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‘Why I Will Support Senegal Ahead Of Ghana, Cameroon At Qatar 2022 World Cup’ —Aghahowa

‘Why I Will Support Senegal Ahead Of Ghana, Cameroon At Qatar 2022 World Cup’  —Aghahowa

Former Nigeria international Julius Aghahowa has revealed why he will adopt the Teranga Lions of Senegal as his team among the five African countries at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Aghahowa disclosed this during the unveiling of Goldberg Premium Lager and Life Continental as the official beers of the Super Eagles.


The unveiling took place at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Other former Super Eagles stars who featured at the event alongside Aghahowa were Ifeanyi Udeze and Mutiu Adepoju. 

Also present at the unveiling were top Nigerian Breweries and Nollywood actors like Iyabo Ojo, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, Destiny Etiko and Mary Igwe.

The trio also analysed the performance of the Super Eagles at half time during the international friendly against Portugal.

Mega Millions Naija

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And speaking to journalists at the event, Aghahowa explained why he will be backing Senegal ahead of Ghana, Cameroon, Morocco and Tunisia.

“We have the African champions and I will be going for Senegal but I know they don’t like me very much in Senegal because I did to them at AFCON 2000 and AFCON 2002 and they will not forget that.

“Despite that I will still support them because they worked very hard to become African champions and they will represent the continent very well.”

Aghahowa spoke about the effect the absence of the Super Eagles will have on Nigerian fans.  

“It’s going to be a different ball game because Nigeria is not playing so the whole country will feel it the fans will be relax as well.

“Even the big brands have withdrawn from sponsorships, some of the broadcasting stations were suppose to travel to Qatar to represent their brands and also promote these companies as well. But at the end of the day we didn’t qualify and we all lost out.”

He also spoke about the inclusion of more home-based players in the Super Eagles.

He added:”ven if it’s one or two let them have their chance. I remember back in the days we had good players that came from the local league and impressed in the national team.

“We are the product of the Nigerian league, we came into the national team and proved ourselves. When you come like an underdog from the local league you have a point to prove and you want to impress not just yourself but the whole fans. 

“But when you have the whole team coming from Europe they don’t really have that rough edges around them to withstand this African teams because in Africa it’s a different ball game. But I always have the believe in these players, their techniques there is no question about it but when it comes to Africa during the qualifiers you meet strong opponents, those who are ready to die for the game and we need to have that in the team.”

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  • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

    Let us support all African teams equally and leave hating backing syndrome aside. Ghana and other African teams should have our total support. Football should be a game of Love and not the negative energy that has engulfed it of late.

    • @Chima E Samuels tell that too the Ghanaians bro. Personally i will support all African teams except for Ghana..

      I know if Ghana get to Semi Finals. As Naija we be. We nor go hear word and the insults on us go plenty.

      • Glory 2 weeks ago

        @ Ugo did Ghana insult us when they won the u-20 world cup? I think we all should just start leaving with the reality that every single team in the world is beatable n has been beaten n will be beaten.
        Ghana won this time, next might just be ours. So just go n enjoy football and stop hating. If few Ghanians n Nigerians continue in their hate weaponry may I never be part such n I encourage you to toll that line too.
        Our football biggest enemies are football agents both foreign n local, the people running our football, ex internationals, media people, the likes of Segun odegbami, Dare n co. Is it not clear now, that Odegbami was only using people’s head to fight his personal grievances towards Rohr, not bothered a pinch how his actions were going to destroy our football. How come he is gone really quiet ever since Rohr got sacked.
        He so satisfied that he doesn’t care anymore about us not qualifying to the world cup, performing disgracefully at AFCON, with the disgrace looking like it’s never gonna end soon, but the one who claim to know better than Rohr still remaining quiet.
        Please don’t get me wrong,Rohr for me did well but he himself let his guard down seeking to please Amaju instead of sticking to his guns and carrying fans along. But all in all I can still pardon him because he was severely being bullied along by our football real enemies. These enemies should be recieving our grievances constantly n not Ghana. They should be made to shut up everytime they try to say anything because they are pure EVIL.

        • That’s the way to go @Glory. Nigeria beat us on your way to the 2002 world cup but we didn’t wish you bad luck. The time is now. Let’s support each other as Africans

          • @Yaw You didnt wish us bad luck looool !!!! You people almost refused Nollywood entry into Ghana to shoot movies in that period even though we were the ones helping your Movie industry although i was young then i remember it very clearly.. you even went as far as declaring that Nigerians should leave Ghana it was about this same time we retaliated with Ghana must Go. Who are you trying to decieve unless you were too young to remember that.

