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‘Why I Can Never Become NFF President’ –Remo Stars Proprietor, Soname 

‘Why I Can Never Become NFF President’ –Remo Stars Proprietor, Soname 

Proprietor of NPFL club Remo Stars FC, Kunle Soname, has explained why he can never become the NFF president.

With current NFF president Amaju Pinnick revealing that he will step down after the end of his second term, there have been calls for Soname to vie for the position.

The calls are not unconnected with the success he has achieved with Remo, one of the well runned private clubs in Nigeria.

But speaking to journalists on Thursday at Ikenne, Ogun State, ahead of the fourth edition of the MTN NPFL Laliga Under-15 tournament, Soname dismissed the idea explaining why.

“I cannot run for the office of the NFF president. It’s only in places like Nigeria that the NFF is more flamboyant than the league itself. What We need to address is the league itself, once that ripes every other things will fall in place.

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“So for me all these talks about becoming NFF president is just a waste of time, until we settle the issue of structured football in Nigeria as in NPFL, NNL and all the leagues, the NFF is just a waste of time.

“Yes you have some successes but it will just be sporadic, today we succeed tomorrow we will not. But if you want a sustained success there must be a foundation for it, the league must be fairly strong, if it is not it never going work. 

“That’s when you will see people that have never being to Nigeria but were born by Nigerians, if they lose matches it’s not the same as we that live here and know that if I don’t play well, even if I play abroad when the season ends I must come back here and people will shout at me so you put a little effort into it. 

“So our league needs to be stronger, kids must be trained from age 10, 12, 13 for them to get to 20 and play quality football.”

On the target of Remo in the Nigerian topflight this season, Soname stated that what is more important for the club is avoiding relegation for a third time.

“This is our third attempt in the Premier League. Our first attempt we came up and went down immediately, second attempt we came up and went down immediately. So our objective for this year is clear we must not relegate. 

“Even if the season ends and we are in the 15th position we will go to church and do thanks giving, that is what we want now, let us just maintain our status. In three, four years we can aspire for something else. The problems with Nigerians is that we don’t consolidate before we move forward, you put your both feet on the ground before you think of jumping.

“People should be commending us that we have done very well and like I said if at the end of the season we end up at 15th position we will go for thanks giving that in the history of the club we will be playing NPFL back-to-back, that would be an achievement for us.”

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  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    This Remo Stars proprietor, Chief Tsunami is strategically running a campaign of racism, colorism and xenophobia, advertising himself like a clown to succeed Pinnick.If that happens, what rotten flesh remaining of Nigerian football will be buried at the national cemetery in Abuja. This country has been very unlucky with leaders in every sphere of its existence.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      Here we go again, when they say the truth, you have a problem handling it. Everything to you is xenophobia, oga abeg shift, have they stopped them from playing for the country. How many of them cared that we didn’t make it to the world cup. Let them give attention to our league. Let them groom the youths that we have.

  • King S 2 years ago

    Nigeria is a very toxic play to play football. We have dullards literally everywhere in our sports structure. This is why we can never move forward and why we will not move forward.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    The countries doing better than Nigeria in football – Ghana, Senegal, Cameroun – also have “foreign-born” and “foreign-based” players. It’s only Nigeria that is now campaigning to exorcise its sons born in Europe from playing for the fatherland. People across the world are fighting racism, but the largest black nation on earth is about to write racial prejudice into its soccer constitution. Nigerians simply lack a knowledge of human resources management. They have a bush and primitive inclination that money can buy everything.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    It is the rich Nigerians who have money and children abroad and fly to hospitals in England for medical check-in. They are the ones deceiving the poor people of the country with a call for quotas in our soccer teams to limit “foreign players.” Next, we will have tribal zoning of positions in the field. This country is sick!

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Already there is a loud prejudice against players from Northern Nigeria. The disdain with which racists and sectionalists cringe at the sight of names like Musa, Shehu, Umar, Jamilu Collins, Zaidu on the SE team list is pungent…..whereas they say absolutely nothing about the continual invitation of an aged Omeruo who is as redundant and docile as the eye lashes, a player whose best playing days have been over since the 2014 World cup, still stuck on 50-something caps despite being in the national team for close to 10 years now.

