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Uzoho Cleared To Resume Duties With Anorthosis Famagusta

Uzoho Cleared To Resume Duties With Anorthosis Famagusta

Nigeria goalkeeper Francis Uzoho will make a return to action for Cypriot club Anorthosis Famagusta in a league game against Alki Oroklini on Monday after he was cleared by the country’s soccer authority, Completesports.com.

Uzoho joined Anorthosis on loan in January from Spanish outfit Deportivo La Coruna, but was later found guilty of playing with an invalid health certificate against Apollon Limassol on his debut for the Blue White on February 2.

The 20-year-old was subsequently suspended for a game and fined €1,000 for appearing for Jurgen Streppel’s men with unauthorised paperwork while his club was imposed with a nine-point deduction.

However, after an appeal, the youngster was cleared of wrongdoing but the nine-point deduction from Anorthosis was upheld.

Uzoho missed three league games while the appeal process was on and couldn’t feature in Anorthosis’ last three games as he waited the issuance of his health certificate.

According to a report in goal.com.cy, Uzoho has been issued a valid health certificate and will be between the sticks against Alki on Monday.

Capped 12 times by Nigeria, Uzoho played all three matches as the Super Eagles exited the 2018 World Cup in the group stage.

In October 2017, he became the youngest foreign goalkeeper to ever play in La Liga and marked a memorable Deportivo La Coruna debut with a clean sheet.

Uzoho was part of the victorious Nigeria squad at the 2013 U-17 FIFA World Cup in the United Arab Emirates, albeit without playing a single minute at the tournament.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Preah 5 years ago

    This guy should go to a proper European and competitive club man.

  • Bomboy 5 years ago

    Ope o! Praise God, Jesu seun, etc etc!

    Since Rohr has refused to drop him to the bench, I have reaorted to praying that God would speed up his growth in the game.

    Welcome back to the game Uzoho.

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    ” However, after an appeal, the youngster was cleared of wrongdoing ”
    Pls where are the nincompoops that were hauling insulted and abuses on this boy during his trying times…..?! Show yourselves if you are the real son of your father…..show yourselves now and have the balls to apologize publicly as you disgraced him publicly back then.
    Pls don’t let me have to go and copy your insults and paste here b4 u do so.
    Thank u for your anticipated cooperation.

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    In case you missed it, that’s the link.
    pls locate your comments and be brave enough to apologize publicly. Including those who claimed they know football more than guardiola and those who bragged that they have “travelled” and even discovered and founded the roman empire.

    • Jones 5 years ago

      They don’t have the balls to come out. Awon foreign based.

  • Obinna 5 years ago

    My brother is not easy like that. Clubs has to look for you first and terms and conditions you have to consider. Every player wants to enter into a better big club, but they can’t enter on their own

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    God bless you Drey for the link above. That’s when they said they’re quitting the forum despite the fact that they couldn’t comprehend what the article implies. Arguing blindly because they have hatred for a boy who is their sons age. They quit the forum, but the forum was so irresistible that they couldn’t stomach the shame LMAO!!!! 

  • Asoko Emmanuel 5 years ago

    @Dr Drey you are not am good person ooolo,lolllll….why will you expose their shame like this.Anyways E Chime,you should find courage to apologise to both Uzoho and these progressive minded intellectuals on this forum.Now you believe me when I said yours is not criticism but condemnation?cos you pass judgement without recourse to reasoning and assessment of the fact.Pls with respect it’s something you must correct with immediate effect is not a virtue.You don’t just see the wrong side of people without a proper analysis of the situation just because you want to have a different view from others.
    From onset this boy Uzoho was very innocent,his only offence was not knowing the way things are done cos he was new,so when he was issued with d said certificate he took it not knowing who the issuing authority was.But am grateful to God that he has been exonerated.Hes not like the likes of Ronaldo and Merci who surreptitiously evaded payment of tax.My Naija boy is clean and true.God bless Naija.

  • Simon 5 years ago

    Not everyone is interested in Uzoho’s story why are you guys excited about a child who can not say no to corruption tell me will a Nigerian club lure an European to do same? Una no get sense sha Drey and co. No wonder this backward life they sweet una nicompussss thinking they have made a point.

    • Jones 5 years ago

      Shut the hell up you foolish child. Even after reading the article you still couldn’t comprehend.

  • _Lesson to All_

    Let this be a lesson to Uzoho, his advisers, his management company and Anorhosis Farmagusta football club that: desperation does not pay.

