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Why Osimhen Is Not Starting Against Leece — Napoli Boss Garcia

Why Osimhen Is Not Starting Against Leece — Napoli Boss Garcia

Napoli manager Rudi Garcia has explained why Victor Osimhen is benched for this afternoon’s Serie A clash Leece.

Garcia also assured that the TikTok video controversy will ‘take care of itself.’

Osimhen scored and bagged an assist in Napoli’s 4-1 win against Udinese in midweek in the aftermath of the TikTok row with the Partenopei.

The 24-year-old is however named among the substitutes for the Leece clash.

“The lads know they must be fully concentrated on this match, because it is already a few days after the last game and it is played under the sun and heat. This is no friendly, Lecce have had a great start to the season and we must be at 100 per cent physically and mentally to get a result,” Garcia was quoted by Football Italia.

“There has to be squad rotation, it is almost a third of the team that changed since the game with Udinese, so it’s natural to look to everyone, including those who come off the bench.”

He added: “The extra-sport issue is not important, I prefer to talk about what happens on the field and Osimhen has scored four goals in six games. The rest will take care of itself.”

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  • Ignatius Abo 8 months ago

    Story story. Squad rotation my foot. Napoli messed up with their handling of this matter. Osihmen must consider his options.

    • Glory 8 months ago

      Nice observation @ Abo. Osimene must start thinking of leaving Napoli. Relationship has been strained and knowing these people for who they are, they never forgive. That Rotation is another way of saying to Osimene, `we are replacing you cos you are not irreplaceable`.

  • @Ignatuis Abo like I stated a few days ago. Starting on the bench for Osimhen is the best thing Napoli can do for him. It always ginger him up we saw it last season

    • Ignatius Abo 8 months ago

      @Ugo, you have a point but not under the circumstances of this tiktok matter.

    • Steve O 8 months ago

      How can you say that ?.. Napoli saw that Lecce is coming strong on them by the break , they then hurriedly ship in Osinmen and he scored in the sixth minute and created the rest of the opportunities with his presence!!… These guys are telling him they can do without him and then shopping for his replacement, so don’t say it is good for him , a top striker will always like to start the game , look at mautaro of inter , he scored 4 yesterday, Osinmen could have done that with Lecce, yet he was benched. Well the good news is that Osinmen proved himself as he came in , that is the mark of a good top striker. I hope they will do that mess playing with inter or Juventus or AC Milan , they will collect wotowoto before Osinmen comes in , by then it will be too late . I will advise Osinmen to think of him self not as a Napoli player cos they have already started shopping for his replacement.

      • Did Lautauro started as well? Some of you will just be making issue out of nothing. It’s a prerogative of a coach to start who he want. You guys will just destroy this guy career with unnecessary hype and over pamper. When he latched at his coach for substituting him you did not say anything but now he is being benched purely on coach prerogative you are saying he should leave the club, going to where exactly?

  • Ako Amadi 8 months ago

    Osimhen has a strong mental character. Despite all the problems he has not stopped scroring

  • Omo9ja 8 months ago

    My advice to those who live abroad is no matter how rich you are or comfortable you are over there, think twice before it is too late.

    No matter how bad Africa is, there is no place like home. Only the wise ones would understand me on this.

    Oyinbo people will just use you and dump you.

    Think think think. Imagine what Nigerians and other Africans are facing day in and day out over there, but just because Osimhen is a footballer, that is why we are seeing their true color.

    My fellow Africans, the choice is yours.

    Osimhen should leave Napoli as soon as possible. That is my candid advice for the young man. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Edoman 8 months ago

      Leave Napoli go where ? Anywhere l live is my choice. Are you trying to say Osimhen should come to live in Nigeria to avoid any disagreement/misunderstanding with his Club manager? As they say in Edo, common sense not common oooo.

      • Omo9ja 8 months ago

        This is why I said only the wise ones would understand my point. Please don’t get it twisted @Edoman.

        Let me break it down for you. Chelsea is interested in Osimhen and other big European clubs. How would I ask Osimhen to come back home to play in the NPFL?

        As you said above and I quote, “common sense not common oooo.”

        I’m talking to you diasporans in case you don’t comprehend my point here.

        I hope you remember that something similar to Osimhen has happened in the past, and I said the same thing, but you were the only man that kicked against me then. Do you remember that day, Edoman?

        I am not saying you should not japa but think deeply before you leave Nigeria/Africa ooo. Any where outside Africa is not that easy because you have to start all over again and if age is not on your side, then you are on your own because the system is quite different and very challenging. You Edoman have bn there for a while and can testify to that if I’m lying. This is a serious issue because Osimhen is not the only person in that situation. There are many blacks that face these challenges.

        I am proud to be an African man from Nigeria. Let us ask our government to do the needful in Africa. Japa is not the solution because Nigerians/Africans are facing so many challenges over there, but the choice is yours, as I said earlier. Understood Edoman, my lovely friend? Ire o. God bless Africa. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

    They have a midweek champions league game against Madrid coming up, hence the need to keep him fresh after playing in the midweek against Udinese. People just like to assume anything. And to be honest Naples is one of the least racist city in the world. Obviously, Italians are racists in general, but definitely not the city of Naples. The person handling that TikTok account is the one that should be axed. 

    I believe Napoli are handling the situation the best way they can. Osimhen loves Napoli because they also stood by him and believe in him during the time he was struggling with injuries when he first arrived. The rotation is mainly to keep Osimhen and other important players fresh for the gigantic clash coming up against Real Madrid in the week. 

