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Where To Shop For Reliable Golf Clubs And Equipment For Your Games

Where To Shop For Reliable Golf Clubs And Equipment For Your Games

Golf is a fun game and a great way to combine exercise with relaxation and socializing or networking, but it is a sport which requires a fairly substantial investment. Although getting set up as a novice is probably when you face the largest spend at any one time, the need (or just the desire) to add the best golf clubs to your collection never really ends.

This makes it quite important that you make good decisions about both what to buy – looking for durability and evergreen style, and where to buy it, bearing in mind your budget and the options available in your location.

Let’s start with the most essential item

Golf clubs

New players may find choosing a set of golf clubs quite a challenge simply because there is so much choice, and getting it wrong is an expensive mistake to make. They may have golf-playing friends who recommend a brand, which can be handy but they may be a better choice for more experienced players than for novices. Start with a basic set which will include both 3 and 9 irons, putters, drivers and sand, lob and pitching wedges, and 3, 7 and 9 woods. Beginners should also look for clubs with flexible shafts. More experienced players would do well to add a hybrid club to their collection.

Where to buy clubs

New golfers are generally advised to buy clubs they can try actually see and feel, so the best places to pick them up are either used through local selling sites on platforms like Facebook and Gumtree, at a sports store or specialized golf store, or even at the local golf club’s store if there is one. Experienced players can look in the same places, or at the many online outlets ranging from Amazon to specialist online golf equipment outlets.

Useful golf equipment

Here we look largely at essential golf equipment only, but there are also many items which are labeled as accessories, such as umbrellas, visors, scorecards, and rangefinders which you may find are useful items to purchase.

Golf balls

There are several different kinds of a golf ball, and for beginners, a softer version with around 350 dimples is the best bet. It’s good to buy the balls along with the clubs as the store assistant will be able to run through the options and the differences.

Marker pen

This is essential for marking your golf balls, so you can find them again and also settle any disputes should more than one ball be left in close proximity.

Golf bag

This can be designed to be carried on the shoulder or with wheels to be pulled. There are many kinds of golf bags, from classic golf bags to golf bag coolers, you can choose the best ones from the Sunday Golf brand.


Another essential item, it’s common for white tees to be used in regular practice and play, and different colors in matches.


Useful for a constant good grip, regardless of the weather.

Golf towel

Dark colors work best. These are used to wipe balls clean and dry club handles if necessary.

Pitch repair fork

To repair the greens as needed.

Where to buy golf equipment

These items can be safely bought at any of the outlets mentioned previously, either on or offline.

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