Upcoming Football Season – Which Leagues Should You Be Interested In?

Upcoming Football Season – Which Leagues Should You Be Interested In?

With the football season’s start coming up shortly it is time to prepare football fans around the world. What leagues should you watch and why? Most football fans stick to their country’s national league and the Champions League but it is time to expand everyone’s horizon. The time has come to embrace other national leagues and the love for the game. Great football is being played around the world and with an internet connection it is possible to watch football from all over the world. Therefore, the following article will list and explain why you should watch these national leagues.

Bookmakers and free online casinos can wait – it is football time now.

The Chinese Super League

Over the past five years the Chinese Super League has developed immensely. Many top players have taken the journey to the east to compete in the chinese national league. Many top players have taken a beating by the press and the public for making that choice. Greedy is the main word used to describe players like the Brazillian player Oscar, who had a promising carriere in English football before making his shift to Shanghai Shenhua.

The Chinese Super League is looked down upon for that reason. The league is fairly young but in the last 10 years a lot of investors have bought majority stocks in a lot of the clubs and expanded the league economy. This is the reason players are moving to China. Top players are getting paid a lot of money to play in the league. The only reason football fans call the top players greedy is because the league is non-existent in the international scene. Not many Europeans watch Chinese football and none of their teams compete in the Champions League – for geographical reasons.

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But why should you watch the Chinese Super League? First of all, let’s just mention the top players who have or play in the chinese league: Oscar, Mertens, Hulk, Fellaini, Hamsik, Carrasco, Paulinho, Rondon etc. The sheer talent in the league is amazing and the fast playing style most teams in the league have suits the top players well. A lot of fantastic goals are being scored in The Chinese Super League. The Chinese Super League is a league worth giving a shot in the upcoming season.

Major League Soccer

Another league that is a bit exciting to be on the lookout for is the MLS. The MLS have had a lot of attention in the last five years. Like the chinese league, many top players have made the move to the MLS to compete. Mostly it is older players whose career is in the final stage, whereas a lot of youngsters travel to the chinese league.

Just to name a few of the players who have played in the MLS: Ibrahimovich, Rooney, Pirlo, Gerrard, Beckham, Donovan, Henry, Kaka, Drogba, Villa etc. those names are some of the best players of all time.

The problem with the MLS is the way it is structured and the culture of “soccer” in the state. Zlatan Ibrahimovich addressed this before he went back to Europe to play for AC Milan. He said that the way youngsters and kids see the game and how the structure of the sport is set up, the sport will never be bigger than it is now – which he meant negatively. For kids in the US the sport isn’t free and is fairly expensive. Zlatan thinks that the sport should be available for all to pay, which in the end will benefit the sport.

No matter what, the league is exciting to watch because of the tempo games are played in. But also because more stars are trying to expand the league. The newest team, Inter Miami FC, is owned by the superstar David Beckham.

Premier League

It is impossible to make such a list without mentioning The Premier League. The Premier League contains the best teams in the world. The average level of play of the clubs in the Premier League is unmatched by any other leagues in the world. Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, Leicester are some of the biggest teams in the world.

The english league is one of the toughest leagues in the world and the style of play can’t be matched by anything. The league is always shifting in playstyle and the managers are some of the most innovative in the sport. Being a Premier League player or manager puts you on the top of the world, when it comes to talent in football. The Premier League has been the reason for the sports development in recent years. The amount of money that is used by the clubs and the revenue of the top clubs are huge. The Premier League is the biggest liga in the world.

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