        • @Glory will you stop this Rohr thing na wa o.every point you make its Rohr this Rohr that. Common bro

      • my brother we should love each other in the black continent no matter how we try to hate Ghana, if Ghana reach semi-final it makes us work hard more to be serious in our football just like Italia 90 when Cameroun beat us to go to the world cup following the world cup and reach the quarter-final, following world cup all the players were seriously ready to die, NFA then and to the president all serious about football in the country but now too many problems in Nigeria is like virus affecting our football also,

    • [email protected] Chima. @Ugo, I hope God touches your heart so that you stop hating. Insha Allah, we will get to the Semi finals and finals

  • Glory 2 weeks ago

    @ Ugo is it Ghana that always makes it impossible to watch Nigeria’s national teams matches live games on YouTube. Every single game Ghana n other African countries play we freely watch on YouTube but only Nigeria’s game you never ever able to watch free. Do your search, you find out the reason is MIGERIAN/S WANTING TO SELFISHLY RIP THE ALREADY STRUGGLING FANS OF THEIR LITTLE MONEY BY BUYING RIGHT TO VIEW. A COUNTRY OF WICKEDNESS ALL IN THE NAME OF WANTING TO GET YRICH TO SHOW OFF THEIR FOOLISHNESS,EMPTINESS,STUPIDITY N DISGUSTING MENTALITY.

    • Dcardinal 2 weeks ago

      Support or no support Ghana will not get any point in that group..shebi na how i tell una say Portugal go flog us..only Northern African teams play good football in Africa..Ghana is going there to play 3 friendly matches.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Glory you made a strong point there because Ghanaian TVs broadcast all CAF/FIFA matches free to air including tournaments that they don’t even qualify, even EPL matches are shown on live tv. South Africa is on another level in this regard because super sports is like free to air for all, But in Nigeria we hear the excuses of having to pay for image right which turns out to be lies just because they have a deal with DSTV and co not show live matches to average Nigerians.

  • Sunnyb 2 weeks ago

    I’m supporting all African teams, especially Ghana I think the black stars will surprise a lot of people, the intensity and motivation in black stars camp is insane. Those boys will put their lives on the line in Qatar, look at their fans in Qatar singing and dancing everyday, Go black stars.when you allow a cow from Sudan to rule you then u don’t deserve to be in Qatar.

  • Kunle 2 weeks ago

    If you live in Ghana, you will know how Ghanaians hate Nigerians

    • You are hundred and ten percent correct and as I’m writing at the moment since last week till yesterday they are going round in Accra and other regions closing down shop’s belonging to Nigerians in the name of GIPC law which they are using as a pretext to target Nigerian shop owners only while Ghana play host to More Nigerien,Malian,Burkina Faso ,Togolese and many more other West African citizen combine than Nigeria doing all kinds of Petty businesses unhindered but despite this they will never go after them but only the Nigerian Shop’s is there main target using there local mobb group called GUTA with the backing of their police force and immigration Agency @ Kunle the hatred is real,,, I don’t even want to talk about the Chinese, Indians and the Lebanese that’s having a field day over them and they dare not touch them.Slave mentality is deeply inbedded in them till tomorrow morning. The odds is against Nigerians living in Ghana not to talk of employment of propaganda machinery by there media houses over Nigerian community. It’s a sad situation really.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        We ll close ur stops as long as Nigerians flaunt the nations law! How many Ghanaians has stores in Nigeria 

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      It’s true just like everywhere the unsaved men always hate and give out attitude against fellow men. As Christians we can’t hate back as payback because even this Ghanaians don’t like themselves. So this is something that appears to be an attack from the devil himself. That Jama thing they do before football matches is for building patriotism before matches to psyche players and has nothing to do with love. As Africans we will pray for the spirit of Love to awake in Ghana. I speak from an honest view because I have shared relationship of all sort with Ghanaians and have a property in the Capital to know much about them. A saved Ghanaian will do you good but an unsaved Ghanaian will hate and wish you the worst.

       I learned to only mingle with resourceful saved ones and it helped to a great extent. Most of the guys who come on this platform are the unsaved bitter ones that is why you guys are shocked by the level of their insults, as for me I’m not surprised because by their fruit you shall know them, maybe someone should visit Ghanaweb and read comment section to see loads of insults meted out to each other, at this point I pray for them instead of saying I hate them. The world will be better when we are all saved.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        Ghanaians don’t like themselves like Nigerians hate themselves with passion? 