    In my view, in someone’s desperation to ensure that Uzoho plays regularly (to remain Nigeria’s number 1) after losing his starting place at Elche in Spain, they wasted no time in registering him at Famagusta and playing him before all the admin formalities were concluded.

    That is unacceptable and potentially scandalous for Uzoho. Thank goodness he has come out of this with his reputation intact however I implore those I mentioned in my first paragraph above to take lessons away from this episode and make sure it never happens again.


    After a game was played on 2nd February between Famagusta and Apollon (which Apollon actually won with Uzoho conceding 3 unreplied goals!) Apollon still went ahead to report to the CFA (Cyprus Football Association) that Famagusta had fielded an ineligible player (Francis Uzoho).

    They alleged that Uzoho had only arrived in Cyprus around 4pm on the afternoon before the game, and questioned how he could have had his health card issued about an hour after sports organisation’s (KOA) offices closed for the day at 2.30pm.

    KOA cancelled the medical card on February 9, as reports suggested Uzoho had told police he was on the plane on his way to Cyprus when the card was issued.

    Apollon officials were outraged because they strongly suspected that someone somewhere had forged medical papers so that Uzoho can be re-introduced to club football expeditiously.

    I mean; when I look at the whole matter, it is all a mess! I could not believe what I was reading!

    Cyprus Police arrested three people in connection with this Uzoho-gate affair, including Anorthosis’ deputy chairman and doctor Kyriacos Yiangou. The three were later released.

    Shortly afterwards, it was announced Dr Yiangou had resigned his post.

    Uzoho has got out of this one lightly but heads have rolled and Famagusta’s 9 points deduction stands which will surely harm their Premier League status as they presently court relegation.

    Whilst Uzoho may have won this battle, Famagusta and their team doctor definitely lost the war.

    • CORRECTION : ** Famagusta actually won the game against Apollon 1:0 on 2 February and not a 3:0 win to Apollon as indicated in my entry above.**

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    I am saddened that the fight to eradicate low thinking in the mind of Nigerians and joining in the campaign to force our leadership to get into the right acts and move our obscure football structure forward through proper education and development of sports and one day produce the first African World Cup playing beautiful attacking football with the talent on our disposal if well chosen minus corruption has shown no positive signs.

    I’m saying this because judging by the above commentators it is really pathetic to say one bad egg( Drey) would go ahead to be celebrated for typing Uzoho on search tab via completesports to add to a debate of a guy who accepted and was used as a corrupt tool when he can simply turn it down like the likes of Oliseh @fortuna.

    Sad to say this tells that there is an uprising of even bigger ignorant corrupt low thinking minds with a poor educational background or will I say IQ because two years ago I don’t know about now maybe I will check later but research says Nigeria is densely populated with a population of IQ lower than 70 which is below the requirements of an average thinking man. With this statistics except for a few exceptions no wonder we have a lifestyle that we cry for here in diaspora and as my brother Omo9ja or sunnyb would say you can’t give what you don’t have but i will advice that there light in the tunnel if Drey and the many shallow minded citizens can build their capacity.

    If I’m saddled with the responsibility to lead Nigeria football everyone will go back to school but no this is impossible because of the strange caliber of people we have in the country, no wonder Sunday Oliseh, Samson Siasia and R.I.P Great Keshi couldn’t have a peaceful reign when on post to serve their beloved country due to various corrupt agendas.

    I won’t go into debate with you guys because you have all showed what you got, so nothing will correct your minds and sad to say until you leave oblivion before you’ll realize you were in oblivion!!!

    Regardless there is hope as we have some sound minds like Omo9ja,Simon, Pascal,Sunnyb and the new realism thinker Peterside Udah plus many more. Impossible is nothing as the great Nelson Mandela will say so I believe miracles might happen and one day we will have genuine upcoming leaders and realistic fans.

  • Greenturf 5 years ago

    Good news!Uzoho’s situation heading to a very difficult cup of nation is worrying.
    Frankly,seeing this lad between the sticks against Seychelles and the dream teams must win game v Libya was worrying.Thank God we came out of both games unscathed though that error against Seychelles that made us concede a cheap goal won’t be forgotten for a long time.Apparently, that’s what you get from a unfit goalminder.
    Having said that,the nations cup will provide stiff competition from strong teams in the continent eyeing the beautiful trophy,Nigeria as a strong contender needs all her players to be in a competitive shape so having the eligibility of our first choice keeper sorted is a music to the ears of Rohr and his coaching staffs,the football house and the super eagles fans around the globe.
    God bless Nigeria!

