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WAFU Nations Cup: Home- Eagles Lose To Togo Again

WAFU Nations Cup: Home- Eagles Lose To Togo Again

The home-based Super Eagles failed to secure a place in the main WAFU Nations Cup following a 2-1 loss to the Hawks of Togo on Sunday night, Completesports.com reports.

Imama Amapakabo’s men will now compete in the plate section of the competition in Senegal following the narrow defeat.

The Togolese who were the better side in the encounter, took the lead in the 16th minute through Moise Kossivi Adjah.

The Eagles rallied back and got a well deserved equaliser in the 33rd minute courtesy of Sikiru Alimi’s fine strike.

Kangnivi Ama Tchoutchoui netted the winning goal for the Togolese two minutes before the break.

It would be recalled that the Hawks defeated Nigeria 4-1 in the first leg of their 2020 African Nations Championship final qualifying round fixture lash weekend in Lome.

Both teams will clash a third time on October 19 in Nigeria to decide who will feature in next year’s CHAN in Cameroon.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Yaiwu 4 years ago

    rubbish team

  • Edoman 4 years ago

    I think everybody now see that the Home based players are no good and are not ready to be considered for international matches. Loosing to Togo by 6 to 2 is the worst Nigeria can talk about. What a shame.

  • Phill 4 years ago

    Our league is nothing to write home about so this result is not a surprise; it proves that Rohr is right looking up to our boys playing abroad for the super eagles team. 

  • Onwajunior 4 years ago

    Don’t understand how the coach used the same team that lost 4-1 to execute the home game. Was he expecting them to miraculously overturn a 4-1 lead overnight?

    • Lord AMO 4 years ago

      This was not the home game.  This was WAFU cup.  This game was played in Senegal.  What did you want him to do, bring a whole new squad one week later?  

  • Emmanuel. Addey 4 years ago

    NFF sack this useless coach how can you  lose two. time to Togo it is not acceptable 

  • It’s not surprising to see SE struggle in both encounters. These are a set of players who are yet to kick a ball for a new season how do you expect them to be at their best. Highlights of the first game says it all about the poor level of fitness on the part of the players and the overall play how far off they are in lacking match fitness. Abeg another story jare

  • I doff my cap for Rohr for ignoring this home base players. Hr surely knows his job.

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    I know it is not our right to win every game, but losing like this to Togo (!) is a big disgrace.

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    When I talked the other day about Imama not being a good coach as many people think some Forumites came attacking. He is not the right man to handle this job! Now you see more reasons to appreciate Coach Rohr. I wonder what this man is really offering tactically to Rohr’s team. If any one would be sacked in the National team, it is Rohr’s assistants. We have better Nigerian Coaches that can offer more to the Super Eagles and can also handle the Home team like Amuneke, Siasia etc not this NPFL learners that are lucky to be in the National team.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      So it is also Imama that is in charge of 3 out of 4 Nigeria representatives that have crashed out of CAF club tournaments abi…???
      Even rangers that scaled to managed to do so by the skin of their teeth.
      Nowaday, winning 2 rounds of knockout matches to reach the group stages have become a problem for our league teams on the continent.

    • I concur. Amuneke and Carl Ikeme should be working with Rohr as assistant coach and goalkeeper trainer, along with the assistants Rohr brought with him. (I think Siasia is still under FIFA’s axe).

  • Please I don’t understand Wat is happening. How I wish I knew Wat is going on. Libya Sudan I no dat. And my oracle was up to the task. But dis Togo was not prioritised even by completesports. Or was it nff. I will just tell Wat and Wat d coach shud do.. to win . Togo 6 Nigeria 2.was suppose to be d reverse. Nigeria 6 Togo 2.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Those who fail to prepare are only preparing for failure.

    If we play this togolese team 10 times…..they will beat us 10 times. Until we learn to do things right, we will continue to be humiliated. We think winning is our birthright and so we can just assemble anybody anywhere and throw them into the deep end to go and win games abi…??? Na we invent football…LMAO
    This Togolese team has been in camp since June…they had played 2 CHAN qualifiers and not lost any of the 2, before the met us in September and took us and out unfit team to the cleaners.

