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Ukraine Midfielder, Yarmolenko: We Will Play Nigeria With Full Force

Ukraine Midfielder, Yarmolenko: We Will Play Nigeria With Full Force

Ukraine midfielder Andriy Yarmolenko says the side will look to build on Saturday’s win against Lithuania when they take on the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Tuesday’s international friendly match at the Dnipro Arena, reports Completesports.com.

Andriy Shevchenko’s men recorded a 3-0 away win against Lithuania at the LFF Stadium, Vilnius, on Saturday – an European Championship qualifier.

Ukraine dominated proceedings from start to finish and deservedly won the game 3-0.

Yarmolenko signs autographs for Ukraine fans in Vilnius, Lithuania

Yarmolenko, who plays for English Premier League club, West Ham United expresses his happiness with fans’ support against Lithuania away from home and assures their fans that they will play with full force against Nigeria with their inspiring support in Dnipro.

”Before the match [vs Lithuania in Vilnius], when we were going to the stadium, we saw large number of our fans were on the streets. We were even more surprised when we went out to work out and saw how many were in the stands,” Yarmolenko stated in an interview published on the official website of the Ukrainian Football Federation.

“Thanks again to them. I am sure that we will play full force against Nigeria in Dnipro as we will be supported by the fans. All for them. In general, I missed Ukraine, the Ukrainian fans.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • WE will see now,ur team will be disgraced on Tuesday,up super eagles

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    Of course I am expecting that from Ukrainian team. That is the purpose of this friendly.

    We need more grade A friendly matches from now on. We need to prepare Super Eagles ahead of 2022 world cup.

    Coach Rohr have invited the best for this friendly match and I want to say thank you Oga Rohr.

    However, is that the best idea changing almost the whole square? Absolutely no. This will affect the entire team philosophy. For that reason, I will say, don’t expect too much in this friendly match on Tuesday.

    It’s 50/50 chance. As professional players, our players will try but let’s think of it this way. Oga Rohr’s team that have been together for a while have not given us enough, compared that to this almost new set of players, that said a lot.

    Injury is part of the game which is manageable.

    Tactics, this is where phobia is catching me. It’s not about having good players sometimes but how you organize your team and the game plan you apply to before the game and during the game.

    Substitutions…. Substitutions….
    Another issue here. Starting from goalkeeping area to the whole department of the team, how Oga Rohr will improve on this? I don’t know yet.

    Late and wrong substitutions….. no improvement on this so f and I am expecting the same thing on Tuesday.

    What coach Rohr needed to do after the match is a new assistant coach if NFF still wanted to keep the French man.

    I wanted to use this match to access Oga Rohr before but for these sets of new players, i have to changed my mind. But that shouldn’t be an excuse though.

    If Super Eagles doesn’t up their game and play below their capacities, what is the next step?

    In section 1,4,6 and 7 of omo9ja constitution, no time to check time and no time for excuses and Nigerians doesn’t celebrate failure.

    Therefore, Nigeria need more grade A friendly matches and after those matches if Eagles still not up to the task, NFF should welcome a new set of coaching staff.

    On the other hands, if coach Rohr proved his worth and started playing good football and winning matches to convince Nigerians again why not, he should continue his work.

    Hmmm my fellow Nigerians, here are my thoughts and I believed Nigerians will benefit from it. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • You are welcome,your thoughts well received. I trust NFF to deliver friendlies,this regime has been quite good with this.
      You wanted to use this match to access Oga Rohr.Why? Abi he don go Bayern Munich come back?
      Seriously,so you wanted Ndidi,labouring in this match, you wanted Musa, Omeruo,Onyekuru et al? How now? Who does that? Players were playing in Africa when their colleagues in Europe were mostly on holidays.
      Oga Shevy is even saying he would rest players,that’s how it is done.Even Iwobi ought to be in Everton,trying to get used to his new “wife”. There are training sessions this international break that he is missing now and he needs those trainings, to help him blend,since he didn’t do preseason with them.
      Resting players is how it is done world over,it doesn’t mean we hate victory. Ukraine doesn’t come near us in talent base,but they would rest players,we too should comfortably do same.This same break,was it Modric or Ericsson that was released back to his club after only one match,for rest sake.
      Hor,I beg u well well o,wetin make you wan con use this match score Oga Rohr?So make our players risk injury because,examiner dey around? Sò ré o. Be like u nor reason am well b4.

      I know you want us to climb up the FIFA ranking sharply,so you need victory. Oga Rohr wants to win too,but we must be wise,try new players-has that not even been your message since? Ehen so let’s put our money where our mouth is na. So SET OF NEW PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE AT ALL. What should concern you is things like game plan and other tactical matters.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Hehehehehe…the same people who were asking rohr to invite this…invite that…call up this….call up that are now asking…”is that the best idea changing almost the whole square? Absolutely no. This will affect the entire team philosophy”. Lolz. Always jumping from Braighton road to leaslie boulevard…..from leaslie boulevard to Johnson’s crescent. Talk is always cheap.
      Awon ti won ni pe adegun naa ni won tun ni adeogun mo….! LMAO

      • The guy no even send. It’s like he’s already thinking of retirement or a business. In fact, Rohr should bench him for this game. When’s the time to assess him for the match?

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    Lolz. Interesting. Awodi npogede o nshebipe ęyęlę o gbo, okuku gbo, titirini ntirini. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja, you Sabi football.? You only dance here and there for here.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    I think I do sir. I’m not good at dancing but if I see a good music why not, I may try sir.

    I have told you all several times that only few people can understand me much better. Good luck to Super Eagles in today’s match. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @omo9ja you’re a confused person that is why it will be extremely difficult for a rational thinking person to understand you faa, just park well abeg!

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      If that will make you happy, I park well but you should realize one thing
      MR.NICE, we don’t think the same way. We don’t dress the same way and our way of reasoning must be different sir. God bless!!!

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