        That northern Nigerians are treated with contempt by southern Nigerians!!

        U such an idiot for been blind to what’s happening in ur nation!

        Another name for Nigeria is TRIBALISM!! Come to America and see how y’all hate ur selfs here!! 

        U bloody fool 

        Nigeria is what it’s today because of tribalism and the hatred against one another not to talk about religion 

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        All ur posts on this forum is about tribalism and how Ghanaians don’t like themselves!

        Which tribe are u from in Nigeria? U such a DIVISIVE person and I hope ur tribe men aren’t like u!

        U rabid tribalistic DOG!! I

        I truly want to see the tribe u are from in Nigeria because honestly all the other commenters here insult or make fun based purely on FOOTBALLING REASONS but ur dirty ass is bitter about Ghana!

        U came to Ghana and hustled like an economic refugee and I know it didn’t worked out for u, u FOUL, DIRTY don of bitch!

        Keep Ghana out of ur mouth and no one will even reply ur childish comments here

        U tribalist anD BACKWARD and I know u don’t even like ur self and the other tribes in ghana 

        I can see thru ur bullshit soul!! 


    • Anthony Usifo 2 weeks ago

      The hatred Nigerians
      hv among themselves is worst than that of any country. We should look within and solved our tribal problem against of throwing tantrums on other countries

    • Ebenezer Donkor 2 weeks ago

      Why do you say such a thing be say Ghanaian hite Nigerian do you have a prove? I’m 100% Ghanaian but I have a nephew as a Nigerian do I hite him??? Stop saying nonsense!! This is football and should be football we shouldn’t go beyond that. Ghana beat you because we were better than Nigerians. We Ghanaian were planning how to beat you and qualify you people were talking about you have form you have form. Everywhere Ghana meet Niger we beat you! Ghana will score Portugal 2 goals to 0 and you will se3

  • Okay o. Let Ghana win na. By the Time At @SelfMade @Yaw Nd @Pawpaw finish una eh una go no sey no be for mouth o. African love. Oya na make we see. As if you have not have a taste of whT I am talking about on CSN. Personally for me. I am nor ready for that kind of ridiculing.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      @UGO it will do you good to only focus on comments that will not influence your peace or faith because it’s obvious that they’re succeeding in putting revenge spirit on you, light and darkness has no relationship so I don’t read comments from unsaved men. Anyone is free to type but you also have the option to focus on Godly comments and sincere views. On this forum I have fought many guys who come out with motives but then I realised it’s a setback to my faith keeping up such energy. So I made up my mind not to notice such comments anymore including these names you mentioned. Football has been used to spread false energy of late and I won’t even be victims to that rather I will just enjoy the sports part of it and avoid the expectations side of it. A sport that is promoting Homo and all sort lol the game needs deliverance.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        @ chima

        U one of the most idiotic bastards on this platform and infact I truly want to see the tribe u from in Nigeria 

        I hope men from u tribe isn’t as low in thinking like u! Am for real because if all the men from ur tribe are like u, I ll truly understand why Nigeria is huge but is a failed nation!

        Are u Igbo?  I hope not all Igbos brothers are like u because honestly u so stupid!!

        U think that we don’t know who u are? U always on Ghanaian platforms insulting Ghanaians and even on social media! 

        U little son of a bitch!

        I truly have no problem with the other forumites here but u I HATE U because u such a clown and u full of bitterness against Ghana!

        Such a retard and u came to Ghana and HUSTLED 

        Stupid motherfucker!! 

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        @ Chima

        U dirty Igbo hypocrite! U such a dangerous rat!!

        I ll SCREENSHOT all ur NASTY COMMENTS about Ghana from all social media including YouTube and paste them here for ur colleagues to see the sort of dirty human being u are!

        Igbo clown!

        Stop bringing GOD and salvation into this because u such an idiotic hypocrite and I fear for all the women in ur church because u ll GOD name to sleep with them all! 

        U dirty bastard!! Keep Ghana out of ur filthy mouth and we wldnt come here!!

  • Monte 2 weeks ago

    Ghana’s group is tough, but in reality Portugal, Uruguay and South Korea are not top notch. Looking at Ghana’s performance against Switzerland, I think their opponents will as well be doing some serious assessment themselves. Do not judge Ghana on their afcon performance, they know how to play the world cup, they have quality. Portugal, Uruguay are overrated

    • Okay mr mouth. I foresee. Portugal giving Ghana no less than 3 goals and South Korea will be the suprise package in that Group with superstar Son Hung Min. And Kim Jae Min (Osimhen Team mate).. dude Portugal are winning this World Cup just so you know. It is CR7 destiny.

