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Why I Won’t Run For Another Term As NFF President –Pinnick

Why I Won’t Run For Another Term As NFF President –Pinnick

The president of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Amaju Pinnick has made it clear that he won’t be running for a third term in office due to family pressure.

Recall that Pinnick has come under heavy criticisms to resign as NFF President after the Super Eagles failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In an interview with ARISE TV on Friday, the former Delta State Sports administrator stated that his time in the Glass House has taken a toll on his relationship with his family.

He said that he will step aside after his tenure comes to an end later this year.

“I’m eligible to run based on the status. Do I want to run ?, It’s a no-no, my family is very key to me, they said it’s taking a toll on me and the family.

“They believed that I’ve done my best and it’s time to move on . It’s a regrettable decision, but it’s the best,” Pinnick told Arise TV.


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  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    You shut yourself on the foot by hiring coaches with Empty Trophy Cabinet and you don’t seem to be a born again. You can hire Bosso and co again that will be your doom!

    • @piknik I there not talk .u wil resign immediately.
      But family wil pay $12m so that we forget. Note. U 17 .u 20 u 23.and now the lastest.
      Plateau united wil not lose to that Ghana team .

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Can you imagine the REASON he is giving for not RUNNING…

    When you are supposed to admit that you have been a FAILURE as NFF PRESIDENT, thereby the REASON why you won’t RUN for another TERM…


  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Evil against a just man comes with great repercussions.
    Early Afcon exit the worst in 40yrs.
    World cup playoffs elimination.
    Pinnick losing popular support and not going for further term.
    Who knows what next

  • Mr. Pinnick or whatever you call yourself. Please leave our football alone. Please kindly do the honourable thing by stepping down and let the proper people take the mantle. I can’t believe that you have the mouth to keep saying that you want to run again for the 3rd time. Have you forgotten that throughout your 8 years we didn’t qualify for the u17 world cup, u20 world cup, Olympics football for both males and females. And that insult on top of injury, we didn’t qualify for the major tournament which is the world cup. So mr. Pinnik I’m asking you a simple question. What are you managing all these while. Can you count yourself as a successful leader in football?. Who gives a hoot about your family when you have caused enormous pain and disgrace to 220 million Nigerians…. please just go quietly… l guess the word shame is not part of your vocabulary

  • KangA 2 years ago

    If you had self-respect you’d have since stepped down. Where would you get the free cash to be galivanting about? That’s what’s keeping you glued to the job. Family keh.

  • He is feeling the heat. Like the shame no gree make am come out to say he want re-election. That sports minister is the one remaining now in fact all the enemy of our football must leave by fire by force.

  • He is feeling the heat. Like the shame no gree make am come out to say he want re-election. That sports minister is the one remaining now in fact all the enemy of our football must leave by fire by force.

  • Oga i know you were born before shame came into this World so shame no concern you i beg you sir leave our football please

  • Presh 2 years ago

    I hope the Kanus and co can now come in, hoping the politics don’t stop them. 

    • That is where it starts. Kanu does not have any experience in managing anything at the executive level. Get professionals, please. Please like Mike Emenalo should be sought to come and manage Nigeria football

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Exactly but pride will not give that Mike sense. The country needs him he is a Nigerian let him take us to our dream like he directed Chelsea into Champions. These guys love Money too much, so they’ll be chasing other nonsense instead of doing something back home.

  • #EFCCONSTANDBY# Abeg good oooo we no want again.

  • Now we can all see there is sense in what the NFF president is saying. He must have read my post because this was exactly my advice when the Guild of Sports Editors, the umbrella body of managers of sports in the country’s major media organisations, advised members of the NFF Executive Committee to resign from their positions as was captured in a statement signed by the Guild’s Vice President, Adekunle Salami, speaking on the backdrop of the country’s senior national football team, Super Eagles’ failure to qualify for Qatar 2022 World Cup. Ghana actually qualified due to FIFA away rule and it wasn’t that the Eagles lost on the pitch of play.

    Now the Nff president Mr. Amaju Pinnick has honourably let the cat out of the bag by inundating us of the fact that he will be stepping down for a new management in the forthcoming elections, later this year. That is a good news since our prayers is to have the ex-players to charge of football business in the country. The Sports Editors must be ready to push a case for the ex players.