    We want to use a team assembles in 2 weeks to go and defeat another that has been assembled since 3 months ago….Na we biko???

    Its Imama i’m just pitying at this point…bcos this CHAN job is like a poisoned chalice. The dude is helpless, he’s got bills to pay.

    It’s as if some people didnt know that there will be CHAN and WAFU qualifiers in September 2019. They just woke up in the 2nd week of september and remembered that there was now team on ground to prosecute both assignments…LOLz

    Its even worse that our hurriedly assembled team is composed of players who haven’t seen league football in months.

    I’m happy “smaller” teams are beginning to teach us lessons in humility. At least all these our shoulder wey we dey raise upandan go come down now.

  • I don’t know why Oga Rohr is so stubborn. Why can’t he invite at least 6 members of this home based Eagles to the senior team? Didn’t the Big Boss do just  that and won us the nation’s cup, the very last one. I bet even Brazil will sweat to face these boys. 

  • mr Hush 4 years ago

    It is nothing new that the Nigerian league is nothing to write home about.
    It is in a deplorable state,and we have administrators who care less about the league.
    The league is run like a “flea market”, where the coaches act as agents to some particular group of players,and owes no loyalty to the club he is suppose to serve.
    The players are psychological down,and have no will to push any longer in the field of play,especially when the league is run like a five aside tournament; the only thing on their mind is the next route out of the country,no matter what route.and do we blame them!
     The less we talk about the football administrators,the better for us.Pinnick and his board,only think of the golden goose; the super eagles. Everything else is secondary.they are so lost to the super eagles and are so engulf in the new found ‘success’ in the super eagles,that they think the rot of everything else back home can’t be smelt. 
    Now we can all smell what is cooking in the Kitchen.
    Enyimba knocked out by a team which country is in a political quagmire.
    And the home based eagles just been cleaned out,twice, by Togo in the space of days.

    As I said before,there wouldn’t be an end to these decay back home,until the Nigerian league is run professionally and not this shambolic way. I sincerely don’t understand what is special in running a league!
    It is not rocket science.

    that said, we have to say it as it is,concerning the lost to Togo,no matter what, the bulk stops with the coach.
    Imama has lost all his matches he played away and to be frank,not really against good oppositions.
    It is totally disapproving of your credentials to lose to a team like Togo twice in a matter of days.
    It shows,1. You didn’t pick the right squad.
    2. You are not good tactically.
    3. You don’t learn from your mistakes.

    Normally,in a sane world,if we had good administrators,Imama should be fired. It is no excuse you didn’t “camp” for weeks,that is why you lost twice Togo or lost all your away matches.
    It shows you are incompetent. After all,he knew about these tournaments ahead of time,so why didn’t he begin camping earlier.and if the FA didn’t allow him to,why not resign or come to the press and cry out. 
    Like a normal Nigerian home based coach,he is just there for the pay and not to prove his worth.
    I know the FA would keep him,so I am not holding my breath,afterall,Alloy Agu is still the GK coach.

    • Glory 4 years ago

      Good one @ Hush. Just to add, our local league teams are now made of chaff while every grain goes foreign. Also apart from Sunday Oliseh, Emmanuel Amunike, Samson Siasia, it’s hard to find one competent new generation coach. God bless the days of Kadiri Ikana, late Shuabu Amodu, Sebastian Boardricks, Willy Bazuaye, Joe Erico, Chris Udumezie etc. These new generation coaches seem not to have learnt anything from the older generation. They are only concerned about money they get from selling players.

      • mr Hush 4 years ago


        The Nigerian league like much of the Nigerian state herself,is facing a major brain drain.
        We all know the best of players are out of the country,and the ones not yet out,are either on their way out or seeking a way out..
        And for the local coaches, they are just coaches in name.
        They are more like agents to me.
        If you can’t do well with a home based eagles,you know so well,after all,you coach them in the league; how can you do well with a big assignment like the national team?.

        We all know the qualified local coaches that should be given the job as it concerns national level; 
        Not those 70s and 80s ex internatinals,who can’t even do well for themselves to upgrade their tactical skill set,but the new age coaches,that are willing and have to spent their time and money to develop themselves technically and ethically.