    • Greenturf, I just have to get this off my chest. I find you to be a very rude contributor and would be very grateful of you never respond to any of my posts again.
      Please. steer well clear of my posts.

      I will endeavour to do likewise.

      Thank you.

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    Hahahaha…look at the coward @Eberibe calling out for support. Simple apology he cannot render. That’s how to know a man who’s got no balls….no shame….no integrity. We can all see how high your IQ is….its so high its almost bursting our IQ scale. If shallow mindedness got me 3 degrees in engineering including a doctorate, made me a consulting engineer, made a university lecturer and an accomplished researcher and also a development projects manager….then that must be one heck of shallow mindedness.
    Your own deep mindedness can’t make you comprehend simple English….your deep mindedness can make you understand the context of a story…..your deep mindedness can’t make you see your zero sense of judgement even when the true picture is being presented in right front of you…..common ‘I am sorry’ you can’t say. Even when you have been caught red handed with your hands soiled and with oil all over your lips…you still looking for shameless means to evade judgement. you have done well clap for yourself.
    Pls do us a favour….kindly post the link where the results of the research that said over 70% of Nigerians have low IQ. maybe its another Nigerians you are trying to talk about….maybe you are talking about people from Niger and not Nigeria. I’ve searched a number of journals of human psychology and I’m yet to find who, where and when such a survey was conducted……pls kindly post the link where the results of that survey was published…..I will personally use my funds to sponsor a counter survey if need be.
    I read your lame excuses above and u claimed I searched complete sports what what what…..I didnt have to search bro….it shows you are quite daft and blind that you can’t see the related posts just beneath the news piece…..and yet u are hoping someone will saddle u with responsibility of leading Nigerian football….? anyway its possible…..if dalung can be Nigeria’s sports minister, how won’t an epitome of mediocrity like you have any hopes of heading Nigerian football…..and you talk about sending people back to school…? you who cannot read and understand English properly….? You should first go back to school and learn how to read first properly first. Start with MacMillan primary English and NOEC…..wen u r done with those kindly let me know so I can recommend more advanced texts.
    Breeze don blow….we don see fowl anus…..!!!

  • Pascal 5 years ago

    Drey get matured for once and stop exposing your fake life here with more stupidity. Chima I will advice you to avoid this village man if you want to have your peace.@Deo Greentuff did not insult you please he is your friend.

    • Pascal, I really don’t mean to be like that but this brother has disrespected me several times and enough is enough.
      I hope I am not coming across as being rude but all I am saying is that for tensions to be avoided between the 2 of us going forward, I politely asks that he does not respond to my post.

      Whilst I am not oblivious to some nice things he has said about me in the past (I have also been complementary of him in the past as well) but there seems to be something there which I can quite put my fingers on.

      So I think ignoring each others posts will help both of us moving forward because should he respond to my post in a manner I find unacceptable, I will come down hard like a ton of bricks.

      Thanks Pascal; thank you very much.

      • Greenturf 5 years ago

        This is quite strange because I have never come across as rude to anyone that includes you.I think you are picking at the wrong person.
        Coming down hard like a ton of bricks on me are you kidding?well i bet that should make me scared to wee my pants haha.
        Honestly,I can’t pick out your agitations and don’t even know where I have gone wrong perhaps I might have without knowing but if that’s the case my apologies.Though I’m not trying to sway you I shall respect your decision but I’m still your friend I don’t have enemies and won’t start with you.
        Have a nice bright sunday enjoy.

        • I don’t ‘pick on people’ in your own words as I am not a bully as you imply.

          Well, respond to my post in a rude manner again and you will see whether I am kidding or not.

          Like I said, kindly keep out of my business and I will keep out of yours.

          Thank you very much indeed.

          Have a pleasant Sunday too.

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    The hatred that will kill some people is still pricing spears and arrows in the market…..even when It is written that “the youngster was cleared of ANY wrongdoing” they still come here to try to malign his person and destroy him. Shame on them all…..We know those who are truly fake here…we know the true village people masquerading as colonial masters…!!! Simple English, they just wouldn’t comprehend…. then they come here with tonnes of blind arguments under the guise of being Stephen Keshi’s first sons.

    • Bomboy 5 years ago

      Deo, what happened to you?

      You gained my respect on this forum the day you extended a digital handshake to settle a matter instead of continuing a fight. But today you are the one calling for a fight!

      Where is the gentle deo we all know?

      • I didn’t mean any disrespect my brother.
        Please don’t be upset.

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