Ukraine v Nigeria: UAF Confirms Eagles Friendly For Dnipro Arena

Ukraine v Nigeria: UAF Confirms Eagles Friendly For Dnipro Arena

The Ukrainian Association of Football (UAF) has confirmed that the international friendly match between it’s national team and the Super Eagles of Nigeria will be played at the Dnipro Arena on Tuesday, September 10, reports Completesports.com.

The encounter, according to the information available on the official website of the UAF , will take place three days after the Euro 2020 qualifying fixture between Ukraine and Lithuania in Vilnius.

“September 10, Ukraine’s national team, for the first time in history, will play a friendly match with three-time African champion – Nigeria, who recently confirmed their status as of one of the continent’s strongest teams with the bronze medal of the 2019 Africa Cup [of Nations in Egypt],” the UAF website informed.


“Considering the postponement of the friendly match with the Turks, which was supposed to take place in Dnipro in November last year, such a decision is absolutely logical and fair,” said UAF President Andrey Pavelko.

“This match will be the best gift to Dnipro, the main outpost of Ukraine in the east, and the first national team match in the city in the last 10 years.”


Dnipro Arena, Ukraine

Nigeria Football Federation President, Amaju Pinnick first revealed news about the friendly match last week.

It is the first time both countries will be meeting at the senior level.

The game will be Super Eagles first outing since their third place encounter against the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt..

It will serve as part of the Super Eagle’ preparation for the AFCON 2021 qualifying fixture against the Squirrel of Benin billed to hold in November.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Pompei 1 year ago

    Strange movement from our Ukraine friends. Shouldn’t a friendly be played before a competitive game? Anyway, dat wan dey dia pocket. Rohr, abeg invite all the inviteables, make we see who be who. Let’s try 4-1-3-2, or 4-1-4-1. Also important is the business of finding some good goalies. Hopefully, this friendly is the beginning of new and great things for the Super Eagles. VIVA NIGER AREA.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @pompei,You’ll be surprised at the kind of witch craft attacks rohr would get from all corners including some ex cricket internationals if he decides to experiment with the team. Nothing you’ll do to satisfy Nigerians. They wailed and cried against Jonathan, they cooked up all sorts of evil and false stories against him, all in a bid to oust him and eventually they succeeded. Now, they can clearly see the difference. E dy play e dy show. Do pim for this gov’t and u go collect. Same will be the fate of the eagles if Mr rohr eventually decides to step aside in order to have peace of mind just like Jonathan did.

      • Mr Hush 1 year ago

        @ oakfield

        Though I understand where you are driving at, forgive me if I could raise some objections to your above statement;

        There is no correlation from Jonathan to Rohr. It is entirely a whole different bowl of soup between both spheres.
        The Nigerian political atmosphere is totally toxic and as such stinks;
        Yes,the present government is terrible but the Jonathan administration was as well terrible and at the time needed to go.
        We should lose our sense of judgement based on truth,justice and fairness just because we are finding things bad .  Two wrongs never make a right. And there is no such thing as a lesser evil, evil is evil.
        Jonathan regime was bad;Buhari regime is worst. Bad and worst means terrible. So let’s leave Nigerian politics out of our football.it is the only thing sane we have left as a country.

        For Rohr; his adversaries have the right to question his ability, basically because they are Nigerians and the super Eagles belongs to all of us ; Rohr fans and Rohr dislikers . The fact remains no matter which side we all stand,it doesn’t change the fact that the man still has the job and people would always criticize, it is normal; it has nothing to do with Nigerians as a people, but human nature , the higher you go,the more you want. 

        What matters is how the FA reacts,what do they want? Do they still need Rohr? If so, can Rohr grow a thick skin and get to do his job nicely so he could we over some of his naysayers ( he can never win all over no matter how successful). 

        For me, hopefully, we keep growing and keep doing what keep criticizing;constructively,when needed. In the world of success, criticism helps the man learn and grow. Sometimes,It is a necessary distraction ,it all matters how we use criticism.

        As for the past government of Jonathan and the one there now ; they both failed this great country.
        ( and I apologise for bringing politics into this forum)…

      • Pompei 1 year ago

        Infact, Oakfield, the thing tire me. Regarding the EX CRICKET INTERNATIONAL, I have refrained from comment because that is a man I love and respect so much, as per Nigeria football legend. But his opinion on Rohr is very unfortunate, in my fallible opinion. Make we dey watch. Anybody that is working against the Super Eagles progress should be ready to have 200 million enemies! I hope Rohr has the thick skin required to continue on this job. If he decides to step aside, the impact on our football could be calamitous. Left to me, I would keep Rohr. If push comes to shove and he must go, then WE NEED A PROVEN, FIRST CLASS COACH as his replacement. Nothing less will do.

  • Nigerian players who have not been within the SE Circle have been on the news for some time now. On a normal ground is expect the coach to look out at these players and lend them playing time.

    God Bless Naija