      • Monte 2 weeks ago

        Portugal is overrated. Stop putting so much relevance on these European teams. Talking of quality, Ghana has a lot in their team. No one is forcing you to support Ghana

        • Even if it was the last team on earth Ghana will not Support such a hateful people towards my peopls.

          Portugal will destroy Ghana go and mark it somewhere

          • Even if it was the last team on earth, Ghana I will not Support such a hateful people towards my peopls.

            Portugal will destroy Ghana go and mark it somewhere

          • Monte 2 weeks ago

            Get over hate man. You will hurt yourself, the rivalry is a healthy one

          • I do not support my rivals. You are Rivals for a reason. Anyway it is Portugal you need to focus on shebi you go beat dem lol. Oya na only few days to go. The men will be separated from the boys.

  • Monte 2 weeks ago

    The boys already got separated from the MEN during the qualifiers. The world cup is for MEN only

    • Okay big mouth see you in less than 2 weeks time when you finish botto. Of your group.

      • This Ugo guy na mad man. I will not respond to your nonsense

    • Absolutely Monte! boy Football Administrators have been separated from men!

      Kudus to the Ghana Football Federation for making a team that came last in their group at the Africa Cup of Nations to defeat a team that won all of their group stage matches in the same tournament.

      The Ghanaian players as well have to be applauded for scoring the crucial away goal against superstar players like Osihmen, Bassey, Aina, Igahlo, Musa and co!

      My only worry for Ghana is that the Football Associations of Uruguay, Portugal and South Korea are not as inept, useless, criminal and incompetent as the Nigeria Football Federation.

      It will be interesting to see how a Ghana that could not defeat a well organised Gabon and Comoros Island will fare against teams like Nigeria who (unlike Nigeria) have professional and competent Football Associations.

      We are all watching – it is not long to go.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        We ll beat PORTUGAL….. mark it here 

        They played their last match in Lisbon and they ll struggje with the HEAT in Qatar!!

        Ghana is going to shock u my brother 

      • Ghana is going to shock me? How?
        – didn’t Greece win the Euros?
        – didn’t Zambia win the Afcon?
        – didn’t Leicester win the Premier League?
        – didn’t Denmark win the Euros?

        Despite their successes, it did not take anything away from these teams being blatant, bona-fide lowly ranked impecunious underdogs.

        Ghana might yet surprise observers in this tournament. If that happens – which I hope it doesn’t – it would not take anything away from their pre-tournament status of a national team that hasn’t won any meaningful trophy in a whooping 40 years. That is a disgraceful record for any world cup bound country.

        -Uruguay won the Copa America around 10 years ago.

        -Portugal won the Euros recently.

        -South Korea won the East Asian Cup of Nations just 3 years ago.

        And Ghana senior men’s team, you have to go back to prehistoric record for when they won anything meaningful??

        Even Nigeria won the Africa Cup of Nations less than 10 years ago.

        Ghana will find out that not all teams out there are Nigeria. They can win Nigeria 1 million times (granted) but in the grand scheme of things, they turn out to be entirely useless and absolute rubbish after winning Nigeria.

        Check this out:

        1992: Ghana won Nigeria in the Afcon semi-final but lost to Ivory Coast in the final.

        2008: Ghana won Nigeria in the Afcon quarter final but then lost to Cameroon in the semi finals on home soil.

        2010: Ghana won Nigeria in the semi finals of the Afcon only to lose to Egypt in final.

        2014: Ghana won Nigeria in the Chan semi-final only to lose to Libya (LIBYA – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT) in the final.

        Ghana expend all thier spiritual, physical and psychological collective energy to defeat Nigeria only to fuck up in the next stage of that tournament.

        I pray Nigeria never ever meets Ghana ever again!!!!!

        Clearly Ghana are underdogs in this group, fact! And Ghana should never be in this world cup. But lucky for them, CAF paired Ghana against their “wives” and the rest is fucking history.

        The World Cup does throw up surprises and upsets. So, there is nothing to say Ghana cannot pull off a most unlikely upset against teams that have recently won their continental trophies. But bear in mind that these teams are not Nigeria. The mojo that often works against Nigeria may – may, I say- not work against Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay.

        But, if your jiggery-pokery works in Qatar, all well and good for Ghana and their fans.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          We haven’t won anything in 40 years bro?

          How many Africa nations are QUATER FINALISTS in the greatest theatre in the world? 

