country. The main cause of corruption and evil today in our country are the so called elders and hence, most of them need to be done away with. F……CK respect for people who don’t deserve it!!!!!

  • What is toro saying. Did he read the contract before making noise. Please go and sleep if you don’t have anything meaningful to say. Why don’t you ask the senators to be paid in dollars

    • Mr Ade, there is different between foreign expert and local professionals, even if their job description is the same. From my own personal experience, as a system analyst, I have privilege of working abroad many times and different countries, whenever am signing the contract, the clause is always there if I want my wages in local currency or dollar, it’s my choice to decide no company ever force it or mandate it on me to accept local currency, it’s only if I decide to. So Sanni Toro is right, that clause is wrong. Even NNPC don’t pay their foreign staffs in local currency, it’s a big crapp from NFF. I thought amaju piknic is more mature but he is actually very childish for discussing a personal contract openly.

      • Some write ups here do not worth commenting on or replying. Please, note that the Ola above is different from mine. To avoid future fusinim switching to DP. Good comment though @ Ola

        • Paul Kelvin 3 years ago

          Nothing like agree with ola or not,Ola is very right.That you can write good English does not mean you can come to public platform and create arguments for things you don’t know ,don’t sure of or have the facts to back it up.some even saying uobo and ammunike should assign to the rule,Do u think that senior teams are used for experimental ground for coaches .What happen to under 20s,17’s and under 23? For God sake why did they want this man to be sacked,he is doing a good job.Honestly,this country needs spiritual sanitation

  • Samchi 3 years ago

    I watched Pinnick speak about Rohr’s contract on arise news and from what i saw from his body language he clearly does not want Mr.Rohr to continue as Eagles Coach’ it is the Fans who are still keeping the Coach in this team..

  • DeStar 3 years ago

    @Ola, it is good to engage a well exposed educated guy like you in view of your background, it shows in you , other could have as usual would rather heap insult to their fellow Nigerians because of their lack of exposure and as they claimed in their upbringing they do kick their elders in a bin forgetting that what elders like Big Segun Odegbami would see afar , if a youth (particularly the lazy ones ) climb on top of the tree , he would not see .but we have to tolerate such character, if they claimed here that is how they treat elders in their clan , then we may have to pardon them as leopards don’t change their skins even if they could not realize that , this is a public forum where they are not relating to their clan elders they claimed are used being kicked into the dustbin but are dealing with sets of civilized youths and civilized elders who listen and take correction to the word of elders without such animalistic way of life .

    Back to your brilliant analysis, it is true , it is  a word of choice , the piper dictates it’s tune , it is either you take it or leave it , in aviation industry where I am also quality and safety engineer, English language is the universal acceptance language recognized by all the civil aviation authorities be it in Germany, Canada, Russia , China etc and $ is also mode of payment, so employer vs employe & Seller vs buyer are at the liberty to want to protect the value of his country’s currency and language respectively. All the Russia model aircraft maintenance and operations instructions are written in Russia language, so you either buy it and be at the mercy of the Russia engineers for the aircraft maintenance  or you go for others models like France’s Airbus series , Canadian’s CRJ series that have language flexibility same applies in USA it is either you accept Dollar or forget it , same goes to Canada, it has to be Canadian Dollar likewise in UK , it is  Pound sterling, it is more reason their currency value are stable ( in the world of football too it is the same , in premiership, it is the government policy , the transfer, salary are in £ , in Germany its € in USA it is $ ) so why would NFF not carry out our government policy to protect our Naira ?  China sold railway to Nigeria and insist in written the maintenance instruction in china language, we could not protest so I don’t see any issues in all the new condition given oga Rohr . With the level of your football administrative knowledge, or  working exposure, have you ever seen anywhere in the world where an employee or football Coach in particular would sign a contract that gives him liberty to be living in his home country and yet be getting full salary at the end of the month , it can only happen in Nigeria ( except on contract where you pay when there is task , job or problem to solve , that is pay as you go ) for an average coach like oga Rohr & NFF to have signed such ridiculous contract for 4 years !! ( not even a word class coach like Pep of JM would dictate such ridiculous contact , it should even interesting you that Mourinho is mandated to be in an office where Levy would be seeing him every moment and of course , it is understatement if we say JM sleeps in his office , always on his toes , yesterday he almost risked his life, embarking on training against the current lockdown in UK just to keep his jobs , but our average coach Rohr who has never won a tea cup in his coaching career signed agreement with NFF in August 2016 at a time his last 3 jobs not only ended in being sacked by Gabon , Niger and Burknafaso respectively but with very disgraceful performance that should have resorted being demoted as assistant coach if he should be employed at all .

    So my dearest brother, it is only those that doesn’t follow Nigerian football Administration for years that would be surprised with oga Toro’s reaction , as there was never any differences in the management style of the past administrations to the current ( it is like PDP/ APC , no differences in NFF leadership  ) . It is either money have been swallowed by the snakes in the glass house or unpaid backlog salary for our local coaches to ensure they fail so as to get alibi to travel in search of average or 3rd rated coaches like oga Rohr who cannot compete favourably with our local coach Amunike, Siasia late Keshi , late Amodu if given the same good working condition and a steady uninterrupted salary as in the case with oga Rohr for the past 4 years .