      After blaming and shutting out foreign born players, the next thing will be to start blaming and proposing to shut-out players from a certain part of the country anytime something wrong happens in the national team.

      Other countries are fighting tooth and nail to get more and more of their diasporans into their squads, selfish crooks in the Nigerian system who want to sell their half-baked owns are looking for ways to phase-out our own foreign borns who are competing at levels their owns can only dream of.

      Foreign born players must be the reason we missed 2006 WC and couldnt qualify for 3 out of 5 AFCONs in the last decade too. Foreign-born players were the ones who told the team to go on the pitch and be expressing themselves and couldnt read a match properly to know when Ghana switched formation…..LMAOooo. Moses Simon who had the best chance in 180 minutes must be a foreign born, likewise Victor Osimhen who went for a useless bicycle kick of a ball right in-front of him.

      Even the Ghanaian team that beat us to the WC ticket had as much as 9 foreign-born players in their team. These same foreign borns have been a part of our set-up over the last 6 years when we were churning out results after results and meeting targets after targets. It is now that they have failed with their own that they are looking for whom to blame but themselves.

      We didnt lose the WC ticket because of foreign borns, we lost the world cup ticket due to having clueless bus conductors as coaches. Coaches who do not know the place of team chemistry in football and hence make 5-6 changes to a starting line up and field players who are new to each other on the pitch. Coaches who peep into CSN to determine who and who should start a game.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @DrDrey… Nobody is against any player from Northern Nigeria. When you need to write then do so logically.

        Let us start with Shehu, if not for quota system, should Shehu Abdullahi playing in a weak league in Cyprus be invited ahead of Obinna Nwobodo who plays constantly for a Super Liga team in Turkey?

        Next, who is this day has been unattached and yet invited and dressed for the National team’s key game like Ahmed Musa? He was clubless for over six months, yet continue to get called up. Now back to his current league in Turkey, should any logical and fair-minded people call an Ahmed Musa ahead of Anthony Nwakaeme, Peter Olayinka or Yira Sor?

        About Sadiq Umar… where, and which serious national team will call a segunda Liga player ahead of one among the best strikers in Bundesliga(Awoniyi)?

        About Jamilu Collins, he is not better than Calvin Bassey, and he plays in Bundesliga 2. Of all you have written, I will say it’s just your usual dilirium to write epistles.

        Zaidu Sanusi is the only guy of the lots you mentioned who deserved Super Eagles squad place as of today, and in his case, no one is discriminating against him. So all you wrote above is just gibberish as always… Lol.

        No vex, I say make just let you know… Should I also ask, that is it because of a feeling of descrimination (even though it does exist) as you alone thinks against players of Northern Nigeria, that you were hell-bent on Ahmed Musa’s continual invitation to the Super Eagles even though there was no justification when he was clubless and inactive?

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          … Descrimination. *even though it does NOT exist*.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

          Jimmyball Spot on with the options you used to replace the Shehu and co, and for real only Zaidu is worth a spot In the team and sometimes Collins who puts a good performance when Zaidu is out of form or injured. Shehu and the other guys shouldn’t be in the Eagles over Nwobodo, Nwakaeme. We need a coach who will select the best from wherever in the world just give us the best Nigerian Talents!

        • KENNETH 2 years ago

          You just nailed it jimmy. See, someone saying Omeruo is not fit to pair Ekong or Balogun. Failing to realize the combo of Ekong and balogun is rubbish to me. Omeruo pairs beter with either of them. Nothing wrong in calling up some of this boys, but let the truth be told they are just average. There are still players within the league or academy that will go toe to toe with this guys anyday. Hope the new NFF president will not be hoping back and forth begging avarage players to play for us

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahaha…they have popped their racist and sectional heads out in their usual penchant to promote their prejudices and discriminatory raunchiness.