          Of course the last time I checked, Nigeria wasn’t among tho they have a solid wc appearance in the wc than Ghana

          Ghana  have been to every other afcon semi finals in the past decade except on few occasions which makes Ghana a top African team and that our inability to not win the afcon is due to BAD LUCK and nothing more, nothing else! 

          We went to the finals in 1992, finalist in Angola 2013 and finalists in eq Guinea too and we lost two of these finals thru the PENALTY of lotto 

          We lost the 1992 to Ivory Coast and again lost the 2013 finals to the same Ivory Coast!

          1992, Angola and recently eq Guinea, Ghana were finalists 

          Again, Ghana have more Afcon appearances than Nigeria and been to the finals more than Nigeria!’

          Ghana beat South Korea by five solid goals prior to 2014 wc and nothing is going to be different this time!

          Korea ll find out that, a healthy Ghana is a HARD NUT TO BEAT for any team!!

          Ghana is underdog just like we were against NIGERIA during the qualifiers and we ll show em that some underdogs can be dangerous!!

          Ghana doesn’t have the capacity to win the AFCON and I have said that several times but we have the CAPACITY TO WIN THE WORLDCUP and I ll give u the reasons why!! 

          In afcon, the play is rough and the refs doesn’t care about the welfare of the players and hence it always worked against FREE FLOWING team like Ghana but in the worldcup, players are protected by the refs and any silly tackles can earned u a red card and this terrain suits our free flowing play and this is what makes Ghana dangerous in the wc and we are going to shock y’all against Portugal!!

          We ll crack them on Tuesday! Mark this down 

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          And if Nigeria was in ghana group, is Nigeria not going to be the UDERDOG too?

          Underdog is just so called experts OPINION 

          The real fight is on the pitch and there we ll see who is the REAL UNDERDOG not what the experts say my brother 

        • Fetch 2 weeks ago

          Ghana should not be in the world cup? So who should? Ghana hasn’t won the afcon in 40 years but yet still has more afcon trophies than Nigeria. Nigeria has more appearances in the mundial than Ghana but yet still Ghana has a superior record in the world cup than Nigeria which is a quarter final level. What at all does Nigeria go to the world cup to do. Ghana beating Nigeria isn’t any thing special to Ghanaians, we take it easy because Nigeria is a team we’ve beaten 7-0 before

        • Badge 2 weeks ago

          So aside Ghana not winning the afcon in forty years, they still have more Afcon trophies than Nigeria right? Also Ghana is ahead of Nigeria in the world cup with a quarter final participation right?

      • Fetch, beating Nigeria is no big deal to you, granted. But it is how abysmal Ghana goes on to perform after beating Nigeria that should worry you

        Ghana has won just 1 more afcon gold than Nigeria but Nigeria has won more medals overall, compared to Ghana.

        Nigeria has more world cup appearances and has reached the second round more times compared with Ghana but yes, Ghana has managed to reach the quarter final only once which has to be truly applauded.

        But don’t go about it as if Ghana is head and shoulders better than Nigeria. That is simply not true.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          Ghana has performed better than Nigeria in both the afcon and worldcup!

          If u have six appearances and u only made second exits twice and Ghana has only three appearances and made the second round once and QUATER FINALS, who has performed better?

          Again u excluding one other important achievements in all of these which os GHANA HOLD THE RECORD as having produced a player that has scored more GOALS than any other African nations with only three appearances!!

          This is a HUGE ACHIEVEMENT and gyan hold that record my brother!!

          All in all, with our few appearances, Ghana holds the record as BEST AFRICA PERFORMING nation in the wc and this is a FACT!! 

          • Selfie, point of correction, Nigeria has reached the second round phase of the world cup 3 times.

            We also have Ahmed Musa who is on record as having scored 4 truly memorable world cup goals.

            Listen, in their meagre number of appearances, Ghana has been remarkable in the world cup. But, Nigeria got there before Ghana and our record is quite admirable.

            Ghana has nothing for Nigeria to envy. Personally, I would prefer more World Cup appearances than a handful of appearances with one quarter final appearance.

      • Selfie, a team with Victor Osihmen, Sadiq Umar, Ahmed Musa (4 world cup goals), Ademola Lookman, Wilfred Ndidi and Kevin Akpoguma – to mention a few – will not be seen as underdogs.

