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Why Licensed Casinos Are Better For The Player

Why Licensed Casinos Are Better For The Player

Does it matter if a casino like Vulkan Vegas login has a license to operate or not? Yes, it does. While some people may argue that all online gambling platforms are the same, there is no truth to this. You are better off playing in a licensed casino than one that is not.

Licensed platforms offer more security and safety. With a license to operate, you can ensure that the casino is not owned by untrustworthy individuals.

You know that these owners want to comply with the law, and they are complying with the law. Today, we will show you more reasons why playing on a gaming site with a license is the best thing to do.

Licensed Casino Have Fair Games

Licensed casinos offer fair games. It is part of the standard they must meet to maintain their operating license. The government has protocols for determining whether a game is fair or not.

One good example of this is the laboratory tests for the games. The games are tested for:

  • Randomness of results.
  • The use of a random number generator software.
  • The return-to-player rate.

On most occasions, the licensing body works with a third-party organization such as eCOGRA to do these tests. The good news is that organizations like eCOGRA are independent, which means that they do not have any vested interest in the casinos.

The random number generator is also called RNG. It is a software program designed to ensure that the result of each spin is truly random. The return-to-player rate is the RTP. It is the probable percentage of money that a game will return to its players over the longer term.

In short, all licensed platforms are fair and square. When you play in casinos with a license, you can rest assured that you are in safe and fair hands.

Licensed Casinos Offer Customer Support

Licensed casinos want their business to thrive. Because of this, they make sure that they support their customers in ways that they can. These kinds of platforms also have several ways by which you can contact them.

Here are the most common customer service channels:

  • Chat,
  • Email,
  • Phone,
  • Social media.

You can use any of these channels to ask questions or file a complaint. However, please know that not all these customer support options are available in each casino — it all depends on the platform itself.

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Many casinos also have what we call a knowledge base. This knowledge base is a repository of information where users can find answers to their questions. The knowledgebase also contains information about policies and procedures such as withdrawal limit, deposit minimum, bonus terms, and conditions, etc.

Licensed Casinos Are in Compliance With the Law

A lot has happened since the 1990s when Microgaming launched the first online casino. Today, many legislations offer protection to the users, and casinos must abide by them. With a licensed platform, you can rest assured that they will comply with these laws, or the government will revoke their licenses.

One good example of these laws is the Data Privacy Act. Casinos are obligated not to disclose a player’s information to anybody or any party. Because of this, players know that the casino will never sell their information to anyone else.

Casinos are also required to comply with anti-money laundering laws. This is why many casinos require their users to submit documents to prove their identity.

How does this benefit you at all? Well, you know that the casino you are playing in is a legitimate entity. If it is legitimate, then it is not likely to commit any behavior that is detrimental to your experience or your financial health.

Assistance to Gambling Addiction

Licensed casinos must support people with gambling addiction. It is better for you as a player because licensed gaming sites give you the option for self-exclusion. You can go to your account and then ask the casinos to not allow you to log in.

In addition, if you have a problem with gambling, the casino can refer you to a group that can help you. Casinos that operate internationally have a list of support groups you can talk to.

In addition, a licensed casino can also help you in setting limits for gambling. For example, if you want to wager only $10 in a day, then, you can work out a situation with the platform where the system will never let you wager more than that in a day.

If a casino has no license, you will never know who is behind it, much less come after them if they committed a crime, such as fraud. With a legit casino, on the other hand, you have a guarantee that you are dealing with people whose names are known by the government.

In addition to this, a licensed casino will also only work with known game developers. In the same light, these game developers are themselves licensed, so you have nothing to fear.

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