        But since the FA is so lost to money and would never hire the latter,for obvious reasons, we should stick to foreign coaches and hope they help us develop our teams; I can only hope one day,we get the right set of administrators that would be willing and smart enough to develop our league..it is all about money,branding and will.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      ….and what about the likes of our 3 of 4 continental reps who have crashed out of club competitions…can we also say;
      1. They didn’t pick the right squad.
      2. They are not good tactically.
      3. They don’t learn from your mistakes.
      You said…”After all,he knew about these tournaments ahead of time,so why didn’t he begin camping earlier.and if the FA didn’t allow him to,why not resign or come to the press and cry out”……..are you for real…???

      Pls when was Imama seconded to the CHAN team…for him to have known about these tournaments ahead of time?…we are talking of just about a score days ago. Is it a coach that opens camp for the National team…? Even for the U23s job he has had for months, when he cried out severally, even going by himself to the sports ministry pls what was the outcome….not to talk about an assignment he was just handed a few weeks ago. Pls was it the press that would have organized the training camp, or knocked the unfit boys into a good enough fitness level to meet an opponent that has been competitive since June…?

      If you say he didn’t pick the right squad, was not good tactically, and didn’t learn from his mistakes for the matches he lost away, so what do you have to say about overturning the results massively with the same squads on both occasions..?

      Cmon man, don’t throw away reality just because you don’t like someone’s guts. Talk is always cheap. Even you, yes you…..tell me you would have RESIGNED from the job under these same circumstances for which you are asking Imama to resign or come to the press and cry out.

      Mind you, every coach is always there for the pay, local or foreign. It is a profession. Coaches have families to feed and bills to pay.

      Moreover, Imama isnt even under contract just like all other local coaches of all the national teams. Currently, the only coaches contracted to the NFF are Rohr and Dennerby. The rest are only remunerated by match bonuses.

      If as a nation we are so used to getting things we haven’t worked/labored for, then the time to have a change of mindset is now.

      I wish more teams will continue to punish our ill preparedness in the future. We have gotten away with fire-brigading our way to success for way too long.

  • mr Hush 4 years ago

    @Dr Drey

    Nice to get some answers..
    But I think it is clear that,it is not every coach that go for a job for the money,some do it for the reputation,others to prove a point,and most for the results.
    If Imama is only there for the money,then I think you buttress my point,and he shouldn’t be there at the first place. I know it is a tough call to make,since we know the nature of things in Nigeria,from the economy sense of things,but I think there are some things that go beyond money,and that is reputation; all these losses to Togo is a dent on Imama credentials and no money can change that.
    To even think he is being paid through handouts and match bonuses makes me understand even more that the FA only hires local coaches squarely by those who are willing to agree to these terms of payment,rather than their technical and tactical qualifications. Yes.Imama has won the league with Rangers; but it is the same league we all know is terrible.so..

    And to think Imama already complained about the lack of preparation.and there was no response,it is more the reason,he could have stepped aside,because he should know he was staring at failure;but his greed overcome his thoughts.and who is to blame for that?
     So because he won only home games,does that make him a brilliant tactician?? Why can’t he use the same prolifiency he uses to win home games and win away?
    OR is it a case,when Imama wins,we praise him as a tactical wizard and when he loses,then we blame lack preparations?.
    Which do we go for?

    The administrators are terrible.they should take full responsibility for all these.it is our house,but they are our caretaker.and they haven’t done a great job.
    But Imama should take responsibility for the losses as the coach,no matter the condition.he chose to work in those conditions,he has the chance to walk away,but he chose to stay believing he can achieve miracles,so we believed he could; if he didnt,then he takes the blame!
    OR should we blame the masses for believing we should be beating Togo,Sudan?

    Reality is what you make of it,and Nigeria reality is that we are a football giant in Africa,no matter how bad; and it is not being pompous or arrogant,the past and present facts agrees with that.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hehehehehe…….Nigeria reality is that we are a football giant in Africa. LMAO

      I’m sure that was what our administrators said to themselves when they assembled holiday makers into the CHAN team only just 2 week ago, to go play teams who have been grinding their asses in the qualifiers since 3 months ago….. Now we have been brought back down to earth and we are licking our wounds….Lolz.