        In the last world cup, we had Argentina and Croatia in our group but we were not seen as underdogs. We were 5 minutes away from eliminating Messi’s Argentina.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          What has osimehn accomplished as a player in the Italian league? He hasn’t won the Italian league, hasn’t won the top goal scorer in Italy and he is playing in a mid table league 

          What has Omar achieved in the spanish league? He is playing in a mid table league just like the rest of the overrated NIGERIAN players!

          Comparatively, Ghana has more experienced and seasonal players than this NIGERIAN squad!

          Daniel amartey, JORDAN AYEW, DEDE AYEW and Thomas Partey are more seasonal and well know players than oshimehn and Omar etc!!

          What Nigerians doesn’t get is that ur players are simply OVERRATED!!

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          U can’t compared osimehn to DEDE AYEW in terms of football accomplishments, experiences and even clubs they have played for!

          Dede has seen it all and what has osimehn done even in afcon? Absolutely nothing!! 

          And he isn’t going to accomplish much considering his age now! 

          • In world football at this point in time, I honestly think Victor Osihmen is a higher profile centre forward than Dede Ayew.

          • He isnt going to accomplish much considering his age. Look bro. Interms of quality Osimhen is considered on of the best strikers in the world Dede ayew has never been considered like that. Dede has only bounced from one small club to another i think the biggest club Dede has played for is Olympic Marseille if Mu memory serves me right. Osimhen is 23 and thats considered old to you. If he is 23 it means he still has at least 2 more WC in Him fod willing injury free. Osimhen at 23 is playing in a bigger club than Dede has ever played in his life Osimhen worth is tripple that of what dede has ever been worth and he is only 23 years old. SELFMADE DUDE. you are one funny Joker. Osimhen ar 23 is regarded higher than Dede has ever been in his whole career. Just look at the clubs circling Osimhen for his signature now. Real Madrid Chelsea Man U even Bayern Munich
            The biggest club dede has played for is Swansea City. Do you even watch ball or you just dey run mouth anyhow?.

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago


            U really funny boy…. 

            How many goals has osimehn scored in his club? 

            This is DEDE AYEW goals when he was the marseille 


            He scored 60 GOALS in marseille 

            U such a LIL BOY!

            Watch the videos and educate ur self

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            @ UGO 

            One thing I have noticed about most Nigerians is that, u guys LIVED IN UR OWN WOLRD and it seems u know little about what’s happening outside!

            The biggest club Dede ayew has played for is SWANSEA? 

            Which HOLE were u hiding in all these years or u just came out of the hole or better still u were hiding in this hole watching the world from a CRACK 

            Dede ayew was born in france, marseille to be precise and he played half of his football in marseille, a bigger club than NAPOLI!! 

            Go and read BOY

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            Dede ayew scored 60 goals in marseille 


            Watbn and educate ur self 

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            @ UGO

            U see u didn’t take ur time and u have a joke of urself here!!

            The biggest club Dede has ever played for is SWANSEA? This is some joke bro 

            Dede played half of his football in marseille and scored 60 goals in all!

            Go to YouTube and watch Dede ayew goals on YouTube! 

            Who told u that u can be SMARTER than me? 

            Now who watches football UGO!! lol

            Dede was the engine of marseille before he made the transition to Swansea!!

        • Fetch 2 weeks ago

          This is funny, in our last world cup, we had Germany in our group, Ghana drew 2-2 with them, they went ahead to beat Brazil 7-1, beat Argentina and won the cup. With all your appearances, Ghana has the top African goal scorer in the world cup with just 3 appearances. Our first appearance we equaled your all time best record in the world cup

          • Fetch, Ghana has done well to reach the quarter final of the world cup. That said, Nigeria has equally done well to have attended more world cup tournaments and to have reached the knockout stages more times than Ghana.

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            They make it looked like osimehn is the best thing that happened to AFRICA players in the Italian league

            Osimehn tho a decent striker hasn’t won the Italian league yet and he is playing in a mid table league 

            Ghana already have players that have won the scudetto namely STEPHEN APPIAH( juventus), KWADWO ASAMOAH( juventus) and SULLEY MUNTARI( inter Milan) and these guys were playing in a BIG ITALIAN clubs!!

            What has Napoli done in the Italian league all these years? Nothing!!

            Osimehn can’t led napoli to the scidetto bf the transfer window opens 

  • respect is reciprocal 2 weeks ago

    Our match against Portugal seem to me that our players intentionally decided to shame the Nff . Although I don’t have any fact to prove this but when you watch the replay one thing is obvious we never wanted to win that match. In Nigeria our players understand that winning matches like this will not make NFF to do something about their unpaid allowances, it is only when we are embarrassed that they would be taken serious to avert such a defeat in proper matches. 

    look at the body languages of our players and even their countenances after the game showed it all. Another thing that came to my mind is do they want to sabotage the record of the coach ? players are funny at times

  • Monte 2 weeks ago

    I think Nigeria should request from caf not to pair them against Ghana anymore. The sentiments and submissions from Nigerians on this forum are very chucklesome

    • I honestly wish such a request can be made and subsequently granted..

