The Rise Of Online Casino And Sports Betting Culture In Nigeria

The Rise Of Online Casino And Sports Betting Culture In Nigeria

There has always been an air of industry amongst the Nigerian people. Be it in paid employment or as entrepreneurs, Nigerians have always thrived in whatever the put their hands on. All that is needed is just an idea or a trend that has been established in other climes and the average Nigerian mind will amplify same and make it succeed beyond expectation in his own clime.

The advent of gaming in Nigeria has been barely 9 years, and already, the sector has witnessed astronomical increase in activities. Today, there are so many online casinos and sports betting platforms establishing their physical presence in Nigeria.

The figures coming out of the industry is not only encouraging but also a pointer to the fact that Nigeria is indeed a fertile ground for foreign investment despite the perceived challenges of doing business in the country.

According to All Sports Predictions, a foremost sports forecasting company in Nigeria, winnings paid out by out by some of the online casinos and sports betting companies run into hundreds of millions of naira in 2019 which was an indication that the sector has been adopted by Nigerians as a viable alternative to make an income.

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The greatest attraction for online casinos and sports betting company is the population of the nation as well as the prevalence of poverty. Sports betting and online casino offers a fifty-fifty chance for anyone to make money giving the prevailing economic hardship in the country, indeed, a lot of people would prefer to take their destinies in the hands rather than to remain jobless and penniless.

While it is true that establishing online casinos and sports betting companies in Nigeria offer employment opportunities for many Nigerians, the greatest line of impact is the opportunity provided for small scale business offering auxiliary services in the industry.

This singular fact is what has been a major factor in the rise of casino and sports betting in Nigeria. The visibility offered by small bet shops scattered all over the country has created a physical meeting point for the teaming youth population in the country who have a huge passion for gaming.

It is amazing that from the humble beginning of about three indigenous companies taking the risk to explore the possibilities of sports betting in Nigeria, the industry now boast of over 20 registered operators as the effort of the indigenous companies has paved the way for major global bookmaker brands to come into the industry and up the stakes. Today, the industry stands as a multi-billion naira industry and the fastest growing industry in Nigeria.

The potentials of the online casino game is yet to be explored with millions of naira to be won and hundreds of fun games to play, it will be a matter of time before Nigerians begin to take advantage of what is on offer and make a big deal of it just has it has been done with sports betting. The reality for many people is that online casino and sports betting is regarded as the key to help them achieve their dreams, it is expected that the industry will only continue to rise on the wings of the people’s expectations.

– By Remi Olatunde

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