    In short, when the time comes, the Super Eagles former coach should take over the NFF as its president being an ex footballer and a one time director of NFF. We need ex footballers with experience to manage the federation.

    • Manson 2 years ago

      What do you mean they didn’t loose on the pitch of play, was the away goal rule only apply to Ghana? What happened when your super Eagles went to Kumasi, why didn’t they take advantage of the away goal rule and score in Ghana. Look my friend your national team failed! Just stop finding excuses and fix the problem. Give credit to the Ghanaians they were better than Nigeria.

  • Heford Iguma 2 years ago

    Probably you don’t know the enomous work in the Federation. I put it to you that Eguavoen alone won’t be able to run the NFF, he will need the support of other former footballers to achieve good results as the NFF president. It that wise, we shouldn’t only be calling on Eguavoen to take charge of the NFF by rather call on former players like Jayjay Okocha, Amokachi, Aghaghowa, Babayero Celestine, Kanu, Garba, Ikpeba and Okechukwu to join him. Resuscitating the fortune of the NFF is a task that must be done.

    • That is very sound of you. Even if we don’t have all the board members as ex players, at least they should form 50% of the NFF executive members with one of them as the head.

  • @seun if I may humbly ask, which of the se coach are you referring to?

    We will like to know so that we can start supporting the fellow. At least I know drum well well, I will just start drumming my support asap.

  • @seun if I may humbly ask, which of the se coach are you referring to?

    We will like to know so that we can start supporting the fellow. At least I know drum well well, I will just start drumming my support asap.

  • Taiju 2 years ago

    To be frank and candid as we are used to saying Or as we use to say, whoever is going to take over from Amaju should be ready to unearth the talents in our locality. By that I mean to say he must involve every villages in Nigeria for football talent hunt. However, I am in support of the SE fans who calling on the ex-players like Austin Eguavoen and co to wake-up and assume the mattle of leadership.

  • Ali Gafarz 2 years ago

    I have peruse the profiles of the prominent Super Eagles exs, Cezeruo seem to be the most qualified but since there is going to be an election, it means it all depends on electionary procedures. Whatever Pinnick, Sanusi and others have done their best, they should go.

    • Gbenro 2 years ago

      Cezeruo ha ha ha! Cerezo @Oga Ali. I am with you on that because Cerezo is eminently qualified having served and understudy the workings in the NFF for some time.

  • ubbabot 2 years ago

    Maybe you can get few of the former players because majority of them lack experience. NFF is not just where you work in and work out. There are a whole lot to be done to putting football affairs in proper footing.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    I see all of you above have drank up about 4 kegs of palmie, eyin elemu gbogbo.

    Person why no fit manage 26 talented players na him go come manage a whole NFF?

  • Caleb 2 years ago

    When you say the NFF is not just walk in and walk out which I believe is what you meant and which has also been in my thoughts, how many of our ex-players can really offer personnel training for NFF employees and also commercializes league activities? I would like the forum members to respond with answers as much as possible.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Good riddance to jazzing nonsense.
    Now, how far with the rest of the current NFF board?
    Wazza dazzler sports minister nko?
    How far? Wetin dey shele?

  • *Mike Emenalo
    *Seyi Olofinjana
    *John Fashanu
    I just pray whoever comes in won’t spoil everything with the invitations of too much home base. Before we know , they’ll want us to believe that home base are better.

  • The man said family matter is making him not run. Is there anything wrong with it? Amaju Pinnick wasn’t a poor man before he took the NFF president. Meanwhile if anybody think Amaju Pinnick will step aside because of Super Eagles non-qualification, he’s dreaming. Amaju Pinnick is a typical Nigerian. We don’t resign because of something that is not his fault or even his fault. Don’t be surprised that after all this has cool down, he will come to say there’s pressure on him to run. Yes, mark my word. Amaju Pinnick will run for a third term or a CAF position or a FIFA position. Guys, save your breath.

  • What an alibi as a bulwark for the real reason why he has chickened out of the contest—his presciented looming humiliation owing to his many failures as the NFF president.

    I pray the best of the lot wins and nudge Nigerian football the right direction.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Pinnick should go now. He did not give Oga Rohr a fighting chance before he was fired. Mike Emenalo should be given a lot of support to lore him return to Nigeria and manage the Federation at this moment.

  • Aminu maigari best man for the job…
    With Emenalo adepoju, okocha and other qualified ex.players

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