    • @Ayphillydegreat Thank you for the logical perspective. The team has a champions league match against Madrid mid-week hence they are resting their players.

      I hope Nigerian fans won’t destroy Osimhen’s career.

      The way we are going clubs will have to factor in dealing with the Nigerian cyber-mob before signing our players.

      Napoli is obviously handling the situation Well, the problem is the entitlement on the Nigerian fans.

      • Ayphillydegreat 8 months ago

        Thumbs up Namesake. Nigerians deserves the country they have. We always press the destruction botton even when there is no animosity. I’ve been to Naples and I can tell anybody who cares to listen that it is an absolutely racist free town you can ever see on the face of the planet.

        Nigerians are living their lives there without any problem. We have three SuperEagles players in serie A I don’t see why we shouldn’t let them focus on their football instead of gaslighting every time there’s a small issue. I like how the boy have come out to debunk the allegations on Naples. 

      • @ collins, some of your point were okay on osimhen, but saying osimhen a ballon de or nominee is not a top napoli player or one of the best in his position is unaceptable. He demand more accolade from you. It is my candid view.

  • Collins Id 8 months ago

    Edoman has spoken like a true son of Benin, you have seperated your thought from just been an ordinary Nigerian to a Ekpatakian Edolite, thumbs up for that submission. the problem of osihmen are Nigerians and osihmen him self, not napoli and not italians. Nigeria behaves like a desperate fans who have never seen or had a bigstar before, for them even the napoli president or if possible the italian president gogio napolitano should also crawl for osimhen.
    He is now getting it all over his head, that if he doesnt score in a match he is angree even in National team and nigeria vernomus mindset will figure out how and when his players did not pass to him, how the other one was selfish, how the coach dont playhim well, defferent rubish talks all over Nigerians, they just feel entitled over everything. The question is who is paying osihmen? Who is giving him the platform of fame etc, i dont want to divert Nigerians will allways bit the boss for the boys, it is becos they are ingrates and always hates the progressives, (some of them says dangote is killing the country this is our biggest employer in the country) they always hate The rich and wishes the rich to fall, just becos of jealousy, see how they are singing naira mali killed mohbad as if they can swear juju to it, wetin your eye nor see, when a boy have issue with a boss, weather in music,football,churches, or even normal profession, they always enjoy conflicts and division always targeting the boss and victimising the employees, eg( tuface is the best in plantation boys blablabla, dbanj have to seperate from donjazzy to be a star even when he was already a star blabla, obi should live atiku blabla, paul sings better the peter in psquare blabla inrelivant comparism of distruction and division anď those week minded stars will begin to allow those evil fan toughts into their head and then fall with the fans and never see no fan again.
    Napoli bought osimen for about 70 mil nobody did that, every other clubs saw him play in lille even PSG with alot money, he didnt delivered for two season, including injuries, both the ones gotten from national duty that cost him three months and so on, napoli bear the cost and the lost, now he finallý got it right, Nigerians are out again with their evil spirits of temptation, they now make osihmen feel bigger than a Club that has abord the greatest player ever liveth, osihmen is not in napolis top ten best players of their history, osihmen last season was placed in the market nobody buy him and he was the second best striker in the world, why? Even when the boss was singing for sale, only a saudiclub was ready which could instantly kill his carea,
    Nobody buy gift orban, despite all the hatricks and freekicks, thats where you guys should appreciate the grace of God, osihmen was in Wolfsburg for one year he wasnt given a Chance do you guys think he was that bad of a player and then suddenly score 25 goals for chaleroi in the following year, i know somebody stands on his way there in Wolfsburg it maybe the coach and he may not notice it, they may even make him feel he is the problem, not untill another coach prove them wrong, that is where grace comes in, and we must appreciate those that appreciates or helps us, not those in our fantasy, not those telling lucifer to overthrone God, when a fine girl likes some guys, instead of them to recieve and appreciate it, they will be looking themselves as the heroes or mr handsome, until one urgly girl will outrightly reject them before their eyes clears,
    Mane in Liverpool was always loved, africa fans caused rifs beetwin him and salah they even say salah is selfish manymore blablus, the dudes who are both muslim begin to sin against each other bcos of blabla, which islams condems. thank God they didnt escalates and i know it took a real muslim preacher to fix both of their heads in order, africans even seperate them by colours and race, both of them won africa Players of years, even ermages as afcon finalists in two ocassions, signs of good club and good klop, when mane got to bayern what happens, his own brother from senegal (sane), even sane and mane are from same village(parents) you saw how a king was reduced, and black fans was speachless, bcos racism couldnt follow the riddim.
    Those clamouring for osimhen to live napoli should learn from sadio mane move to bayern, and hazard move to realmadrid, if you dont know those guys moved because they wanted to taste ballon dor where are they now, i guess in saudi.
    In conclusion osihmen should humble himself, he should stop all controversial behaviour, he should ignore every ignoramus if he truly want to be considered a legend, see baloteli who have distroyed his carea with this same artitude was actualy disapointed in osihmen becos he has grown to learn from his mistakes, Nigeria fans should stop been a witchcraft to these players in the name of support, when they fail to bit ghana in abuja, they chased all players including ghanian players to the dressing rooms with somuch anger, even ghana fans and FA have to understand the emotions of the lost, when they drew in serrieleone in benin city, they where stoned by fans till they escaped with the bus, despite we are owing them, now a club that buys, pays, and train them have no right of anger or displeasure, na wow for hypocrates oh, infact hypolatus, no, sorry! hipopotamus.

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