      The one that pains me most is that “Superman” Theo Afelokhai has swallowed 6 in 2 games from the feet of Togolese strikers.

      Even countries that have won 7 AFCON titles and dozens of CAF Club competitions aren’t bragging all over the continent about being giants.

      • mr Hush 4 years ago

        Humour me this;

        In the footballing sense,as it relates to Africa; how would you describe Nigeria?

        Do calling someone a name he bears mean bragging about that name?

        What does bragging have to do with stating the obvious; if I am not forgotten, the home based eagles played in the final of the last tournament,or didn’t we?
        And the same home based played in the final of the last WAFU cup; or didn’t they?

        Yes.we have failed in developing at home,our league is deplorable,and it is telling on us in the continent. But does that change the fact that Nigeria is a football giant as it regards Africa?

        If we say this,we say this with all backing based on precedence.

        Do I think our failures in planning would keep affecting us. Yes off course. But it doesn’t mean I would be too shallow to think we haven’t gotten the self respect to ‘brag’ about our achievements and level in the game. We earned it.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Well then @ Hush……As they say, its difficult getting to the top….its even more difficult remaining at the top………lets Keep on bragging about being giants and don’t prepare when the occasion calls for it. We will keep being brought back down to earth by these supposed minnows.

          I doubt if we would have gotten to the CHAN or WAFU finals by assembling teams 1-2 weeks before crucial matches.

          • Mr Hush 4 years ago

            @Dr Drey

            But we did get to the top,..you don’t throw such away..
            Everyone has to build on something..losers and winners alike.
            Yes.it is tough to get to the top but even tougher to remain at such,and there lies my problems.I doubt if football these administrators and Nigerian coaches know this..
            Or else we wouldn’t be getting all these bad results against Togo and the likes..with due respect to these countries..

            My Pain is that these maladministration is taking a dunk on our well earned respect in the footballing circle and the big problem is, I don’t see changes coming soon..
            I hope I am proven wrong though

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            The truth is that every nation deserves to be at the top at one point or the other in their history..and if it would mean scraping the scalp of ill prepared giants, then so be it.

            We used to be the playtoy of the likes of Uganda, Zaire and the North Africans in the 70s until Otto Gloria came and took our team to Brazil for months to change our football orientation just in time for the announcement of our arrival on the big stage in 1980. It was on the foundation of that that every other success we recorded at all levels in the 80s and 90s was possible.

            So if the past successes have now become the locus of our lack of respect for the hardwork others are putting in to get to where we are…..they we should brace up for more humiliation to come.

            For me, its even against the law of natural justice that we should even pull a draw with a team that has been competitive since June talk more of desiring a victory.

  • Two things came to mind at the weekend following three football results by Nigeria in Africa.

    CHAN Eagles 1-2 Togo
    Rangers 3-1 Pelican
    Enyimba 0-1 Al Hilal.

    Now the things that came to mind:

    1. The coach sing “age grade players” under 23 players to prosecute a senior men’s game. It backfired spectacularly when they were beaten by the same Togo team 4-1. the coach expected and got a better result against Togo using the same players, they “only lost 2-1 this time”, Yes coach got a better result.
    2. Scheduling. Its no surprise that Enyimba lost their match playing the CAF Champions league with a depleted squad (I think they had upto 4 or 5 players released to the CHAN Eagles). With their squad diluted, both teams (CHAN and Enyimba) lost their matches. Rangers on the other hand who did not have any players with the CHAN Eagles played at full strength and won their game. This scheduling matter had me scratching my head. It is only in Africa that we will have national teams playing the same day as club games. You will not find this in Europe, South America, North America or Asia. I cannot imagine Liverpool releasing players to play for England, France etc on the same day that they have a Champions league game, ditto, Barcelona, Fluminese or Boca Juniors.

    In Africa, they will just wake up and say “lets organize a regional competition the same time as continental competitions are being held.

  • Bunch of LOSERS!!!

  • Those that have been clamoring for the inclusion of home based payers in the Super Eagles should come out and talk now, let us include home based in eagles, see the result now, nonsense! Rohr is even magnanimous to be using Ezenwa from the local league, left for me no one should be invited to the super eagle, until they prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they deserve a call up.

