Who Will Win Serie A Next Season?

Who Will Win Serie A Next Season?

After spending years being on the downfall, Serie A is back again and is looking to become one of the top leagues in Europe. The last season showed us that things have heated up in Italy as the battle for the top 4 spots has been extremely close. While Inter managed to get on top of the situation and win the league, one thing is now certain – the new season will be as competitive as one could imagine.

Every team is looking to reinforce their starting XI and has one goal in mind – win the league. With that being said, we wanted to take a look at the top favourites to win the Serie A in the 2021/2022 season. But first, let’s share a few words about the fans and what do they think about the new champion.

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Now, let’s see which teams are the biggest favourites to win the Serie A next season.


We’ll start off with Inter. While many people think that Inter is the clear favourite here because they managed to win the Serie A last season, things are not as pink as they seem. Here’s why. At the moment, Inter is facing bankruptcy due to the fact that its owners are not permitted to invest money outside of China. Hence, they ended up with millions of dollars in debt and the only way to regain that money is to sell some of the club’s biggest stars. If they don’t do that, then they face being relegated to the lower-tier leagues in Italy. Even though they are among the top contenders, they are not the biggest favourite on this list.

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Next up, we have the Rossoneri. Milan were actually the top contenders for the Serie A, but many of their players have picked up injuries, which is why they ended up battling for a top 4 spot. But, it goes without saying that they have improved a lot over the past couple of years and that is why they are among the biggest favourites to win 2021/2022 Serie A. What we can say is that we are glad to see Milan being back on track as they belong among the champions.


Napoli is always in the top 4 conversation as this team is wildly unpredictable and capable of doing the impossible. Yes, they have been on a small downslide in the past few seasons, but no one should ever underestimate this team. One thing is certain – Napoli is great to watch. Their style of play is very offensive and diverse, which is unlike any other Italian club. Italy is known for its cautious play and defending style, which is why so many people consider it to be boring. But not Napoli. The fact that they are extremely unpredictable makes them serious contenders for the throne.


Finally, we have the Seria A dominator. Before Inter cut off their streak, Juventus were on a 9-year winning path. But, the sudden changes that the team made in the past couple of years with the managers and players cost them a lot, which is why they ended up finishing 4th last season.

But, things are looking good as the Bianconeri have just re-appointed Allegri as their head coach. Just a reminder, Allegri managed to help Juve reach 2 CL finals in 3 years. What’s even more impressive about this fact is that he did all of that with players that were free agents. There’s no denying his greatness and the fact that he is a tactical genius. Hence, we firmly believe that Juventus are among the biggest, if not the biggest contenders for Serie A.

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