        We have had Keshi, Rufai, Amokachi, Kanu, Yobo as captains all still being called up to the SE even when they were past their usefulness. Keshi and Amokachi even attended AFCONs clubless. Okocha was literarily on crutches when we took him to 2006 AFCON as traditional way of easing out our captains respectfully. Even Eguavoen confirmed all these. But now they cringe at the idea of Ahmed Musa being given the same treatment…..LMAoooo. The height of tribal and religious hatred. Thats part of what we are saying. What had been a norm suddenly became an anomaly because Musa is a northerner

        And by the way Ahmed Musa even didnt become clubless because he was surplus to requirements at his club, he himself canceled his contract in a club where we has earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per week, a club where he had contributed to 25 goals in 54 appearances in order to return to the European soccer space. He plays the last 4 minutes vs Lesotho when we were already 3-0 up in a dead rubber qualifier where we were already qualified since the penultimate game and they all went to town ranting Musa is clubless wara wara wara……Keshi played a whole AFCON from the SE bench clubless. But no….Musa is a muslim northerner it is a travesty of justice in his own case.

        Jamilu Collins might be playing in the 2.bundesliga now, but he was at a point in time playing in the bundesliga too and in a position where we havnt had too many natural options, he has been as decent as any other of his contemporaries in the team….In fact he’s had more assists I can recall, than any other left back we have had in the last decade.

        Same for Shehu who has been a Mr consistent and Mr versatile under every coach he has played for since he started out with the U20s under John Obuh. He still remains the ONLY one in the SE who is comfortable in midfield as he is as a wingback and always there to provide buffers whenever we run into crisis. Might be playing in Cyprus now, but he too at a point was playing in the Portuguese league. A PROVEN AND TESTED PLAYER at all levels for us from U20s to CHAN to Olympic team to the main Eagles. Even his biggest haters cannot pinpoint even 1 game in the close to 40 games he has played for Nigeria where he ever put a foot wrong.

        Umar is yet another proven striker who has shown he is bigger than where he currently is. He practically walked into our U23 team and was our top scorer in the last Olympics we participated in without breaking a sweat. Double figures in both goals and assists every season….I dont know of any Centre forward in the world who averages 12 assists every season for the last 3 seasons. Even at the last AFCON he was our liveliest CF. A striker who has attract interests from the likes of Sevilla, Man City and Borussia Dortmund despite playing in the segunda division is apparently not good enough for a call up to the national team. Off course he is a Sadiq Umar from Northern Nigeria.

        Zaidu Sanusi had a very very good game in Kumasi, sectionalists said no its Bassey they wanted…..the bus conductors sitting on our bench too listened to them and started 1-cap Bassey in such a high staked game in the hot and humid Abuja weather and the poor boy couldn’t fight off the freight and jitters for 90 minutes.

        In all of these, there has always been a Kenneth Omeruo firmly rooted to the SE bench and unable to displace any of a fit Ekong or Fit Balogun for 6 years. A player whose best years with the SE ended with 2014 world cup, also playing in 2nd divisions after loans upon loans. Yet always getting call up……NOBODY…..I REPEAT NONE of these sectionalist ever say a word about that…..No complaints. Of course Kenneth Omeruo is a not a muslim and not a northerner. So his continual invitation to the national team was never going to raise any eyebrows.

        Now they have shifted their filthy and unlettered biases and discriminations towards foreign born players with a clandestine plan to shut them out…..LMAoooo. As Ako Amadi rightly said up there, we will very soon start having tribal zoning of positions in the field.

        Clearly some Nigerians are more Nigerian that the others…..thanks to these backward thinking bunch.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          …You see? That is where you give yourself away every now and then. Let me tell you something… Ekong is not in the class of Awaziem or Umeruo, in ballplay… ruggedness as defender… speed and positional awareness and does not have any edge over Umeruo. He has been getting the nod just because Rohr favoured him for a very long time. If not for Awaziem and Umeruo, Cape Verde would have clipped us in the game in Mindelo.

          We got to the playoffs because of that singular tight game we had in Mindelo against Cape Verde and it was the clean job Umeruo and Awaziem marshalled together. Infact, Nigeria would have lost in Kumasi owing to Ekong losing his opposition in key momenst and Balogun it was who bailed us out on more than two occasions when Ekong was already embarrassingly beaten and left to chase winds.

          I have nothing against Ekong but he is just not supppose to be starting games at the heart of our defence. You see… at the elite levels, you can fool top managers who wants results and know quality to deploy to achieve such. Ekong is not even at the moment in the same class as Harold Ndah. Watch what happens when next we get a manager who does not look Uche face… I applaud him for stepping up and taking the penalty at Abuja, but that is all there is to it.

  • William d conqueror 2 years ago

    I support @jimmyball, na man you be.

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