    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      Me, I still need Ghana ooo. We can and will whip the Bankus, until their black color turns to blue.
      Our worst enemy is our useless, hapless, incompetent, inept NFF. That is why I suggested months ago that the Ghana FA need to send a thank you card to the NFF for “assisting” them with obtaining the world cup ticket.
      With better football administration, we will be taking Ghana to the cleaners on the regular.

      • Badge 2 weeks ago

        The fake penalty the referee awarded you still could not help you. What at all do you want your football federation do give you again. You never fail to make your love for banku and shito known in all your submissions

        • pompei 2 weeks ago

          My brother, I love Banku and Shitto. Wetin man go do na?

      • Be careful what you wish for Pompei. The Holy Book says ‘give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’.

        I remember in 1996 Atlanta Olympics, when Ghana was going to meet Brazil in the quarter final, with the winner going on to meet Nigeria in the semifinals, I was praying to the Almighty that Brazil should win.

        As providence would have it, Brazil won Ghana 4-2 (praise the Lord). As you know we won Brazil, won Argentina and won Africa’s first and only Olympic Gold medal in men’s football to date.

        Had Ghana defeated Brazil, they would definitely have defeated Nigeria in the semifinals and then lose to Argentina in the final.

        Please, leave Ghana alone o!

        • Fetch 2 weeks ago

          Cameroon won the Olympics too in the year 2000 at Australia

        • Fetch 2 weeks ago

          Ghana rather has won the only Africa gold medal at the under 20 world cup till date

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          In fact the first BLACK NATION ON EARTH to have ever won a MEDAL in mens Olympics football is GHANA!

          Ghana is the first black nation anywhere in the WC to have picked a bronze medal in Mens Olympics football before Nigeria and Cameroon followed suite!

          We are the TRAILBLAZERS  but Nigeria and Cameroon have done well there and I can’t lie tho 

          • I never knew you value Olympic football like this Selfie. 🙂

            That being the case, learn to bow down to the only African country to have won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the Olympics!

        • pompei 2 weeks ago

          Hahahaha, Deo. This your fear of Ghana ehn? Na NFF dey cause dis mess. If they run our football properly, we should not be losing to them like we have been doing.
          If they get us a good coach who is tactically sound, selecting only the best of the best among our players, and NFF paying the coaches and players on time, and providing good pitches, it will be a different ball game.
          Even Peseiro wey we get now, who is trying to do something, dem no gree pay em salary.

          • Pompei, in men’s football recently, the record is there for all to see, if we don’t want to lie to ourselves.

            If we blame the Nigeria Football Federation in 2022, can we also blame them in 2008, 2010, 2014 or all the way back in 1992?

            Coach Stephen Keshi (of blessed memory) could not defeat Ghana.

            All conquering, High Achieving Coach Amodu Shuibu (also of blessed memory) failed to defeat Ghana in 2010.

            Berti Vogts (world cup winner) tried and failed to help Nigeria defeat Ghana in 2008.

            Even arguably the greatest foreign coach in Nigeria’s history – Clements Westerhof – failed to defeat Ghana in the 1992 Afcon (or was Amaju Pinnick also the NFF chairman at the time?)

            Eguavoen failed! Salisu Yusuf failed, both in 2022 to defeat Ghana.

            You are now telling me to place my bet on Peseiro – I would rather wait for the day when the USA designate Nigeria as a visa-free country!

            Peseiro ko, Puff Puff ni! If events of 2022 haven’t given you a shot across the bow of never boasting in the run-up to an encounter against Ghana, I wonder when we will learn.

            Learn to leave Ghana the fuck alone (excuse my French!).

          • Pompei, I apologize for my cursing but the world cup starts this weekend and it just hit home somewhat that we wouldn’t be participating. I am pissed off that CAF or whomever had to pair us against Ghana of all the teams remaining!!! Ghana!

            Anyway, thank goodness that their jiggery-pokery hasn’t worked on our women’s team or else we will also be talking about missing the women’s world cup in less than 10 months time.