  • Please why isn’t Rohr coaching this team. Isn’t that what he is paid for. How many league matches does he go to watch? All we see mostly is local goalkeepers called to the team

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Q: Please why isn’t Rohr coaching this team. Isn’t that what he is paid for….?

      A: Sorry, the CHAN team isnt in his job description. Coaching the home-based eagles wasnt included in his contract.

      • mr Hush 4 years ago

        @Dr Drey
        Every team, no matter how big,started small.
        It is never what you achieved in your past that defines you; it is your past and what you keep doing in the present; life is always a continuous process..
        Yes the Zaire’s,Sudan,Congo,Ethiopia,Uganda,used to be giant in African football; that was just because many nations weren’t into football then,some weren’t even independent; and Nigeria was more in a start up stage; same as the Ghana,Togos,Benin,Guinea,and such nations who got their independence and cut their tooth in football,same period like we did ( late 50s to early 60s.

        It is to our achievement as footballing nation,that since Otto Gloria did his magic,we haven’t looked back,in fact we have grown even more than others that started same time like we and surpassed those that were ahead.
        So it is a plus on our side and something to be proud of.

        I will say this;
        This humiliating loss to Togo is a dent on our football;but it is not going to change the fact that we a giant in the football game especially concerning Africa.
        I don’t know of the future,but right now,we haven’t gotten to the level of denying our football heritage we earned down the years.

        Hopefully, our administrators wake up,fix the system,the league and get us coaches that deserve the job,not handout coaches that care more about money,rather than their reputation.

        It was nice reading your opinion on this issue..
        Much respect

  • Our local league is in a bad state and the poor results of the Home based national team is a direct reflection of this.

    Full stop.

    And yes, I think managing the home based Super Eagles should definitely be in Rohr’s contract (like Dennerby).

    And don’t expect this to be too much for him.

    If he can help us build a “Young” main Super Eagles team, I will be much interested to see him help us build an equally “Young” homebased Super Eagles team.

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    Why can’t people understand that no matter how good players are, if they have not had gametime, they will most likely always lose to a lesser talented team that is match fit????

    What is the argument with that?

  • The last WAFU Cup, Ghana beat us 4 goals to 1 in the final, The Last CHAN Tournament, Morocco beat us 4 goals To One, Now Togo too, 4 goals to One then 2 – 1.
    Against Ghana and Morocco back then, the League was on and it was not Amakapabo! Where are all those home base players during the time of keshi? Agbim, Egwekwe and co that turned out National Team to Ordinary after 2013 nation’s cup? I could remember that country like Congo, Uganda came to Beat us at home then..the likes of salami, uzoenyi were regulars then.
    We don’t need to be deceived, Twice now that the foreign base players had saved us from embarrassments.. against Libya and Sudan.
    May be later, they will get there but to me…until they find their way to Europe. They should not be called to our national team any longer unless they are better than the ones on ground.

  • Keshi..may God bless his soul was the most controversial coach Nigeria had ever produced.
    People keep refering to the 2013 nation’s cup triumph forgetting that we won that tournament because he used just one home base player in the first eleven ( Sunday Mba) the rest were on the bench through out. The day he started forcing two or three of them to the first eleven, we lost it and he got sacked.
    Where is Salami? Osaguona Ughodaro? Uzoenyi? Egwekwe? Even one Home base Kalu Uche(not Uche brothers) that went to Nation’s cup. What of Gabriel Reuben?
    Even when he decides to call foreign base, there used to be complaints… Emmanuel Sunday, Bright Dike, Nwofor, Uche flavour Uchebor, Michael babatunde, shola ameobi etc….Kudos to Rohr….we wey Sabi, Sabi.

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    Sean, you just reminded me of that team of 2013.. bu one question immediately comes into mind.. How many of those players are top professionals presently.. Only few of them. I still wonder today how keshi won that acfon because something was obviously wrong with the team. A winning team having 90 percent of its players going into extinction in few years after wining a major tournament.

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    no wonder we couldn’t qualify for subsequent afcon after 2013… I don’t know what late keshi did but it wasn’t done with an eye for the future.

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