    If Super eagles were to be your personal business, in all honesty , my dearest brother,would you have run it the way it is being run by the NFF, without sacking them and hand them over to EFCC for questioning of the criteria used in engaging a failed coach whose greatest  country coaching  achievement at the time of his employment was crashing out at the Afcon quarter final with Gabon as a host nation and a shameful performance in his last 2 jobs as F9 rated coach , yet our NFF did not engage him as assistant coach but Technical Adviser with $30k . Now my dearest brother, won’t you ask the criteria used in picking great Coach for Nigeria then , because , evaluation  of coach is based on his achievement in his last 3 jobs . Please see below oga Rohr score cards then before Employement:

    1. Gabon 2010–2012 (8win,5Draw,6Loss: Rating:42% ( below average P, let my people go )
    2. Niger 2012-2014( 3 win , 7 Draw, 13 Loss) Rating: 13% F9
    3. Burkinafaso 2015-2015(3win,3Draw 5Loss) Ratings:27% F9
    Above were the above woeful last 3 jobs scored card as F9 rated coach before being engaged after his sack and was not only given $30k per month but signed very ridiculous contract with NFF to be working from his home country in Germany ( May be all the players were playing in the Germany league and those poor youths  in Nigeria league are no longer citizens of Nigeria) .

    As if that Employement was not bad enough , the NFF set a ridiculous target of semifinals either right or wrong, ( right because having evaluated his score cards prior to employment, NFF knew the highest he could achieve was semifinals) expectedly the man crashed out to superior coaching skill of not an expatriate but local coach of another country in the semifinals and gladdening  competed for 3rd place match , it was great achievement for Rohr an F9 rated coach whose previous best was quarterfinals, the NFF would later turned logic on his head , rewarding a bronze medallist ( that our coaches Chairman Chukwu, Eguafon etc were ashamed of achieving in their time ) with upward salary increment of not 10,20 but $40% to $50k from 30k for a wining 3rd place match!!  What percentage would he have been given if he were to win Sliver beyond his adjudged capacity , NFF would shamelessly recommended for him to go for training under experienced coach to improve on the lapses seen in him at the two tournaments and that the cost implications , should be paid by NFF !! But thank God , a new sports minister came in and they dared not release money for such waste on a supposed “Technical Adviser “ that was not employed as Technical adviser trainee ; both the irrational increment of $40% and the initial proposed training outside the country where it would  have been fully paid for by NFF with training allowance, is nothing but economy sabotage, in view of the fact that a local coach who took S/E that failed to qualify for previous Afcon as Rohr ,surpassed set target and won Afcon cup but our unfortunate NFF who never supported our local coaches to succeed were too dazed to give a gold medallist local coach Keshi  $1 increment but would eagerly increased Mr Bronze medalist $40% from $30k to $50k . What was the late Keshi offence ? We should ask NFF, perhaps, why would he go beyond his set target and win Afcon even with backlog of unpaid salary?   If Nigeria did not kill corruption, Corruption will kill Nigeria .

    We should even thank oga Rohr that , this time around , he refused further “awful” increment in the new contract , we should also thank him for showing enough consideration for Nigeria to have signed agreement that would make him leaving his esteemed family in his country to always be on an uneasy 6 hours long flying hours each time Nigeria have home matches rather than insisting that all S/E homes matches should be moved to his home country, since all his players are based in overseas.  

    In my submission, just let us be watching our past NFF official and the current NFF  acting their films. NFF ‘s current seemed love for country is nothing but after thought to cover their track and avoid prosecution for the ridiculous contract they have signed twice with Rohr . With all indication , they are done with Rohr , but who knows, if they sack Rohr directly, the man may have classified information which may put NFF into trouble. Except Nigeria, all his 3 employers relieved of his job less than 1&half year on each job . In Nigeria, anything goes . Segun Odegbami at early stage had rightly called for his sack after his woeful performance but they didn’t listen, King Kanu Papilo in the recent past said , it was too late for him to be sack , not that Rohr did not deserved being sacked for his woeful performance but the timing was rung because of the qualifying match then , now that Corona virus had helped us , where the qualifying match has been postponed indefinitely, would they have to wait before, it will be too late to sack him ?
    As for me o , let us give the same treatment to our local coaches, combinatorial Amunike and Yobo would be a perfect combination with uninterrupted salary with direct supervision by the sports minister, otherwise, NFF would frustrate them with unpaid salary and would not release funds for campaigning and tournament allowance.

    • Paul Kelvin 3 years ago

      Mr.Analysis,if you give the current mancity coach_pep,current Newcastle coach and current real midreal coach combined together to coach Garbon or Burkina or somalia.Do you think can better than what Their has achieved in these countries? Just as I had said earlier,Nigerians and Nigeria as a country need spiritual sanitation

    • Paul Kelvin 3 years ago

      Do you think they can do better than what Rhor has achieved in these countries

  • Kelvin 3 years ago

    Sometimes,we allow our sentiments to over rule our decisions and sense of reasoning.Why are we arguing blindly here.In labour law and in international practice,an expert,is paid in dollars and the value of dollars paid may be in the country value but mostly in an open market value.iam Nigeria,currently in an assignment in one of assistant company outside the country,I’m paying in dollars at open market standard rate.The same application to you tomorrow,if you pick an international job,as an expert too,the ideal practice is to receive your salary in dollars.If you want to protect ur currency value as one suggests,you convert the dollars at prevailing rate of the country currency and paid the same.That is the way it is done.