            Long Live the Super Falcons of Nigeria. Ghana fans can never call those wonderful women Super Chickens because why? WE ARE THEIR HUSBANDS, BOYFRIENDS, CONQUEROR IN WOMEN’S FOOTBALL.

            Our senior men should go for deliverance! 🙂

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    My good man Selfie, why is it that every time you’re pushing the idea that Ghana is head and shoulders above Nigeria in football, you religiously avoid the obvious? You will never, ever talk about the Olympic soccer, because Nigeria won gold there, something Ghana can only dream about. Even in your dreams, it will be hard for it to happen. You also avoid talking about the U-17 world cup, where Nigeria emerged champion 5 times. Your focus is on Ghana’s quarter final showing in 2010, and Ghana’s U-20 world cup. Hahahahaha, you’re like the ostrich that sees a challenge, and sticks it’s head in the sand to avoid the challenge.
    Be fair in your debates. Recognize Nigeria’s achievements at the Olympics and U-17 world cup, and also talk about Nigeria’s 5th global ranking in 1994, the highest ranking achieved by any African team to date. Include these points in your arguments.

    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      And in the Afcon, Nigeria has 3 gold, one less than Ghana, but Nigeria has a lot more silver and bronze medals than Ghana. In total Afcon medal count, Nigeria is well ahead of Ghana. But Selfie will never mention these. Never, ever. If an elephant walks into the room with Nigeria’s name on it, Selfie will not see it! LOOOOL!
      Any area Nigeria is successful, Selfie go dey run kiti kata commot.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        There’s no doubt that Nigeria is African powerhouse and Nigeria is great footballing nation in the world! We all know that!!

        But if we are to talk about all the footballing achievements in all areas from world football to European club as well as Africa club championship, Ghana ll beay Nigeria hands down 

    • Top it 2 weeks ago

      What’s so special about the Olympics. It is just an under age competition and fifa does not really associate themselves with the Olympic football

  • The golden era of the Super Eagles remains the period between 1990 and 1994.

    Yet it was punctuated by the outcome of the game below (me I rest my case o) :


    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      This match could have gone either way. It was really close.
      However, that happened in 1992. If we had met them anytime between 1993 and 2000, it would have been a one-sided blow out in Nigeria’s favour. Especially in 1994 when the SE were red hot. I’m not saying this out of hatred or bias towards Ghana. This is obvious to anyone who could intelligently watch football at that time.
      This is the same Ghana we white-washed 3-0 during the 2002 world cup qualifiers, thereby collecting the world cup ticket from them. Tijani Babangida used Ghana to dance shaku shaku that day. And between 2004 and 2006, we beat them twice at the Afcon.
      There is no jinx here. Ghana are quite beatable, if we get it right administratively. If Burkina Faso can clean their clock in 2013 Afcon, and Comoros can school them in 2022 Afcon, I don’t think a properly managed Nigeria can’t do the same. Our problem is the officials. Terrible decisions, nonpayment of financial obligations, and other nagging problems continue to sabotage our efforts. Even if we had the 1994 set all over again, and you add Messi, CR7 and Ronaldinho to that squad, NFF BEGGY BEGGY will still come and muck the whole thing up!

      • Fetch 2 weeks ago

        No this is not the same Ghana team Nigeria faced in 2002. In 2002 Hearts of Oak represented Ghana in that qualifies. Even with that it was a drawn game in Ghana, the return encounter in Nigeria was of no use to Ghana since a win for Ghana would not even qualify them. It was a race between Nigeria and Liberia. Ghana in 2002 did not have an assembled team hence been represented by Hearts of Oak

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        3-0 was goals for PETROL…. Lol

        We sold that match for petrol

    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      And of course, it goes both ways. Nigeria and Ghana are both capable of beating each other.
      It’s down to who has the better players, who wants it more, and who is better managed. No team in the world is unbeatable.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    In 2002, HEARTS OF OAK represented GHANA.
    The reasons for this is not Nigeria’s business. Nigeria can only play the team in front of them.
    If Ghana had emerged the winner, nobody will say Nigeria got beaten by Hearts of Oak.
    Therefore, in 2002, HEARTS OF OAK = GHANA.
    In 2004 and 2006, was it also Hearts of Oak or Ashanti Kotoko that Nigeria beat at the Afcon?
    Both teams are capable of beating each other. However, I maintain that if we have competent football leadership, Nigeria will have a lot more positive results in this West African rivalry.

    • Fetch 2 weeks ago

      Nigerians have a certain perception about Ghanaians and their perception is engulfed with fear. Ghanaians are well aware of this and they always take advantage of it